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FRAMINGHAM, Mass - June 6, 2003 - Worldwide disk storage systems factory revenue was $4.8 billion in the first quarter of 2003, down 1% compared with first quarter of 2002, according to IDC's Worldwide Disk Storage Systems Quarterly Tracker. This slight year-over-year decline was less than the 8% year-over-year decline that was shown in the fourth quarter of 2002, indicating a continued trend toward stabilization in overall market spending. The overall market was buoyed by strong sales in the Open SAN market, which grew nearly 14% year-over-year in terms of factory revenues. Meanwhile, overall storage capacity continues to outpace revenue, growing nearly 49% year-over-year to 175.6 petabytes shipped during the first quarter.

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Spectra Logic Ranks #1 in Worldwide 8mm Tape Library Shipments

VERITAS Software Registration Statement for Precise Software Solutions Acquisition Declared Effective by SEC

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Megabyte could get 5,000 TV channels on his satellite system. But sometimes he just liked to rerun old movies on DVD.

Nibble:- Why you need a Panic! button to stop the next scheduled backup

ost of the propaganda you'll read on this and other storage publications, extolls the virtues of doing backups. But there are times when starting a backup can make things worse for data stewards.

If your backup processes are automated, then now might be a good time for you to think about installing a panic button which will prevent all future backup processes from starting until the panic is over and you can reset it. The panic button doesn't have to be a switch. It can be an icon that you click on your screen. But make sure it's password protected. If you do decide to use a real physical switch, then think about a keyswitch. If you want to feel important you can wear the key around your neck like they do in those films about nuclear submarines. Managing your organization's backups is important. Maybe the company should buy you a silver chain to go with it.

If your backup is initiated manually, then think of the panic button as a mental decision to put off doing the backup until later.

If you are one of those people who never do a backup, then you can congratulate yourself that on some of those occasions when you didn't do a backup, then it was absolutely the right thing to do.

I started thinking about this article a few days ago when we had thunderstorms. Although our web servers are located in datacenters in the US, all the original data for our websites comes into this office which is located in an old farm in Hampshire in the UK. Our telecoms lins and power come in via overhead lines which pass through hundreds of trees along the route. Postponing the backup, shutting things down and unplugging our phone lines was an automatic process for me.

At worst a lightning bolt in the wrong place can zip right through your phone lines into your computers and wreck an ongoing backup, and the backup drive itself. At the very least glitches from lightning bolts can bypass your UPS through other connected equipment and potentially crash your computers, resulting in an incomplete backup which you may have to start again. It's not worth taking the risk. At the farm here, I have a generator in the barn, so once the storm is over, I can restart a backup safely from a reliable supply, even if the incoming power lines are down.

But there are other times too you may want to hit the panic button.

Bomb scares and fire alarms are a good time to hit Panic!. When you evacuate the building you don't know how long it will be before you get an "all clear" and can return to normal. If the alarm is due to a genuine incident then you may need to use a data recovery service. But data recovery on the clean complete backup which you did yesterday, will generally be more successful than on the incomplete backup which starts while you are waiting outside the building in the car park. One exception to this was neatly illustrated in the second TV series of 24. When CTU got the delayed message that they were the target of a terrorist bomb, they started an off site backup. If you use web based backup or iSCSI then the rules base for your panic procedure will be different compared to locally stored backup media.

Another time to hit the panice button is when you discover a computer virus in your network. If you don't stop backup processes as soon as possible you may end up having to detect and disinfect files twice. Once in your live system, then again in your backed up media. Sometimes the virus will already be in your backup, and when you restore data you'll start a new infection. But the panic button is the best you can do to dampen down the spread.

Another time you may want to think about hitting the panic button is when your server starts behaving unreliably, and you've just put in a call to a service engineer. A flaky server could result in a flaky backup. Don't take the risk of overwriting and trashing good data.

