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Dortmund, Germany - August 21, 2003 - Tandberg Data GmbH and Ibas have signed a global agreement as a result of which Ibas' data recovery services will be included as value added services to all Tandberg customers worldwide. As part of the partnership, Tandberg will actively market Ibas' services through its global marketing network. Tandberg's customers will be given highest priority in the event of data loss using the 200,000 Tandberg tapes that are already supported by Ibas' services.

Tandberg wanted to offer its customers an optimal solution in case of a critical computer failure and saw Ibas as the ideal partner. Electronically stored data is critical for most businesses, and in certain situations data recovery may be the only alternative to bankruptcy. In spite of this, there are still many business managers who do not know what possibilities exist when it comes to data recovery. Ibas will now be able to spread this important message through new marketing channels whilst the agreement will also ensure that information about Ibas' services will accompany all tapes sold by Tandberg around the world. ...Ibas profile, ...Tandberg Data profile

PHOENIX, AZ - August 21, 2003 - According to a report by Semico Research, flash memory revenues are expected to beat those of the year 2000 despite continued volatility in pricing. Semico continues to be bullish on the flash memory market at a time when many others see no reason to expect the market to recover.

"The first half of 2003 showed surprisingly strong sales, with monthly revenues approximately equal to those of the same months of 2000, with the exception of March which was over 33% above March of 2000. In fact, with the exception of 2001, which was heading in the wrong direction, 2003 exhibited the strongest first quarter in flash history. Since 2000 was flash's strongest year ever, with over $10 billion in overall annual revenues, Semico sees every reason to expect 2003 to go above that figure," says Jim Handy, Director of Non-Volatile Research at Semico. ...Semico Research profile

CHARLOTTE, NC - August 20, 2003 - Verbatim Corporation announced today that it is shipping new Store 'n' Go USB 2.0 Drives that support up to 8MB/sec read and 5MB/sec write performance on USB 2.0 systems. With the ability to transfer 256MB of data in about 30 seconds and provide capacities of up to 1GB, the new Store 'n' Go drives are believed to be the fastest and one of the highest-capacity USB 2.0 drives on the market. About the size of a AA battery, the drives are flash memory-based removable storage devices that are instantly recognized when plugged in to the USB port of a desktop or notebook PC. Verbatim's Store 'n' Go USB Drives also provide password security features1 and are backed by Verbatim's Lifetime Warranty.

In addition to being Plug & Play-compatible with Windows 98/98SE/ME/2000/XP or higher as well as Macintosh 8.6 OS and higher operating systems, Store 'n' Go can also be used with Linux 2.4.0 and higher systems. With support for all three operating systems, Verbatim Store 'n' Go USB Drives provide true cross-platform compatibility and the easiest way to transfer files between notebooks or desktops, even with different operating systems.

Featuring a solid-state design and non-volatile flash memory, the drives will retain stored data for 10 years or more. Store 'n' Go drives include password protection and public/secure partitioning features designed to prevent both unauthorized access to files and accidental erasure of important files. Sensitive data on the secure partition cannot be accessed if the drive is lost or stolen.

The Store 'n' Go USB Drive is immediately available with 32MB, 64MB, 128MB, 256MB, 512MB and 1GB capacities. Suggested list prices range from $29 for 32MB to $349 for 1GB. The complete package includes a Carry Lanyard, USB Extension Cable, CD with Security Features/Windows 98 Driver and a Quick Start Guide. ...Verbatim profile

Editor:- August 20, 2003 - a new article published today by Cisco reveals its plans and thinking for the SAN market. No surprise that Cisco would like to be #1 or #2 in the SAN switch market in the next couple of years. A market which they say could be worth $2-3 billion in 2006. Cisco is a couple of years behind where I expected them to be in the storage market, when I published my long range forecast back in 2001. Cisco was too busy fighting for survival to attack new markets for a while, and some markets like iSCSI haven't generated any significant revenue for hardware makers yet despite extreme hype last year. But all that is changing now, and the Cisco article gives a clear idea of what targets the company is confidently aiming for in the storage market. the article, ...Cisco Systems profile

Newbury Park, CA – August 20, 2003 - iQstor Networks, Inc. announced that it has signed a reseller agreement with Digital Technologies Corporation (DTC) to sell, service and support its full line of integrated SAN solutions in Japan. This agreement provides DTC with enterprise level features in a cost effective SAN solution for the regional small to mid-sized enterprises. It also provides DTC access to iQstor's partner program, which includes training, support, configuration tools and other incentives.

