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2003, March week 1a, Storage news

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ATLANTA - Friday, March 7, 2003 - AMI will demonstrate its newest StorTrends NAS solution featuring Linux-based software and 4 Maxtor MaXLine™ Plus II drives for up to 1TB capacity next week at CMP's XChange conference in New Orleans and at CeBIT in Hannover, Germany. The StorTrends 2104 is a 1U system with support for up to four hard drives, Pentium® 4 CPU, dual Gb/Ethernet and up to 3 GB DDR memory. AMI's StorTrends 2104 is bundled with its StorTrends 2.0 NAS Software for Linux and AMI's SRM Express management software, which can manage multiple NAS servers across the network.

The StorTrends 2.0 Linux-based software gives NAS users high performance, greater compatibility with other operating systems, less system administration and a reduction in the total cost of storage management. Version 2.0 for Linux has been revamped, not only with a Linux OS, but with new features and support, including Snapshot, hardware health monitoring, SCSI RAID controllers, a web-based console user interface, Access Control List (ACL), Active Directory Services (ADS), Network Information System (NIS), XFS file system with Journaling and a USB CDROM-based installation.

The AMI SRM Express management station is a .NET-based storage resource management software that discovers StorTrends NAS on a network, generates topological information, helps analyze enterprise-wide storage usage, allows administrators to manage multiple NAS servers through a single intuitive web-based GUI and helps to track and plan the growth of storage resources deployed across the enterprise.

''AMI's move to a Linux-based software has allowed us to provide a high-performance, flexible solution for resellers, VARs and solution providers at a reasonable price,'' said Rodney Damen, AMI's senior program manager for storage and system products. ''Our basic configuration enables our customers to create a wide range of unique solutions of nearly any capacity with fewer headaches.'' ...AMI profile

Hopkinton, Mass. - March 7, 2003 - EMC Corporation was the world's #1 provider of networked information storage (Open SAN and NAS) and external RAID systems once again in 2002, according to new market share data released today by research firm IDC. The findings also show EMC gained market share in the fourth quarter of 2002 to finish the year as the revenue leader in both the networked storage and external RAID systems markets.

According to IDC, EMC led the growing networked storage market with 30.1% revenue share in 2002, gaining market share in the fourth quarter. EMC's networked storage market share was more than 50% higher than #2 Hewlett-Packard's share in 2002, and all other suppliers were below 10% share. Networked storage accounted for 54% of all external RAID revenue in 2002, reported IDC, as customers deployed more NAS and open SAN than DAS systems for the first time.

For the sixth consecutive year, EMC also led the external RAID storage market in 2002 with 20.1% revenue share. EMC's external RAID revenue grew nearly 22% from the third quarter to the fourth quarter, according to IDC. External RAID storage includes all controller-based disk storage systems that are not embedded inside servers. ...EMC profile

BROOMFIELD, Colo. - March 6, 2003 - McDATA Corporation announced today that the company is providing open, ultra-high availability switches to Sun Microsystems, Inc. Beginning March 11, Sun can deliver to its customers McDATA's Intrepid™ 6064 Director, and McDATA's award-winning Sphereon™ 4500 Fabric Switch, which will be available later this year.

"We are pleased to offer McDATA's Intrepid 6064 Director. Like Sun, McDATA is committed to providing best-in-class solutions," said Kathleen Holmgren, vice president of marketing for Network Storage, Sun Microsystems, Inc. "Because of Sun's open SAN architecture, adding McDATA's flexible, high-availability switch is easy and will benefit our customers by enabling greater choice in SAN design."

Companies that have deployed McDATA's ultra-high availability, Intrepid Directors have enjoyed flexible, secure solutions that provide significant returns on their investments, improved application performance, simplified management of their storage networks, and a protocol-independent design that ensures future-proof SANs that seamlessly integrate emerging technologies. ...McDATA profile

See also:- articles and market analysis re: Sun market

PALO ALTO, Calif. - March 6, 2003 - HP (NYSE:HPQ) today announced the pricing of a sale of senior unsecured Global Notes totaling $500 million due March 15, 2008, with a coupon of 3.625 percent. The Global Notes will be rated "A3" by Moody's Investors Services, "A-" by Standard & Poor's and "A" by Fitch Ratings, in each case with negative outlook.

