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STMicroelectronics to present MEMS microactuator at Diskcon 2001
Our thoughts go out today to those in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania
September 11, 2001 - will go down in history as a dreadful day we will all remember, even if we were only watching events unrolling from afar. Thousands of families have lost loved ones and friends, and this day will scar their lives forever. Our thoughts and sincere sympathy go out to all those who are effected by the terrorist attacks on New York and Washington, and the hijacked plane in Pennsylvania. Let us also remember those brave firemen and rescue workers who also lost their lives while trying to save others.

This cowardly attack on innocent civilians is hard to understand. There has always been evil in the world. Our parents and grandparents were involved in a world war, and what we now call the cold war, when freedom and democracy were under attack by the dictatorships of fascism and communism. Today it seems that mad terrorists want to attack the symbols of western capitalism and drag us back into the dark ages. Just as Hitler mistook the openness of the democracies for weakness in the 1930's, these unknown terrorists are also mistaken. Freedom is what makes our society strong.

America is not alone. UK prime minister Blair said that the attack on America is an attack on all democracies, and pledged support from this side of the pond.

Before this tragedy our thoughts were dominated by the things which we thought were important, but which now seem so trivial... How did that party go at the weekend? Will I get that order I've been waiting for? When will the recession end? Now we're thinking about the real things that matter... Are our friends and family OK? How will those who are affected cope with the magnitude of their loss? These are the things which make us human.

What will happen next? No-one knows. But we have inherited a way of life which we want to pass onto our children, and as a society we must be resolved that no madmen or other enemies of civilisation will be allowed to halt or retard the progress of the freedoms and the way of life which we have enjoyed. There may be hard times ahead, but I hope and pray that good will triumph over evil in the end.
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San Jose, CA., September 14, 2001 - At Diskcon USA 2001 at the San Jose Convention Center next week, STMicroelectronics will be presenting a prototype rotational microactuator produced using MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical-System) technology.

Designed to position the read/write head with more precision, the microactuator device allows the number of tracks per inch to be increased, improving areal density. ST's MEMS microactuator is based on an electrostatic actuation approach where voltages applied to a stator and rotor cause angular movements of the rotor. In the disk drive application the read/write head is attached to this rotor through special design and packaging that protects the moving parts from contamination but allows movement. Compared to electromagnetic actuation, ST's electrostatic solution avoids magnetic fields close to the disk surface.

The basic silicon micromachining steps used in MEMS fabrication are identical or similar to those used in silicon chip manufacture, so existing production equipment and know-how can be applied to make these new components. At Diskcon, ST will also be presenting the company's complete hardware and software solutions for hard disk drive design. STMicroelectronics is one of the world's leading producers of silicon components for hard disk drives and optical disk drives, offering a complete range of products covering all of the functions of the drive. The company also provides complete drive solutions, including all of the firmware. ...STMicroelectronics profile

Stop "Burning Coasters" with New CD-RW Diagnostic

Des Moines, IA - September 13, 2001 - ECI (Enterprise Corporation International) announces the release of DriveEasy, its new diagnostic software for CD recording. DriveEasy's array of diagnostic and testing features is designed to help users make optimum use of their CD recorders and their CD media.

As purchases of CD-RW drives increase, so do the number of wasted discs that result from recording errors. Once a CD-R has an error, it's useless to the to the user - a "coaster."
The prevalence of coasters is one of the largest issues plaguing users today because it's expensive, time-consuming, and frustrating.

DriveEasy was developed to help eliminate the time, expense, and frustration of burning coasters. The software gives users the tools they need to accurately troubleshoot problems experienced in recording to CD-R and CD-RW discs. Even in the case of improperly written CDs, DriveEasy's data recovery and extraction tools can restore tracks that may not be seen by other software or by Windows Explorer.

According to L. Dennis Christensen, CEO of ECI, "DriveEasy is a valuable and easy-to-use application that reduces the number of recording errors you experience in burning CDs. The ability to actually test your CD-RW drive, discs and audio capabilities, makes it the perfect tool for optimizing your recording system and saving money on CD media."

The software is available for sale on the ECI website A trial version, which offers time-limited use of all of the features of DriveEasy, is also available from the site. ...ECI profile
Floppy Drives
Megabyte had been using floppy disks as coasters, before he got his new CD-RW burner. He always used it on the maximum heat setting.

Source Consulting to offer free storage surgery at UK Storage Expo

UK, September 13, 2001 -Source Consulting is to offer a free data storage surgery for visitors to Storage Expo, the data storage event being held at the Birmingham (UK) NEC on 17th-18th October.

Source will operate a consultancy clinic for visitors to the exhibition who are seeking advice and guidance for their data storage and data management needs. source will help visitors make the most of their time at Storage Expo by providing information on which exhibitors are most suitable to visit according to their companies' needs. Research by Source among blue chip companies shows that:-
  • 51% of the data filling up open systems is redundant
  • almost half the storage capacity is available but in the wrong place
  • 22% of data in systems is duplicated
  • 68% of data has not been accessed for at least 90 days
Jason Rabbetts, Commercial Director of source consulting said: "We've found staggering amounts of wasted expenditure on storage capacity in companies and organisations that fail to assess both their needs and their existing systems properly. Too often they've gone for a quick fix without thinking longer term. We will offer valuable guidance to visitors at Storage Expo that will make them think more carefully about their own operations and guide them through this important event and make the most of their visit." ...Source Consulting profile

See also:- Backup software, HSM & SRM, auto-tiering caching SSDs

XIOtech Forms Alliance with SAIC

Eden Prairie, Minn., Sept. 12, 2001 - XIOtech Corporation today announced a strategic alliance with Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) to provide customers with a broad range of professional services.