And when you've done all that... make sure that a process is set in motion to remind you that backups have been suspended. Otherwise when the panic's over you could be in the same situation as the people who don't do backups at all.

TMC-The Mate Company
TMC-The Mate Company, with headquarters in Glendale, California, manufactures an extensive range of cables, adapters, converters and terminators for fiberoptic fibre-channel and SCSI.
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news image IDC
"First quarter results continue to illustrate increased customer adoption of network storage systems (NAS and Open SAN)," said Charlotte Rancourt, research director of IDC's Disk Storage Systems program. "Network storage for the first time represents more than half (53% revenue share) of the total external disk storage systems market, up 5 points from a year ago. The traditional direct-attached storage systems represents 42% of total external disk storage revenue in the first quarter, down from 46% a year ago."

In the first quarter, HP led the total disk storage system market, with 26.3% revenue share, followed by IBM and EMC with 19.1% and 11.7% revenue share, respectively. Dell and IBM posted the strongest year-over-year growth during the first quarter among the top 5 vendors, with 37.5% and 16.8% respectively. In the total external disk storage system market, revenue decreased 2.7% year-over-year in the first quarter. HP maintained its number 1 position with 19.5% revenue share. EMC was number 2 with 17.4% revenue share. EMC and HP switch positions in the total external RAID market, where EMC led the market with 19.2% revenue share and HP followed closely with 18% revenue share. ...IDC profile

Amherst, NY- June 5, 2003 - ATTO Technology, Inc. announced its latest ExpressPCI Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapter (HBA), the ATTO ExpressPCI FC 3342. The EPCI 3342 is a quad-channel PCI-X HBA offering 2-Gigabit performance with data-transfer rates of up to 400 MB/sec. per channel.

The ATTO ExpressPCI FC 3342 is ideally suited for environments requiring connectivity of servers and high-end workstations directly to multiple storage sub-systems for advanced aggregated performance while conserving valuable PCI slots. The ATTO EPCI FC 3342 quad-channel takes PCI-X systems to new heights of performance. Standard servers with a PCI-X slot realize data throughput of up to 1-GB/sec. Single-channel HBAs can achieve 400 MB/sec. throughput, often creating bottlenecks in high-end systems. The EPCI 3342 quad-channel, however, can provide up to 400MB/sec. per channel - a significant increase in data delivery that reduces data-throughput bottlenecks on both servers and workstations.

"ATTO has a solid reputation of providing reliable, efficient, high-speed host bus adapters," states Sherri Robinson, director of Markets Management for ATTO Technology. "We've applied our engineering expertise from our foothold in rich-media markets that require high-bandwidth and performance to offer enhanced system performance across a multitude of data-intensive Enterprise applications." ...ATTO Technology profile

WALTHAM, Mass. and LOUISVILLE, Colo. - June 5, 2003 - Cambex Corporation and StorageTek have jointly announced qualification of Cambex's FibreQuik™ PC2000 Fibre Channel HBAs and Dynamic Path Failover high-availability software for interoperability with StorageTek D-Series disk products for IBM AIX operating environments.

"We are pleased that StorageTek is offering our FibreQuik PC2000 HBAs for use with their industry leading storage solutions," said Joseph F. Kruy, Chairman and CEO of Cambex. "We have been partnering with StorageTek for several years to provide our joint customers with data center class, high availability disk solutions for IBM environments." ...Cambex profile, ...StorageTek profile

MILPITAS, Calif. - June 4, 2003 - LSI Logic announced today, an instant rebate program on selected Ultra320 SCSI and MegaRAID storage adapters. This offer coincides with the LSI Logic 50% discount for channel customers on Ultra320 SCSI, MegaRAID® and 2Gb/s Fibre Channel storage host bus adapter (HBA) evaluation boards. These offers are effective through the month of June.

