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MINNEAPOLIS, MN - April 7, 2003 - CNT today announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Inrange Technologies Corporation in an all-cash transaction valued at approximately $190 million, or $2.31 per Inrange share. CNT and SPX Corporation (NYSE: SPW) have entered into an agreement whereby SPX will sell its approximately 91% interest in Inrange to CNT. The remainder of the shares will be acquired at the same price by a merger immediately following the acquisition from SPX. The boards of directors of CNT and SPX have unanimously approved the agreement.

Upon completion of the acquisition, CNT will be one of the world's largest providers of complete storage networking products, solutions and services, with 2002 pro-forma annual revenues of approximately $435 million, global leadership positions in Fibre Channel and wide area network switching, and operations worldwide.

The transaction, which is subject to antitrust clearance and customary closing conditions, is expected to close in the second quarter of 2003. ...CNT profile, ...INRANGE Technologies profile,

NAB Booth # SU5003, Las Vegas, NV - April 7, 2003 - Alacritech today announced an OEM agreement with Pinnacle Systems, Inc., a leading provider of cutting-edge digital media, storage and play-back solutions. Pinnacle will integrate the Alacritech 1000x1 Single-Port Gigabit Ethernet Server and Storage Accelerator into its Vortex News line of Media Access Servers and the Palladium Store-100 server to provide the industry's top performance and scalability for content creators working in digital broadcast news environments. ...Alacritech profile, ...Pinnacle Systems

San Ramon, CA - April 7, 2003 - Pegasus announced today that it has appointed Trident Tek, a leading Value Added Distributor for storage management solutions, as a new distributor in North America. The agreement will expand the potential market for Pegasus' InveStore archive management software by enabling Trident Tek to offer complete archiving solutions to its customers.

Offering a full range of storage management technologies and solutions from established manufacturers, Trident Tek is well-positioned to service their large base of VARs who develop and implement data lifecycle management and archiving solutions into vertical markets such as medical imaging, video archive and other content management markets. Trident Tek is constantly looking to provide more comprehensive solutions for its partners by embracing leading storage offerings. As the need to manage and archive large amounts of data continues to increase, Trident Tek made the decision to partner with Pegasus to further enhance its offerings in order to provide its customers with a complete archiving solution encompassing hardware and software.

"We are very please to have Pegasus on board. Pegasus provides additional expertise and depth to our data storage solutions," said Paul Zsebedics, President and CEO of Trident Tek. "The Pegasus product line brings a new level of archive solutions to Trident Tek. Data lifecycle and data archive interests are growing within our customer base and our sales and we are excited about the new opportunities Pegasus offers our company." ...Pegasus Disk Technologies profile, ...Trident Tek profile

FREMONT, Calif. - April 7, 2003 - M-Systems today announced the availability of enhanced security features within its Fast Flash Disk (FFD) ATA, IDE and SCSI product lines. The new features allow M-Systems' FFD products to be sanitized (purged) of confidential data within rigid standards set down by the government of the United States. FFD products now comply with security guidance from the Department of Defense (DoD 5220.22-M National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual), National Security Agency (NSA 130-2), Air Force (AFSSI 5020), Army (380-19) and the Navy (Navso 5239).

The security erase feature, which enables all data to be erased from the flash disk in seconds, can also be used selectively, erasing only part of the disk. This partial security erase feature found within M-Systems' FFD products enables customers to delete only the confidential data, making the disk immediately ready for the next mission. Another feature now available within FFD products is auto-resume security erase. This feature enables customers to confidentially guarantee that sensitive data will be automatically erased, even if power is unstable or completely lost, once power is resumed. ...M-Systems profile

LAS VEGAS, NV - April 7, 2003 - JMR Electronics, in a bold move that signals the birth of a new application of PCI-based storage, will show their new PSAN storage technology at a demonstration for attendees of NAB 2003. JMR's PSAN was created as a high performance alternative to Fibre Channel SAN solutions and the technology will allow IT professionals to easily deploy highly scalable storage solutions at lower cost than comparable Fibre Channel solutions. With its PCI bus-based architecture, JMR's PSAN easily exceeds FC-2 performance by routinely delivering sustained throughput of 270MB/sec.

"PSAN is a brand new technology that's not SCSI, not Fibre Channel, but uses a PCI bus-based approach that enables unequaled high speed storage infrastructures with existing drive components," Josef Rabinovitz, president and CEO, JMR Electronics, said. "PSAN technology is a new way of implementing storage, allowing fast, scalable and affordable networked storage that can be deployed at less than a penny a Megabyte."

