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SANTA CLARA, Calif. and MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. - March 14, 2003 - Sun Microsystems, Inc. and Topspin Communications today announced that they have entered into a joint technology development and software licensing agreement. Sun has selected Topspin to provide both the Fibre Channel and Gigabit Ethernet I/O modules for Sun's next-generation InfiniBand-based server platforms that help deliver improved application scalability, performance and resource utilization. Under the agreement, Topspin will also help develop InfiniBand server software components for the Solaris Operating System. Sun will embed these components in their next generation volume server products. Topspin will offer the software components for building high-performance computing and scalable database clusters in conjunction with its industry-leading family of InfiniBand host channel adapters and switched computing systems.

"While some of our competitors are taking a 'wait and see' approach as InfiniBand evolves, Sun is delivering on its commitment to develop leading InfiniBand technology," said Neil Knox, executive vice president, Volume Systems Products at Sun Microsystems, Inc. "We are one of the first system providers to integrate InfiniBand technology into our proven volume systems products, and we've teamed with Topspin to deliver breakthrough InfiniBand solutions that will result in exponential application performance gains." ...Topspin Communications profile

ALISO VIEJO, Calif. - March 13, 2003 - QLogic Corp. announced today that LEGATO Systems, Inc. has qualified QLogic's entire line of SANblade™ iSCSI and Fibre Channel HBAs as well as QLogic SANbox2™ Fibre Channel switches for use with LEGATO NetWorker® information protection software. QLogic is the first storage infrastructure vendor to have its entire iSCSI and Fibre Channel product line qualified as interoperable with the LEGATO NetWorker software line, which offers several editions tailored for different computing environments. ...Legato Systems profile, ...QLogic profile

CeBIT, Germany - March 13, 2003 - SanDisk Corporation today introduced 1G and 512M SD Cards, postage stamp-sized flash memory cards. The 1GB SD card quadruples the current capacity of SanDisk SD cards. The SD card is a flash memory storage device with built-in Content Protection Rights Management designed to facilitate the secure exchange of content between devices and the card.
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Western Digital Enterprise Serial ATA Hard Drive Certified to Work with Intel Controller

Seagate Demonstrates Industry's First Serial Attached SCSI Storage Solutions with HP

Arkeia Enhances Flagship Network Backup solution; v5.1

ADIC SAN Management Software to be Offered by MSC.Software

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SNIA Europe to merge with FCIA Europe

What the Tera-RamSan Can Do for Your Business - white paper from Texas Memory Systems

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Tandberg Data introduces RAIDn™ technology

iQstor Signs Reseller Agreement with Skyway Technologies

NCE Awarded Sony's StorStation Specialist Reseller Accreditation

iStor Prepares to Launch Target-Side iSCSI Devices

InfiniSwitch Corporation and Lane15 Software Announce Merger

NSI Software Signs $5 Million Deal with European Distributor

Astrum Software Enhances Next Generation SRM Solution with Internationalization and Sybase Support

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Nibble: Why Server Revenue will Decline Again Next Year

Recently IDC reported that in 2002, worldwide server factory revenues declined 11.6%, while unit shipments increased 5%. We've been used to seeing revenue declines in the IT market, so that news comes as no surprise. But that got me wondering if we might continue to see server revenues decline for the next couple of years, even if total spending in the IT market increases.

That might be bad news for companies which get a lot of revenue from servers, but good news for network storage makers, and users.

In the past couple of years we've seen increasing adoption of the network storage model, and a recent IDC report quoted by EMC said that spending on SAN and NAS has now overtaken spending on DAS (directly attached storage). That means, when someone buys a server, a decreasing proportion of the storage cost associated with that server is now installed in the same box. The storage can sit anywhere on the network. It doesn't even have to be in the same building.

And, of course, it doesn't have to be from the same manufacturer.

