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archived storage news - 2005, May week 2

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Dell Reports Storage Revenue Grew 49%

Round Rock, Texas - May 12, 2005 - Dell continued to grow significantly faster than the rest of the industry in all global regions, customer segments and product categories during its fiscal first-quarter 2006, and did so with strong profitability.

The company also said it expects revenue growth to be higher in the second quarter. Revenue growth outside of the United States and in strategic products and services highlighted the first quarter. Sales outside the U.S. increased 21% year-over-year and grew to 42% of the company's total revenue. Worldwide revenue from storage systems increased 49% and sales of mobility products grew 22% from a year ago. For the quarter ended April 29, the company achieved total revenue of $13.4 billion, a 16% increase year-over-year. ...Dell profile

Editor's comments:- with 7 months still to go it's too early to call, but preliminary data suggests that Dell will be one of the fastest growing storage companies in 2005.

Toshiba Acquires US HDD Design Center

TOKYO - May 12, 2005 - Toshiba Corp has acquired the US hard disk drive design center (in Fremont, Calif) from Panasonic.

Terms of the agreement were not disclosed. The newly acquired design center will support HDD development at Toshiba's operations in Japan. In addition, Toshiba's new facility will provide engineering support to PC and consumer electronics companies, putting critical resources closer to Toshiba customers.

"Toshiba is determined to continue its leadership in small form factor HDDs and to provide customers around the world with excellent engineering resources," said Kazuyoshi Yamamori, vice president of Toshiba's Digital Media Network Company. "Acquisition of the design center will support our continued innovation and product advances."

Toshiba has been pushing the envelope in small form factor HDD development, with introduction of the world's smallest hard disk drive at 0.85 inches and the first announced products to incorporate perpendicular magnetic recording on the company's 1.8-inch HDD platform, scheduled to ship in the second quarter of 2005. Toshiba currently leads the 1.8-inch HDD market with more than 14 million units shipped since its launch in 2000. The company also recently surpassed the 80 million units shipped milestone for 2.5-inch HDDs. ...Toshiba profile, Hard disk drives

Hard Disks in Consumer Applications Report

San Jose, CA - May 11, 2005 - Coughlin Associates' recently released 2005 Integration of Digital Storage into Consumer Electronics Report shows strong growth in digital storage for consumer electronics applications.

Some of the trends presented in this report are:
  • By 2010 we expect that close to 40% of total shipped hard disk drives will be used in consumer applications, up from about 14% in 2004
  • By 2010 3.5-inch disk drive will comprise about 31% of the total volume, down from 67% in 2004.
  • One inch disk drives with capacities of 8-10 GB using perpendicular recording will be available by the second half of 2005
  • One inch drive capacities of up to 20 GB could be available by the end of 2006
  • By 2006-2007 we will see 1 TB 3.5-inch hard disk drives
  • Home reference data could growth from 322 GB in 2005 to 1,933 GB by 2010 for a digital home
  • Total networked attached storage in the home could total about 15 million units by 2010, with about 25% of this number being multiple drive (RAID) storage systems
...Coughlin Associates profile, Market research

Notebooks Get Desktop Speed with New Drives

San Jose, Calif. - May 11, 2005 - Hitachi has set a new notebook performance record, announcing today worldwide availability of the fastest 2.5-inch hard drive for mobile applications.

The 7,200 RPM Travelstar 7K100 is first to market with desktop-class performance on a 2.5-inch hard drive for notebook systems such as Dell's Inspiron XPS Gen 2 system. With 100GB of storage capacity, the Travelstar 7K100 is bigger, faster and stronger than its award-winning predecessor. Users of notebook systems that employ the Travelstar 7K100 will experience a marked performance improvement in a variety of computing activities: Windows XP start-up, application loading, copying files and general HDD usage (playing an MP3 file, viewing pictures, browsing the Internet, etc.). Hitachi's benchmark testing of the 7K100 during these activities shows a 25% faster performance over the fastest competitive 2.5-inch 5,400 RPM drive on the market (comparisons were made to 5,400 RPM drives as no competitive 7,200 RPM 2.5-inch drives were available for testing at time of announcement). ...Hitachi profile, Hard disk drives,

Nimbus Brings 99.999% Availability to IP SANs

San Francisco, CA - May 11, 2005 - Nimbus Data Systems, Inc. today announced the general availability of Hot Mirror, an optional software feature for its recently released IPS-1200/1600 series of iSCSI storage systems.