"Our ability to provide a complete range of storage technologies, from SCSI, RAID, SATA and Fibre Channel, has allowed us to grow our channel business in the past year," said John Roeser, North America sales manager at LSI Logic. "LSI Logic storage adapters are used by some of the largest PC and server OEMS in the world, and now these discounts will let a broader customer segment experience the LSI Logic advantages of high performance, ease of use, and flexible configuration options." ...LSI Logic profile

FREMONT, Calif. - June 4, 2003 - Unigen Corporation announces the awarding of US Patent number 6,556,476. The patent defines a data protection algorithm for semiconductor devices to allow the safe storing of data without corruption by anyone other then the intended user.

"This is another testament to Unigen's technical leadership in the development of innovative and useful memory products, " said Paul Heng, CEO. The unique algorithm developed by Unigen has the following features:
  1. It is applicable to all types of Non-Volatile Memory (EEPROM, Flash, etc).
  2. It provides instant protection after programming to prevent overwriting of the cells.
  3. It allows for the use of a command code to be entered by the user to gain access to a preprogrammed cell in order to erase, or modify the data.
  4. It can be fully customized to define a user unique code, which will be applicable to a particular product, platform, or company.
This algorithm will soon be incorporated into Unigen's future Non-Volatile memory products. ...Unigen profile

Milpitas, Calif. - June 4, 2003 - Promise Technology, Inc. has formed an alliance with Miracle Linux, the second largest supplier of Linux solutions in Japan. Through this alliance Promise Technology and Miracle Linux will work together to test and verify Promise's ATA RAID controllers in the Miracle Linux environment. In addition, Promise's software will be integrated into the Miracle Linux product.

"With Promise Technology's leadership in ATA, Serial ATA and ATA RAID and the explosive growth of Promise ATA RAID in the server market, closely integrating their products with Miracle Linux will enable system vendors to build powerful, highly robust, cost-sensitive server solutions," said Takeshi Sato, president for Miracle Linux. "We are pleased to bring this additional level of functionality and support to our customer base."

"As the second largest supplier of Linux solutions in Japan, Miracle Linux has achieved widespread acceptance as a market leader and is being adopted by many enterprise systems," said Sam Sirisena, vice president of sales and marketing worldwide, Promise Technology, Inc. "By integrating our software into the Miracle Linux environment, we continue our commitment to promoting widespread availability of cost-effective storage for the leading OS solutions in the server market." ...Miracle Linux, ...Promise Technology profile

SAN JOSE, Calif. - June 4, 2003 - Brocade Communications Systems, Inc. announced today that its next-generation Fabric Operating Environment will now be available worldwide though EMC Corporation. These enhancements to the Brocade Fabric OS deliver the capabilities required in Director-class environments, including ultra high availability that supports concurrent code load/non-disruptive activation and enhanced failover capabilities, and simplified management through enhancements to the WEBTOOLs switch management suite, integrated HBA management, RAS features, and call home capabilities. In addition, EMC is offering Brocade's next-generation of Fabric Manager to its global customer base.

Released this week, Fabric Manager 4.0 is a software package that complements EMC's ControlCenter SAN Manager and enables customers to configure, monitor, provision and manage multiple Brocade switches and SANs from a single console. New features available with Fabric Manager 4.0 include SAN-at-a-Glance overviews with a topology map, call home support to send automatic notifications of system failure, enable remote support and isolate faults, and enhanced port management support, including port grouping.

EMC sells and supports under the Connectrix brand the Brocade SilkWorm 3800 and 3900 Enterprise Fabric Switches and SilkWorm 12000 Director. EMC uses the Brocade Fabric Access API, providing full integration of Brocade SAN management capabilities into EMC software products such as ControlCenter SAN Manager. In addition, EMC has announced that it will develop intelligent infrastructure software for the new Brocade SilkWorm Fabric Application Platform, enabling new levels of data delivery, management, scalability and performance in heterogeneous storage environments. ...Brocade profile, ...EMC profile

Sunnyvale, Calif. - June 4, 2003 - According to IDC's June 2003 Worldwide CDN/Caching Competitive Analysis, Network Appliance, Inc. remains the CDN/caching market leader with 37% of the worldwide market share in revenue for the 2002 calendar year. Significantly, based on report findings, Network Appliance gained share in a difficult market with its market-share position increasing 12% from its 2001 numbers. According to IDC, Network Appliance's success can be attributed to multiple factors, including the company's strong sales channels in enterprise accounts, its ability to maintain service provider business in a tough market climate, and strong software upgrade sales including streaming media licenses, content filtering, and content reporting.