JMR Electronics, a leading manufacturer of data storage solutions offering a wide selection of Fibre Channel, SCSI, IDE and Serial ATA storage systems, has created this "first of a kind" PCI bus-based storage technology to bring IT professionals a cost-effective, highly scalable alternative to Fibre SAN solutions.JMR Electronics will be demonstrating their PSAN in booth (SL3132) this week at NAB 2003. ...JMR Electronics profile

REDWOOD CITY, CA - April 07, 2003 - Decru, Inc. today announced availability for the Decru DataFort™ FC520, a high performance storage security appliance designed for 2GB Fibre Channel storage networks. Decru also unveiled upcoming NAS and SAN platform features including DataFort tape encryption and host authentication for Fibre Channel SAN environments, Lifetime Key Management™ software and NAS Active Failover.

With a new module that supports tape libraries, DataFort users can now transparently encrypt backup media. DataFort offers unique flexibility for protecting primary and secondary storage. Depending on their requirements, customers can elect to encrypt tapes, storage devices, or both, using one DataFort FC520 platform.

In addition to native support for 2GB Fibre Channel networks, the DataFort FC520 offers added fabric security. Host authentication protects against attacks on a SAN whereby a new host is added to the fabric, and then used to access information from disk. With cryptographic host authentication enabled, a user ID and password must be entered in order for a new host to be recognized.

Decru's Lifetime Key Management™ application simplifies key management in multi-DataFort environments, ensuring that as keys are rotated over time, data can always be decrypted. The software provides a centralized, secure interface for managing and backing up encryption keys. In a disaster recovery scenario, a Software Recovery Agent is also available to decrypt data using smart cards and pass phrases. The Lifetime Key Management application integrates seamlessly with the DataFort platform in both NAS and SAN configurations.

Building on Decru's existing SAN clustering and failover technologies, Decru DataFort E440 will incorporate new features to guarantee high availability in NAS environments. Active failover support allows DataForts to be securely deployed in clusters, sharing encryption keys between nodes for seamless failover. The Decru DataFort FC520 configuration is available immediately, priced at $35,000. Other announced enhancements are planned for availability by Summer 2003. ...Decru profile

HOUSTON - April 7, 2003 - Ovation today announced it has contracted with Sony to be their first Master Systems Integrator for Sony-branded SAIT products. Under this agreement, Ovation will be the first master VAR/SI for new-generation Sony-branded SAIT tapes, drives, and libraries to VARs and systems integrators in the USA.

"We are proud we have been contracted to be Sony's first Master Systems Integrator to distribute new-generation Sony-branded SAIT technology. Sony-branded SAIT products incorporate leading-edge technology, which will allow VARs and others to maximize that value in integrated solutions and give customers a lower TCO. We will welcome enquiries from VARs and integrators about how they can obtain the new-generation Sony-branded SAIT products from us," said Gerald Johnson, general manager of the Data Storage Division of Ovation.

"Ovation DSD continues to be a stellar Master VAR/SI of Sony. Ovation DSD consistently delivers high-quality storage solutions, and has gone beyond expectations to ensure that their Sony-solutions' customers have high levels of satisfaction with our products. We are proud that Ovation DSD will be the first Master Systems Integrator for Sony to provide the new-generation Sony-branded SAIT technology," said Tom Yuhas, director of data systems solutions for Sony Electronics' Business Systems & Solutions Company.

As a Master Systems Integrator for Sony, Ovation DSD is licensed to provide Sony-branded SAIT products to resellers and integrators in the USA. Enquiries about Sony-branded products and Ovation DSD services can be e-mailed to ...Ovation Data Services profile, ...Sony profile

Hopkinton, Mass., and Tustin, Calif. - April 7, 2003 - EMC Corporation and MTI Technology Corp. today announced a global agreement whereby MTI will sell the complete line of EMC Automated Networked Storage™ systems and software. In addition, MTI becomes a member of the EMC Authorized Services Network and will provide end-to-end service for the CLARiiON® family. Under this agreement, EMC will be MTI's exclusive disk-based storage systems supplier.

The agreement will enable MTI to provide best in class storage solutions from their partnerships with leading disk, tape and software manufacturers. MTI is a leader in delivering high-availability storage solutions, offering a comprehensive suite of professional services, which include consulting, design, implementing and servicing enterprise and midrange storage solutions.

Under the terms of the agreement, MTI will combine its core services capabilities – including storage networking assessment, installation, resource management and enhanced data protection – with EMC's leading Symmetrix® and CLARiiON networked storage systems and platform-based software, Celerra™ Network Servers, Centera™ CAS systems and the Connectrix™ family of directors and switches. In addition, MTI will offer EMC's open management, infrastructure and protection software to help customers reduce management costs and complexity and lower total cost of ownership. MTI will also continue to fully support and service all existing products for its own installed customer base. ...EMC profile, ...MTI Technology profile

SAN JOSE, Calif - April 7, 2003 - Intransa claims to have set a new bar for network storage today by bringing the first full-featured, enterprise-class IP-based SAN to the market. Priced under $20 per gigabyte, Intransa's IP5000 Storage System extends the benefits of SANs to a broad range of applications and user environments at about one-fifth the cost of today's current SAN products. The system scales from 3 to 10 terabytes of total capacity initially and leverages existing Ethernet and IP networks to provide administrators a robust and familiar solution that enables them to freely add highly available storage without concerns for cost or complexity.