These services will help companies plan their storage strategy, prepare a strong business case for storage, and implement SAN strategies for data migration, high availability and data survivability. The professional services offerings begin with a SAN Assessment, which provides a comprehensive SAN framework for customers. The SAN Assessment establishes a strategic roadmap that identifies the components and costs associated with implementing a SAN, enabling companies to build a high-level business case for their SAN solution. Other services to be launched in the following months include: SAN design, data migration, disaster recovery, and backup and restore solutions.

"This alliance enables XIOtech to pursue large-scale opportunities that require the support of a global systems integrator," said Richard Blaschke, executive vice president of marketing at XIOtech. "SAIC's well-deserved reputation as a top IT company is the perfect complement to XIOtech's dedication to quality and customer service. Together we can provide the services that businesses need at the highest level possible."

SAIC provides technology solutions and services to government and commercial customers around the globe. With more than 41,000 employees in 150 locations worldwide, SAIC currently has annual revenues of more than $5.9 billion. The SAIC Applied Technology Group (ATG), located in Huntsville, Ala., leads the XIOtech strategic alliance.

"SAIC applies innovative technology to meet the specific business needs of our customers," said Bill Gurley, senior vice president and group manager of SAIC. "We look forward to helping customers address their complex storage issues through the application of XIOtech's advanced storage virtualization technology."

SAIC has formed a team consisting of senior IT project managers, SAN consultants, and senior systems engineers to design and implement XIOtech-based storage solutions. This team is trained and certified in XIOtech technologies and will deploy them in support of the alliance. In addition to creating the team, XIOtech and SAIC have established a demonstration and training lab in Huntsville to support development of additional Professional Service solutions.

"When customers deploy their initial SAN implementations or expand existing SANs to heterogeneous, enterprise storage environments, expert SAN design, implementation, and maintenance are important," said Jack Cuthbert, Brocade vice president of Sales, Marketing, and Support Services. "We are pleased to work with companies such as XIOtech to speed SAN deployment, helping our mutual customers quickly take advantage of the significant business benefits and high return on technology investment that storage networks make possible." ...SAIC profile, ...XIOtech profile

See also:- Services

Our thoughts go out today to those in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania

September 11, 2001 - Our thoughts go out today to those in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania, the families of the passengers and air crew in the hijacked planes, and those on the ground who gave their lives while trying to save others. This tragedy affects us all.

If you're seeing this page a week, a month or even years after this dreadful day, please spare some time and thought for the victims who still need help now and in the future. Take a look at the Twin Towers Orphan Fund web site

Cicada Semiconductor Introduces Lowest Power, Single Port Gigabit Ethernet Transceiver

Austin, Texas – September 11, 2001 – Leading broadband communications developer Cicada Semiconductor Corporation unveiled today a single port, triple speed Gigabit-over-copper transceiver at NetWorld+Interop 2001 Atlanta.

The CIS8201 is the newest member of SimpliPHY™ Series - the industry's lowest power, highest performance, easiest to integrate, 10/100/1000BASE-T transceiver family. Cicada's SimpliPHY™ Series of Gigabit Ethernet transceivers, first introduced in May at the NetWorld+Interop trade show in Las Vegas, also includes the CIS8204 - the industry's most advanced, quad port Gigabit Ethernet over copper physical layer (PHY) device. Ideal for high port density network infrastructure systems such as switches and routers, the CIS8204's extremely low power dissipation of less than 1 Watt per port enables pervasive, low cost deployment of Gigabit Ethernet-to-desktop PCs, throughout data centers, and in Ethernet-based SAN and Metropolitan Area Networks (MAN). ...Cicada Semiconductor profile

3COM to develop InfiniBand products based on IBM technology

Santa Clara, CA - September 11, 2001 3Com Corporation and IBM today announced the companies would work together to integrate IBM's InfiniBand chip technology — known as InfiniBlue™ — into future networking solutions offered by 3Com.

3Com intends to market InfiniBand™ connectivity products that will allow the next generation of InfiniBand-enabled servers and existing PCI/PCI-X-based servers to seamlessly connect to an InfiniBand network.

"3Com and IBM bring complementary strengths to the InfiniBand networking frontier," said Paul Rudnick, vice president and general manager, desktop and server division, Business Connectivity Company, 3Com Corporation. "InfiniBand-based networking architecture and products hold the potential to dramatically eclipse today's server performance, much like Pentium processors and PCI technology surpassed Minicomputers a decade ago." ...3Com profile, ...IBM Microelectronics profile

Gadzoox Networks Hires Top Executive to Lead Operations

SAN JOSE, CA — September 11, 2001 — Gadzoox Networks Inc. today announced the appointment of Eddie J. Streeter Sr. as vice president of operations.

In his new position with Gadzoox Networks, Streeter is responsible for directing all manufacturing, purchasing, manufacturing and test engineering, NPI, and quality operations for the Company's SAN products and solutions. Streeter is also responsible for the management of Gadzoox Networks' relationships with Electronic Manufacturing Suppliers (EMS). He will report directly to Gadzoox Networks' CEO, Michael Parides, and will work closely with engineering, sales, marketing and finance, to maintain best practices that will result in a leading and extremely efficient operations program.

Prior to joining Gadzoox Networks, Streeter served as chief operating officer for Coactive Networks where he focused the executive leadership team to maximize profitability, establish predictability and increase growth. Before Coactive Networks, Streeter served as vice president and general manager of Solectron Corporation's western region business unit, Systems Engineering and Services. ...Gadzoox Networks profile, Storage People

Maxtor and OTG Create Storage Virtualization Solutions

NETWORLD+INTEROP, ATLANTA, September 11, 2001 - Maxtor® Corporation and OTG Software, Inc. announced today an agreement to jointly develop tightly-coupled solutions that incorporate OTG's storage virtualization software technologies with Maxtor's family of MaxAttach storage servers.