The recent recession has speeded up the unbundling (or dismembering) of the server market. Users have less money to spend and so will pick and mix the bits they like. A server from company X, disk storage from company Y, and a tape library from company Z. It used to be technically difficult and risky for users to make these kind of choices. But not any more.

As long as you avoid some obvious pitfalls such as choosing Sun storage to go with a Dell server, then you're probably on safe ground. And there are plenty of VARs and systems integrators who have done it before and can reduce your risk and your cost.

If we extrapolate this trend, there's no good reason why a server should contain any disk storage at all. apart from what is needed to store the operating system.

Technologies like InfiniBand at the high end, Fibre-channel and NAS in the middle and Serial ATA at the entry level, will get sufficiently standardized so that anyone can connect a storage appliance to their server as simply as you connect a satellite connection to your TV. Choosing your favorite programs to watch, or setting up your backup & SRM software might take a little longer. But nothing's perfect.

Of course other factors will also contribute to making servers cheaper. Many users have found that rackmount server farms give them adequate peroformance at much lower cost that factory assembled mainframes. But a 64 processor mainframe still costs a lot more than 64 times the cost of a single server. Not for much longer. The increasing use of compact PCI blade servers, where multiple servers sit in the same high speed bus, will cut out the fat in the low end mainframe market, and that too will help to shed cost.

So we'll just get used to a new market in which the server is a decreasing part of the total IT budget. Bad news for server sales people. Good news for everyone else.

Squeak! - Animal Brands and Metaphors in the Storage Market
Squeak! - Animal Brands and Metaphors in the Storage Market
Animal marketing metaphors are popular in service industries, but you'd be surprised how many companies have used animals in their marketing of data storage products and services.

The storage market was worth over $150 billion in 2005, and as it gets bigger - more companies will turn to animal brands to help differentiate their otherwise bland products and lend them artificial (or deserving) characters and virtues.

The idea behind this type of marketing is to suggest positive connotations so it's unlikely that anyone will choose to associate their products with gremlins. But you may be surprised by the population of the storage ark.

This reference articles lists all known companies who have furry marketing brands, and also includes some which are slimy, scaly and scary too. the article, Mice in storage
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Wes Brewer, senior director of retail product marketing and business development at SanDisk, said, "The SD card has evolved as the storage medium of choice for many consumer electronics devices such as digital cameras, handheld computers, audio players and mobile phones. The popularity of the SD format in these new devices has created tremendous retail channel demand for higher capacity cards than those that accompany the device at the time of purchase. The introduction of our new high capacity SD cards makes it possible, for example, to store in excess of 400 high resolution digital images, literally hundreds of motion JPEG compressed video clips and up to 16 hours of MP3 music on a single card." news image - SanDisk
The 512MB and 1GB SanDisk SD cards use one gigabit NAND flash memory chips, based on patented multi-level cell (MLC) technology pioneered by SanDisk. MLC allows two bits of data to be stored in one memory cell, doubling memory capacity. SanDisk is currently shipping 16, 32, 64, 128, and 256MB SD cards. The 512MB and 1GB SanDisk SD cards have suggested retail prices of $169.99 and $329.99 respectively. The 512MB SD card is expected to be available in the second quarter while the 1GB SD card is expected to be available in the third quarter. ...SanDisk profile

YORBA LINDA, CA - March 13, 2003 - EZQuest introduced its first 1394B product – the Cobra+ FireWire 800 external hard drive – at Cebit Germany this week. The high-performance drive is available in capacities up to 250GB. In addition to a FireWire 800 port, the new drive has a USB 2.0 port and can be used with both Macs and PCs. It is ideal for transferring and storing large amounts of data. The drive is particularly valuable for recording and mastering studios because it eliminates the need to record to tape. The new drive will ship at the end of April.

