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2003, July week 3, Storage history

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Boulder, Colorado - July 21, 2003 - LeftHand Networks today announced that Saint Anselm College, in Manchester NH, has purchased a storage solution from LeftHand Networks to manage the critical data associated with the college's administration and application delivery. Saint Anselm College, founded in 1889, is home to 2,000 students majoring in 31 liberal arts programs.

"We evaluated fibre channel SAN technology, but an IP SAN offered all the same functionality in a less complex, much more cost-effective package," said Dave Vigneau, Network Manager for Saint Anselm College. "Our key requirements were the support of critical applications such as Microsoft Exchange and SQL Server, ensuring disaster recovery capability, and the option to consolidate servers."

The Saint Anselm deployment consists of mirrored primary and secondary sites running on LeftHand Networks' products. The primary site will support Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL and file serving. Saint Anselm College is consolidating from five Exchange servers down to two Exchange servers by utilizing shared storage. The ability to scale capacity without downtime and to easily reassign capacity between applications made an IP SANs solution ideal for Saint Anselm's rapidly growing applications.

A snapshot copy will be taken of all primary volumes, and the snapshots will be replicated to the secondary site. Backups will be taken from the secondary site; Saint Anselm's primary data will not be impacted by the backup process. ...LeftHand Networks profile

Waltham, MA - July 21, 2003 - According to a new national survey conducted by AmeriVault Corp., enterprises most often leave their server backup tapes on-site in harms way. However, following a disaster, companies are expected to be and up and running quicker than they were a year ago and are not confident their current technologies will meet their Recovery Time Objective. For definition, a Recovery Time Objective is the timeframe in which a company's systems are expected to be up and running following a disaster or outage. Survey responses revealed:
  • Over 45% of enterprises surveyed leave their backup tapes on-site, leaving them vulnerable to natural disasters and security breaches.
  • Following a disaster, more than 30% of companies are expected to be up and running more quickly than they were a year ago.
  • Only 50% of enterprises are confident that they can meet their Recovery Time Objective (RTO) using their existing backup and recovery technologies.
"These survey results reveal what we have known for a long time - that there is a huge disconnect between existing enterprise backup and recovery practices and management expectations. Common natural disasters are a leading cause of data loss and leaving backup tapes on-site leaves not only the tape itself vulnerable but; ultimately the company to routine disasters and security risk. If a company's office burns down one evening the tapes will go with it and recovery will be impossible," said Bud Stoddard, President & CEO of AmeriVault Corp. "With the internet and other technological advances, our business climate is moving more quickly than ever before and the increase in recovery expectations is a reflection of that. Any downtime can have severe negative consequences."

Conducted online, the survey examined the backup and recovery practices of 114 companies within a variety of industries. ...AmeriVault profile

Southborough, Massachusetts - July 21, 2003 - Storability Software today announced the acquisition of ProvisionSoft Inc's intellectual property and intangible assets related to its DynamicIT software product, a proactive resource management software application. The acquisition solidifies Storability's Global Storage Manager (GSM) as the dominant Enterprise Storage Resource Management (ESRM) solution by providing advanced workflow automation and provisioning technology. Storability customers will benefit from new technology that will allow them to intelligently and predictively allocate and utilize existing storage and server resources in a data center to reduce the overall cost of ownership and eliminate expensive over-provisioning of resources.

"The ProvisionSoft technology acquisition significantly enhances our ESRM capabilities to include storage and server provisioning and further strengthens our position as the recognized leader in the market," said Tim Leisman, Storability CEO. "The DynamicIT technology complements our current capabilities and offers immediate value to our customers. We plan to quickly leverage the technology to speed the development of more advanced workflow automation functionality for Global Storage Manager."

The ProvisionSoft functionality will enhance Storability Global Storage Manager's best-in-class enterprise storage management capabilities by providing customers with the technology needed to simplify labor-intensive tasks and overall resource administration. GSM customers will benefit from an application-aware solution that proactively determines the need for storage and server resources and delivers them to those applications that need them. Customers will also be able to easily establish service level objectives, monitor service levels and protect them from violation.

"Storage administrators know that some applications are more management intensive than others. Therefore, tools that allow administrators to manage their storage environments on an application by application basis can be very helpful," said John Webster, Senior Analyst and Founder of Data Mobility Group. "ProvisionSoft's DynamicIT includes an application-centric policy engine that Storability Software will find very valuable as it addresses this key user requirement." ...Storability Software profile

San Jose, Calif. and Nashua, N.H. - July 21, 2003 - Alacritech, Inc. and EqualLogic, Inc. today announced full interoperability of Alacritech's industry-leading TCP/IP Offload Engine (TOE) Network Interface Cards (TNICs) with EqualLogic's iSCSI-based, modular PeerStorage Array 100E. Enterprise customers deploying an iSCSI solution using Alacritech accelerators, EqualLogic PeerStorage Array 100E, and Microsoft's iSCSI software will benefit from a high performance storage management solution that provides maximum ROI in their IP-based SANs.