The integrated solutions, based on OTG's DiskXtender® technologies are expected to ship in the fourth quarter of this year. They will be offered as an enhancement for MaxAttach™ NAS 6000 and NAS 4000 Series storage servers, and as an upgrade for currently shipping systems.

The new products will allow the capacity of multiple MaxAttach storage servers to be pooled, enabling highly scalable storage environments. Designed for enterprise-wide deployment, they will improve administrator productivity and present virtually unlimited disk storage to clients across Windows, UNIX, Linux, Macintosh and Netware environments.

"Virtual storage solutions, jointly developed with OTG, further enhances the functionality of storage servers for any business," said Eric Kelly, president of Maxtor's Network Systems Group. "Our combined solution will help reduce the cost of data management and leverage existing storage investments." The combined Maxtor-OTG solution will be designed for easy installation, configuration and management, for either local or remote operation. Teams from both companies have begun integration efforts.

"Deepening our relationship with Maxtor furthers our goal of bringing to market high-value solutions that help business transparently manage and access growing data storage pools," said Richard Kay, president and chief executive officer at OTG. "Our vision with Maxtor is to provide turn-key solutions which lower the total cost of ownership of storage and provide a fast return on investment for customers, while providing the channel with the ability to easily integrate these solutions." ...Maxtor profile, ...OTG profile

See also:- NAS

Storage World Conference 2001 will go ahead

September 11, 2001 - Storage World Conference 2001 will go ahead Friday.

With today's events on everyone's minds, our thoughts and prayers go out to those affected by the tragedy. We have received several calls today in regards to the status of the show. We want to inform you that the show is still scheduled for September 14. We have been in contact with many exhibitors, speakers and attendees, and everything is still in place for an informative conference.

We look forward to seeing everyone at the Fairmont Hotel in San Jose. If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at 408 884-4520 or Daniel Delshad at 310.491.0822. Once again our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone,

Lindsey Mitobe
Conference Coordinator

QLogic Unveils PCI-iSCSI Host Bus Adapter

ATLANTA, GA, Networld+Interop, September 11, 2001- QLogic Corp. today announced it is expanding its product line with iSCSI host bus adapters and application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs).

Designed to connect iSCSI servers and storage, these products feature a unique architecture that completely off-loads host processing with a single chip to provide Fibre Channel performance at Ethernet costs. FalconStor will showcase their IPStor virtualization incorporating SANblade™ Fibre Channel adapters and a prototype of the new SANblade iSCSI adapter in a demonstration at NetWorld+Interop in Atlanta, September 11-13, in booth #2049.

"These new plug-and-play HBAs bring QLogic's storage and Ethernet technologies together so that IT managers can connect servers to future iSCSI SANs with the same reliability, performance and features of today's Fibre Channel SANs," said Frank Berry, vice president of marketing, QLogic Corp. "This is done by leveraging our extensive ASIC, host driver, and management software expertise from our third generation parallel SCSI and Fibre Channel products."

The QLogic iSCSI HBA, which supports the PCI-X local bus interface, completely offloads TCP/IP processing from the host system, providing Fibre Channel SAN performance on Ethernet without burdening the host system. The product will support both target and initiator mode making it perfect for host, RAID controller, and SAN appliance applications. Competitive approaches incorporate multiple chips and/or host resources for protocol processing resulting in higher costs and/or greater host CPU utilization.

"QLogic's iSCSI and Fibre Channel solutions are a perfect complement to IPStor 2.0's interoperability, security and management features, and support for multiple operating environments," said Wayne Lam, FalconStor vice president of marketing. "We value QLogic's ability to work closely with us to support I/O technologies of today such as SCSI and Fibre Channel as well as future connectivity solutions like iSCSI and InfiniBand." ...QLogic profile

JNI Ranked Fastest-Growing Technology Company in 'Fast 50' Program

SAN DIEGO, Sept. 11, 2001 – JNI® Corporation (Nasdaq:JNIC) today announced it was named the winner of the Deloitte & Touche '2001 Orange County/San Diego Technology Fast 50,' at an awards ceremony yesterday evening.

JNI was named the winner for growing revenue 27,489% from 1996 to 2000, from $374,000 to more than $103 million.

"Making the Fast 50 is an impressive accomplishment, particularly in uncertain economic times, and we at Deloitte & Touche congratulate JNI Corporation for attaining this honor," said Helen Adams, partner at Deloitte & Touche in San Diego.

"Winning the Deloitte & Touche Fast 50 is a tribute to the entire team at JNI," said Neal Waddington, president and CEO of JNI Corporation. "Congratulations go to the founders who took a vision and made it a reality, as well as every employee during the last five years who built this company to become one of the leaders in our market."

JNI dominates the Solaris market in Fibre Channel host bus adapters, based on sales statistics from the independent research firms Gartner Dataquest and IDC. JNI sold approximately $90 million of Fibre Channel host bus adapters in 2000 to the Solaris market. JNI Corporation's increase in revenues of 27,489 percent over the five-year period of 1996 to 2000 resulted in the top ranking overall in the Fast 50 for Orange County/San Diego. The average increase in revenues among companies who made the Fast 50 for this region was 3,767 percent, a substantial increase over last year's1,729 average percent growth. Twenty-six of the 50 companies on the Fast 50 ranking are based in San Diego. ...JNI profile

Dantz Retrospect Backup Included With Compaq Desktops

ORINDA, CA - September 11, 2001 - Dantz Development Corporation today announced that Compaq Computer Corporation will bundle Retrospect Express Backup with business desktop computers and workstations equipped with an optional CD-RW or VXA tape drive.

Dantz's award-winning backup software was selected for its excellent performance, reliability, and ease of use.