The IP5000 is based on the patented IntraStor™ architecture, which provides a smarter approach to implementing network storage through intelligent, self-healing and self-managing features that free up critical IT resources. The IP5000 installs easily and scales simply by attaching additional storage or controller modules to the Ethernet network. The IP5000 Storage System is expected to ship in June 2003 with an MSRP of $62,500 for a 3.2 TB unit. The IP5000 will be available through a select group of resellers.

"Our focus has been on developing a cost-effective, quickly deployable and easily managed networked storage solution that makes the benefits of SANs practical for entry-level and mid-tier enterprise applications," said Intransa CTO, Peter Wang. "By transforming the way networked storage systems are designed, we're able to extend the benefits of SAN technology to customers who previously may not have deployed SAN solutions due to their cost and complexity." ...Intransa profile

Mountain View, CA - April 7, 2003 - In its ongoing effort to accelerate the adoption of the SNIA's Storage Management Initiative Specification (SNIA SMI-S), the Storage Management Forum (SMF) today introduced new education programs for vendors, developers and end users. In addition to the multiple activities that are planned for Storage Networking World this month in Phoenix, Arizona, the SMF is offering the first SMI-S training course, "SMI-S Developers Education." The course is planned for May 19th through the 23rd at the SNIA Technology Centre in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

"This first offering will focus on training developers to leverage this new technology specification," stated Julie Ryan, the SNIA's SMF Education Committee chair. "When developers are properly trained, development times are reduced so products can get to market more quickly." ...SNIA profile

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. and PARIS, France - April 7, 2003 - Atempo today announced that Rick Wojcik has been elected to its Board of Directors. Wojcik brings many years of international expertise in the storage industry. He worked for EMC Corporation from 1985 to 2002 where he served in a variety of senior executive positions. From January 2000 to July 2002, Rick was Vice President of Channel Sales EMEA, in charge of driving the revenue opportunities through system integrators, independent software vendors, OEMs, value added resellers and distributors. In 1998-99, Rick held the position of Vice President of Sales EMEA for EMC, where he was responsible for all sales and operations for Europe, Middle East, and Africa driving revenues from $800 million to $1.3 billion. Prior to that, he held various management positions for the Company in Asia and Europe.

"Rick is a storage industry veteran with over 17 years of senior executive experience with an industry leader. As we move forward into our next phase of growth, Rick's tremendous depth of business experience and expertise will be invaluable to Atempo," said Thierry Flajoliet, President and CEO, Atempo. "Rick's insights will provide valuable input to Atempo's executive staff and we're thrilled to have him join us." ...Atempo profile

Editor:- April 4, 2003 - A new article is published today on STORAGEsearch from ActionFront Data Recovery, called "The Data Emergency Guide - Professional Edition." This new 25 page guide is aimed at adminstrators of servers who are faced with a data loss situation in which the backup does not work, or is incomplete. In a crisis doing the wrong things can make things worse. If you are not yet in facing that problem, but want to know things that your backup software vendor may never tell you, this is a useful guide which will help you plan to avoid the ultimate disaster.

Data recovery services are often associated in people's minds with restoring data from single damaged disks or tapes. But actually recovering data from RAID systems and NAS is also quite common. ActionFront has completed over 10,000 data recoveries and this guide is based on their experience. I suggest downloading the guide and printing it out now. Should you need it in the future, you may not be able to access the internet conveniently and your bookmarks may be on the server which is down. the article (pdf), ...ActionFront Data Recovery profile

MILPITAS, CA - April 3, 2003 - LSI Logic Corporation today announced full production availability of its MegaRAID® Serial ATA 150-2 RAID storage adapter. The MegaRAID SATA 150-2 is currently shipping to tier-one OEMs globally. A retail version for distribution customers will also be available in late April. ...LSI Logic profile

MILPITAS, Calif. - April 03, 2003 - DISC Inc. today announced the availability of DISCSTOR/nas-HA, a feature-rich advancement to its current network attached storage solution. The High-Availability and Clustering features of DISCSTOR/nas-HA allow customers the ability to combine the speed and performance of hard-disk drives with the long-term stability and portability of optical storage.

DISCSTOR/nas is a dedicated network attached file server and storage system that gives users a complete storage and archive solution. With features such as scalable volume sets and transparent access to data, users have the flexibility of distributed storage throughout the enterprise. Data that would otherwise be taken offline, in storage-limited environments, can be made continuously accessible with DISCSTOR/nas. Administrators can set up the device to operate as a logical drive and can control simultaneous data migration policies and multiple volume sets for individual departments and workgroups. Volume sets can scale in capacity as software management monitors usage levels and will automatically prompt the administrator for additional storage capacity as required. Critical applications requiring High-Availability are ensured of continuous data storage in the event of component failure through the self-backing, self-archiving technology in DISCSTOR/nas. By deploying a DISCSTOR/nas storage system administrators can reduce downtime and increase productivity.