"Today's IDC report demonstrates that Network Appliance remains the content delivery market leader, while continuing to expand our solution set to address our customers' needs," said Mark Santora, senior vice president of marketing at Network Appliance. "Remaining the number one content delivery provider gives us the customer access and market strength to continue expanding our solutions portfolio to address additional enterprise needs, as well as demands for integrated systems and nearline storage, iSCSI solutions, and value-added software to make data management and protection simpler and more robust." ...IDC profile, ...Network Appliance profile

FT. LAUDERDALE, Fla. - June 4, 2003 - DataCore Software today introduced a broad spectrum of powerful storage services and innovations to manage growing storage network deployments. The new release of SANsymphony software greatly reduces manual storage tasks through automation and eliminates costly storage utilities licensed on tens or hundreds of servers, switches and disk arrays by consolidating them onto Windows Powered network nodes. Services such as physical to logical disk virtualization, volume management, storage resource management, and I/O path visualization that have been associated with host-intensive administration or vendor-specific hardware are offloaded to network-resident storage domain servers. The comprehensive fabric-based platform substantially reduces operational complexity and cost.

"Over the past five years, DataCore's customers have been replacing numerous administrative interfaces and multiple suppliers with a uniform layer of centrally managed software running as an integral element of their network infrastructure," notes Ken Horner, vice president of marketing at DataCore. "Our operating system and hardware-independent approach has proven to be invaluable for large enterprise customers and mid-size companies that simply don't have the staff, expertise or budget to manage heterogeneous SANs. The latest SANsymphony innovations make storage management all the more integrated, affordable and automated."

Already the dominant turbo-charging virtualization engine in the industry with independently validated results in excess of 400,000 IOPS and 2.1 GB/sec sustained on just two inexpensive nodes, SANsymphony takes advantage of new Intel hyper-threaded CPUs and larger network caches to further accelerate the performance of storage assets. New multi-port host bus adapters have also been qualified, effectively doubling the port density per node while enhancing IOPS and throughput. ...DataCore Software profile

SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif. - June 4, 2003 - Alienware, a leading manufacturer of high performance computer gaming PC systems has chosen to arm its top-of-the-line gaming systems with Seagate's SATA Barracuda hard drives - the only native SATA hard drives available. Alienware indicated that Seagate's SATA drives are being rapidly adopted by PC game enthusiasts and other trendsetters. Alienware's award-winning Area-51 is one of the first PCs to feature Seagate SATA hard drives along with Intel's new 875P chipset (code-named Canterwood) and a 3GHz Intel Pentium 4 processor. Alienware is a favored choice among hard-core gamers and leading PC game developers for system performance. ...Seagate Technology profile

Editor:- June 4, 2003 - a new article published today on lists the "Fastest Growing Storage Companies in 2003". The slowest growing companies in this list had year on year revenue growth of 19%. Find out the hottest companies and fastest growing product segments in 2003... the article

SOMERS, NY - June 3, 2003 - IBM today announced general availability dates for its first two storage virtualization products, industry-leading solutions designed to help customers ease complexity and boost productivity in SAN while supporting high scalability, availability and performance. The IBM TotalStorage SAN Volume Controller and IBM SAN Integration Server, both with an announced general availability date of July 25th, are designed to enable a centralized point of control for volume management, increase storage administrator productivity, provide a common platform for advanced functions like copy services, quality of service and data protection as well as to improve storage capacity utilization -- a key problem for customers.