The net proceeds from the sale of the Global Notes are expected to be used for general corporate purposes, which may include capital expenditures, repurchases of common stock, payment of dividends, repayment of indebtedness of HP and its subsidiaries, acquisitions of products, technology and businesses, including related restructuring expenses and meeting working capital needs. ...HP profile

Editor's comments:- that puts your planned little trip to the ATM this weekend in the shade I guess.

COSTA MESA, Calif. - March 6, 2003 - Emulex Corporation today announced that Quantum Corp. has qualified Emulex's LightPulse PCI-X and 2Gb/s family of Fibre Channel HBAs for use with its ATL P-Series, ATL M-Series, and Quantum DX30 tape libraries in Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Solaris operating system environments. New certifications are comprised of Emulex's award-winning LP9802, LP982 and LP9402DC PCI-X HBAs, as well as the LP9002L, dual channel LP9002DC and SBus LP9002S.

"Emulex's robust suite of storage networking connectivity solutions provide a terrific platform for the Quantum enhanced data protection and tape library families to provide customers with a highly reliable and scalable SAN environment," said Dean Morash, manager of business alliances for Quantum's Storage Solutions Group. "We look forward to continuing our relationship with Emulex and are confident that our two companies' industry-leading products will deliver the robust features and functionality that our joint customers demand." ...Emulex profile, ...Quantum profile

St. Paul, MN - March 5th, 2003 - Back Again II Server Version 4.0, backup and recovery software for Windows based servers, clients, databases and applications is being offered by CDS at prices up to 55% off similar offerings by Veritas and CA on volume license programs.

"Once you get past the fact that most backup and recovery applications for Windows offer essentially the same functionality, it simply doesn't make sense to spend more for a product when you are not getting much else in return.", said Brent Bowlby, President of CDS. "Customers who are currently looking at a volume license purchase of a backup product for Windows can contact a CDS sales representative and request a free trial of our Back Again II family of data protection software and receive a competitive price quote that will beat the competition by up to 55%".

CDS offers several variations of Back Again II Server depending on the customer's requirements. Back Again II Server Workgroup Edition offers economically priced single server data protection, Back Again II Server Enterprise Edition offers unlimited network client backup, while Back Again II Server Small Business Edition offers total data protection for Microsoft Small Business Server 2000, including live data protection of SQL Server 2000 and Exchange Server.

All Back Again II Server products include boot disk based disaster recovery at no additional change. Device support includes virtually all SCSI and ATAPI/IDE tape drives, removable or fixed disk drives, network attached storage, and re-writable CD/DVD optical media. ...CDS profile

MILPITAS, Calif. - March 5, 2003 - Adaptec, Inc. today announced a beta program for IP Storage Networking solutions built on the company's groundbreaking iSCSI technology. In conjunction with leading OEMs, Adaptec is working with a broad range of customers including Trimble, Sandia Labs and the University of Michigan. The program includes SAN deployments to support a broad set of applications including Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL Server, CRM and ERP applications, databases and collaboration and messaging solutions on both Windows and Linux platforms. The installations include Adaptec iSCSI host bus adapters and leverage servers and storage systems from leading OEMs including Eurologic and Network Appliance. ...Adaptec profile

Fountain Valley, CA - March 5, 2003 - Kingston Technology Company, Inc. announced today a complete line of low latency DDR modules, with 256MB and 512MB 333MHz (PC2700) and 400MHz (PC3200) modules to its high-performance HyperX line. HyperX 370MHz (PC3000) and 434MHz (PC3500) CL2 DDR module specifications have also been updated to support lower latency timings, in both 256MB and 512MB configurations.
AMI to Exhibit New 1 TB NAS at CeBIT