With Hot Mirror, small and midsize organizations can deploy a fully fault-tolerant IP SAN, with mirroring and failover across two independent storage arrays, for under $25,000, providing unmatched availability and data protection in its class. Using synchronous mirroring, data on one Nimbus appliance is seamlessly copied to a second standby appliance. In the event of a failure, the standby appliance automatically takes over without any disruption to applications or servers. As a block-level copy, Hot Mirror guarantees data consistency between the two Nimbus appliances, without requiring any host-based software. Unlike dual controller storage systems, Hot Mirror further protects the most valuable asset of all - the data itself. While all Nimbus systems have redundant components and RAID, Hot Mirror provides an additional level of protection for applications that demand zero downtime, such as email, database and ERP servers. ...Nimbus profile, iSCSI, NAS

Infineon 's New RAM Speeds Up PCs by 20%

Munich, Germany - May 11, 2005 - Infineon Technologies AG today announced new high-speed DDR2 modules for high-end desktops and servers.

The Infineon 512MB DDR2-800 unbuffered DIMMs increase data throughput of desktop PCs by around 20% compared to current high-performance memory modules and perfectly match the most advanced processor front-side bus. They are designed for end-users who do not want to overclock their systems. Due to the low power features of its DDR2 memory products, Infineon is the only DRAM supplier who abandons the usage of an extra heatspreader which is standard for high speed modules with data rates of 800Mbit/s. Volume production is planned to start in June.

Infineon is also sampling dual-die-based 8GB DDR2-400 Tall Registered DIMMs for proprietary server applications which are not based on Intel- or AMD-chipsets. The 8GB DDR2-400 Tall registered DIMMs are about 40% thinner than comparable solutions, hence outperforming customers' requirements for stacked solutions. ...Infineon profile, RAM

Toshiba Unveils 45GB DVD-ROM

TOKYO / LAS VEGAS - May 10, 2005 - Toshiba Corporation today announced development of a triple-layer HD DVD-ROM (read-only) disc with a data capacity of 45 gigabytes, enough to record twelve hours of high-definition movies on a single disc.

The new disc adds a high-end option to the previous HD DVD-ROM disc lineup that includes the 15GB (single-layer, single-sided) and 30GB (dual-layer, single-sided). These two discs are already approved and standardized at the DVD Forum.

Toshiba also announced a double-sided, dual-layer hybrid ROM disc comprised of dual-layer HD DVD-ROM side and dual-layer DVD-ROM side. The hybrid disc can store 30GB of high-definition content on the HD DVD-ROM side and 8.5GB of standard-definition content on the DVD-ROM dual layer side.

More than 84 million DVD players and recorders were produced worldwide in 2004 alone. The standard definition content of the new hybrid discs can be replayed on these platforms, while their owners will also be able to enjoy high-definition content from the same source when they purchase HD DVD players in the future. The new disc further prepares the way for a smooth transition from DVD to HD DVD.

NEC Corporation and SANYO Electric Co., Ltd., both strong supporters of the HD DVD format also welcomed this announcement.

"We are excited by the new discs and the way they further extend the possibilities of the HD DVD format," said Mr. Hiroshi Gokan, Executive General Manager of Computers Storage Products Operations Unit at NEC.

SANYO's Dr. Keiichi Yodoshi, Deputy General Manager of R&D Headquarters said, "The new discs demonstrate that 0.6mm discs can support diverse applications and achieve technical excellence, while fully securing firm backward compatibility." ...Toshiba profile

StorCase Launches 5-Bay SATA RAID Box

Fountain Valley, CA - May 10, 2005 - StorCase Technology today announced the release of the InfoStation 5-Bay SATA desktop model.