"FireWire 800 allows data transfer as fast as 800Mbs per second - or the equivalent of a CD full of data, every 10 seconds," said Ebrahim Zmehrir, EZQuest president. "When two or more of our FireWire 800 drives are striped together, data transfer will be twice as fast as it would be with FireWire 400 or USB 2.0. "In addition, FireWire 800 is capable of bursting data over 100 meter cables – twenty times as far as FireWire 400. So, you could set up a recording studio in one room and send data to EZQuest FireWire 800 drives located several rooms away. We have also included USB 2.0 ports on these new drives. This is for our customers who have both Macs and PCs and want to be able to use one drive to transfer or back up large files."

The Cobra+ 120GB FireWire hard drive is housed in a light-gray, streamlined case that is fully shielded with 0.6mm metal. It comes ready to use, and includes a built-in universal auto-switching power supply, a cable and software. Cobra+ is compatible with both Mac OS 8.6, Mac OSX and WIN 98SE, as well as later Mac and WIN versions. Cobra+ FireWire 800 drives are stackable and ship with Intech Hard Disk Speed Tools, a RAID level-0 striping software for Macs. They are also compatible with the striping software that comes with Windows 2000. The new drive comes with a one-year warranty. ...EZQuest profile

HANNOVER, Germany and LAKE FOREST, Calif - March 13, 2003 - Western Digital Corp. announced today that its enterprise-class WD Raptor 10,000 RPM SATA hard drive has been certified compatible with the Intel RAID Controller SRCS14L SATA HBA by both companies' test labs. The two products are key ingredients in an enterprise SATA RAID storage system and are currently available today for systems builders and storage providers. A WD Raptor/Intel Taft system is being demonstrated this week at Western Digital's booth at CeBIT [Hall 20/Stand D06].

"Serial ATA drive technology combined with RAID implementation offers full-featured RAID data protection for an enterprise market at a lower cost per gigabyte," said Phil Brace, Intel Enterprise Platforms and Services Division, director of marketing.

The Intel RAID Controller SRCS14L provides full-featured RAID data protection for high-end desktops and entry-level servers. As one of the first hardware-based SATA RAID cards in the market and the first four-port, low- profile adapter to use an I/O processor, the RAID controller SRCS14L enables system builders to implement robust SATA hardware RAID data protection in a rapid time-to-market and at a very low cost-per-megabyte.

"Intel's commitment to enterprise-class Serial ATA technology is an important factor for systems builders and storage providers," said Richard E. Rutledge, vice president of marketing for Western Digital. "We anticipate an increasingly wide adoption of SATA in servers and storage systems as the infrastructure builds." ...Intel profile, ...Western Digital profile

HANOVER, Germany - March 12, 2003 - Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) is making its way into the arena as Seagate Technology today begins demonstrating its SAS technology with HP at CeBIT. The event marks the first time that products using SAS are being shown in live functional demonstrations. Serial Attached SCSI is the SCSI growth path to greater connectivity, lower cost scalability, and higher throughput performance. It is this combination of robust benefits that has made SCSI the enterprise I/O interface choice for over 20 years. This demonstration is the first working prototype of SAS based on industry standards and is expected to be the natural evolution of SCSI technology in the enterprise. ...HP profile, ...Seagate Technology profile

Carlsbad, Calif. - March 12, 2003 - Arkeia Corporation today released a newly updated version of its award-winning enterprise backup solution that incorporates an assortment of innovative features for augmenting the program's inherently powerful heterogeneous network functions. Arkeia v5.1 includes expanded remote access capabilities, embedded supervision functions, and even broader heterogeneous support and compatibility with the latest tape drive technologies.

"Version 5.1 consolidates Arkeia's position as the Linux market leader, while confirming its position as providing the most extensive platform support among network backup products", Arkeia CEO Phil Roussel asserted. "We're not standing still here," Roussel declared. "A major part of the reason we are a leader in backup and recovery solutions for today's complex business networks is that we continue to refine and expand our capabilities." ...Arkeia profile

Redmond, WA - March 12, 2002 - ADIC and MSC.Software today announced the signing of a reseller agreement for ADIC's StorNext® Management Suite data management software. The agreement makes ADIC's StorNext File System and StorNext Storage Manager software available to MSC.Software customers as part of that company's integrated IT services offering.