"Collaborating with Alacritech, a leading provider of TOE technology, meets our goal of ensuring interoperability with the top storage and networking component companies," said John Joseph, vice president of Marketing, EqualLogic, Inc. "Alacritech shares our vision of providing the benefits of consolidated storage through high performance solutions that significantly reduce ongoing operational costs to make enterprise-class shared block storage viable for today's tighter IT budgets."

EqualLogic's PeerStorage Array 100E is a RAID, block-level array that enables fast, flexible storage provisioning and automated, self-managing storage for as low as $0.012 per megabyte. Running in conjunction, the products allow simple IP-based storage management and efficient data delivery for a cost-effective, yet powerful means of reducing the complexity of storage administration.

"EqualLogic is clearly taking a leadership role in the iSCSI storage market. Together Alacritech and EqualLogic offer the ideal solution for companies looking to consolidate their DAS or extend their existing SANs into an IP-enabled environment," said Kim Peyser, vice president of Sales and Marketing, Alacritech, Inc. "Customers implementing a PeerStorage Array, Alacritech accelerators and Microsoft's iSCSI software will achieve optimum performance with a significantly lower cost of ownership for their storage networks." ...Alacritech profile, ...EqualLogic profile

Hopkinton, Mass.- July 21, 2003 - EMC Corporation today announced the world's first automated billing capability for storage infrastructure. An integral component of EMC's OpenScale storage asset and financial management program, the new billing capability takes customers a step beyond traditional "capacity on demand" models and provides automated billing for their entire networked storage infrastructure including storage capacity, SAN switch ports, NAS servers and storage software.

OpenScale streamlines often-lengthy procurement processes and provides users with access to pre-installed storage capacity and other storage resources to meet both expected and unexpected needs. Available as a manual process for a select number of customers since 1999, OpenScale lets customers allocate additional storage resources on demand, but be billed only for the resources used. Customers benefit from the ability to quickly allocate - and now be automatically billed for - those additional resources without requiring manual, onsite technical assistance. The result is faster response to business requirements and elimination of labor-intensive manual processes.

OpenScale automated billing leverages the same underlying "agentless" collector technologies found within EMC AutoAdvice software, an online member of the EMC ControlCenter family of open software products. The collector automatically detects when pre-installed storage capacity, SAN switch ports, NAS servers and storage software are allocated by the business and provides that information to EMC's OpenScale billing application. The process is totally non-disruptive to the customer's environment. All metering and billing happens automatically, with no additional work required by EMC or the customer. ...EMC profile

SAN DIEGO - July 21, 2003 - JNI Corporation today announced the release of its No-Reboot Fibre Channel driver, Version 5.3, for the Solaris operating system. This driver, which supports JNI's award-winning 2Gb FC HBAs, solidifies the company's leadership in the Solaris market by bringing unprecedented uptime and best-in-class performance to customers operating Solaris-based SANs.

JNI's new No-Reboot driver for Solaris continues in the company's tradition of innovation with the first and only HBA driver that does not require the server to be rebooted for dynamic target and LUN reconfiguration, driver parameter updates, and the unloading/reloading of drivers. Eliminating unnecessary server roboots can save more than two-and-a-half weeks of downtime annually for a typical enterprise-class Solaris customer.

"Our No-Reboot driver is a significant step forward for the Solaris Fibre Channel market because it enables a new class of HBA value and service," said Phil Brotherton, vice president of marketing at JNI. "Our 2Gb HBAs, when used with the JNI 5.3 driver, now offer the highest server availability and performance in the Solaris SAN market and are the best choice for the enterprise customer." ...JNI profile

IRVINE, Calif. - July 21, 2003 - Xiran today announced the successful completion of full compatibility testing as part of its participation in the University of New Hampshire's multi-vendor iSCSI InterOperability Laboratory (IOL). Xiran's DirectPath DPA-1200 Accelerator card introduces a new class of IP based networked storage solutions that offers first to market multi-function iSCSI support from the same platform. The flexible DPA-1200 can be used in a variety of platforms, ranging from servers to NAS, SAN, and disk- and tape-based backup systems. Xiran's storage accelerator cards incorporate the innovative DirectPath hardware architecture, significantly enhancing the host system's performance in transporting and managing data between the network and storage. Xiran will offer its OEM customers a family of accelerator cards based on its iSCSI storage technology targeted to meet the needs of the emerging IP SAN market.