IDC Report Confirms EMC Was #1 in 2002

McDATA to Provide Switches to Sun's Customers

HP Goes to the Cash Machine

Emulex Expands Certification Efforts With Quantum

CDS Beats Backup Exec & BrightStor Prices by up to 55%

Adaptec Announces IP SAN BETA Program

Kingston Broadens HyperX Memory Line

KVS and BlueArc Team to Manage E-mail

LSI Logic announces iMegaRAID

2G FibreChannel Revenue Up 138%

World's First Wireless IP SAN

EMC and Hitachi Agree to Settle All Pending Patent Litigation

EVault Secures $6 million in 3rd Round Funding

QLogic Introduces VI Over Fibre Channel

Microlite Announces Linux, UNIX Backup

Pegasus Releases InveStore v4.1

NSI Software Reports 100% Sales Growth in 2002

Sony Unveils USB/FireWire AIT Drives for SOHO Backup

iArchives Selects Spinnaker Networks SpinServer 3300

ATTO Technology Ships First Multi-protocol IP Bridge

OnStream Announces Highest Native Capacity IDE Tape Backup

Looking Ahead - the 10 biggest storage companies in 2005

earlier news (archive)
NAS on
"The storage system is the computer" said Megabyte, misquoting something he'd heard when he was younger...
Nibble: Put a new spring in the step of your old mainframe
Who do you call to speed up your old mainframe?

If you're managing a bunch of high end 64 bit servers from Sun or IBM then during the last year or so you've been seeing dismal speed ups in new processor performance, with clock speeds barely crawling ahead. Even if you could afford to upgrade your processors, is it worth it just to get maybe 10% more real performance?

But even if you get more megahertz, the real bottlenecks for most users are in their networks and mass storage.

As we reported last summer, there are dozens of companies which have been working on wire speed iSCSI accelerators which will enable users to get SAN type performance from their legacy IP based cabling. But most of that performance isn't realised in practise with the relatively slow access speeds of rotating disk drives. That's why users have been turning to Solid State Disk manufacturers for solutions that boost their database access when everything else has failed.

The recent announcement by Imperial Technology that they are now offering 1 million IOPS solid state storage with upto 1TB capacity is good news for all users who feel constrained by their current applications server speed. This is five times faster than the fastest storage products shipping to commercial users in 2002, and 25% faster than specialist storage systems used by the military.

Even if you don't think you're in the market for a $2 million storage accelerator right this minute, you will benefit from the trickle down effect from this class of product soon. Remember, there was a time when 32 bit processors were considered to be the stuff of minicomputers based in computer rooms. Now they're in your kid's den.

There was a time when fuel injection was a research project on the racetrack. Now it's just the letter "i" above your car's rear bumper.

The price points for solid state storage track memory prices, and their capacity tracks Moore's law. So over the next few years it will become a standard option to have a solid state disk accelerator fitted to most medium level servers.

What could you do with a million IOPS system?

Chances are it's a different way of working than what you're doing right now. Now is the time to start planning for a new applications environment which puts more intelligence in the sharp end.

Your kids have been using solid state storage to speed up their computer games for years. It's now something that the data center can afford too.

...Later:- less than a week later, rival Texas Memory Systems reclaimed title to their "World Fastest Storage®" crown by announcing the Tera-RamSan, a terabyte SSD system with 2 million IOPS random access performance. The buyer is always the winner in hot markets like this.
Ingrasys Technology
Ingrasys Technology, Inc. manufactures terabyte-class NAS systems and high capacity archiving systems which emulate CD/DVD jukeboxes with faster, more reliable disk to disk storage.
Squeak! - Animal Brands and Metaphors in the Storage Market
Squeak! - Animal Brands and Metaphors in the Storage Market
Animal marketing metaphors are popular in service industries, but you'd be surprised how many companies have used animals in their marketing of data storage products and services.

The storage market was worth over $150 billion in 2005, and as it gets bigger - more companies will turn to animal brands to help differentiate their otherwise bland products and lend them artificial (or deserving) characters and virtues.

The idea behind this type of marketing is to suggest positive connotations so it's unlikely that anyone will choose to associate their products with gremlins. But you may be surprised by the population of the storage ark.