"We only bundle software after it passes a rigorous evaluation process," said Jeff Groudan, director, Corporate Desktop Systems, Access Business Group, Compaq. "Retrospect's intelligent incremental backups and precise, single-step restores impressed us. Retrospect is backup software our customers can count on."

"Compaq has long maintained their market leadership role, especially in the storage arena, due to their focus on quality and reliability," remarked Lawrence Zulch, Dantz CEO. "Retrospect is the natural fit for Compaq's desktop backup systems, and customers will surely benefit from this collaboration."

All Compaq business desktops and workstations that ship with an optional CD-RW drive will include Retrospect Express for Compaq in five languages: English, French, German, Spanish, and Japanese. 16X CD-RW drives bundled with the Compaq edition of Retrospect Backup are available directly from Compaq and through authorized distributors worldwide now. VXA Tape drives bundled with the Compaq edition of Retrospect Backup will be available at the end of September, 2001. ...Dantz Development profile

Scalar 1000 Qualified by EMC for Storage Network Protection

September 11, 2001-Redmond WA. - Advanced Digital Information Corporation today announced that EMC Corporation has qualified the ADIC Scalar 1000 automated tape library platform for network and SAN backup with the EMC Data Manager (EDM) software.

The qualification covers data protection both for EMC Symmetrix installations and for a complete range of open system storage environments, including all leading UNIX and Windows operating environments. Tape technologies covered by the initial qualification include DLT and AIT-2.

"Backing disk up to automated tape libraries is a critical part of the data protection process in network and SAN environments," said Chuck Hollis, EMC vice president of products and markets. "ADIC's Scalar 1000 makes that protection more effective by providing advanced storage networking support features and a system for scaling that preserves performance and reliability. The combination of EDM and the Scalar 1000 provides a new solution option that our enterprise customers will welcome."

EDM consolidates backup and recovery for many types of open systems environments and streamlines the organization of files and databases for archiving and rapid recovery tasks. It also provides dramatic improvements to performance and supports LAN, LAN-free and serverless backup to scale even the most demanding backup and recovery requirements while minimizing people costs for backup and recovery tasks. EDM connects to user network (IP) and storage area networks (Fibre SANs) to consolidate and control the backup tasks for all of an organization's open systems servers. ...ADIC profile, ...EMC profile

Silicon Image Debuts PCI to Ultra ATA/133 Host Controller Chip

SUNNYVALE, Calif., September 11, 2001 - Silicon Image, Inc. today debuted the SiI™ 0680™, a new PCI to Ultra ATA/133 host controller chip designed to accommodate the transfer of large amounts of content-rich data common in today's multimedia applications.

Targeting motherboard, host adapter and embedded applications, the SiI 0680 is based on the new Ultra ATA/133 "Fast Drive" interface specification recently made available by Maxtor® Corp. Supporting a 133 MB/s burst transfer rate, the SiI 0680 also features 48-bit sector addressing in compliance with Maxtor's "Big Drive" standard, thereby enabling the utilization of drives with capacities greater than 137GB.

"Silicon Image is a licensed partner for Maxtor's Ultra ATA/133 interface technology, and we are working together to maximize the performance of the parallel ATA interface," stated Ted Deffenbaugh, vice president of product strategy at Maxtor. "We are pleased they have introduced an Ultra ATA/133-compliant controller that allows the implementation of a cost-effective hard disk drive solution without sacrificing performance or flexibility. With Maxtor's new DiamondMax D540X and DiamondMax Plus D740X, and Silicon Image's compatible host controllers, the industry will have a complete solution providing increased data transfer rates while maintaining full backward compatibility with the large installed base of parallel ATA devices."

Commenting on the new chip, Parviz Khodi, Silicon Image's vice president of marketing, semiconductors noted, "Silicon Image is committed to providing our PC OEM and motherboard customers robust, high-bandwidth, storage interface solutions with a clear price/performance advantage. By supporting this extension of parallel ATA technology with the SiI 0680, we are helping the industry bridge the performance gap until the first generation of Serial ATA solutions becomes available. Khodi added, "We continue to aggressively drive the transition to Serial ATA, and the SiI 0680 plays a pivotal role in our storage strategy. In addition to allowing us to address this interim parallel ATA market opportunity, the SiI 0680's modular design enables us to leverage the PCI block for future Serial ATA solutions-thereby speeding our Serial ATA product development efforts."

A single-chip solution, the SiI 0680 is well suited for designs without an integrated ATA host controller, or those requiring a greater number of ATA channels to accommodate the growing number of storage peripherals with an ATA interface. The SiI 0680 features dual independent IDE/ATA channels, enabling the support of as many as four drives, as well as one 256-Byte FIFO per ATA channel for host reads and writes. FLASH support enables easy upgrades to the SiI 0680 BIOS.

The SiI 0680 will be packaged as a 144-pin LQFP (Low-profile Quad Flat Pack) and is priced at $8.90 in quantities of 10,000. Samples of the SiI 0680 are scheduled for availability in Q4, with production quantities available later in Q4. ...Silicon Image profile

Eurologic Announces End-To-End 2Gb Fibre Channel SANbloc

BOXBOROUGH, MA, September 11, 2001 - Eurologic Systems announced the next generation of its award-winning SANbloc network storage system.

The industry's first 2 Gigabit-per-second Fibre Channel network storage system, Eurologic's SANbloc is end-to-end 2Gb Fibre Channel. The network storage system also now offers a unique Quad Loop feature that enables performance of up to 700 MB/s in a single system.

Eurologic's next-generation SANbloc minimizes the risk of migrating to 2Gb Fibre Channel. Because SANbloc was designed from the beginning to be 2Gb Fibre Channel-ready, this second-generation SANbloc leverages the existing, proven technology of SANbloc, including the power, cooling, packaging, and availability features. Eurologic simply incorporated end-to-end 2Gb Fibre Channel functionality with the replacement of two modules. As a result, customers are assured the reliability and performance of Eurologic's existing technology, while benefiting from the performance improvements provided by 2Gb speeds.