"Our successful completion of full compatibility testing with the Microsoft driver at the University of New Hampshire's iSCSI plug fest is a major validation of our DirectPath architecture as a solid solution to the IP storage network market segment. The iSCSI initiative is being supported by other major technology vendors, including IBM, Cisco and Network Appliance," said Jeanclaude Toma, vice president of marketing and business development for Xiran. "Xiran storage accelerators allow total off-load of TCP/IP and iSCSI protocols in conjunction with its LAN and storage functionality, delivering a compelling alternative to standalone NIC, HBA and off-load accelerator cards." ...Xiran profile

Melbourn, UK - July 21, 2003 - Plasmon has appointed Andy Surman as its UDO OEM Business Development Manager for EMEA. Andy's primary responsibility is to develop OEM business opportunities in EMEA for Plasmon's soon to be released UDO (Ultra Density Optical) drives. His goal is to establish 30GB UDO as the technology of choice for archive and secure storage applications, whilst raising the awareness of UDO drive technology into new market segments where the benefits of optical storage have not yet been fully developed.

Prior to joining Plasmon, Andy was with HP where he held several storage-related roles over a 17-year period, spanning R&D, manufacturing and sales. Andy was most recently EMEA Commercial Channel Storage and OEM Sales Manager at HP. In this role, he was responsible for developing major OEM accounts for HP storage solutions, both before and after the Compaq merger, as well as HP-branded storage products within their distribution channel.

"It's an exciting time to be joining the Plasmon team and I'm delighted to be here. This new role will draw heavily on my previous experience and will also take me into some new and very interesting territory. I'll be identifying and targeting industry segments across EMEA and pushing UDO into previously untapped markets – a challenge I'm already enjoying," commented Surman. "Not only am I responsible for creating a new business strategy for UDO drive sales, but I'm also tasked with building the awareness, infrastructure and culture internally within Plasmon. Judging from the very positive market response to UDO, the next few months look to be very busy indeed!" ...Plasmon profile

MILPITAS, Calif. - July 21, 2003 - LSI Logic Corporation today unveiled two new families of pre-built slices, the RapidChip Xtreme and the RapidChip Integrator. The Xtreme family is optimized for high performance, high-bandwidth, market specific applications such as communications, storage and computing. While the Integrator family also targets these markets, it is additionally suited for uses in consumer electronics, industrial, security, instrumentation, imaging and others. Both families use 0.11-micron process technology and build upon the RapidChip value proposition, providing designers with fast, predictable and affordable custom logic solutions.

The Xtreme family is ideally suited to address the needs of the most demanding high I/O bandwidth applications by leveraging LSI Logic's proven-in-silicon and standards-compliant SerDes technology. The Xtreme family currently supports slices with 8, 16 or 32 GigaBlaz channels of up to 4.25 Gbps SerDes, compliant with standards such as 1 and 10Gbit Ethernet, Fibre Channel, Serial ATA, Serial Attached SCSI and PCI Express. Customer designs using the RapidChip Xtreme and Integrator families are already underway, with first silicon available within 60 days. ...LSI Logic profile

Amherst, NY- July 18, 2003 - ATTO Technology, Inc. announced today the opening of its Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) office in the UK, demonstrating continued growth worldwide for its products. ATTO has had a presence in EMEA for more than 12 years. In addition to supporting OEM partnerships, ATTO has successfully built an extensive network of distributors and resellers with distribution in over 40 countries worldwide. The establishment of the London office underlies the importance of ATTO's plans to grow its presence within the EMEA storage-infrastructure market place. ...ATTO Technology profile

BOULDER, CO - July 17, 2003 - Exabyte Corporation today announced the company has signed an agreement to outsource its Depot Repair Service operation to Teleplan International, Inc. Teleplan, based in Westlake Village, California, will become the exclusive provider of Exabyte product depot repair services. The repair services agreement includes a cash payment to Exabyte for repair-related fixed assets, including capital equipment and tooling, service parts inventory and swap pool inventory. In addition, Exabyte will receive royalties relating to future depot repair services. As part of the agreement, Teleplan will perform all in-warranty and out-of-warranty depot repairs of Exabyte storage products.