This reference articles lists all known companies who have furry marketing brands, and also includes some which are slimy, scaly and scary too. the article, Mice in storage
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Kingston's HyperX modules are designed for the avid gamers and PC enthusiasts who like to maximize the performance of their systems to allow for the optimization of memory parameters. With the lower latency timings, enthusiasts can take their systems to a higher level with the increased performance provided by HyperX. news image Kingston
"Kingston's decision to expand the HyperX line is in response to our customers who requested a broader offering of HyperX products," said Mark Tekunoff, HyperX business manager, Kingston. "The HyperX memory product family now ranges upto 434MHz, making it an ideal memory solution for gamers and enthusiasts."

Kingston engineers designed and qualified HyperX modules by careful selection of memory components that were assembled and then thoroughly tested for ultimate performance. The modules were then assembled with a heat spreader and tested at their highest-rated speeds....Kingston Technology profile

SAN JOSE, CA - March 4, 2003 - KVS, a leading e-mail and content archiving solutions provider, today announced that it has formed a global strategic relationship with BlueArc™ Corporation. The partnership delivers an end-to-end archiving and retrieval system for Microsoft® Exchange and SharePoint™ Portal Server data in a way that helps companies manage the growth of data housed in corporate e-mail systems. By offering KVS Enterprise Vault with BlueArc SiliconServers, Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint customers can benefit from an enterprise e-mail archiving system that reduces operational costs and increases productivity.

With 16 billion e-mails generated everyday worldwide, e-mail has become the de-facto knowledge base for many organizations. As a result, e-mail content and its associated attachments need to be stored, not just for reference purposes, but, in many cases, to meet regulatory retention or compliance requirements. Unrestricted e-mail growth typically leads to the development of large, slow databases that are hard to protect. Frequently, the solution for managing the onslaught of data stored in e-mail is the enforcement of user quotas, which may lead to the growth of large PST files that consume large amounts of storage space, facilitating the need for the addition of disk space and servers. Archiving Exchange and SharePoint data to a fast, network-based file storage resource speeds backup time, reduces the amount of data on Exchange and SharePoint servers, and makes e-mail and document sharing more responsive.

"By combining our respective product strengths, we are able to deliver complete high-performance storage solutions with compelling operational cost and data management benefits," said Jeff Allen, SVP Marketing at BlueArc Corporation. "BlueArc's SiliconServers deliver scalable, easy to manage storage solutions, and KVS addresses the explosion and management of e-mail. The KVS BlueArc partnership means that we are able to provide a strategic long-term answer to the problem of escalating corporate data and how it is cost effectively managed, stored and retrieved without delay." ...BlueArc profile

MILPITAS, Calif. - March 4, 2003 - LSI Logic Corporation today announced its iMegaRAID™ solution with iSCSI target controllers for IP SANS. iMegaRAID will leverage LSI Logic's market-leading RAID technology and include a family of iSCSI target controllers specifically designed for external IP SAN environments that enable storage system builders to deliver iSCSI target solutions with minimal price premium over DAS. This intelligent, integrated iSCSI solution will offer products that meet the growing demand for iSCSI supporting Serial ATA RAID and Ultra320 RAID implementations.

The iMegaRAID solution will deliver the industry's first truly integrated iSCSI RAID product design for modular and efficient storage subsystems, and offer dual-port Gigabit Ethernet connectivity to16-port Serial ATA RAID providing maximum I/O performance and data throughput with affordable storage.

"Until now, the lack of a simple, intelligent iSCSI RAID target solution has created a gap and delayed the deployment of IP SANs," said Phil Bullinger, vice president and general manager of LSI Logic's RAID storage adapters division. "LSI Logic is focused on combining its proven RAID technology with the price performance advantage of iSCSI and Serial ATA to close that gap and enable storage OEMs to deploy target subsystems with proven RAID functionality."

LSI Logic will demonstrate iMegaRAID functionality in Europe at the CeBIT international tradeshow, March 12-19. LSI Logic will also showcase iMegaRAID products at the Storage Networking World tradeshow and conference in Scottsdale, AZ, April 14-17. ...LSI Logic profile

SAN JOSE, California - March 4, 2003 - Worldwide revenue for 2G FibreChannel SAN interconnection hardware grew 138% between 1H02 and 2H02, totaling $936.5 million in CY02, according to Infonetics Research's worldwide market share and forecast service, "SAN Interconnection Hardware". Revenue totaled $516.5 million in 2H02 and is projected to grow 47% to $757.4 million in 1H03.