"IBM has invested in a robust architecture that delivers a virtualization solution with high availability along with high performance and scalability attributes," said Brian Truskowski, general manager, IBM Storage Software. "More importantly, with the new solutions, IBM further demonstrates its focus on delivering more choices in integrated, interoperable storage solutions for the on demand operating environment than any other vendor."

IBM's unique design provides near linear performance scalability by adding more I/O Groups that enable the SAN Volume Controller to scale storage capacity by simply adding disks to the attached storage arrays. Scaling for throughput and capacity is done "on the fly," without disrupting applications, to help keep data operations running continuously. This results in support for up to 280,000 IOPS and up to 1,780 MB/sec of throughput and up to two petabytes of pooled storage.

The SAN Volume Controller, with a base configuration price of $60,000, is a storage solution integrating virtualization software with customized hardware engines -- specifically, IBM eServer xSeries servers running an operating environment based on a Linux 2.4 kernel. ...IBM profile

FREMONT, Calif. - June 3, 2003 - BiTMICRO Networks announced today the release and immediate availability of its E-Disk SAN S2F Fibre-to-Fibre 2U rackmount series of solid state SAN products. Designed to meet the ever growing demand for speed and low latency performance required by commercial database and other transaction intensive applications, the E-Disk®SAN S2F flash disk SSD offers greater than 100,000 sustained random IOPS, sustained random read rates greater than 500 MB/s and sustained random write rates greater than 300 MB/s. The S2F non-volatile flash disk series scale in capacity to 688 GB per enclosure.

BiTMICRO customers can now reap the benefits of non-volatile solid state flash disk technology in their data center, SAN and network attached storage (NAS) environments when using the E-Disk®SAN S2F. The S2F flash disk appliance can be deployed in a variety of storage architectures for most types of technical and business applications, either as a direct attachment to a host running input/output (I/O) intensive applications or in a networked environment where access to very fast storage can be shared among a number of hosts.

"Discontinuous changes in the consumer, data processing and communications markets drive the need, not only for increased storage capacity, but also for significant higher access performance. BiTMICRO's SAN storage solutions successfully meet the industry's requirements," said Radu Andrei, President of Web-Feet Research. "The market for Flash solid state drives is forecast to grow to $2.67 billion in 2006, a compound annual growth rate of 112%," Andrei added. ...BiTMICRO Networks profile

MILPITAS, Calif. - June 3, 2003 - Adaptec, Inc. today announced the availability of VideOh! DVD Media Center, a comprehensive solution that enables consumers to convert their existing home PC into a media center. With Adaptec VideOh! DVD Media Center, home-PC users can easily create, control, store and enjoy digital content, including TV shows, home movies and photos. Users can choose television programs they want to watch from a free online programming guide, record, pause, rewind and replay live TV and edit and burn shows to high-quality DVDs or video CDs - using their existing PC.

VideOh! DVD Media Center is a complete solution, which includes a 125-channel, cable-ready TV tuner and MPEG-1/MPEG-2 encoding hardware. The package also contains a remote control, audio/video cable and a complete version of the award-winning Sonic MyDVD software for editing and burning DVDs and video CDs. VideOh! DVD Media Center will be available in mid-June at an MSRP of $199.99 (USB version) and $169.99 (PCI version). ...Adaptec profile

ALISO VIEJO, Calif. - June 3, 2003 - QLogic Corp. today announced that several companies- including Agilent Technologies Inc., FalconStor Software, Fujitsu, JNI and Seagate - have joined QLogic in its commitment to develop 10Gb and 4Gb products for SAN customers, following the FCIA vote to extend 4Gb Fibre Channel from an "inside the box" storage device interconnect into switched SAN fabrics. For businesses with growing investments in 1Gb or 2Gb storage networks, 4Gb products from these vendors will double current Fibre Channel performance at about the same price as 2Gb Fibre Channel, while maintaining backward-compatibility with existing networks and storage. 10Gb solutions will deliver five times the bandwidth of current 2Gb products and will be used in applications that stream large amounts of data across a fabric such as inter-switch links, voice and video.