"The outsourcing of our Depot Repair Services is another part of our strategy to re-configure Exabyte to make it more streamlined and efficient," said Tom Ward, Exabyte president and CEO. "Moving our repair work to a dedicated supplier like Teleplan allows Exabyte to stay focused on our customers' needs and to continue growing market share of our VXA product line. This move is beneficial for our company, customers and Teleplan."

Exabyte and Teleplan are working together to transfer the repair process to Teleplan's operations, scheduled to be complete by early September. The transfer of services is expected to be transparent to Exabyte customers. ...Exabyte profile

Tokyo - July 17, 2003 - Toshiba Corporation today announced that it has developed a digital rights management (DRM) system that supports safe, secure distribution of digital book content, including music and visual images. Toshiba's DRM is the first to allow downloaded materials to be freely saved to and used on different media, including DVD, CD, HDD and flash memory, and to allow users to enjoy the same content on a wide range of different platforms.

A DRM system that achieves a high level of copyright protection while maximizing content usability is essential for any system of digital content distribution. While the ease-of-use and immense cost-efficiency of such a system is clear, concerns about copy protection have forced digital content owners to completely avoid on-line distribution or to impose copy protection that limit the use of downloaded content. However, these copy restrictions have discouraged user interest and slowed market growth. Toshiba's new SD-Card-based DRM system proposes an innovative solution that protects the rights of content owners while maximizing the ability of users to freely use downloaded digital products on multiple platforms.

The essence of the system is an SD Card. This holds an encrypted Key, a right to access, that opens separately delivered encrypted digital content. The Key is securely delivered on-line and securely saved to the SD Card, and is used to open access to the encrypted digital content. For example, a digital book downloaded from the Internet can be seen on a PC, saved to a PDA, or copied to a removable memory, and so read on any portable equipment.

Toshiba's DRM system allows encrypted content to be freely copied, from medium to medium, but it can only be opened and accessed when used with the Key. This system switches emphasis from possession of content to access. The content can be freely copied and distributed in any media, including CD and DVD, but its encryption cannot be broken and it cannot be accessed without the Key. The Key is also secure. It is encrypted in association with the unique ID given to the SD Card, and will not work if copied to another SD Card with a different ID.

Current on-line content distribution systems usually limit access to digital content to the device to which it is downloaded, typically a PC and PDA. Toshiba's solution expands it to any equipment. As a result, users with the Key have full and fair use of the content, while the rights of the content owner are fully respected. The ultimate advantage of Toshiba's DRM system is its support for superdistribution, in which content can be copied freely to and from diverse media and even passed from person to person in an encrypted form, but users pay for it only when and if they want to access the content. ...Toshiba profile

Taipei, Taiwan - July 17, 2003 - IEI today announced the launch of the highly powerful desktop NAS-4030. Brought in as an upgrade to the existing NAS-4020, IEI's NAS-4030 is based on the same chassis design, but with a more powerful CPU, triple Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports and other additional features, making it even more attractive to enterprise level users looking for a high-performance desktop storage unit.
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EMC Reports Second Quarter Results

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SimpleTech First to Market With a Complete Line of Portable 7200RPM Drives

3ware Launches 2nd Generation Performance-Driven SATA RAID Controllers Forms Advisory Board

Emulex Host Bus Adapters Qualified for use with StorageTek BladeStore

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Terrorbyte liked to test out hot new backup technologies.

Guest Nibble

U.S. Business and Technology Leaders at Odds on
Disaster Readiness According to New Poll

A major new opinion poll of U.S. business and technology executives shows a wide gap in how safe each considers their critical business data would be in the event of a disaster.

An EMC/RoperASW survey of 274 executives at major U.S. corporations and other large organizations found that only 14% of business leaders felt their important business information is very vulnerable to being lost in the event of a disaster. In sharp contrast, 52% of information technology executives at the same size companies and organizations felt their data is very vulnerable if a disaster were to strike.

Another gap emerged when respondents were polled on their perceptions as to how long it would take to resume normal business operations if a disaster did strike. Only 9% of business executives say they would need 3 days or more to resume, while 23% of technology executives say recovery operations would stretch from 3 days to more than a week. The gap is stark when compared to pending regulatory efforts that would require companies to disclose their disaster readiness and the impact that such an outage would have on business and customer confidence.

"The gaps were surprising considering all of the recent attention focused on preserving and gaining access to business information and the need, in general, to be able to effectively respond to any sort of disruption in business," said Edward Keller, CEO at RoperASW. "There's also a general feeling that the focus on corporate governance and regulations in the area of business continuity are going to bring issues like this even more into the forefront. Once compliance and reporting is on the table, it's clear that business leaders and their IT counterparts are going to have to get in sync with exactly what their capabilities are."