The integration of StorNext Management Suite into MSC.Software's modeling, simulation, and CAE environments will provide more effective use of SAN technology by enabling high performance data sharing and increased storage resource utilization. It will also provide the framework for Total Data Life Management™ (TDLM), advanced data life-cycle management, in a wide variety of industries from automobiles and aircraft to electronic products.

"MSC.Software is the recognized world leader in delivering technology that helps manufacturing companies both increase productivity and develop better products by harnessing the power of simulation and process analysis," said Bill Yaman, ADIC Vice President, Software. "Through this agreement, ADIC and MSC.Software will make it possible for MSC.Software customers to leverage their storage infrastructure, including advanced SAN technology, to enhance their design process." ...ADIC profile, ...MSC Software

Hannover, Germany - March 12, 2003 - EMC Corporation today introduced CLARiiON with ATA - which the company claims - is the world's only storage system with integrated ATA and Fibre Channel disk drives. Through the integration of low-cost ATA drives into an existing storage architecture, the EMC CLARiiON networked storage systems enable customers to bring more of their offline, tape-based data online to extend its useful life. CLARiiON with ATA delivers an unmatched storage solution for disk-based backup and restore as well as for a wide range of primary data currently kept on tape across applications such as oil & gas research, telecommunications billing records, government intelligence data and life sciences research.

Offline data, residing primarily on tape media, continues to represent more than 10 times the amount of online information. Until now, the economics of disk storage forced customers to store a majority of data offline - resulting in substantially lower service levels for most of their information assets. With this announcement, EMC has incorporated ATA technology into the CLARiiON architecture to bring more information into online SAN and NAS environments, thus dramatically increasing service levels through improved availability and functionality.

EMC also announced today that it has integrated CLARiiON with ATA with its own backup and restore application, EDM, and fully tested and support leading backup vendor applications to offer a high-performance, disk-based alternative to tape backup and restore processes.

While OLTP and other performance-intensive applications will continue to use higher-performing Fibre Channel drives, CLARiiON with ATA blends the economic advantages of ATA disk drives with CLARiiON's unique availability and functionality, while also inheriting all the functionality of EMC's automated storage software. While list prices for CLARiiON with ATA are higher than those for tape, ATA-based CLARiiON systems offer significantly higher performance and reliability. For example, CLARiiON with ATA can accomplish backups in a third less time and restore in 80% less time than tape in typical environments. In addition, CLARiiON with ATA offers significantly lower performance than CLARiiON with Fibre Channel drives at approximately 50% of the list price in large systems configurations. ...EMC profile

Editor's comments:- I guess the marketers at EMC don't get out much, but I was still surprised to see this press release claim the "world's only" headline for the modest achievement of putting two well established technologies in the same box. On the plus side, EMC customers who don't feel comfortable unless they see that logo on the storage box, can now breathe a collective sigh of relief. It was worth holding their breath for the last couple of years and waiting for EMC to catch up with Nexsan Technologies to get low cost disk to disk backup.

CeBIT, Hannover- March 12, 2003 - The Storage Networking Industry Association Europe (SNIA-E) today announced the decision by the SNIA-E and Fibre Channel Industry Association Europe (FCIA E) to merge. The new organisation will keep the current SNIA-E structure and name "SNIA Europe". It will incorporate a Fibre Channel Forum into the association structure to continue Fibre Channel related education. The completion date for the merger is the end of May 2003. The merger is a Europe-only activity and does not affect the other associations outside this region.

The goal of the merger between SNIA Europe and FCIA Europe is to deliver a single unified body to provide information and education on all aspects of storage networking and to drive the interests of users, channel partners and storage vendors within Europe. ...SNIA profile

Editor's comments:- although Europe is a big market for storage buyers, most of the high tech manufacturing capacity in Europe is actually owned by US and Asian companies. That makes it difficult for technology groups to achieve sufficient critical mass. For example in the hot days of the early Sun market, EuroSPARC was a damp squib which fizzled out after drafting its first memo, and that function was reabsorbed into US parent SPARC International. Today, storage is a much bigger market than the 1990s Unix server market, so a single European body like SNIA Europe stands a better chance of success than two weak bodies which overlapped too much.