"The storage industry as a whole has already proven that it can roll out high-capacity systems that are designed for storing hot and frequently used data," stated Bob Riland, President and CEO of DISC. "The next challenge is in designing a complete solution that can provide near and long-term storage capabilities while ensuring the data will be available 24x7. Using High-Availability and Clustering we have designed DISCSTOR/nas-HA to do just this, offering users a highly reliable, cost-effective strategy to enable instantaneous data access while protecting data integrity"

DISCSTOR/nas is compatible across the entire DISC product line, giving users seamless connectivity up to 10 TBs of decentralized storage on the network and is available immediately. ...DISC profile

TAMPA, FL - April 3, 2003 - Northern today announces the release of Quota Server 2003, the award-winning quota management solution installed by 45% of the Global Fortune 100. From its easy-to-use management console to Microsoft Exchange support, QS 2003 centralizes and simplifies administration of diverse user populations and their storage environments. Other key new enterprise-grade features include a new Central Database that gives admins greater flexibility and control in managing storage data, and a wizard-based means of developing and implementing storage policies, significantly simplifying a previously cumbersome process.

"The latest release of Quota Server was driven by customer demand for flexible storage resource management that can be tailored to an organization's specific needs and objectives," said Thomas Vernersson, Northern's President. "The flexibility built into Quota Server implicitly recognizes the fact that organizations have different data infrastructures and different policies in how valuable network resources are to be used. It also recognizes that users acquire and store data according to their need and role. The new version of Quota Server enables organizations to intelligently allocate storage resources, which translates into significant cost savings and operational efficiencies."

Quota Server is where storage policies are set in the form of quotas and protocols established for disk objects and users based on group, departmental or individual needs and business objectives. In addition, administrators can apply file-blocking quotas to remove entire file types from their systems (e.g., mp3 files). When a quota is exceeded, an alert prompts the software for a specified response, which automatically prevents a user from exceeding their quota and generates instructions as to how the user can remedy this situation. The S.R.P. for Quota Server 2003 is $995 for a single server installation. Multi-pack discounts are available. ...Northern profile

GOLDEN, CO - April 3, 2003 - ASACA Corporation announced an OEM agreement today with Leitch Technology Corporation, a global leader in the design, development and distribution of high-performance audio and video infrastructure to the professional video industry. According to the agreement, Leitch will begin integrating ASACA's new FireFly DM series digital virtual libraries into their broad, Emmy® award-winning portfolio of server products, and will provide worldwide distribution and support to the broadcast and professional video production industries.

"FireFly is ideal for the rigorous storage demands of the broadcast and video industries," said Carsten Baumann, Director of Product Management for Leitch Inc. "Our customer's require on-demand access to very large, high-resolution video files, and FireFly is uniquely capable of providing users with RAID-like file access at a priced close to that of many tape-based solutions. Paired with our software and support, video professionals will be equipped not only to generate and maintain high-quality video, but to improve overall efficiency as well." ...ASACA profile, ...Leitch Technology profile

SAN JOSE, Calif. - April 3, 2003 - Addonics Technologies has announced a complete family of high-speed Serial ATA storage solutions, which includes a line of ATA host controllers, IDE/ATAPI conversion boards, external hard drive kits and RAID solutions to support Serial ATA's 150-MB/sec transfer rate. The Addonics IDE-Serial ATA converter is a cost effective solution for converting standard IDE and ATAPI devices to the new Serial ATA interface standard. It has been designed to mount to the back of any IDE hard drive or ATAPI device such as DVD-R/RW, CDRW, DVD-ROM.

For users who want a simple Serial ATA upgrade, the Addonics Serial ATA PCI Host Controller instantly adds two Serial ATA ports to any desktop computer via a PCI slot. No software drivers or complicated switches or jumper settings are required. The Addonics Serial ATA PCI host controller is compatible with all ATA33/66/100/133 hard drives and ATATPI devices. It includes on board RAID 0 (Mirroring and Duplexing) and RAID 1 (disk striping) support. ...Addonics Technologies profile

PORTLAND, OR - April 3, 2003 - LaCie announced the newest member of its storage family, the LaCie Ethernet Disk. Boasting amazing capacity of up to 500GB, this network storage system is the first to deliver a Microsoft Windows XP Embedded operating system. Ideal for small- and medium-sized business environments, it will store, backup and share files among as many as 25 users.
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earlier news (archive)
scsi cards
SCSI adapter cards on
Megabyte found that SCSI was a safe and reliable way to connect between storage systems.

Nibble:- Why Good Fuel Consumption Doesn't Sell ATA Network Storage

ecently companies like EMC and Spinnaker Networks have joined the slow moving ATA disk network storage bandwaggon. This is the one in which which you can buy a SAN or NAS stuffed with low cost ATA connected disks, instead of faster and more expensive SCSI or fibre-channel models.