"Digital Technologies evaluated iQstor's iQ1000 storage system prior to inclusion in our storage solution portfolio and found it to be a reliable full featured SAN solution with built-in policy based management capabilities", said Indy Sakiyama, president of Digital Technologies Corporation. "The iQ1000 and its integrated data services storage management software features allow us to provide enterprise-level data services features such as storage virtualization, snapshot, mirroring, remote replication, and policy based storage provisioning to our customers."

The iQ1000 Storage System is a highly available fully redundant 2Gb Fibre Channel SAN Solution. It contains dual hot swappable components such as power supplies and cooling modules in a 3U chassis offering 2.2TB capacity using 146GB FC disk drives. The iQ1000 also features dual active SP100 storage processors supporting RAID 0, 1, 3, 5, 1+0 with transparent fail-over support to further increase availability. The embedded storage management and data services software offer enterprise level functionality at prices that are affordable by small and medium-sized enterprises. ...iQstor Networks profile

Oslo, Norway - August 19, 2003 – Tandberg Data ASA has enhanced its award winning SLR tape drive product line with the availability of the new SLR75 tape drive and SLRtape75 media. The new SLR75 tape drive stores up to 75GB of data capacity and features a 28.8GB per hour transfer rate with 2:1 data compression. As with previous generation SLR tape drives, the SLR75 provides full backward compatibility (down to SLR4) to over 3.2 million SLR drives in the market thus providing investment protection. SLR has the industry's leading reliability with a failure rate of less than 2% lowering the total cost of ownership.

The SLR75 tape drive and SLRtape75 media cartridge will be available in volume through Tandberg Data's global distribution and reseller network in early September. SLR75 is also available as internal and external kits including media as well as complete solutions featuring Computer Associate's Brightstor Arcserve version 9 for Windows Server and Novell Netware.The MSRP for the SLR75 internal version tape drive is $1,049. ...Tandberg Data profile

Hoboken, N.J. - August 19, 2003 - NSI Software today released new versions of its Double-Take and GeoCluster Windows-based replication products to provide customers enhanced scalability, flexibility and support for Microsoft Server 2003. New features in Double-Take and GeoCluster allow customers to exploit capabilities in Microsoft Server 2003 including Volume Shadow Copy Services (VSS) and eight-node clustering. Double-Take and GeoCluster's new queued task processing feature allows businesses to easily insert commands that automatically trigger processes in their remote backup or snapshot systems. For example, when running with VSS, queued task processing enables businesses to conduct event-driven remote snapshots of replicated data on the backup server; making it easy to restore data from a specific point in time should a batch of data become corrupt. Double-Take and GeoCluster 4.3 are available immediately, and pricing starts at $2495 and $4495 per license respectively. ...NSI Software profile

SAN DIEGO - August 19, 2003 - JNI Corporation today announced that its FibreStar HBAs have completed rigorous compatibility and integration testing at Sun Microsystems, Inc. and are now available for use in all Sun PCI servers operating in Sun StorEdge Open SAN environments. The JNI FibreStar HBAs for Sun StorEdge Open SAN environments are now available on Sun's pricelist.

"Having Sun endorse, sell and support JNI HBAs is a milestone that cements our position as a leader in Solaris HBAs," said Russell Stern, CEO of JNI Corporation. "Sun Solaris customers can now get high-quality JNI HBAs for Solaris as part of the Sun StorEdge Open SAN Architecture, fully tested and supported by Sun." ...JNI profile

Sunnyvale, California - August 18, 2003 - Marvell today announced the industry's first 3.0 Gbps Serial ATA II PCI-X Host Controllers, enabling the next generation of Enterprise Serial ATA storage applications. Using the new 88SX6081 (8-port) and 88SX6041 (4-port) Serial ATA II controllers, OEMs are developing the industry's highest performance, most cost-effective solutions for Server RAID on Motherboard, RAID Adapters, NAS, SAN, and Nearline Storage Arrays.