"As the leading provider of fiber-optic transceivers, we are committed to delivering the solutions our customers require," said Tom Fawcett, worldwide marketing manager for Agilent's Fiber Optic Products. "We believe that there will be demand for both 4 Gb/s and 10 Gb/s products and we intend to meet that demand."

"We commend QLogic for taking a leadership role in the development of new, high performance products designed to support the growing requirements of enterprise SAN users," stated Wai Lam, CTO, FalconStor Software, Inc. "The higher bandwidth delivered by 4Gb fabric will enable our customers to fully leverage the advanced storage services offered by IPStor, including ultra-fast, windowless backup and rapid data replication and recovery, while also enabling them to better support larger, more demanding storage area networks."

Major manufacturers of Fibre Channel components and systems have been developing products based on both 10Gb and 4Gb Fibre Channel standards for quite some time. Storage system, switch and HBA manufacturers are focused on developing systems with 10Gb Fibre Channel interfaces while disk drive and tape drive manufacturers are developing next generation drives with 4Gb Fibre Channel interfaces. Responding to feedback from their customers, companies such as QLogic are extending the availability of cost-effective 4Gb Fibre Channel products from peripherals, to fabric switches and HBAs. ...Agilent Technologies profile, ...FalconStor Software profile, ...FCIA profile, ...Fujitsu profile, ...JNI profile, ...QLogic profile, ...Seagate profile

FREMONT, Calif.- June 3, 2003 - Leveraging the technology that has made its WinDVD DVD Player software the world's most popular way to watch DVDs on a PC,InterVideo, Inc. announced today InterVideo DVD Copy, a fast and easy way to make true 1:1 copies of personal DVDs and CDs without any loss of quality. Equipped with InterVideo's revolutionary UniPass technology, DVD Copy records in a single pass, rather than making the user wait while the video is buffered on the hard drive before recording. With direct disc-to-disc recording, users can make archive and backup copies of their DVD movies and home videos up to 45% faster than other solutions that are currently available. InterVideo DVD Copy does not support copying CSS-encrypted movies. DVD Copy is available at InterVideo's web site with an MSRP of $59.95 and will soon be in leading retail stores. DVD Copy is compatible with Microsoft Windows 2000 and XP systems. ...InterVideo profile

London, UK - June 3, 2003 - Snap Appliance has selected NCR to provide its unique managed services offering, including help desk services and maintenance services, to Snap's installed base of over 130,000 units. The partnership will span Europe, the Asia-Pacific region and North America, reflecting Snap's worldwide leadership and customer base and NCR's global presence. ...NCR profile, ...Snap Appliance profile

San Jose, CA - June 3, 2003 - Seagate Technology, Hitachi GST and Cornice have agreed to be corporate sponsors of the 2004 Storage Visions/Home Gateway Conference, it was announced today. In addition, media/analyst and organization sponsors now include: Data Storage Review , Engage Capital , Horison Information Strategies,, MPEG-4 Industry Forum, MRG Inc., PBI Media, SCSI Trade Association,, West World Productions Inc, , and 2nd Story Media.

Speakers confirmed for the 2004 Storage Visions conference come from companies such as Sony, Silicon Graphics, Seagate Technology, SanDisk, Intel, Hitachi GST and Cornice. The Storage and Content Industry Advisory Committee for the 2004 Storage Visions Conference has been expanded to include Jeff Joseph (Consumer Electronics Association), Jim Porter (DiskTrend), Scott Kipp (All Digital), Gerry Nicklas (Nicklas Associates) and David Takata (Engage Capital). It is chaired by Tom Coughlin of Coughlin Associates and Gary Schultz of MRG, Inc., and consists of representatives from the digital media , content distribution and user communities. This group will help steer the session topics, keynote speakers, demonstration laboratory, sponsorships, awards and theme of the 2004 conference.