Eurologic's next-generation SANbloc also is designed to be downward-compatible with 1Gb Fibre Channel, making it simple and cost-effective for current SANbloc users to upgrade to 2Gb Fibre Channel. Customers can upgrade to 2Gb Fibre Channel with the simple swap of two modules.

Mike Stolz, vice president of sales and marketing for Eurologic Systems, said, "Eurologic is dedicated to providing our customers with the leading edge and optimum performance in storage technology. Since 1998, we have shipped nearly 75,000 Fibre Channel-based storage systems and over 400,000 Fibre Channel-based disk drives. This next generation of our SANbloc network storage technology continues to push the envelope of connectivity and performance, giving our customers the option to expand the spectrum of their storage solutions and ensuring they stay at the lead in their markets."

Eurologic's SANbloc also now offers a unique Quad Loop feature that enables connection with up to four hosts in a four-, or quad-, loop configuration, providing performance of up to 700 MB/s in a single system. A Eurologic SANbloc JBOD system can become a Quad Loop configuration with the simple swap of a jumper.

End-to-end 2Gb Fibre Channel functionality is presently available with Eurologic's SANbloc JBOD network storage system. A RAID version is anticipated in the fourth quarter of this year. Eurologic's 2Gb SANbloc JBOD system is available in rack-mount and deskside configurations with a choice of optical or copper I/O modules. Entry-level JBOD pricing, without disk drives, starts at under 2 cents per megabyte with 14 73GB disk drives. ...Eurologic Systems profile
Eurologic is working closely with a number of leading vendors to assure its SANbloc 2Gb Fibre Channel is proven interoperable.

Steve Owen, Fibre Channel Product Manager at Adaptec , said, "Adaptec's first-to-market 2 Gb, low-profile Fibre Channel HBA offers high levels of quality and performance, ideal for meeting the demands of applications that require sustained availability and reliability, such as in SANs. Working together, Eurologic and Adaptec continue to deliver solutions that not only leverage the feature set of 2Gb, but also ensure interoperability in complete configurations."

Tim Klein, ATTO Technology, Inc. President & CEO said, "With a commitment to addressing the need for fast data transfer between storage devices and the host within a SAN, progression toward a 2-Gigabit technology was a natural step for ATTO. By being among the first to market, ATTO has helped set the stage for 2-Gigabit products. Eurologic and ATTO products continue to complement each other in next-generation Fibre Channel configurations that ensure high-speed throughput, reliability and connectivity."

Jay Kidd, vice president of Product Marketing of Brocade, said, "Brocade is pleased to work with companies like Eurologic as 2Gb/sec Fibre Channel solutions come to market, further expanding the options for our mutual customers. As the world's leading provider of an intelligent infrastructure for networking storage, Brocade provides fabric switches that connect servers and storage in a storage area network, creating a highly available, scalable, manageable, and secure environment for moving and accessing data. Eurologic data storage solutions, working with Brocade SAN infrastructure, support the tremendous information and storage demands of today's leading companies."

"As the world's leading supplier of Fibre Channel host bus adapters, Emulex Corporation is committed to enabling the industry's migration to 2Gb/s Fibre Channel solutions," said Mike Smith, executive vice president, Emulex Corporation. Emulex works closely with companies like Eurologic to ensure the deployment of 2Gb/s storage networking configurations that offer a reliable, high performance solution that today's customers demand."

David Hiatt, strategic alliances manager for Gadzoox Networks, said, "As the SAN industry moves into the third generation with new, 2Gb Open Fabric products like the Slingshot 4218, continued interoperability testing and collaboration between companies is key. Gadzoox Networks and Eurologic are committed to working together to provide customers with high performance, scalable, and fully tested, interoperable storage networking solutions that are easier to implement and use."

Greg Kalush, President and CEO of Interphase, said, "As an international supplier of enterprise networking technologies, Interphase has been early to market with a 2Gb adapter, PowerSAN. With impressive performance ideally suited to applications demanding higher aggregate bandwidth. Interphase has been working closely with Eurologic with the aim of providing interoperable solutions for network managers that are looking to build next generation Storage Area Networks."

Dave Allen, senior product manager for Fibre Channel product management at LSI Logic, said, with extensive experience as the leading provider of Fibre Channel host bus adapters and controller IC's, LSI Logic and Eurologic 2Gb solutions offer users increases in system performance in workstations, servers and SANs without the need to change the storage infrastructure. LSI Logic's Fusion-MPT (tm) and 2Gb technology offer a new level of reliability, speed, scalability, and distances in interconnect technology among workstations, servers and SANs."

Brian Reed, senior director of business development for Vixel Corporation, said, "With support for new density levels in large switch meshes, Vixel's 9000 Series fabric switches package improved scalability and interoperability with the application benefits inherent to 2Gb speed. Coupled with Eurologic storage, Vixel 2Gb switches provide unique performance, scalability and connectivity benefits to SAN users in a variety of application environments."

See also:- Fibre-channel adapter cards

Network Appliance Launches New High-End Storage Solutions

Sunnyvale, CA - September 11, 2001 -- Network Appliance, Inc. today debuted its first multiprocessor storage appliances, the NetApp F880 and F880c, which are ideal for large databases, ERP, corporate-wide home directory consolidation, and other mission-critical applications.

The F880 and F880c dramatically improve system performance without adding the complexity typically associated with general purpose storage solutions. Supporting up to 18TBs of storage, the F880 filer series further extends NetApp capabilities within the data center, offering customers greater flexibility to deploy large, easily managed global network infrastructures and to begin building global data fabrics.