"We are seeing strong adoption of Serial ATA technology in the market-leading vendors for Servers, RAID Adapters, enterprise RAID Arrays and Nearline storage," said Balaji Baktha, General Manager of Marvell's Storage Networking Business Unit. "Marvell's Serial ATA II solutions provide these customers a platform to develop a host of next generation enterprise applications."

The 88SX60xx controllers implement Marvell's second-generation Serial ATA physical layer (PHY) technology that supports both 1.5 Gbps and 3.0 Gbps operation for high performance Serial ATA backplane implementations. Spread Spectrum Clocking (SSC) provides optimal EMI performance for lower enclosure costs and easier system certification. Operation at 3.0 Gbps enables plug-and-play support for next generation Serial ATA II 3.0 Gbps Hard Drives. Serial ATA II Port Multiplier support allows aggregation of multiple 1.5 Gbps Serial ATA links into a single 3.0 Gbps host port for high-density storage enclosures using next generation 2.5" form factor drives. ...Marvell profile

BOULDER, CO - August 18, 2003 - Exabyte Corporation today reported revenues of $22.7 million and a net loss of $5.0 million for the second quarter ended June 28, 2003. In the prior quarter, the company recorded revenues of $22.6 million and a net loss of $19.6 million that included a bad debt provision of $6.0 million and a $6.8 million reserve against inventory. While revenues remained steady versus the prior quarter, second quarter gross profit of $6.4 million was substantially improved compared to the first quarter gross loss of $3.9 million that included a $6.8 million inventory reserve. The improvement in gross profit is due to lower overhead costs, lower product costs from suppliers, and increased sales of higher margin products. Management's actions in the second quarter to bring spending in line with revenue expectations reduced operating expenses to $8.2 million compared to $15.1 million in the prior quarter (that included a $6.0 million provision for bad debt), and compared to spending of $9.9 million in the fourth quarter of 2002.

The second quarter operating loss of $1.8 million represents significant improvement over the $19.0 million operating loss of the previous quarter, which included the inventory reserve and bad debt provision totaling $12.8 million. The net loss of $5.0 million includes interest expense of $3.2 million, of which $2.5 million is a non-cash charge related to common stock and warrants issued in exchange for over advance guaranties made by guarantors in favor of Silicon Valley Bank.

"Early in the quarter, as a result of the business failure of one of our major customers and the loss of that significant receivable from the borrowing base, Exabyte was in violation of several covenants of the loan agreement with Silicon Valley Bank," said Tom Ward, president and CEO of Exabyte. "Because of the severity of the situation, we quickly solicited and received the support we needed from major investors to establish loan guaranties with the bank that allowed the company to maintain its line of credit." ...Exabyte profile

SAN JOSE, Calif. - August 18, 2003 – MaXXan Systems, Inc. today announced general availability of its pioneering MXV32 intelligent application switch. MaXXan's flagship MXV320 intelligent application switch based on the SANe architecture is built around a programmable switch fabric that enables the delivery of core storage services at the port level and a standards-based I/O engine optimized to run leading software applications. Utilizing a non-stop computing design with redundant components and 99.999 percent uptime availability, the MXV320 is a highly flexible system and can be configured with multi-speed, multi-protocol line cards, redundant switch fabrics, and embedded storage application cards based on users' needs. The MSRP of an MXV320 system configured with FC switch ports and an application card with integrated IPStor software starts at US$100,000.

"Moving intelligence to the network is no longer a figment of someone's imagination. It is a strong trend because it solves real problems for IT, both monetary and operational," explained Arun Taneja, founder and consulting analyst of the Taneja Group. "MaXXan just became the first vendor to ship such a product with well–recognized applications for business continuity, storage consolidation, and NAS. This should give them the First Mover Advantage just when IT is beginning to buy new technology again."

MaXXan is partnering with leading storage software application vendors such as FalconStor to provide best-of-breed application choices for its customers. Software applications include remote and local replication, snapshots, synchronous and asynchronous mirroring, NAS, virtualization, backup, capacity-on-demand and much more, as well as MaXXan's SANCruiser centralized network management software ...MaXXan Systems profile

San Jose, Calif. - August 18, 2003 - Alacritech, Inc. today announced that its accelerators are rapidly penetrating the digital content creation market. Leading newsrooms, post production houses and visual effects companies have recognized the value of integrating TCP/IP Offload Engine Network Interface Cards (TNICs) in their servers to cost-effectively increase system performance and content creator productivity in their data-intensive environments.