The sales pitch goes something like this. The basic low cost disk drives which you find in a new PC give adequate performance running at 7,200 RPM. Although you can buy disks which run more than twice as fast - the cost penalty is not worthwhile in many real-life applications.

If the accountant is the person in charge of buying storage in your organisation, then this argument put forward by EMC says it all. The ATA populated CLARiiON can slash "50% of the list price in large systems configurations". ...And a 50% reduction off an EMC price is not an inconsiderable sum.

This is not a new idea. Nexsan Technologies was the first company to put its head over the parapet a couple of years ago. The idea that anyone might knowingly want to buy a disk storage system which was not the absolutely fastest was novel at the time.

Surely, when you buy a new computer system you want it to be as fast as you can afford. This is a classic buyer argument. After all, you have to live with the system for many years, during which demand will increase and technology will pass you by. Not necessarily so - said Nexsan. There are lots of situations when the disk storage doesn't have to be so fast - such as archiving data onto disk, instead of tape for example. That was still a theoretical consideration to users a few years ago, because no one was doing this very much.

But the germ of this idea spread and took root. Last year some bigger manufacturers started doing pretty much the same thing. StorageTek called their product BladeStore. Network Appliance called theirs NearStore, while ASACA went one step further with its 48TB FireFly by using Serial ATA hard drives, which can be switched off to save power until the data is actually needed.

Despite all that, the ATA network storage market has been slow to take off, and I think that owes more to emotional factors than the drag from a sluggish economy.

When you buy a car, you know that most of the time it will be parked and doing zero miles per hour. When you're actually driving, the combination of traffic congestion and speed limits, means that you may only average 20 MPH in the town and maybe no better than 50 MPH on the open road. But most drivers still feel more attracted to a Ferrari than a Skoda.

I'm a cautious (read - slow) driver. And I'm very happy with my Renault Clio which my wife mockingly refers to as being powered by a rubber band. It is true, that recently I borrowed my wife's Audi A6, in which the engine alone cost more than my entire car, and found I could comfortably knock 20 minutes off the 2 hour journey time to see my sister, even while keeping to the speed limits and sticking with the winding cross country route which I prefer. That's because, with the Audi, I could overtake slow moving tractors or horse cars. That's something which the rubber band powered Clio can't safely do.

And maybe that kind of worry is a factor slowing down the new ATA network storage market.

The end to end performance of most systems is not driven by the average speed, but by peaks and bottlenecks.

Even if the new low cost ATA disk based network storage systems have been purchased for one application, the fact is organizations change, and there's the suspicion that the accountant will say - That's it! No more IT budget this year. Out of necessity you could end up redeploying it your main online storage. It may be faster than what you have in place today, and even if it does what is claimed when doing an incremental backup there will still be the niggling doubt that it will get you up that hill fast enough when you really put your foot down in an emergency.

It may take more than numerical arguments to lift this market off to the next level. That may only happen when there are enough pioneers out there who have the experience of using them and can share their experiences. Until that time users are no more likely to buy storage systems based on gigabytes per dollar, than they buy cars based on miles per gallon fuel efficiency. Emotion, not logic, sometimes gives the right answers.

See also:- Disk to disk backup

Tabernus, LLC is an international software development company specializing in SCSI, iSCSI, Fibre Channel, SATA, SAS, and related diagnostics and testing.
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The LaCie Ethernet Disk offers amazingly-easy setup and simple administration. Simply plug in the power cord, connect the Ethernet cable, power on the drive, and the drive can be up and running in less than 10 minutes. Equipped with an intuitive, user-friendly interface, the LaCie Ethernet Disk can be easily accessed, managed and maintained via any Web browser.

"With today's shared workspaces, users are looking for efficient and competitive solutions with minimal administration required," said Olivier Mirloup, LaCie senior product manager. "Our Ethernet Disk provides just that: large-capacity network storage for workgroups at possibly the most affordable price ever."

The LaCie Ethernet Disk can easily be incorporated into a variety of environments. Its sturdy aluminum design allows it to be used as a stand-alone device that, when positioned on the desktop, can support a monitor weighing as much as 40 lbs.
news image - stockage nouveau
Megabyte had heard that the storage market was a bit different in France.
This drive can also be stacked with other LaCie d2 devices, or easily integrated into 19-inch racks.The LaCie Ethernet Disk is available at suggested retail prices of:- 80GB - $599, 160GB - $799, 250GB - $999, 500GB - $1,499. ...LaCie profile

Editor's comments:- to you and me it's just a boring NAS, but "Ethernet Disk" sounds more technical. Will it catch on? Maybe there should be a vote in the UN...

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA - April 2, 2003 - LEGATO Systems, Inc. today announces the availability of DiskXtender 2000™ version 5.4 and DiskXtender® UNIX/Linux version 2.6, enabling customers to more effectively meet the challenges of rapid storage growth, high downtime costs, shrinking backup windows, and achieving regulatory compliance. These enterprise data migration solutions automatically move inactive or fixed content data to more cost-effective storage while maintaining seamless user access.