Carl Greiner, Senior Vice President, Meta Group, added, "Even with everything that has transpired over the past two years, there's still a perception that protecting data is an IT problem, not necessarily a business priority. Resuming normal business operations after three days would cost a company millions and millions of dollars and/or immeasurable damage in terms of customer satisfaction and reputation. These results would suggest that business leaders need to open their eyes, ears and most likely their wallets to address some vulnerability in their organizations."

European business and technology executives, unlike their American counterparts, are in line with each other's expectations on their data vulnerability, although they expressed high levels of vulnerability. The survey questioned 254 senior business and IT leaders in seven countries and found that 40% of business executives and 44% of IT executives feel very vulnerable. The two sets of executives were also in synch on expected lengthy recovery times, with a quarter of all business and IT executives surveyed in Europe feeling that it would take 3 days or more to resume normal business operations following a disaster.

David Goulden, EMC's Executive Vice President Global Marketing and New Business Development, added, "Our customers tell us that their greatest challenge isn't backing up their information, it's recovering and resuming operations in a timely manner. We don't believe U.S. business leaders are being misled by their IT teams; instead it is likely a misperception that if the data is backed up, there is no issue. In both the U.S. and Europe, technology executives recognize the significant challenge they would face in restoring that information to serve the business in a timely manner."

The EMC-sponsored survey was conducted by RoperASW by phone in April and May 2003. Executives in a wide range of industries, including financial services, manufacturing, healthcare, government, retail and telecommunications, were polled. Roughly one third of the respondents worked for organizations with revenues of over $5 billion per year, one third between $2 billion and $5 billion and one third between $1 and $2 billion. In Europe organizations and companies with over 1,000 employees were selected, with 43% of the respondents responsible for more than 5,000 employees.

...EMC profile, ...RoperASW profile

BakBone Software
BakBone is a global company that develops high-performance storage software solutions including data backup/restore to tape and disk as well as optical storage management
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Upgrading the CPU to an Intel Celeron 1.7 GHz processor has effectively doubled the CPU speed, and 256MB of SDRAM ensure high performance and a much-improved level of data throughput. Three auto-sensing 10/100/1000 LAN ports offer load balancing and network fail-over, and RAID levels 0, 1 and 5 ensure that all data and files stored in the NAS-4030 are optimally protected and available at all times.

A maximum of 1TB capacity is offered via four hot-swappable IDE drives, and advancements in the Linux-based firmware - developed in-house by IEI's team of twenty dedicated software engineers - ensure that the NAS-4030 is now supports additional features such as journal file system, snapshot, remote replication and on-line virus scanning, so that user files and data remain accessible, and properly backed up at all times.
news image IEI
"IEI has always been totally committed to not only producing excellent quality products, but also to improving those products in the current range," said Roy Chuang, head of IEI's Internet Appliance Division. "The NAS-4020 has been a very popular and successful storage device, and we are confident that the NAS-4030 will build on that success and take it several steps further."

As with all IEI's storage products, multiple Operating System platforms are supported, so that no matter whether users run Windows, MAC OS, Novell, Unix or Linux, all network users have instant, manageable access. And with up to five thousand network users supported, the NAS-4030 is absolutely ideal for enterprise clients. The aggressively priced NAS-4030 is available with immediate effect through IEI's global network of partners and distribution channels. ...IEI profile

SAN JOSE, CA - July 16, 2003 - At the conclusion of a quarter marked by record revenue and customer growth, BlueArc Corporation has secured an additional $47 million in funding that will further promote the company's rapid expansion in the NAS market. Fully funding the company to a positive cash flow position, this latest infusion of capital, led by Meritech Capital Partners, with co-investments from Crosslink Capital and RWI Group, comes on the heels of BlueArc's record second quarter, ending June 30, 2003, during which the company increased its customer ranks by more than 20 percent and achieved a 57 percent increase in revenue over that of the second quarter 2002. ...BlueArc profile

SAN JOSE, Calif. - July 16, 2003 - Quantum Corp. today announced that Rick Belluzzo, the company's chief executive officer, has been named chairman of its board of directors, effective immediately. Michael Brown, the former chairman, will continue to serve as a company director. Since Belluzzo joined Quantum in September 2002, the company has taken a number of steps to focus solely on data protection and improve its long-term performance. These steps include making two key acquisitions, outsourcing manufacturing, spinning off one of its businesses, improving operational efficiencies and reducing costs. As a result of these and other actions, for the fiscal year that ended in March, Quantum gained share both in the super drive category of the tape market and in tape automation, launched a new category of disk-based enhanced backup products, improved gross margins and reduced expenses. ...Quantum profile

Hopkinton, Mass. - July 16, 2003 - EMC Corp (NYSE:EMC) today reported financial results for the second quarter of 2003, reflecting strong customer adoption of EMC's information storage solutions in a challenging IT spending environment. Total consolidated revenue for the second quarter was $1.48 billion, 7% higher than the $1.39 billion reported for the second quarter of 2002. Net income for the second quarter was $82 million compared with net income of $1 million for the second quarter of 2002.