"Stargate Digital produces the visual effects for TV shows such as CSI:, ER and Third Watch, as well as television movies and feature films," said Dr. Joseph Meier, CTO, Stargate Digital. "Our 2D and 3D digital content creators work on up to 15 visual effects projects simultaneously and under tight deadlines. Alacritech's Accelerators significantly increased the performance of our servers to efficiently move data, so our graphic artists have the processing power they need, and the network servers aren't burdened by the transfer of large video files." ...Alacritech profile

Southborough, Massachusetts - August 18, 2003 - Continuing to set the pace in the Enterprise Storage Resource Management (ESRM) market, Storability Software today announced the availability of Global Storage Manager Version 3.6. Global Storage Manager enables large enterprises to efficiently manage multi-vendor, multi-site storage infrastructures at every level, from discovery through "just-in-time" provisioning. In Version 3.6, Global Storage Manager expands upon its existing backup and restore application support by adding a level of tape library functionality that is not available in any other ESRM solution. IT managers now have the ability to view all libraries from one screen and gather vital statistics on performance, library capacity and utilization, media utilization, trending, error logs, and more. This allows IT managers to quickly identify exactly which tape is in which drive, and easily locate the necessary tapes when performing a restore operation. In addition, with this new level of centralized visibility across their entire library infrastructure, IT managers can increase utilization rates and avoid unnecessary costs. ...Storability Software profile

MILPITAS, Calif. - August 18, 2003 - LSI Logic Corporation announced today a significant enhancement to its channel product portfolio by introducing new product packaging and expanding the number of kitted products offered with cables included. Single- and dual-channel storage adapter kits for both Ultra320 SCSI and Ultra320 SCSI RAID storage adapters will now be supplied with Tripp Lite 42-inch, five-drive SCSI cables. With immediate availability of these products, LSI Logic positions itself as the only manufacturer to include a five-drive cable with its Ultra320 SCSI and SCSI RAID solutions.

"LSI Logic's emphasis on the channel market builds on our foundation of being the number one OEM supplier of Ultra320 SCSI in the world. We have now met and exceeded the market demands of our channel customers with kit solutions designed to cater to this rapidly growing distribution sector of our business," said Joe Leader, senior director of worldwide channel marketing and business development for LSI Logic. "Our new packaging also now delivers all of our SCSI, ATA, SATA, and Fibre Channel product families with improved information, registration, toll-free technical support, and crisp brand identity." ...LSI Logic profile

REDWOOD CITY, CA - August 18, 2003 - Decru, Inc. today announced that the Italian government will use Decru DataFort storage security appliances to secure the personal information of Italian citizens, as the country launches its e-government initiative. In an unprecedented effort to automate services and improve communication between city governments, service providers, and Italian citizens, Italy's government is working with AGSM Telecomunicazioni, a multi-utility provider, to build a secure e-commerce infrastructure. The objective of the initiative is to improve accessibility to all government services: citizens will be able do everything from paying property taxes to ordering new phone or gas services via the web.

AGSM is initially building a datacenter that will support the city of Verona, along with hundreds of surrounding towns and cities. Once the model is established in Verona, AGSM plans to replicate similar datacenters across Italy, continuing to expand its capabilities as the infrastructure becomes established.

At the heart of the solution is a robust SAN, with a wide range of applications that will feed information into centralized storage. In light of privacy concerns around aggregating financial and personal data of citizens, it was important that AGSM be able to secure this data in storage, and prevent unauthorized access by datacenter staff, contractors, service providers or external attackers. Decru DataFort FC520 storage security appliances will be used to encrypt data in the SAN, as well as enable the appropriate authentication and access controls. DataFort was chosen because of its wire-speed encryption performance, operational transparency, and interoperability with the broad range of vendors chosen for this project. ...Decru profile

Havant, UK - August 18, 2003 - Xyratex announced today the successful conclusion of negotiations with HgCapital, a leading private equity investor with an excellent record within the technology sector. The transaction, details of which have not been disclosed, is subject to shareholder approval and certain regulatory requirements and conditions. ...Xyratex profile

Editor:- August 18, 2003 - if your company was affected by the New York and Canada blackout at the weekend and you're trying to figure out how to recover your data without a clean backup, here are some useful articles and companies which can help. Systems adminstrators faced with crashed disks or tape sets may be interested to know that recovery is also possible on complete RAID systems too. If you think things are bad now, here's a warning! You can do harm and make things even worse. If you are affected by data loss there are articles about this, and specialist companies which can help you listed on our data recovery page.