4Q02. Market Highlights:-
  • 2G FibreChannel ports accounted for 90% of total FibreChannel ports shipped in CY02, up from 6% in CY01
  • Brocade is the market share leader for both 1G and 2G FibreChannel revenue and ports; McDATA is in strong second
  • Growth in this market is being driven by the transition from 1G to 2G technologies as companies with existing 1G SANs upgrade and new companies adopt the use of SANs, including small and medium organizations attracted by new lower-end products that better serve their needs
"What's driving 2G FibreChannel sales in 2H02 and into 2003 is that customers are now able to buy twice as much speed for the same price: 1G FibreChannel is on parity with 2G now," said Neil Osipuk, lead analyst of the report. "Vendors have also made an effort to increase the ease of management of their products, which lowers the total cost of ownership for customers and makes 2G FibreChannel even more attractive."

The SAN Interconnection Hardware report tracks 1G and 2G FibreChannel hardware and SAN hardware that supports DWDM, iSCSI, and Gigabit Ethernet. Forecasts cover all regions (worldwide, North America, EMEA, Asia/Pacific, and CALA). Companies tracked in this service include ADVA, Akara, Alcatel, Brocade, Cisco, CNT, Entrada, Infinicon, Infiniswitch, Inrange, McData, Nishan, Nortel, Paceline, PacketLight, QLogic, Stonefly, SANcastle, SAN Valley, Sorrento, Sun Microsystems, and Vixel, and will track others in future deliveries.

For the table of contents and methodology notes, please contact Larry Howard, vice president, at or 408.298.7999 x225. ...Infonetics Research profile

San Jose, Calif., and Eden Prairie, Minn. - March 4, 2003 - Nishan Systems and XIOtech Corporation today announced the successful implementation of the world's first wireless IP storage network at Steinbach Credit Union in Manitoba, Canada. Steinbach Credit Union is a leading Canadian credit union with over 47,000 members and assets in excess of one billion dollars. To ensure 7x24 access to banking information, the credit union's IT staff developed a disaster recovery (DR) strategy that would enable resumption of banking services in the event of disruption at its main data center. A new branch office in Winnipeg serves as the DR site, with data replication between Steinbach and Winnipeg providing a current and readily accessible copy of mission-critical information for the credit union's customers. Steinbach Credit Union is using XIOtech's MAGNITUDE storage platforms and REDI SAN Links Replicator software to provide data replication, and Nishan IP storage switches to transport Fibre Channel-originated data over IP network services.

Unique to the Steinbach DR solution, Proxim wireless Ethernet bridges and radio transmission towers are used to connect the primary and secondary sites. This configuration eliminates expensive "last mile" access to wide area services and provides Steinbach Credit Union with exclusive control over the WAN transport.

"Acquiring IP services to our local sites would have cost us $50,000 to $70,000 per month," said Denis Van Dale, Network Administrator for Steinbach Credit Union. "It was much more economical to build our own transmission towers and use wireless Ethernet to provide storage over IP. Once the wireless Ethernet link between Steinbach and Winnipeg was up, it only took a few hours to configure the XIOtech and Nishan products and begin moving data. Nishan's ability to rate limit the DR traffic also lets us use the wireless link to provide host access from our Winnipeg site to our XIOtech MAGNITUDE storage platforms in Steinbach. This streamlines our server administration and further reduces our overall costs." ...Nishan Systems profile, ...Xiotech profile

HOPKINTON, Mass. and TOKYO, Japan - March 4, 2003 - EMC Corporation and Hitachi, Ltd today announced the settlement of all pending patent infringement litigation, including five-year agreements which include patent cross-licenses and mutual releases, between EMC and Hitachi, Ltd. and its subsidiaries. Along with this settlement, EMC and Hitachi also agreed to a framework for exchanging technology in the form of storage related application programming interfaces (APIs), which will result in benefits for many of EMC's and Hitachi's customers. Under terms of the agreements, Hitachi has agreed to make balancing payments to EMC. The remaining terms of the cross-license agreement are confidential.