Large enterprises need robust storage solutions that offer greater performance and scalability, without requiring increased IT staff to manage additional infrastructure. The F880 series maintains the ease of manageability and scalability inherent in all NetApp systems. By transparently utilizing multiprocessor functionality, the F880 improves system performance and consolidates larger workloads within the same physical and administrative footprint as previous NetApp filers. The new CompactFlash™ boot system replaces the floppy drive, increasing system autonomy and virtually eliminating the need for hands-on administration. Network Appliance further eases administrative loading and simplifies the user experience by utilizing the same operating system and file system across the entire product line.

"Network Appliance is continuing to expand its Center-to-Edge solutions to encompass the demanding requirements of large enterprise customers. High-performance, scalable storage is a key building block for global data architectures, but high performance typically comes with a price—increased IT resources to manage the added complexity. The NetApp F880 filer series boosts storage performance significantly, while simultaneously decreasing the need for additional system administration, effectively lowering TCO," noted Mark Santora, senior vice president of marketing at Network Appliance. ...Network Appliance profile

See also:- NAS

TrelliSoft Expands SRM Suite with Application, Database Focus

Glen Ellyn, IL – September 10, 2001 – TrelliSoft, Inc. today announced that StorageAlert/DB for Oracle is available for customers in its Early Adopter program.

StorageAlert/DB helps organizations maximize their storage resources by reporting on database statistics to help them better manage the storage associated with specific database objects. With StorageAlert/DB, you can:
  • Manage storage by application database
  • Manage storage by user
  • Prevent storage downtime by predicting tablespace failure
  • Reduce unnecessary space usage by finding unused space and identifying fast-growing objects
  • Perform capacity planning by trending storage growth of specific objects
  • Identify the fastest-growing databases to better plan network migration or SAN implementation projects
  • Chargeback for storage usage by user or department
  • Export storage data for import into any application, such as accounting, chargeback or spreadsheet applications
  • Enforce storage policies
"StorageAlert/DB enables organizations to pinpoint problems from an application focus and database perspective," said Steve Donovan, President and CEO of TrelliSoft. "By providing an application focus to managing storage resources, StorageAlert enables organizations to discover problems in their most critical applications and quickly pinpoint the trouble spot, whether it's an individual user or specific tablespace. And StorageAlert's ability to not only identify storage problems, but also take corrective action is a clear advantage in preventing application downtime."

"StorageAlert can also help enterprises plan their migration to more advanced storage architectures, such as SAN or NAS by identifying the database that is accessed most frequently or growing most quickly," said Jamie Gruener, Senior Analyst for E-Networks and Broadband Access at Yankee Group. "Enterprises considering an investment in new storage technology should implement a product like StorageAlert to evaluate their current environment first and maximize their storage dollars before spending more on storage infrastructure purchases."

StorageAlert/DB is available for Oracle now and will be expanded to support other DBMSs in the future. ...TrelliSoft profile

See also:- Backup software, HSM & SRM

LiveVault Announces Customer Wins

Marlborough, Mass. - September 10, 2001 - LiveVault Corporation continues to build its customer base of companies that demand the best, most convenient and secure data protection.

LiveVault - a leading provider of continuous data backup and recovery solutions - today announced the following new customers:
  • Ralphs Grocery Co., Los Angeles, CA - Ralphs has been serving customers in southern California for more than 125 years. The company operates over 400 stores throughout California under the store names of Ralphs, Food 4 Less, Cala Foods, Bell Markets and FoodsCo. Ralphs is a division of The Kroger Company, the nation's largest food retailer.
  • Business Objects, San Jose, CA - The company delivers a leading e-business intelligence solution to help businesses leverage their corporate data. Business Objects software is used by organizations in more than 80 countries around the world, in every industry. The company has more than 2000 employees worldwide.
  • Collette Vacations, Pawtucket, RI - With more than 80 years of fulfilling vacation dreams, Collette Vacations has a reputation for providing a memorable travel experience. The company creates escorted tours and independent vacations for travelers to more than 50 countries on all seven continents.
  • Cornerstone Research, Menlo Park, CA - For more than a decade, Cornerstone Research staff have provided attorneys with expert testimony and economic and financial analyses in all phases of commercial litigation. Cornerstone has more than 100 full-time staff members and a network of over 200 faculty and industry experts.
David Ryter, LiveVault vice president of marketing, said: "These industry leaders chose LiveVault because they know that the integrity, availability and security of their data is critical to deliver customer service excellence. We are pleased to welcome Ralphs, Business Objects, Collette and Cornerstone to our rapidly-growing customer list." ...LiveVault profile

Overland Data Claims New Autoloader Gives Lowest Cost per Gigabyte

SAN DIEGO, Calif., September 10, 2001 - Overland Data, Inc. has announced the availability of its Advanced Intelligent Tape™ (AIT) LoaderXpress autoloader using Sony's new enhanced-performance AIT-1 (SDX-400C) tape drives.

With AIT technology backed by Sony, a globally recognized leader in the tape storage market, the AIT LoaderXpress provides an excellent migration step to an automated solution with a technology that has enhanced reliability. The new AIT-1 is now 33% faster than its predecessor and is better suited to a wide range of applications, including image/multimedia, real-time data acquisition and transportable storage.