SAN DIEGO - August 15, 2003 - Sony today announced several advancements in the Memory Stick media family. At only one-third the size and half the weight of full-size Memory Stick media, the new Memory Stick PRO Duo media offers the same technologies and features of Memory Stick PRO media, including MagicGate copyright protection technology, high capacities and a theoretical maximum data transfer capability of up to 20MB/s. The tiny media is ideal for use in small digital devices, including cellular phones, wearable portable audio players and pocket-sized digital imaging devices. Memory Stick PRO Duo media will be available in October in capacities of 256MB and 512MB for about $125 and $300, respectively. ...Sony profile

SUNNYVALE, CA - August 15, 2003 - SanDisk Corporation today introduced the SanDisk Memory Stick Duo and Memory Stick PRO Duo flash memory cards to expand its Memory Stick product line. The two new Memory Stick Duo cards are designed to fit into electronic devices such as mobile phones, digital cameras and other consumer electronics devices.

The new Memory Stick Duo cards are targeted at the new generation of 2.5G and 3G mobile phones such as the 505i series currently offered by NTT DoCoMo in Japan. These mobile phones require greater storage capacity for their storage-intensive features such as digital cameras, video capture and playback, digital audio players, games, and messaging capabilities. With higher performance and embedded MagicGate technology, the Memory Stick PRO Duo cards are targeted for digital music players, digital still and video cameras.

The new Memory Stick Duo and Memory Stick PRO Duo cards are approximately 1/3 the size of a Memory Stick card and measure 0.8 x 1.2 x 0.06 in. For maximum flexibility, both cards include a Memory Stick adapter for use in all Memory Stick or Memory Stick PRO devices. The new cards, which SanDisk expects to begin shipping in September, will be available in these capacities and respective pricing:- SanDisk Memory Stick Duo cards - 32MB to 128MB $34.99 to $69.99; SanDisk Memory Stick PRO Duo cards, 256MB and 512MB, $129.99 and $309.99 respectively. ...SanDisk profile

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earlier news (archive)

iSCSI and FCIP on
Terrorbyte liked to test out hot new backup technologies.
Guest Nibble:- ....... by Peripheral Concepts

Disk-Based Backup and Disaster Protection Poised for Major Growth

Fueled by consistent needs for quicker recovery and increased reliability, disk-based solutions will revolutionize traditional backup and disaster protection procedures and policies.

Users can select among several alternatives, ranging from a simple software that emulates tape to complete appliances that offer continuous backup and various levels of replication. IT managers are quite unanimous in recognizing the advantages of disk over tape, but cost is seen as a big deterrent, though not the only one. Many IT managers estimate that reliability and/or performance would prevent them from using ATA drives.

"This only says that vendors have not done a good job educating the user. In spite of this, volumes of ATA drives are soaring, primarily in the large sites, and the potential in the midrange remains untapped," says Farid Neema, president of Peripheral Concepts, Inc.

Data replication is vital for disaster recovery purposes. Until now, enterprises have had to pay a high premium for proprietary storage products from a handful of storage vendors. "Open" solutions are now available. Remote Replication is poised for significant growth. Recent regulations are forcing businesses to archive data and retrieve it quickly. Automatic archiving and content-addressed storage are deemed very important. Enterprises looking to consolidate large, heterogeneous environments have been the first to adopt virtual tape technology. But midrange sites using virtual tape offer great market potential.

With the exception of critical applications which consume only a fraction of an IT operation's storage capacity, the bulk of backup is still very much handled the traditional way with incremental and full backups, with tape being a prevalent media. So, tape is not about to disappear, but library vendors had better be attentive to the new movements if they want to stay in the running.

The new report from Peripheral Concepts, Inc. entitled "Data Protection and Business Continuance - Products and Market Opportunities" is now available. Its conclusions and forecasts are based on very extensive end-user surveys. ...Peripheral Concepts profile

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