Joe Tucci, EMC President and CEO, said, "We are extremely pleased to be able to resolve these issues in a way that upholds our principles and encourages future innovation. The customers of both EMC and Hitachi, who rely on our respective information storage technologies, are the real winners." ...EMC profile, ...Hitachi Data Systems profile

Walnut Creek, Calif. - March 4, 2003 - EVault Inc today announced its third round of financing, securing more than $6 million and appointed Michael Wei, as vice president of EVault's products and services division. Lead investors Council Ventures of Nashville, Tenn., Massey Burch of Nashville, The Business Engineering, Science & Technology Discoveries Fund of Toronto, River Cities Capital Funds of Cincinnati and Linwood "Chip" Lacy Jr., former CEO of Ingram Micro, participated in the latest round. New investor, Jemison Investment Co, Inc. of Birmingham, also contributed to the Series C round of funding.

"EVault provides significant customer value by providing easily implemented solutions for the difficult data protection problems faced by small and mid-tier companies," said Gary Peat, Partner, Council Ventures. "In this period of downturn for technology and VC funding, we are extremely pleased that EVault has grown more than 50% per quarter for the last three quarters. Our investment reaffirms our commitment to support organizations like EVault who demonstrate sustained growth, create innovative technology and are involved in high-growth markets."

IDC forecasts that the storage replication and backup software market will grow from $5.6 billion in 2002 to more than $9.2 billion by 2006.

To keep pace with its growth, EVault recruited Michael Wei to fill a newly created position of vice president of products and services. Prior to joining EVault, Wei served as director of product management for ChemConnect, an online marketplace in the chemical industry with more than more than 9,000 member companie . He also brings management experience to EVault from other companies such as Siebel Systems, OneWave and Cambridge Technology Group. Wei received his bachelor's degree from Harvard University. ...EVault profile

ALISO VIEJO, Calif. - March 4, 2003 - QLogic Corp. today announced that its Fibre Channel chips and SANblade™ host bus adapters support the standards-based Virtual Interface (VI) protocol. Servers with Fibre Down™ on motherboards or with Fibre Channel HBAs now have the ability to improve response time for users of applications built on Microsoft SQL Server 2000 databases. The new products also position Fibre Channel as a higher performance alternative to IP for other low-latency networking applications such as clustering. Supported by Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Service Pack 3, the performance benefits of the SANblade QLA2350 HBA in SQL Server applications are documented in TPC-C benchmark tests performed by HP, NEC and Fujitsu-Siemens.

"Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Service Pack 3 offers customers several enhancements including support for the QLogic Virtual Interface protocol," said James Hamilton, general manager for SQL Server at Microsoft Corp. "The VI technology in the SQL Server networking layer reduces CPU consumption per transaction on the server and client systems, and improves performance."

In a test simulating 360,000 users, the NEC test configuration, including QLogic SANblade™ adapters and QLogic SANbox2™ switches, delivered 433,107.77 tpmC and a price per transaction of $12.98/tpmC. The tested configuration is expected to be available June 30, 2003. ...QLogic profile

ALIQUIPPA, PA - March 3, 2003 - Microlite Corporation and Panasonic Industrial Company today announced that Microlite's newly enhanced version of BackupEDGE SS fully supports the Panasonic DVDBurnerII in Linux and UNIX operating environments. With BackupEDGE SS and the DVD MULTI drive, users can have full or incremental backups, instant access to archived files, and complete disaster recovery using their choice of highly reliable, low-cost DVD-RAM media, as well as DVD-RW, DVD-R, CD-RW and CD-R media. Support for a wide range of storage formats provides users with the flexibility to choose the capacity that best fits their needs. Easy to install and use, BackupEDGE SS detects the Panasonic DVDBurnerII automatically - no special device drivers are required.

"BackupEDGE SS and the DVD MULTI drive are ideal for UNIX and Linux environments where backup reliability and fast recovery are a top priority," said Dana Berzin, Product Manager for Panasonic's OEM computer drives. "The inherent reliability of DVD-RAM makes it the ideal solution for backing up mission-critical applications."

BackupEDGE SS includes the RecoverEDGE disaster recovery system for Linux, UnixWare and OpenServer 5 systems. With this system, each backup created with the DVD MULTI drive can become a self-contained disaster recovery solution, enabling bare-metal recovery of crashed systems without the necessity of re-installing the operating system before restoring data files.