Joe Tucci, EMC's President and CEO, said, "The two words that best describe EMC's second-quarter performance are solid and balanced. Our automated networked storage strategy and strong execution are producing good results across all major segments of our business. We are experiencing the benefits of a completely refreshed product portfolio, broadened services offerings and an expanded distribution network. All signs point to additional EMC market share gains during the second quarter and we expect that to continue through the remainder of 2003." ...EMC profile

Editor's comments:- 3 years ago when EMC's revenues hit $9 Billion and the storage market was much smaller than it is today EMC's results were very important. Now they're not - unless you still own their shares or sell their systems. EMC is no longer a leader in cutting edge storage technology, although their many acquisitions will help them remain a competent "me-too" supplier. If you're looking for financial results to give you an idea of future trends in this market, you have to look elsewhere at the fastest growing storage companies.

AUSTIN, Texas - July 16, 2003 - Inc. today announced the introduction of their newest series of 2.5" hard drive based storage devices, the MachIV. The very latest in portables, the MachIV boasts the most current FireWire and USB2 components in an incredibly small and sleek Titanium-style form factor only half an inch thick. Like all of FirewireDirect's hard drive products, the MachIV employs premium mechanisms and boasts the latest edition of the speedy Oxford Semiconductor 911 FireWire chipset. It has one 1394a port and a high speed USB 2.0. The MachIV ships with FireWire and USB cables, a full range (110-240V) power supply and includes a stylish and compact carrying case. Available as a finished product with capacities from 20 to a massive 80GB of storage or as an enclosure kit, the MachIV provides a wide range of solutions. Those ordering for Mac will receive the SpeedTools Utility Suite which includes DeviceTuner, Disk Defrag, Integrity, QuickBack and QuickBench. ...FirewireDirect profile

Los Gatos, Calif. - July 15, 2003 - PowerFile Inc announced today that it is offering a limited number of light blue C200 read-only optical library solutions available at greatly reduced prices. The move is designed to help promote the launch of the company's new Mac OS X products launched last month at Macworld CreativePro in New York City, but will extend to the company's entire line of read-only libraries including Windows based products. Prices for the Mac OSX compatible units range from $1,499 - $1,999 for refurbished and new units respectively. Prices for Windows compatible versions range from $1,499 for the company's value series read-only library and from $3,499 for the company's Enterprise read-only libraries.

The units are available for purchase on the web for resellers and end-users. PowerFile will encourage its resellers to participate by compensating them for any discounted product purchased on the site.

"This is a win for us, our resellers and especially for our customers" said Matt Ridenour, PowerFile Chief Executive Officer. "We have a number of new products and we want customers to see how well our optical libraries perform. Since we are over-stocked on this particular color of our C200 unit, we can offer them to a limited number of customers at a significant discount."

PowerFile C200 read-only libraries are a designed to archive, catalog and access almost a terabyte of digital assets over a network. PowerFile libraries are actively used in all types of businesses including: graphics, photography, publishing, legal, medical imaging, banking, finance and in federal, state and local governments. ...PowerFile profile

SUNNYVALE, CA - July 15, 2003 - SanDisk Corporation today introduced Cruzer Mini, an embedded USB 2.0 hi-speed "key chain" flash drive about the size of a lipstick case. Cruzer Mini is one of the world's smallest flash memory drives and uses the latest USB interface technology to achieve the maximum data transfer rates possible today. Cruzer Mini already has started shipping to major retailers in the United States and Canada and SanDisk also expects to ship the product in August to many of its 50,000 retail outlets around the world. The portable storage devices initially are being sold in two capacities – 128 and 256 MB - with suggested retail pricing of $49.99 and $79.99. SanDisk plans to introduce higher capacity Cruzer Minis later this year.
Eric Bone, a SanDisk retail product marketing manager, said, "As USB flash drives become more commonplace in the market, industrial design will help differentiate the products. The sleek, customizable design of Cruzer Mini extends the family look of our original Cruzer USB flash drive and ImageMate reader product lines. Cruzer Mini can be slipped into a pocket or purse or worn around the neck for easy transport of personal computer data files, image files or video and audio between homes, offices, schools and other locations where one would like to take their personal files and information. Cruzer Mini ships with three decorative end-caps that fit over a unique "light-pipe" status indicator and the USB connector allowing owners to individualize their Cruzer Mini." ...SanDisk profile news image SanDisk

