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SSD news - May 1 - 7, 2011

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WhipTail removes sign-up barrier for case studies

Editor:- May 6, 2011 - WhipTail Technologies has responded to my request to remove the sign-in barrier for their customer SSD acceleration case studies - although they haven't all been optimized for web downloads.

For example the 2 page pdf re the Ohio DODD - is an unnecessarily bloated 13MB.

Despite that - I think many of you with complex SAN environments who have held off SSD acceleration due to the unknown interaction factors in your systems will find it reassuring reading some of these stories.

SandForce names trusted partner for SSD data recovery

Editor:- May 5, 2011 - SandForce today named DriveSavers as a member of its trusted partners program.

"DriveSavers was our first choice to expand the SandForce Trusted program to include data recovery services," said Kent Smith, Senior Director of Product Marketing for SandForce. "While SandForce SSD Processors eliminate the most common data loss scenarios through DuraClass NAND flash management features, DriveSavers can provide the SSD a safety net should the unexpected SSD failure happen and data loss occurs."

Editor's comments:- although many data recovery companies have developed techniques to deal with SSDs - some SSDs are difficult or impossible to recover without the support of the original controller company. This is a significant announcement because it makes SandForce SSDs more attractive in consumer markets. Over 90% of consumers don't do reliable backups.

Dataram delivers 24x speedup for telco

Editor:- May 5, 2011 - Dataram has started to say more about the speedup ratios that customers are seeing with its XcelaSAN (the industry's first SSD ASAP).

One of my 11 SSD predictions for 2011 was that SSD marketers would start to talk the language of xN speedups for common apps or customer groups rather than simply tossing around native IOPS and throughput numbers.

"We knew from the outset that XcelaSAN would deliver unbeatable value and performance to our customers, and we are now seeing proof of the many financial and business benefits that all our users are receiving." said John Freeman, President and CEO of Dataram. "We are very pleased to find that our customers can now do more at lower CapEx and OpEx, while extending the usable life of their equipment in a wide range of business environments."

flash SSD capacity - the iceberg syndrome

Editor:- May 4, 2011 - ever wondered how much of the flash capacity inside your SSD actually appeared on the invoice? You may be surprised how much more lies beneath the surface.

A new article today on discusses the wide differences of approach within the SSD market when it comes to surface visible flash capacity.

SMART samples 1.8" slim 64GB SLC SSDs

Editor:- May 3, 2011 - SMART is sampling a new 64GB 1.8" Slim (39x54x4mm ) SATA SLC SSD for embedded applications.

The XceedIOPS iSATA Slim has a typical power consumption of 0.5W at +5VDC and supports automatic 5V/3.3V input power selection. R/W throughput is upto 120/115MB/s and 14K/1.4K R/W IOPS.

"Because the XceedIOPS iSATA Slim SSD is designed to a JEDEC industry standard, SMART anticipates many OEM customers will adopt this form-factor as the platform of choice for existing and new product development activities," said John Scaramuzzo, SMART's Senior VP and General Manager, Storage Business Unit.

TMS updates SSD patents list

Editor:- May 3, 2011 - new (to me) is a patents directory on Texas Memory Systems' website which lists the company's US patents which are mostly related to ensuring the integrity of data in fast SSDs.

The most recent - issued a few weeks ago - is related to dealing with timing skews which occur in all digital systems - but which become more significant when data throughput approaches the speed limits of the associated chip driver technology and board layout environment. The patent covers a TMS technique for fine tuning set-up and hold times and extracting reliable data. Other TMS patents in the last year relate to variable size page data striping in flash arrays and a scheme for reducing read disturb errors. See also:- SSD patents (editor mentions on

Kaminario gets another $15 million funding

Editor:- May 2, 2011 - Kaminario today announced it has secured $15 million in Series C funding bringing its total investor funding to $34 million.

"Kaminario expects to sell to companies of all sizes, since almost every company has at least one application that needs a jump in its storage performance," said Dani Golan, its co-founder and chief executive.

Fusion-io aims to accelerate MIL bots

Editor:- May 2, 2011 - Fusion-io today announced that it will participate in the Coalition Warrior Interoperability Demonstration - an annual event that engages cutting-edge information technology focusing on operational shortfalls identified by combatant commanders and government agencies.

"More than ever, rapid interpretation of multiple points of data in real-world, wartime environments can mean the difference between life or death for soldiers and civilians," said Fred Vasofsky, Fusion-io Director of Federal Systems. "Fusion-io understands how critically important it is for warfighters and analysts to be able to quickly and correctly interpret field data. Through our participation in CWID, our military leaders will be able to assess how our technology can make a significant contribution to the defense and disaster response-related activities of our nation and allies."

Editor's comments:- many early SSD makers started in the defense market and then later diversified into civilian markets. It's been unusual for the flow to go the other way. But this announcement by Fusion-io shows that enterprise technologies which speed critical decision making (by people or bots) can migrate from civilian to defense applications if they are fast enough and deemed to be reliable enough to make a worthwhile difference.

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the 3 fastest PCIe SSDs?
Are you tied up in knots trying to shortlist flash SSD accelerators ranked according to published comparative benchmarks?

You know the sort of thing I mean - where a magazine compares 10 SSDs or a blogger compares 2 SSDs against each other. It would be nice to have a shortlist so that you don't have to waste too much of your own valuable time testing unsuitable candidates wouldn't it?

StorageSearch's long running fastest SSDs directory typically indicates 1 main product in each form factor category but those examples may not be compatible with your own ecosystem.

If so a new article - the 3 fastest PCIe SSDs list (or is it really lists?) may help you cut that Gordian knot. Hmm... you may be thinking that StorageSearch's editor never gives easy answers to SSD questions if more complicated ones are available.
the 3 fastest  PCIe SSDs  - click to read article But in this case you'd be wrong. (I didn't say you'd like the answers, though.) the article
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