BackupEDGE SS release 01.02.04 with DVD MULTI support under Linux, SCO OpenServer 5.0.7, Open UNIX 8 and UnixWare 7.1.3 is now available worldwide. Versions for other UNIX systems will be available soon. Prices start at $90 for personal or non-commercial use and $300 for commercial licenses. ...Microlite profile, ...Panasonic profile

San Ramon, CA - March 3, 2003 - Pegasus Disk Technologies announced today that its InveStore Storage Management Software v4.1, for Microsoft Windows NT®, 2000 and XP is now shipping. Enhancements in the v4.1 release include: significant system performance enhancement, GUI enhancements and modifications for easier user interaction, support of DVD-RAM for WORM applications, drive letter support for backup and file migration applications, support for Windows XP.

With the average cost of 20-TB's of DVD-RAM hardware listing at about $125,000 including media and InveStore storage management software, this becomes a very economical archival system (about $5 per GB) when compared to alternative hard drive solutions that can require more than $400,000 for similar write-once capacity. ...Pegasus Disk Technologies profile

Hoboken, NJ - March 3, 2003 - Working with its Xcelerate Resellers and OEMs to provide affordable solutions, NSI Software's 2002 revenue increased 103% over 2001 revenues and its customer base surpassed 5,000 companies with the addition of 943 new customers in 2002. Demand for NSI Software's products and services remained strong within large enterprises, and sales activity increased at the departmental and mid-market levels where 24x7 application availability is becoming a priority.

In addition to achieving record-breaking sales of its Double-Take® product and professional services, NSI Software secured $15 million in new financing from ABS Capital Partners, Dell and J. & W. Seligman & Co. to drive research and development, continue its aggressive sales and marketing initiatives and further international growth.

"The market demand for our innovative, high-value products, our focus on operational efficiency and our continued commitment to customer success allowed us to exceed our major financial goals in 2002," said Don Beeler, CEO and president of NSI Software. "Our strategic partnerships with industry leaders are generating revenue, Double-Take has become the de facto standard in replication technology and market awareness surrounding the need for business continuity is at an all-time high." ...NSI Software profile

SAN JOSE, Calif. - March 3, 2003 - Sony Electronics today introduced an external AIT drive that features both Hi-Speed USB and FireWire connectors for plug-and-play connectivity with most PCs and Macintosh® computers, as well as an internal ATAPI version for use in entry-level servers and workstations. With maximum compressed capacities from 91 to 130 gigabytes and maximum native data transfer rates from 4 to 6 megabytes per second, Sony's new StorStation® AIT drives are equipped to handle high-capacity data protection and archival duties for mobile computers, desktop PCs, workstations, and small-to-midsize servers.
"Our new USB/i.LINK and ATAPI AIT drives open the door for small to midsize business users to backup and protect their largest system files, personal files, and business critical data." said Steve Baker, vice president of the Tape Storage Solutions division for Sony Electronics' Business Solutions and Systems Company. news image - Sony
The AITe90-UL external model of Sony's new USB 2.0 and i.LINK® drive now available for an estimated selling price of $899. The internal AITi90-A/S and AITi130-A/S models are also available for an estimated selling price of $779 and $1,149, respectively. ...Sony profile

PITTSBURGH, PA - March 3, 2003 - Spinnaker Networks today announced that iArchives has deployed Spinnaker's SpinServer™ 3300 as the network storage component for its content-conversion imaging technology. iArchives has purchased and deployed in production a SpinServer cluster comprised of 3 SpinServers with a total of 8 terabytes of storage capacity to service the company's advanced imaging applications that transform microfilm and other print content into searchable, digitized, online databases. iArchives selected Spinnaker after a comprehensive evaluation that pitted the SpinServer 3300 against alternative NAS products from BlueArc, EMC, LeftHand Networks and Network Appliance.