Other members of the advisory committee are Stephen DiFranco of Maxtor , Peter Fasciano of Avid Technology, Mark Gray of Kasenna, Rob Koenen of the MPEG-4 Industry Forum , Ken Morse of PowerTV (part of Scientific Atlanta), Rob Pait of Seagate and Lowell Moulton of Sony. Storage Visions/Home Gateway will initiate an awards program for the first time at the 2004 conference. Award categories will include Best Consumer Storage Device, Most Innovative Product, Hottest Start-up and other categories. This program is sponsored by Engage Capital.

The Storage Visions/Home Gateway 2004 Conference will be held in Las Vegas January 6-7, 2004 (immediately prior to the Consumer Electronics Show) to address critical technology and market issues for the implementation of a completely digital entertainment industry. Issues for the 2004 conference include requirements for creating, storing, transmitting and distributing multimedia content. The 2004 conference is now soliciting additional speakers, exhibitors and sponsors. ...Storage Visions 2004

Chatsworth, Calif. - June 3, 2003 - Intelligent Computer Solutions has recently launched a family of SATA disk duplicators. There are 7 models in the new SATA compatible family ranging upto the ImageMASSter 4008IDE which can duplicate 8 Serial ATA hard drives simultaneously. Transfer rate can exceed 2G bytes/min depending upon model drives in use. Transfer rate of 2G bytes/min has been demonstrated using Seagate ST360015AS/ST3120023AS hard drive series. ...ICS profile

See also:- Hard disk duplicators, Serial ATA, Test equipment
news image ICS  SATA Disk Duplicators

SAN JOSE, Calif. - June 2, 2003 - Brocade Communications Systems, Inc. announced today the availability of Fabric Manager 4.0, an enhanced version of the Brocade SAN management software that aggregates, configures, monitors, provisions, manages, and helps secure multiple Brocade switches and SANs from a single console. With new industry-first features to assure configuration integrity, Fabric Manager 4.0 enables network administrators to continue to reduce staff time and costs related to SAN change management and security assurance. The product will be made available through leading Brocade OEM partners and is complementary to their respective management software offerings. ...Brocade profile

PITTSBURGH, PA - June 2, 2003 - Spinnaker Networks today announced the SpinServer 4100, the industry's highest performance and most scalable NAS server. The first member of the SpinServer 4000 Series, the SpinServer 4100 delivers a 50% performance increase over Spinnaker's SpinServer 3300, and a 40% performance advantage compared to a Network Appliance FAS960 filer. Market-leading single server performance combined with a global distributed file system delivers the capability to non-disruptively scale performance and capacity well beyond competitive solutions from Network Appliance and EMC. This makes the SpinServer 4100 the optimal choice for enterprise storage consolidation in NFS and CIFS environments.

According to Arun Taneja, founder and consulting analyst o fthe Taneja Group, "With these levels of performance and manageability, customers can start deploying NAS both in very high-transaction database environments as well as high-bandwidth steaming media applications. A high performance, balanced NAS product with excellent manageability, what's not to like."

The SpinServer 4100 is available now. SpinServer pricing starts at under $50,000 for a well-configured server with a rich set of software functionality, including NFS, CIFS, Snapshot, Restore, and NDMP. ...Spinnaker Networks profile

Washington, DC - June 2, 2003 - Decru, Inc. today announced that CTO Serge Plotkin, an associate professor of computer science at Stanford University, will accept on Stanford's behalf the NSA designation as a "Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance." This NSA program is intended to reduce vulnerabilities in the national information infrastructure by promoting higher education in information assurance and producing a growing number of professionals with information assurance expertise in various disciplines.