Albuquerque, NM - July 15, 2003 - SBS Technologies today introduced the IB4X-PCIX-2 InfiniBand Host Channel Adapter (HCA) delivering the high throughput and low processor utilization needed for 10 Gb/s data transfer applications. Already proven in the database and high-performance computing cluster (HPCC) applications, SBS is leading InfiniBand technology into the embedded computing market.

"InfiniBand switch fabric is the bullet train of the embedded computing world. It's a fast, efficient, cost-effective large data mover," said Bill Molyneux, vice president of SBS' General Purpose I/O Products. "As an overall architecture for high-bandwidth embedded applications, InfiniBand architecture is a technical win, delivering 10 Gb/s speed, scalability, reliability and quality of service."

As a primary component of InfiniBand architecture, the Host Channel Adapter provides a computer with port connection to other InfiniBand devices. That port can be connected to another HCA, a target device, or an InfiniBand switch fabric that redirects the data coming in on one of its ports out to a device attached to another of its ports.

The IB4X-PCIX-2 HCA is based on Mellanox's InfiniHost silicon, featuring an HCA core capable of full wire speed transmission over InfiniBand links. With a full hardware implementation of the InfiniBand architecture and hardware transport, the core fully supports remote direct memory access (RDMA) to reduce CPU overhead and free the host processors for application use. Application support includes protocols such as SDP (Sockets Direct Protocol) for running IP based applications without modification; IPolB (Internet Protocol over InfiniBand) to run IP over InfiniBand links; SRP (SCSI Remote Protocol) for storage area networking; as well as support for video streaming, aerospace, military and electronic controls embedded applications.

Flexibility is a hallmark of the IB4X-PCIX-2. For example, the HCA can be configured with 128, 256, 512 or more megabytes of DDR memory. To ensure interoperability, IB4X-PCIX-2 is built to be compatible with InfiniBand Architecture Specification Volume 1, Release 1.0a and Volume 2, Release 1.0a. Software drivers are provided.

IB4X-PCIX-2 is the ideal HCA for use with SBS' EIS-4008-CU data communications switch. The EIS-4008-CU is a 1U, 19-inch rackmount chassis with eight independent, bidirectional ports that can be configured as 4x or 1x InfiniBand links. Based on the RedSwitch HDMP-2840 8-port 4x InfiniBand switch fabric chip, the switching element provides an overall aggregate bandwidth of 160 Gb/s. EIS-4008-CU supports full fabric redundancy, fabric failover, and hot swappable redundant power supplies and fans.

The IB4X-PCIX-2 with Linux driver has a quantity 1 list price of $1,699 and is currently available. The EIS-4008-CU switch with a quantity 1 list price of $6,495 is currently available. ...SBS Technologies profile

CA World, Las Vegas - July 15, 2003 - Sony Electronics Inc. and Computer Associates International, Inc. today announced complete storage solutions that combine Sony's WORM-enabled family of desktop and slim-line AIT StorStation autoloaders and libraries with CA's WORM-ready BrightStor ARCserve Backup software. These solutions address today's intensifying data retention and storage requirements, driven by growing government regulatory mandates. They are also the first deliverables resulting from the alliance the two companies announced today to jointly promote integrated data storage solutions. The new solutions are being demonstrated at CA World this week.

For small and medium-sized businesses, Sony's compact and stylish desktop AIT autoloaders can be conveniently placed next to a server or workstation, providing compressed capacity of up to 2.08TB. The rack-mountable slim-line AIT autoloaders and libraries pack up to 2 to 4 TB of compressed capacity into systems that are 1-U and 2-U high. These StorStation solutions will ship with a full version copy of BrightStor ARCserve Backup v9, which has been enhanced to support AIT WORM technology. The Sony and CA combined WORM-enabled solutions are expected to become available in August. Prices for the packages will start at about $4,500. ...Computer Associates profile, ...Sony profile

See also:- Sony's article Does Tape Backup Have a Future? which includes a description of how their WORM tape technology works.

SANTA ANA, Calif. - July 15, 2003 - SimpleTech, Inc. announces the immediate availability of its complete line of portable 7200RPM notebook hard drives and external drive upgrades, offering a true desktop replacement for mobile users. Corporate mobile users, video editors, multimedia professionals, and graphic artists require high-speed hard disks that offer rotation speeds greater than 5,400RPM, which until now, could only be found on the desktop.