iArchives is using the SpinServers as the storage platform for its state-of-the-art software that converts content into a customized database searchable over the Internet or an intranet. Once the content is scanned, the iArchives software indexes the text, digitizes the images, attaches any needed metadata and stores the records in a database. The records are then accessed utilizing any web-based search engine. iArchives displays retrieved documents in their original format so users are sure to get the information they need in its original context. For example, a newspaper database will retrieve the article as it originally appeared, allowing the user to access surrounding information like photos and incidental data, and see a true representation of the original scanned data. ...iArchives , ...Spinnaker Networks profile

Amherst, NY- March 3, 2003 - ATTO Technology, Inc. announces today that it has begun shipping the iPBridge™ 2500C - a multi-channel Gigabit Ethernet-to-SCSI bridge. The ATTO iPBridge™ 2500C is the industry's first embedded multi-protocol IP bridge and combines proven ATTO SCSI hardware and software technology with Gigabit Ethernet. The board-level iPBridge 2500C is an embeddable solution ideal for a wide range of drive enclosures. The ATTO iPBridge 2500C supports both iSCSI and NDMP version 4.0 requirements in a single hardware solution. This dual-protocol support, coupled with the extension of life expectancy for existing storage products, results in high-value ROI for Enterprise and mid-level storage users. The ATTO iPBridge 2500C provides a stable and familiar SCSI infrastructure for end users to leverage their current Ethernet network.

By integrating the iPBridge 2500C, OEMs and System Integrators can, for example, access SCSI tape libraries attached to the bridge through NAS systems using NDMP capability or via Ethernet systems using iSCSI capability

"In keeping with our commitment to provide customers with anything-to-anything connectivity, we've designed the iPBridge 2500C as an embedded form factor bridge designed to work in multiple applications," states Sherri Robinson, director of Markets for ATTO Technology. "The standard 4U board matches our embedded FB 4600 and FB 2350 to enable OEMs to easily swap out interfaces depending on their need. We now offer scalable solutions for Fibre Channel, SCSI, ATA networks, and now, with the release of the ATTO iPBridge™ 2500C - iSCSI and NDMP networks as well." ...ATTO Technology profile

AUSTIN, Texas - March 3, 2003 - OnStream Data has unveiled the industry's highest-capacity IDE tape drive. Based on the company's patent-protected, second generation Advanced Digital Recording technology, the ADR2.120ide brings unmatched value, performance and data reliability to budget-minded IT managers implementing and protecting mission-critical applications for workgroups and small to medium-sized businesses.

Taking advantage of the widely available Enhanced IDE interface, OnStream's ADR2.120ide features data transfer speeds of up to 5 megabytes per second and a maximum capacity of 120 gigabytes per cartridge. The ADR2.120ide, bundled with TapeWare XE, supports a broad range of operating system platforms, including Microsoft Windows95, 98, 2000, ME, XP, Windows NT, Linux and NetWare 5 and 6.

OnStream's ADR2.120ide is immediately available in two bundle options, both including TapeWare XE backup software with Disaster Recovery. Customers can opt to receive one ADR2 120 gigabyte cartridge included with the drive for $799 (MSRP). Alternatively, the ADR2.120ide is available with six 120 gigabyte cartridges included for $1,099. ...OnStream profile

Editor:- March 3, 2003 - next month I'm going to update the long range forcast - the 10 biggest storage companies - 2 years' time. Based on analyzing financial data and product trends, this long range chart has proven to be remarkably accurate.

In January 2001 when I predicted that Dell would be one of the top 10 storage companies (measured by revenue) in 2003, many marketers in competing storage vendors contacted me to say they thought I was up the creek. They didn't even regard Dell as a storage company. Unfortunately a lot of those skeptical readers probably don't have jobs any more, as their companies have been shunted aside by Dell's voracious appetite for market share.

The big change we're now seeing in the storage market is the shift in gravity from West to East. If you look at the revenues of the top 100 storage companies today more of them are now based in Asia, and less are in the US. There's a whole bunch of reasons for that, such as years of recession in the US, lower manufacturing costs and faster network storage growth in some parts of Asia. Will that affect the top 10? And if it does, who's going to drop out? Keep tuned to these pages to learn the answers. If you're a marketer in a company not previously listed in these articles, and you think your company will have storage revenues around $7 billion in 2005, send me an email telling me why.

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