Editor:- March 12, 2003 - Texas Memory Systems today published a new white paper called "What the Tera-RamSan Can Do for Your Business". This white paper introduces the company's solid state Tera-RamSan storage, and describes the solutions it offers to the enterprise. Here's a short extract from the 11 page article which also includes a primer on solid state storage.

"Solid State Disks have been used to accelerate business data for over 25 years. The typical prescription for business is to take your frequently accessed database "hot files" and move them to the fastest available storage (solid state disk). For mainly economic reasons, the quantity of hot files moved to a solid state disk has historically been small, under 32 Gigabytes...

Over the last three years, however, the cost of solid state disk has dropped by almost $10,000 per Gigabyte. Dropping prices alone will drive increased capacity of installed solid state disk systems. Combine this with business factors (such as impatient customers and demanding applications) and technology factors (such as faster processors with relatively slower storage) and you get a market that needs high-speed and high-capacity." the article, ...Texas Memory Systems profile

MILPITAS, Calif. - March 12, 2003 - LSI Logic Corporation announced certification today for its 2Gb/s Fibre Channel host bus adapter (HBA), the LSI44929O, with ADIC's Scalar® series storage networking tape library systems.

"ADIC is pleased to be working actively with LSI Logic to expand the range of proven, interoperable solutions available to the IT community" said Bryce Hein, ADIC executive director, Storage Networking Business Line. "The combination of the LSI44929O and Scalar storage networking libraries assures customers of a proven solution that delivers the kind of reliability and performance needed to keep up with the continual increase in data volume at all levels of the enterprise." ...ADIC profile, ...LSI Logic profile

Editor:- March 12, 2003 - California based market research company Peripheral Concepts, Inc. is calling for final inputs from vendors to their in-depth study on Data Protection. Their study includes Backup, Archiving, Business Continuance, Disaster Recovery and Security. There is no charge involved. Peripheral Concepts has already spoken to over 50 vendors, and is in the process of contacting hundreds of users. Interested vendors, who want to be included in the study, should phone or email Peripheral Concepts directly before March 24th. ...Peripheral Concepts profile

London, UK - March 12, 2003 - The latest research from real-time exception processing experts SunGard eProcess Intelligence, reveals that global top 500 banks predict strong growth for the delivery of customer-based Web services. The findings reflect how leading institutions are seeking to reduce costs, and improve their service levels and competitive positioning by providing interactive access to exception information, further maximizing the value they are obtaining from their automated exception processing systems.

The research highlights the importance of making transaction processing information and exception management capabilities available to customer service and branch staff, and directly to counterparties and clients via a secure Web-based application. Key findings from the survey, completed in February 2003, include:
  • Use of Web services, both internally within an organization and externally, direct to customers, is well established, with current implementations complete or in progress at 40% of global top 500 banks
  • Over the next two years, growth in Web services is expected to continue apace, with implementations anticipated in 60% of global top 500 banks
  • Today's use of Web services internally within an organization (43%) predominates over the external offering of Web services directly to clients and counterparties (36%), but this disparity is expected to narrow by the end of 2004 (internal – 61%, external – 58%).
This is indicative of growth in making information and exception management capabilities available either through customer service staff or directly to interbank and corporate customers.