"On behalf of Stanford's computer science department and my colleagues, primarily Professors John Mitchell and Dan Boneh, I am honored to accept this award," said Serge Plotkin. "In today's environment, we recognize the importance of teaching our students the fundamentals of computer security." ...Decru profile

Hopkinton, Mass.- June 2, 2003 - EMC Corporation today announced that the CLARiiON CX series of networked storage platforms received NEBS Level 3 certification - a standard developed by the telecommunications industry that qualifies equipment under extreme environmental conditions and requires specific levels of technological resiliency. With this "Carrier Class" certification, customers are now able to deploy automated networked storage solutions that comply with the strictest requirements and specifications set by telecommunication providers, while delivering proven resiliency for traditional storage environments. NEBS compliant CX200 and CX400 configurations are immediately available. NEBS compliant CX600 systems will be available in Q3. ...EMC profile

Lexington, Mass - June 2, 2003 - Revivio, Inc. today announced its strategy to deliver a new class of storage, which enables enterprises to instantly access data as it existed at any previous point in time - a second, an hour, a day or even weeks ago. This new technology reduces recovery time for business applications affected by data loss, corruption or disaster and significantly reduces the expense and complexity associated with traditional point-in-time recovery methods such as backup/restore, mirror-splits and snapshots.

"In today's real-time, global economy, enterprise customers recognize that traditional approaches to data protection and business continuity are inadequate," stated Revivio CEO, Paul R. Lewis. "Revivio's time addressable storage solution changes the way IT managers think about backup and restore. It's exciting to see their faces light up as they realize the power this technology brings to their businesses."

Determined to improve upon outdated, ineffective and costly "single point-in-time" approaches to data protection, Revivio, a groundbreaking startup, is pioneering its vision of adding the dimension of time to the storage and retrieval of data.

Revivio's technology provides direct, immediate access to data at any point in time and represents the first enterprise-focused implementation of a new approach to data protection that industry experts are now dubbing, "Time Addressable Storage" or TAS. Delivered as a fully fault-tolerant, scalable, easy-to-operate appliance, Revivio's patent-pending technology provides enterprises with transparent and continuous data protection and instant data restoration for their most data intensive transaction processing environments. Because it complements rather than replaces existing storage systems, the Revivio appliance integrates non-disruptively into virtually any currently installed storage infrastructure. Revivio's technology remains outside the primary data path, ensuring the integrity and performance of primary data is not impacted. The appliance protects and restores data at the block level providing support for databases, files systems and any other form of data. No new agents, drivers or other software must be installed on the host. ...Revivio profile

BOULDER, Colo - June 2, 2003 - According to Freeman Reports' recently published Tape Library Outlook 2003, Spectra Logic is number one in worldwide 8mm tape library shipments, winning 29% market share. An AIT vendor, Spectra Logic's market share was 32% higher than the next largest vendor. Company decision makers frequently utilize industry analyst reports like Tape Library Outlook 2003 to make better selections when choosing a tape library vendor.

"Spectra Logic's AIT tape libraries feature the highest storage density in the industry, which has established our leadership position in 8mm technology," said Bill Reed, senior vice president of sales and marketing. "We've experienced a 28% increase in market share since 2000, and are pleased to have achieved the first place position in this very competitive market. ...Freeman Reports profile, ...Spectra Logic profile

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA - June 2, 2003 - VERITAS Software Corporation today announced that VERITAS Software's Registration Statement on Form S-4 relating to its proposed merger with Precise Software Solutions Ltd. was declared effective on May 30, 2003 by the SEC. Precise will hold an extraordinary meeting of its shareholders on June 28, 2003 at 10:30 p.m., eastern time, at Precise's U.S. offices at 690 Canton Street, Westwood, Massachusetts 02090, to obtain approval of the proposed merger and the other matters to be voted upon at the extraordinary meeting. The Board of Directors of Precise has set May 27, 2003 as the record date for the determination of the holders of Precise ordinary shares entitled to notice of, and to vote at the meeting. ...Precise Software Solutions profile, ...VERITAS Software profile

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