The LoaderXpress is the industry's first autoloader to incorporate the following feature set, which makes the LoaderXpress ideal for high-volume applications, at no additional charge:
  • Bar code reader
  • A true mail slot (enables cartridge addition/removal without interrupting system)
  • Support of optional Web TLC™ (remote management)
  • "Field upgradeable" to two drives
  • A removable magazine for bulk loading/unloading of cartridges
  • Large four-line interactive display with 20 characters per line
Aimed at workgroups in the cost-sensitive end of the tape storage market, the LoaderXpress brings 665 GB native capacity and 14.4 GB/hr speed to every application. It also comes with 19 data cartridge slots and one AIT-1 drive--which may be easily upgraded to two drives. It is available in both rack-mount and tabletop versions. "The LoaderXpress is a real win-win for all of our channel partners and end-users", said Max Bosetti, Overland Data's marketing development manager. "Now our VARs can introduce a unique feature set at no additional cost --- this combination is simply not available in competitive autoloaders." ...Overland Data profile

See also:- Tape libraries

Netconvergence to Release Comprehensive Family of iSCSI Host Drivers

SANTA CLARA, Calif. ­ September 10, 2001 ­ NetConvergence, Inc. today announced plans for an industry-wide family of iSCSI host driver products, with deployments beginning later this month, that complement current leading IP storage products by enabling the enterprise host initiators, workstations or servers, to support end-to-end iSCSI solutions.

These host driver products provide the IP Storage community with the first glimpse of NetConvergence's xeniphast branded line of IP storage solutions. xeniphast iSCSI initiator drivers support a broad range of enterprise and desktop operating systems, enabling organizations to leverage their existing IT infrastructure in the rapid deployment of end-to-end IP storage solutions. Initial driver products will be available for the following operating systems: AIX 4.3.3; HP_UX 10.20; HP_UX 11.0; Windows 2000; Windows NT 4.0; Linux 2.4.2-2; Solaris 8.0; and FreeBSD 4.2.

"As part of our time to market strategy for enabling companies' early success in IP storage, we are releasing our suite of iSCSI drivers to accelerate market acceptance for iSCSI, and to facilitate the efforts of market leaders developing iSCSI products into deployable end-to-end IP storage solutions," said Dr. Simon Fok, Founder and CEO of NetConvergence. "Strong partnerships remain an essential part of our corporate strategy. To ensure rapid market acceptance, our xeniphast iSCSI drivers will be deployed through our OEM partners, and also be available directly to today's iSCSI adopters."

Fok will speak this Friday at the Storage World Conference 2001 on the future of storage connectivity. ...NetConvergence profile

See also:- iSCSI

MTI Aligns with FalconStor

ANAHEIM, Calif. and MELVILLE, N.Y., September 10, 2001 – MTI Technology Corp. and FalconStor Software, Inc. today announced a strategic OEM agreement to incorporate FalconStor's storage virtualization technology as part of MTI's Vivant™ family of enterprise SAN and NAS storage solutions.

The development partnership will enhance MTI's current storage virtualization technologies, allowing more comprehensive management and control of broad-based storage network environments. Under the terms of the agreement, MTI will integrate specialized versions of FalconStor's IPStor virtualization technology into MTI's DataServices™ architecture, expanding the functionality and manageability of MTI Vivant storage solutions. The MTI DataServices architecture combines seven essential storage and storage management functions into robust enterprise storage networks, including tested combinations of hardware systems, connectivity technologies, storage management, backup/restore, data replication, and a wide array of service options.

Currently, MTI Vivant storage solutions virtualize storage across individual islands of storage area networks. The new enhancements will extend those capabilities by enabling complete virtualization of all storage assets across both heterogeneous devices and interfaces to create a large, easy-to-manage virtual drive pool. These features will allow MTI customers to consolidate multiple storage solutions into virtual drives that can be dynamically allocated to specific application servers on demand.

"With the enhanced virtualization technology, MTI customers will be able to fully utilize all available storage resources while further reducing both management and ownership costs," said Russ Ritchie, Director of Product Marketing at MTI. "We considered many other virtualization players and decided that this is a perfect match of complementary technologies that blends MTI's expertise in Fibre Channel storage with FalconStor's leading-edge virtualization technology to provide significant benefits to our customers."

"This partnership yields a great deal of synergy that should allow IT administrators to use their storage resources more efficiently through boundless virtualization, centralized management and unprecedented performance," said John Lallier, FalconStor vice president of product management. "The combination of FalconStor's industry-leading virtualization technology in IPStor with MTI's Vivant and DataServices offerings should prove pivotal in enabling customers to achieve their SAN and NAS storage-solution objectives." MTI plans to announce availability of specific virtualization functionality based on the FalconStor joint agreement in Calendar Q4. ...FalconStor Software profile, ...MTI Technology profile

See also:- RAID systems

OTG and Compaq Sign Worldwide Reseller Agreement

ROCKVILLE, MD - September 10, 2001 - OTG Software, Inc. today announced an agreement with Compaq Computer Corporation through which Compaq will resell OTG Storage and Database Management Solutions to its high-performance technical computing (HPTC) customers on a worldwide basis.

The agreement includes OTG's software solutions for long-term archival and accessibility of files, data warehouses and very large Oracle databases on Compaq AlphaServer systems running Tru64 UNIX® with support for the Compaq StorageWorks TL895 and ES9326SL Enterprise Libraries.

Compaq's CustomSystems & Solutions group will be the focal point for sales of the OTG software solutions. CustomSystems works in conjunction with the Compaq sales force to meet specialized needs for major clients. With this agreement, CustomSystems will be focusing on clients with very high-end storage needs. OTG's software solutions will enable Compaq to provide complete system solutions to enterprises that require constant access to vast quantities of historical data, while reducing the cost of managing such data by utilizing a wide variety of secondary storage devices.

"Compaq's HPTC customer base is ideally suited for our large-scale storage data management solutions," said Richard Kay, president and CEO, OTG Software. "These customers need scalable performance, with transparent access to huge file systems and databases that range from terabytes to petabytes in size".

The OTG products covered by the agreement include DiskXtender® File System Edition™ for Unix, DiskXtender® Distributed Solutions Suite™ and DiskXtender® Database Edition™. These OTG products operate under Compaq AlphaServer technology using Tru64 UNIX as well as Compaq Intel® technology using Linux®.