Matt Mandalinci, president, SunGard eProcess Intelligence, commented, "Our regular research series provides benchmark statistics about the global banking industry's implementation of STP solutions, and the way organizations are extracting value from their related systems investments. These latest statistics make it plain that exception management information is increasingly seen as an important factor in reducing costs, raising commercial banking customer service standards, and achieving competitive differentiation." ...SunGard profile

IRVINE, CALIF. – March 11, 2003 – Vision Solutions earned TotalStorage Proven certification from IBM for the Vision Suite Enterprise Edition (VSEE). The TotalStorage Proven program insures that solutions are certified to work together reliably and efficiently in a SAN environment with Shark, giving customers the confidence to select the best combination of integrated storage technologies to minimize their investment risk, increase efficiency and expedite their infrastructure implementation. VSEE is the first high-availability solution to earn this certification.

Vision Suite Enterprise Edition R8.0 was put through comprehensive testing that included a much higher level of integration, performance, and failure testing within a Shark environment. The testing included OMS/400 for mirroring data files, data areas, data queues, IFS objects and ODS/400 for mirroring non-data objects. The testing demonstrated successful interoperability with IBM's TotalStorage Enterprise Storage Server (Shark); including processing over 5 million transactions within an hour.

Most enterprise wide SAN storage users cannot avoid any downtime, either planned or unplanned. Vision Suite provides a high availability value add for their iSeries servers. There are numerous benefits that a Shark user with iSeries servers can gain from implementing Vision Suite including:
  • Avoiding flashcopy downtime
  • Resolving IFS challenges
  • Eliminating the 60 mile distance limitation between Sharks
  • Avoiding static status of a 2nd redundant Shark
  • Minimizing the chance of picking up damaged objects
  • Avoiding an abnormal IPL and hours of down time when switching to a redundant iSeries box or Shark in the case of an unplanned outage
"IBM welcomes Vision Solutions to the IBM TotalStorage Proven ISV family," said Denise Buonaiuto, Worldwide Vice President of Business Partner Sales for IBM Systems Group. "The addition of a leading managed availability solution for the iSeries/Shark customer environment adds a new and powerful dimension to this computing combination." ...Vision Solutions profile

San Jose, CA - March 11, 2003 - TrueSAN Networks, Inc. today announced a strategic alliance with SGI to integrate TrueSAN's Cloudbreak storage networking software with SGI Total Performance storage systems. As an SGI Developer, TrueSAN has also extended Cloudbreak to support the management of heterogeneous SANs consisting of IRIX OS-based hosts, including Silicon Graphics Octane visual workstations and SGI Origin servers and supercomputers

"With SGI's leadership position in high-performance computing and rich media markets and the volume of data produced and stored by companies in these markets, this alliance creates a wealth of exciting business opportunities for TrueSAN," stated Tom Isakovich, CEO of TrueSAN. "With Cloudbreak available for SGI storage systems and the IRIX OS, these customers now have a complete software solution for optimizing SAN management and efficiency and maximizing their investment in SGI technology." ...SGI profile, ...TrueSAN Networks profile

KFAR-SABA, Israel - March 11, 2003 - M-Systems today said that, despite recent comments on the flash memory market by a leading supplier of NOR flash, it continues to see strength with its business. In addition, the company stated that, based on current order trends, it expects revenues in the first quarter of 2003 to exceed those of the fourth quarter of 2002.

Dov Moran, President and CEO of M-Systems, said: "As we indicated, M-Systems has been awarded more than five design wins with its Mobile DiskOnChip product. All are currently on track according to our internal plan. We see strength in our core business for both DiskOnKey and DiskOnChip, as well as additional opportunities for the company to announce new design wins across multiple platforms and devices during 2003." ...M-Systems profile

Oslo, Norway - March 11, 2003 –Tandberg Data ASA today announced the availability of RAIDn technology, a revolutionary means of protecting 24/7/365 storage. Available for licensing now, RAIDn breakthrough technology ensures that mission-critical databases continue to be available even when multiple concurrent hard disk drive failures occur. Dramatic cost savings will be achieved with the implementation of RAIDn, providing users with the highest levels of availability, performance and capacity without expanding budgets.