"SimpleTech is the first company to offer a complete line of portable, 7,200RPM storage solutions, which consists of a full range of system-specific, high-speed notebook hard drive upgrades, as well as portable external USB 2.0/FireWire drives," said Charles Hayes, storage product manager for SimpleTech. "Our line of portable 7200RPM storage solutions delivers the same throughput and performance as desktop storage."

The SimpleDrive D7200 USB 2.0/FireWire 7,200RPM external drive delivers the fastest speed currently available in a portable external hard drive, and is compatible with any desktop or laptop computer with a USB or FireWire port. The rugged D7200 is ideal for video editing, multimedia storage, and mobile backup, offering a non-operational shock rating of 1000Gs, 60GB capacity, and up to 480Mb/sec. data transfer rate. SimpleTech's StorageSync backup software for Windows is included, providing quick and easy backup, restore and synchronization for an entire PC, or selected files and folders. SRP for the notebook hard drive upgrade is $499.99 and SRP for the SimpleDrive D7200 external drive is $399.99. ...SimpleTech profile

Sunnyvale, Calif. - July 15, 2003 - 3ware Inc. today announced the availability of its second generation SATA RAID controllers - the Escalade 8506 series, and sixth generation Parallel RAID controllers - the Escalade 7506 series. Building on 3ware's successful, field-tested technology, StorSwitch, the Escalade series now features 64-bit/66MHz PCI bus support for enterprise-ready system performance. 4, 8 and 12 port configurations are now shipping to system builders, VARs and OEMs, providing up to three terabytes of reliable, affordable RAID storage per controller. The Escalade series offers the critical features that 3ware customers depend on such as multiple RAID level support, device driver support, remote management utilities and the industry's highest port configuration.

In addition, it now offers 64-bit/66MHz PCI support, enabling faster data transfer rates for overall increased system performance for applications such as high-density server, NAS, video, nearline backup and archival. The 7506 and 8506 series are based on 3ware's unique non-blocking switched architecture called StorSwitch, which eliminates performance bottlenecks found in traditional bus-based architectures. It improves system performance by enabling the controller simultaneous access to all drives, delivering higher performance than other SATA RAID controllers. 3ware also offers its own easy-to-use web browser-based disk management utility, 3DM®, which allows remote management and monitoring of disks. ...3ware profile

New York, N.Y. - July 15, 2003 - today announced the formation of its Board of Advisors, an influential group of industry experts that will provide strategic advice to's executive management team. The charter members of's Board of Advisors bring extensive, senior-level experience to the board and represent a broad spectrum of the industry. The Board of Advisors include:
  • Bill Beattie, Vice President of Human Resources, CommVault Systems
  • Michael Cullen, Senior Director, Executive Search, EMC Corporation
  • Deborah Johnson, President & CEO, Infinity I/O
  • Randy Kerns, Partner, The Evaluator Group
  • Michael Thorson, President, Minnesota Open SAN User Group
  • Scott Valcourt, Managing Director, University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory
"We have recruited an exceptional and diverse team of advisors," said Jamie Matlin, President of "With input from the advisory board, I am confident that will be better positioned to address the needs of the industry."

The first meeting of the Board of Advisors will be held on July 17, 2003. The board will conduct focused strategic discussions to help broaden its customer base and strengthen its role as a key player in the industry. profile

COSTA MESA, Calif., and LOUISVILLE, Colo., July 15, 2003 - Emulex Corporation and StorageTek today jointly announce that the Emulex LightPulse 2Gb/s LP9002L and the PCI-X LP9802 HBAs are qualified to provide host server connectivity for use with StorageTek's BladeStore disk subsystem running in the Windows 2000 operating environment. The Emulex LP90002L is also qualified for use with BladeStore in the Windows NT and Solaris operating environments. This qualification of Emulex HBAs for use with the innovative BladeStore disk subsystem reinforces the two companies' dedication to providing the highest levels of SAN interoperability, features and performance for enterprise-class customers.

"StorageTek's BladeStore disk subsystem offers a great market opportunity in the disk-based storage arena, and Emulex's HBA architecture and feature set continues to add value by complimenting our solution," noted Tim Steadman, StorageTek Director, Corporate Alliances. "Our relationship with Emulex enables us to extend our reach to a wider market with innovative products such as BladeStore, while remaining equipment agnostic." ...Emulex profile, ...StorageTek profile

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