"Compaq's HPTC customer base has requirements to maintain and access enormous quantities of historical data that, traditionally, have been sent to off-line storage media," according to Rich Marcello, vice president and general manager of Compaq's High Performance Systems Division. "OTG's storage and database management solutions will enable our customers to keep this data online where it is most accessible in a very cost effective manner." ...Compaq profile, ...OTG Software profile

Editor's comment:- I asked an OTG spokesperson how this agreement might be affected, if HP's acquisition of Compaq went ahead, because HP is also a significant supplier of storage software products. I was informed that OTG already has an existing relationship with HP, as OTG's DiskXtender for Unix product works with HP's-UX product. So it looks like the merger would be unlikely to have any material effect on today's announced agreement. See also:- SAN - software

CNT's Enterprise Data Movement Solutions for Mainframes

MINNEAPOLIS, September 10, 2001 - CNT® today announced the availability of new technological capabilities on its UltraNet Xtension Director and UltraNet Xtension Gateway, two channel extension platforms that enhance the service life and functionality of mainframe environments.

IT departments with mainframe networks need to be able to integrate with new open systems technologies. The UltraNet Xtension Director and UltraNet Xtension Gateway provide new cost-effective, reliable channel extension capabilities based on CNT's innovative storage networking solutions.

"Mainframes continue to be the ever-reliable workhorses of IT, and their value to the enterprise has not waned," said Mark Knittel, group vice president of product operations at CNT. "In this era of cost-cutting and improving ROI, getting more value out of mainframe systems is a key part of many corporate IT strategies. CNT's new solutions are the catalyst for extending and increasing the value of the mainframe network."

The UltraNet Xtension Director and UltraNet Xtension Gateway will enable companies to move and share data between mainframes, peripherals, and a wide range of open and proprietary servers and storage systems. These solutions are cost-effective, fault-tolerant products offering scalability, reliability, investment protection and manageability for distributed data centers, enabling applications such as channel extension, data mirroring and remote tape backup over wide area networks. To aid in migration to the new channel extension platforms, CNT offers its Technology Migration and Implementation Service.

The UltraNet Xtension Director is a high-performance switch that supports ESCON (host and remote), Bus-and-Tag (remote), SCSI and Fibre Channel I/O attachments and T1/E1, T3/E3, ATM/SONET and Ethernet IP network attachments. The UltraNet Xtension Director's support for channel extension over IP networks provides a powerful and flexible network option for channel extension customers, with significant potential for reduction in bandwidth costs and the ability to support a broad range of storage networking applications. The UltraNet Xtension Gateway supports Bus-and-Tag (host and remote), ESCON (remote) and BYTE Channel (host and remote) I/O interfaces and T1/E1 and ATM network attachments, and is interoperable with the UltraNet Director. The UltraNet Xtension Director and UltraNet Xtension Gateway are available immediately, with prices starting at $30,000. ...CNT profile, Fibre channel switches

New EMC Symmetrix Lineup

Hopkinton, Mass.- September 10, 2001 EMC Corporation announced a complete new line of EMC Symmetrix systems and enhanced software functionality.

With today's announcement, EMC enables customers to achieve unprecedented levels of information consolidation — or hyper-consolidation — while sharply reducing total information storage cost of ownership. EMC delivered major advances in information storage performance, connectivity, capacity, and functionality — including increases of up to 50% for open systems throughput, 100% for mainframe throughput, 260% in capacity and 500% in connectivity.

Joe Tucci, EMC President and CEO, said, "Hyper-consolidated enterprise information storage delivers two must-have attributes for customers — increased productivity and lower costs for critical resources. With the new Symmetrix models, EMC continues to be the catalyst for customers' hyper-consolidation efforts of both mainframe and open systems environments. Information storage systems are quickly replacing servers to provide the processing power, capacity and functionality necessary to get the most value from information. EMC Symmetrix systems started that phenomenon, and continue to accelerate it today."

Today's announcement includes: three new models, all shipping today, include:

Symmetrix 8830 — The world's highest-capacity, highest-density, information storage system. With up to 69.5 TB in a single 17.5 square-foot Symmetrix cabinet, the 8830 also offers unmatched levels of enterprise consolidation with more cache, connectivity and processing power than any other enterprise storage system on the market.

Symmetrix 8530 — Providing up to 17.4 TB of capacity in a 6 square-foot single-bay Symmetrix cabinet, the 8530 drives multiple applications and offers denser connectivity and faster performance for the middle of the Symmetrix range.

Symmetrix 8230
— The 8230 delivers Symmetrix performance and functionality in the smallest footprint ever, offering up to 3.5 TB of capacity and flexible connectivity options. ...EMC profile

See also:- SAN

Micron Technology Opens Office in Xiamen, China

September 10, 2001, Boise, Idaho - Micron Technology, Inc., today announced the opening of its new sales and module assembly and processing office in China, Micron Semiconductor (Xiamen) Co., Ltd. (MSX).

Micron is initially using the Xiamen sales office to support key customers in the Fujian province, and will eventually expand operations in Xiamen to service customers in neighboring areas. MSX offers many benefits to Micron's customers in the emerging Chinese market. MSX will assemble modules locally, through a local subcontractor, and will provide a high level of customer support.

"Our growing presence in China is reflected in the opening of MSX," said Mike Sadler, Vice President of Worldwide Sales for Micron. "We are focused on more efficiently and rapidly meeting the needs of our customers in this important market. We are providing an increasingly broad memory product line, greater flexibility and accessibility, and enhanced support. MSX will also provide invoicing in local currency to simplify business transactions for our customers."

A solid transportation infrastructure, proximity to key customers, and government support were also factors in Micron's decision to open its first Chinese sales office in Xiamen. "Xiamen Municipal Government officials were extremely responsive and helpful in setting up this operation," added Sadler. "We appreciate their assistance in expediting this process." ...Micron Technology profile

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