RAIDn developed by InoStor Corporation, a Tandberg Data company, is a software library with a set of patent-pending algorithms that implement a revolutionary parity scheme across an array of disk drives. RAIDn technology allows system administrators to select the level of "insurance" desired against the failure of one or more disk drives in a RAID array, all the way up to N-1 drives (where "N" indicates the total number of drives in the array). Initially available in Linux, the technology will also be implemented in other operating systems and at hardware level. RAIDn is a new methodology for placing data on disk drives, offering much higher reliability, more storage space for actual data and is less expensive than traditional RAID solutions.

Current RAID storage technologies only provide protection against one to three random disk drive failures, with the latter incurring a hefty price tag. As the size of databases expands, often consisting of hundreds of disk drives, the odds of experiencing multiple drive failures have increased dramatically.

"Imagine being able to randomly pull out ten drives from a live disk array and see performance and data continuance at an effective level," said David Licosati, Vice-President of Business Development at InoStor. "The benefits of RAIDn are clearly evident – users no longer need to sacrifice availability and performance for a cost-effective solution. We expect Secured by RAIDn to become a defacto industry standard." ...Tandberg Data profile

Newbury Park, CA - March 11, 2003 - iQstor Networks, Inc. announced that it recently signed a master reseller agreement with Skyway Technologies, Ltd. to resell, service and support its full line of integrated SAN solutions in Hong Kong, Japan, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, South Korea and India. This agreement provides Skyway with access to iQstor's growing partner program, which includes training, configuration tools and incentives for rolling out cost effective SAN solutions for the regional SMBs.

"With this agreement we have access to iQstor's full line of automated storage solutions," said Bart Sin, Skyway's General Manager. "Our customers are demanding enterprise-level data services features such as storage virtualization, snapshot, mirroring, remote replication, and policy based storage provisioning that are cost effective. With the iQ1000 and its integrated data services storage management software, we can now configure and deliver SAN solutions that meet these pressing customer requirements."

The rapid growth and expanding data storage requirements of the Asia Pacific (APAC) market, together with the move to storage networks, has created a need for storage specific integration and professional services. Skyway is addressing this emerging need by offering independent storage integration and consulting services through its team of experienced storage consultants and sales professionals to serve this region. ...iQstor Networks, ...Skyway Technologies

UK - March 11, 2003 - NCE Computer Group today announced it has achieved certification as a Sony StorStation Specialist Reseller. Set up by Sony Business Europe's storage solutions division, the StorStation Reseller Programme has been developed to support Sony's business proposition to focused resellers, achieving incremental business and mutual profitability by combining added value to deliver high quality solutions to the end user. This accreditation reflects the strength of NCE's technical and sales expertise in integrating Sony's storage portfolio into customer sites.

"NCE was an obvious choice to receive the Specialist Reseller certification," commented Richard Carr, UK channel sales manager for Sony Business Europe. "NCE has long been an active promoter of Sony's AIT technology and combined with its established commitment and expertise within the industry, plus its extensive technical and sales capabilities, it is a valuable partner." ...NCE Computer Group profile, ...Sony profile

IRVINE, Calif. - March 10, 2003 - iStor Networks, preparing to introduce its first product - a scalable iSCSI wire-speed network storage server blade (iBlade) for IP storage at target side. As a company, iStor uniquely brings together four core competencies - ASIC, storage, network and massive parallel processing - enabling it to develop a highly integrated ASIC solution for overcoming limitations that impact conventional storage networking products. These limitations include performance - iStor's patent-pending architecture allows storage data transfer at wire speeds of up to 10 gigabits per second - availability, scalability, interoperability, management, and TCO.

"Up to now, the roadblock to enabling IP storage with iSCSI technology has been the lack of target-side devices," said Kevin Daly, a director at iStor Networks. "There are plenty of initiator-side devices, but iStor is pioneering target-side devices, which will let IP storage, through iSCSI, evolve to the next level. Other vendors are thinking about it; iStor is actually doing it."

