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SSD & storage news - January 2010, week 4

SSD market history
Can you trust SSD market data?
How will the hard drive market fare... in a solid state storage world?
SanDisk's Revenue Grew 44%

Editor:- January 28, 2010 - SanDisk today announced results for the quarter ended January 3, 2010 - revenue of $1.24 billion increased 44% on a year-over-year basis and increased 33% sequentially.

SanDisk's Chairman and CEO, Eli Harari, said the company had achieved unit sales growth of 55% and gigabyte growth of 100% compared to the year prior quarter.

Clarifying SSD Pricing - where does all the money go?

Editor:- January 27, 2010 - today published a new article - Clarifying SSD Pricing.

SSDs are among the most expensive items of computer hardware many of you will ever buy - with high end models costing more than high end servers.

Understanding the factors which determine SSD costs is often a confusing and irritating process - not made any easier when market prices for identical capacity SSDs can vary more than 100x to 1! This new guide suggests simple tactics to help you. the article

LaCie Launches Desktop RAID

Editor:- January 26, 2010 - LaCie launched its "Enterprise" range of desktop RAID systems with eSATA or USB or FireWire connectivity.

"The introduction of LaCie's Enterprise Class product range responds specifically to niche industries such as creative professionals, as well as those in the medical, legal, and accounting fields, who require highly robust and reliable storage solutions to manage their digital assets," said Arnaud Prézelin, LaCie Product Manager for Creative Pro Solutions.

Editor's comments:- this is an "Enterprise" storage system in name only - because it doesn't include redundant data paths or power supplies. It's best to think of it as a stylish, high capacity, consumer DAS.

LSI will Compete with Fusion-io

Editor:- January 26, 2010 - LSI and Seagate today announced they have collaborated on designing PCIe SSDs for the enterprise accelerator market which will sample in Q2 2010.

Editor's comments:- LSI is approximately the 163rd company to enter the SSD market (not counting SSD SoC makers - which would push the score to about 185).

Partly this is due to a strong suction effect from the SSD market bubble - and partly an inevitable step given that the high end of the RAID controller market is going to disappear. There's little point in spending money aggregating IOPS in an array of hard disks - if the result costs more, is slower and is less reliable to operate.

Avere Adds SLC SSD Options to 2U ASAPs

Editor:- January 26, 2010 - Avere Systems today announced it's shipping new SLC flash SSD options in its FXT Series 10GbE NAS compatible SSD ASAPs.

The 2U Avere FXT 2700 appliance (from $82,500) features 64GB of DRAM, 1GB of NVRAM, and 512GB of SLC flash SSD. FXT clusters can scale to 25 appliances and support millions of operations/sec and tens of GB/sec throughput.

"One of the main assumptions of Demand-Driven Storage is that data access requirements are different across applications," said Ron Bianchini, President and CEO of Avere Systems. "Applications that produce heavy random read workloads are best addressed by SSDs and the FXT 2700 is Avere's answer for those users who have a high-end NAS infrastructure that under delivers when it comes to these types of applications."

Rudderless Solaris Market Gets Open Source Drivers for PCIe SSDs

Editor:- January 26, 2010 - Texas Memory Systems today announced it is delivering open source drivers on Linux and Solaris for its RamSan-20 PCIe SSD accelerator.

This thin driver offers a simple control paradigm and is easy to port and manipulate as open source. It offers little burden to the host system and creates a neat division of labor between the host and the device allowing the host system to operate to its maximum potential.

Editor's comments:- IBM and HP long ago had their own engineers tweak and customize Fusion-io's PCIe SSDs - for remarketing to their own respective server customers.

Despite several quarters (some might say years) of uncertainty over the Solaris server market - customers still have to make decisions about what to do to keep their installed base in good shape. Perhaps the availability of open source code for these SSD accelerator products will encourage some systems integrators or users to take architectural tweaking matters into their own hands.

StorageMojo Discusses Prospects for 70TB Tape

Editor:- January 26, 2010 - StorageMojo, Robin Harris published a new article today - Will a 70TB cartridge save LTO?

Harris's erudite analysis may provide some comfort for those lonely few of you still entangled in the knotty tape backup loop - and it's a good read for the rest of us who - either already made the transition to disk backup - or were too young to ever use a tape (or don't do backups).

$10 million Funding for AoE Pioneer

Editor:- January 25, 2010 - Coraid today announced that it has closed a $10 million Series-A financing round with Allegis Capital and Azure Capital Partners to accelerate the development and adoption of its AoE compatible storage.

With this funding, the company has also named multiple Silicon Valley veterans to its executive team, including: Kevin Brown as CEO, Audrey MacLean as chairman of the board, Carl Wright as executive vp of worldwide sales, and Josh Leslie as vp of channels and business development.

Cactus Launches Rugged Reliable CF PATA SSD

Editor:- January 25, 2010 - Cactus Technologies today launched a rugged 32GByte industrial grade CF form factor PATA compatible SLC flash SSD.

The 303 Series offers high endurance (>2M write cycles per block), wear leveling, defect management and 4M hours MTBF.

Sai-Ying Ng, President of Cactus Technologies Ltd. stated, "Our customers were demanding a 32GByte Industrial Grade card that would function in their existing CompactFlash sockets. By increasing the height slightly to 6.4mm we are able to accommodate these requirements, while maintaining the Industrial Grade features of our 303 Series most important to our customers."

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"LSI is approximately the 163rd company
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