"Keeping fixed-content data on production application servers can be inefficient because it competes for the resources of the application server – resources that can be better allocated to the manipulation of non-fixed-content production data. Off-loading fixed-content data onto an appropriate storage device frees up application servers to perform more efficiently," said John Webster, Senior Analyst and Founder, Data Mobility Group. "LEGATO, through its DiskXtender suite, continues to help corporations, government entities and education organizations manage the growth of fixed-content information, while reducing storage costs and data protection demands."

Data that is accessed with little frequency can often consume as much as 80% of primary high performance disk space. By automatically migrating inactive data to nearline storage, such as low cost ATA disk devices, specialized network storage devices, SAN-attached arrays, tape, or optical storage, DiskXtender customers can substantially reduce their cost per megabyte, and complete data recovery and backup operations in 1/5th the time. ...Legato Systems profile

Delft, Netherlands - April 2, 2003 - Freecom's FX-10 external DVD+RW drive is now even faster: The 4x DVD-writer can write a standard DVD in just 15 minutes, while DVDs can be re-written at 2.4x speed. CDs can be written at 16x speed and re-written at 10x speed. The drive also offers 12x DVD reading speed and a 40x speed for reading CDs. The FX-10 is a fast, all-in-one unit with a stylish look - the perfect combination of technology and design. The drive is easy to install and operate, and is connected via the USB 2.0 interface for maximum performance with the PC or Notebook.

The Freecom FHD-1 is a fast and quiet external hard disk with one-button data synchronisation. The mobile data memory offers maximum performance via USB 2.0, memory capacities of 40, 60, 80 or 120 GB and absolute reliability. With the intelligent hard disk, you can quickly add memory capacity to your computer, the unique SYNC function with intelligent data comparison manages your data at a single finger tip. Thanks to USB 2.0, the FHD-1 offers hi-speed data transfer rates of up to 480 Mbit per second, and at the same time guarantees rapid access to all data. ...Freecom Technologies profile

SAN JOSE, Calif. - April 2, 2003 - Snap Appliance today announced that it is rolling Southern California engineering operations into its San Jose headquarters. The company's core engineering group in San Jose will assume next generation technology development, the primary focus of the Irvine-based engineering facility.

"Snap Appliance is a storage industry leader because we proactively look at ways in which we can maximize our resources and provide the most benefit to the customer," says Eric Kelly, president and CEO of Snap Appliance. "By concentrating our engineering staff in one location, we can more effectively share resources, maximize the leadership of the engineering management team, and provide a more unified platform for next generation technology development. This union will enhance our ability to introduce innovative new products for our customers." ...Snap Appliance profile

New York - April 2, 2003 - Dell today announced that it has begun manufacturing Dell/EMC CX200 storage systems worldwide, and has introduced new entry-level SAN "bundles" to support the business-critical application needs of small- and medium-sized businesses. Growing businesses are increasingly moving to high-availability networked storage to provide maximum uptime for their applications. The new SAN bundles based on the Dell EMC CX200 storage system are ideal for small-scale database applications, including Oracle9iTM Database. In addition, as customers' data requirements grow, the modular architecture of Dell EMC storage arrays allows customers to scale their systems to meet changing business needs. To simplify the management of Dell EMC storage systems, customers can use VisualSAN software to monitor and control the SAN from a central console, as well as troubleshoot issues through online support tools.

"Since we announced our strategic relationship over a year ago, more than 2,500 new customers have realized the performance, value and cost advantages of purchasing Dell/EMC storage systems," said Russ Holt, vice president and general manager of Dell's storage business. "Applying our world-class manufacturing and supply chain efficiencies is helping to further drive down the cost of managing business-critical applications - making networked storage affordable for organizations of all sizes, across all industries."

For example, a Dell/EMC CX200 storage system configured for two PowerEdge servers with three years of service and support is available for prices starting at $19,500. Dell also offers training, planning and implementation services to help customers design and deploy their SAN. ...Dell Computer profile, ...EMC profile

Bristol, UK - April 2, 2003 - Elipsan was established today through the spin off of the IP-SAN division of Eurologic Systems. Its mission is to simplify the management and deployment of IP-SAN networked storage solutions. Elipsan offers the market IP based storage solutions by taking the cost advantage and ease of management of network infrastructure, combining it with the performance and functionality of network storage technologies to address the storage challenges of data availability, total cost of ownership, resource utilization and reliability.

"We are excited by the large market opportunity that exists for a solution that can bring the benefits of SAN technology to users discouraged by the cost and complexity of Fibre channel." said Hans O'Sullivan, CEO of Elipsan. "There is a perfect fit between the Elipsan product family and market requirements. Users can leverage the same technical expertise and network infrastructure which already exists in most businesses, to deploy flexible scalable storage architectures using standard equipment." ...Elipsan profile

COSTA MESA, Calif. - April 2, 2003 - Emulex Corporation today announced that it shipped its one millionth Fibre Channel host bus adapter during the first quarter of calendar year 2003. Emulex, which began shipping Fibre Channel HBAs in 1996, has shipped 44% of its total units during the past five quarters.