The iStor business model is to design, develop and deploy iSCSI products as part of a complete iSCSI storage networking solution for servers, storage, and networking OEMs. The company's IP storage products will deliver very reliable, available and scalable capabilities at affordable prices, enabling OEMs to deliver cutting-edge, value-added storage networking features such as link aggregation, failover, quality of service, and virtualization. ...iStor Networks profile

WESTBOROUGH, MA and AUSTIN, TX - March 10, 2003 - InfiniSwitch Corporation and Lane15 Software, Inc., today announced the merger of their companies. This merger unites the leader in InfiniBand switch products for high-performance computing and enterprise datacenters with the leader in management software for fabric computing. The company will operate under the name InfiniSwitch.

As part of the merger, InfiniSwitch announced the completion of an additional round of venture financing. Current venture investors include: Austin Ventures, Bessemer Ventures, Columbia Capital, Convergent Ventures, Flagship Ventures, Index Ventures, Lightspeed Venture Partners, Moore Capital Management, and TL Ventures. Strategic investors include: Dell, HP-Compaq, Intel and Quanta Computer. Alisa Nessler, CEO and president of Lane15, was named CEO of the company and joins the Board of Directors. Rob Adams, of Austin Ventures, and Bernard Dallé, of Index Ventures, were elected new members to the Board of Directors.

"InfiniSwitch's focus on fully integrated solutions for datacenter infrastructure is a strong differentiator in an increasingly fragmented market," said Bill Strecker, Managing Director of Flagship Ventures and former CTO of Compaq. "With industry- endorsed technology, a growing list of partnerships, and a solid balance sheet, the company is poised to turn the promise of next-generation computing into reality." ...InfiniSwitch profile, ...Lane15 Software profile

Hoboken, N.J. - March 10, 2003 - NSI Software today announced a $5 million deal with Sunbelt System Software, a leading European distributor. The initial $5 million deal enables Sunbelt to exclusively distribute NSI Software's Double-Take product to VARs throughout Europe and the UK. The deal will significantly increase NSI Software's European market share.

Stringent European data protection legislation is making deploying a business continuity system a chief priority for nearly all European Union companies. Sunbelt is helping address this mounting demand by ensuring its distribution channel of 50 VARs have affordable and high-quality software on which to build data protection systems. An NSI Software partner since 1998, Sunbelt has sold nearly 4,000 copies of Double-Take and is a charter member of NSI's Xcelerate Partner Program.

"NSI Software's Double-Take is the highest selling product in our entire portfolio of products," said Jo Murciano, chairman and CEO of Sunbelt International Group.

"Sunbelt brings a unique understanding of the European market and the tools value added resellers need to sell data protection systems based on our products," said Don Beeler, president and CEO of NSI Software. "An integral component of our strategy for continued growth is to expand our European market share. Our partnership with Sunbelt and our established presence and success in North America provides a solid platform for the successful execution of this strategy." ...NSI Software profile, ...Sunbelt System Software profile

Boston, Mass. - March 10, 2003 - Astrum Software today announced a new release of Astrum 1.5 software, as part of its Active Storage Management (ASM) solution. Major enhancements in Astrum 1.5 include support for German, French, and UK English versions of Microsoft Windows and UNIX operating systems, and the ability to proactively manage storage resources for Sybase databases. Additionally, Astrum Software has become a member of the Sybase Business Solutions Alliance and will offer state-of-the-art ASM solutions that are fully compatible and co-marketed with Sybase's Enterprise Data Management offerings. Other newly released features are support for Microsoft Exchange 2000, new alert messaging capability, and the ability to drill down to the file system level within the GUI for file attribute data.

"These enhancements support the primary technologies of global regions where we see strong, growing demand, as well as round out the solution with support for nearly every major database technology used in the data storage infrastructure," said F. Daniel Haley, President and CEO at Astrum Software. "An increasing number of companies throughout Europe are relying on Astrum Software's ASM solution to automate storage management best practices and procedures, increase availability of mission-critical applications, and drive down storage management costs." ...Astrum Software profile

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