Dell'Oro Group's recently-released SAN Report also confirms Emulex increased its HBA market share lead during 2002 from 40 to 45 percent. Emulex was a pioneering company in the Fibre Channel and SAN markets, and today claims 8 of the top 10 server and storage OEMs as its customers. Further, Emulex is the leading provider of Fibre Channel connectivity solutions to EMC, HP and IBM.

"The shipment of our one millionth HBA last quarter is a significant accomplishment for Emulex as we continue our leadership position in the storage networking industry," said Paul Folino, Chairman and CEO of Emulex. "Our dedication to providing our customers with high-performance, reliable and flexible solutions for enterprise and mid-range applications will continue as we move beyond this achievement. We are committed to maintaining the Emulex standard of excellence by providing our customers with products and solutions that extend beyond the current industry standards and by helping our customers excel in the storage networking industry." ...Emulex profile

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. - April 2, 2003 - Mountain View Data, Inc. today announced that it had received investment from Hitachi and other firms in series B funding. The round was led by Nippon Venture Capital Co., Ltd. (Nippon Ventures), and was joined by ADTX, a storage hardware vendor, Nissei Capital, Daiwa Bank and Kokusai Capital, which manages the Hitachi-Kokusai Capital Number One Investment Enterprise Partnership fund.

A second closing in early May is expected to bring in another large corporate investor. Financial details of the latest round of investments were not disclosed.

"This investment from Hitachi, ADTX and top-tier venture capital firms is an endorsement of the fundamental strength of Mountain View Data and our vision for the future," said Cliff Miller, the company's president and CEO. "Hitachi is one of the world leaders in storage, and they are strong in certain verticals such as bioengineering and medical engineering, where we see juicy business opportunities for high-end PC server clustering solutions. ...Mountain View Data profile

London and Paris, Europe - April 2, 2003 - Disaster recovery and backup are the biggest technology concerns for end-user respondents to the SNIA-E Storage Audit 2002. Best practice seems to be patchily adhered to, with less than half of those questioned testing and reviewing backup and restore practices every six months or less. Surprisingly, 12% admit to not having a backup and restore procedure in place.

Responses were obtained from 100 respondents representing storage professionals from end-user organisations throughout Europe between September 2002 and January 2003. The research was undertaken in order to better understand the storage demands, requirements and usage habits of IT directors across Europe, and the results will be used to enable the SNIA-E to tailor future industry initiatives to meet the needs of the end-user community.

Disaster recovery is of primary concern to 57% of those that participated. Twenty four percent do not have a disaster recovery plan in place, although almost half feel that their colleagues and employees would know what to do in a disaster situation. That said, almost a third (32%) of those questioned do make the effort to reassess and test their disaster recovery plan annually, while 20% make the effort to test procedures at least every six months.

Charles Inches, Chairman of the SNIA Europe end-user advisory board commented: "To those outside of the frontline of IT management, the indication that the realities of disaster recovery and backup are so far removed from best practice may be surprising. New ways of handling data, such as storage virtualisation help reduce some of the headaches and allow companies to focus on other essential areas of the business, such as improving security and ensuring return on investment of new technology investments." the survey results, ...SNIA profile

Editor's comments:- these results are no surprise to the VCs who invested recently in PSSC (see news item yesterday - below). They figured that the gap between backup reality and desirability could grow as pressures on storage administrators increase. That would increase the demand for their Backup Regenerator Service.

GOLDEN, CO - April 1, 2003 - ASACA Corporation announced today that QStar's line of HSM and Data Director software fully supports ASACA's TeraCart Digital Virtual Libraries. The TeraCart offers users read/write support for all DVD Forum recordable DVD specifications (DVD-RAM/R), as well as read support for DVD-ROM/RW, CD-ROM/R/RW. A completely modular system, TeraCart offers from 2.3TB to more than 109TB of scaleable storage and the freedom to mix a complete range of CD and DVD disks within a single library cabinet. Organizations can expand to as many as eight libraries for capacities reaching hundreds of Terabytes using pass-through and infrared communications. Incorporating QStar's storage management software ensures the libraries can be easily managed as a single physical unit. ...ASACA profile, ...QStar profile

LAS VEGAS, NV - April 1, 2003 - Kubota Comps Corporation of Japan, in cooperation with their US sales office, Optical Storage Specialties, announced an agreement today with Rorke Data, Inc. to offer Kubota's BA-200. The industry's first 200-slot, rack-mountable DVD library, the BA-200 incorporates 2 to 4 high performance DVD-RAM/R or other 120MM drives, giving organizations a complete range of media technologies to choose from. The agreement is part of a strategic initiative by Kubota and Optical Storage Specialties to expand support for the BA-200, the companies' most flexible storage solution for the motion picture and post-production industries.

"The broadcast and post-production industries have unyielding storage requirements that demand flexibility in terms of both media types and capacity as well as on-demand access to high-resolution image data files," said Joe Rorke, VP of Marketing for Rorke Data. "Adding the BA-200 as an approved storage option for Rorke's StreamMine™, an open-platform broadcast server archive solution, expands our ability to meet those unique requirements with versatility and flexibility."

In addition to being able to read from and write to DVD-RAM, DVD-R and DVD-RW media, the libraries can also read DVD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW, CD-ROM, and CD audio media. Equipped with a rugged flip mechanism, video professionals can effectively double the capacity of the BA-200 from 940GB using single-sided 120MM media, to nearly 2TB using double-sided 9.4GB DVD-RAM/R media, without costing organizations costly hardware/software upgrades. Rugged, specially designed picker robotics provides reliable bare media handling for even greater user media flexibility.

Visit Rorke Data's booth #SL107 at NAB 2003 to experience the BA-200. The BA-200 is now shipping with a starting price of $9300. ...Kubota Comps profile, ...Rorke Data profile

Washington, D.C. - April 1, 2003 - With computerized data becoming both more vital and more susceptible to corruption, destruction or loss; NewTech Infosystems, Inc. (NTI) announced today that it has enhanced Backup NOW!® Deluxe with Dynamic Drive Support and Live Update, NTI-exclusive technology. Showcasing at NTI's FOSE Booth H443 next week, Backup NOW! Deluxe can be used to protect all Windows-based stand-alone and mobile computers, including Windows XP.

Selected files and folders from local and mapped network drives can be backed up to virtually any CD or DVD recordable device, including CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW, and DVD-RAM as well as internal/external hard drives, JAZ, ZIP, MO, USB Pen Drives and more. NTI Backup NOW! is the only software package that provides full compatibility with virtually all recordable CD/DVD drives. Eight languages are supported, including Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian, German, French, Spanish and English.

Available for immediate delivery, NTI's advanced backup and recovery solution, Backup NOW! Deluxe, has a suggested retail price of US$79.95. ...NTI profile

New York City, NY and Framingham, MA - April 1, 2003 - GlassHouse Technologies, Inc. today announced the appointment of Brian Ritchie to the post of Senior Vice President of Sales. Ritchie has more than 20 years of high-tech executive, management and sales experience, most recently as President of Blackstone Computing, a $1.4M software and services company in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry.

"Brian's experience in the storage and biopharmaceutical industries will help propel GlassHouse to the next level of service to our clients, who look to us to provide the highest caliber of vendor-neutral storage services," said Mark Shirman, President and CEO of GlassHouse Technologies, Inc. "I am proud to add Brian to a very strong management team." ...GlassHouse Technologies profile

Basingstoke, UK - April 1, 2003 - the Prickly Spine Software Company (PSSC) today announced the availability of their Escape Pod Backup Regenerator service which is being offered as a service accessible through the PSSC web site. Escape Pod Backup Regenerator is aimed at storage administrators who are faced with a total data loss situation, which can often arise when a vulnerability is discovered too late in the data backup and recovery process.

Recovering data often proves to be more difficult than most people think. the Data Emergency Guide (pdf) from ActionFront Data Recovery, quotes the classic problem on page 10 of their excellent 42 page reference paper - "My backup worked fine, however the restore did not." A recent press release from NewTech Infosystems (NTI) quoted the worrying statistic that "Less than 30% of business PCs are backed up."

PSSC, which recently announced a $15 million dollar investment from naiive venture capitalists in the Bay area, says that its product is based on extensive market research and addresses an important market segment which other data protection and recovery products entirely fail to meet :- protecting the jobs of storage administrators who didn't actually do a back up at all.

Escape Pod Backup Regenerator offers a web based menu which prompts customers to fill in the main characteristics of their network storage system, such as operating systems, main applications used, and type of business. The product uses an expert system to supply a plausible but irrecoverable backup on user selected media which is sent to the storage administrator's home address. Depending on user selected parameters, the media package can be selectively aged or distressed to make it look more convincing.

PSSC's software architect, Deleta Lotta said "Everyone understands that sometimes a backup doesn't work. Escape Pod Backup Regenerator provides data files which look under forensic analysis, as if they really could be the critical missing backup backup files which the company desperately needs. However, our refragmentation technology guarantees that even the industry's best data recovery service will be unable to prove anything conclusive."

Zsolt Kerekes, editor of STORAGEsearch has reviewed the product and commented "This is a dream product which will transform the careers of many storage administrators. I can't recommend it too highly to our readers."

The service is available now on the the PSSC web site. Pricing starts from $200 for a department level single processor server restore up to $3,000 for the full enterprise version. Full discretion is assured. PSSC does not publish a list of satisfied customers who have used the service. ...Prickly Spine Software profile

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