The high-density RAID enclosure supports up to five removable SATAII drives and provides the performance and data protection required for today's demanding storage applications. The 5-Bay InfoStation integrates a SATAII Port Multiplier, greatly simplifying cable management by allowing a single cable connection for up to five SATA devices.

The versatile enclosure is capable of RAID levels 0, 1, 10 and JBOD, adapts to transfer rates of 1.5Gbps or 3Gbps and also supports twice the SATA-specified external cable length. This complete, turn-key solution includes a 64-Bit PCI-X 133MHz HBA and a shielded 2-meter cable with standard eSATA external connectors.

"The new 5-bay InfoStation is one of the first external SATA enclosures on the market that doesn't require bridging to a SCSI, Fibre or Ethernet host interface, therefore providing superior data throughput," said Joel Tang, StorCase Director of Engineering. "Our intent was to provide an efficient, reliable and adaptable solution that could support up to 2TB of storage within a single, cost-effective and compact enclosure."

For added application flexibility, two desktop InfoStation units can be mounted horizontally in a standard rack cabinet with the use of an optionally available 3U rack mount kit. ...StorCase Technology profile, Storage Boxes, RAID systems, Serial ATA

IPStor to Support 200,000 OU Students Online

MILTON KEYNES, UK - May 10, 2005 - FalconStor Software, Inc. today announced that The Open University, the UK's leading distance learning provider, has chosen IPStor Enterprise Edition software to manage its rapidly increasing storage resources and to ensure availability of its online learning services.

IPStor software will be implemented and integrated by FalconStor partner Redstor. The OU delivers 178 courses that require students to have online access, while another 97 courses allow students to use online services if they wish. Since 80% of its 200,000 students are in paid employment, there is heavy and sometimes unpredictable demand for access to the OU's online resources around the clock. As a result, high data availability has become a key objective for the OU's IT managers.

"Our disparate storage environment was growing at a brisk pace. Being wary of how hard a SAN might be to manage, we undertook extensive research on potential SAN solutions, factoring in features such as virtualization," said Marilyn Moffat, Software Manager, The Open University. "We found that the IPStor solution offered many facilities to enhance data protection, ranging from re-routing data to avoid temporarily disrupted paths, to accelerated recovery in the event of a major problem in the primary data centre."

The OU already has a large amount of Sun and other storage, and wants to preserve this investment. In addition, new EMC storage was being acquired. IPStor software will provide the OU with essential centralized storage management over a Fibre Channel SAN, including the consolidation and virtualization of all this disk storage into a single storage pool. This will allow the OU's IT administrators to provision application servers centrally rather than locally, while allowing them to perform essential backup and maintenance operations from the central management console. ...FalconStor profile, UK Storage VARs

Asigra Chronicles Backup Tape Losses

TORONTO - May 10, 2005 - Asigra today chronicled some recent public examples in which companies have lost data during third party transportation of their tape backups.

"Every week, companies are faced with having to physically transport backup data via ground or air services that can accidentally lose, damage or destroy business-critical information - and the prospect of unavailable backup data is simply not acceptable in today's business environment," said Eran Farajun, executive VP of Asigra. "With Asigra's Televaulting, companies can have tighter control of business-critical data without having to release oversight of their backup data to a third party, allowing administrators to encrypt and move multi-site data to off-site locations in a highly secure, efficient and cost-effective fashion."

With Televaulting, backup data is moved safely from multiple remote sites to a centralized offsite location in encrypted format, eliminating physical backup tapes, transit times and the uncertainties associated with ground or air transportation of data. And today, backup tape transportation worries are rising. Over the last 90 days, in just 3 instances, over 2,000,000 confidential employee and financial records have been lost while being shipped to storage facilities. These recent losses include:

Time Warner, Inc. - May 2, 2005 - reported that 40 backup tapes had been lost with data on 600,000 current and former employees dating back to 1986. The tapes, containing names and social security numbers, were lost during ground transit to the storage facility.

Ameritrade - April 19, 2005 - acknowledged that a backup tape with information on about 200,000 customers had been lost or destroyed while being shipped.

Bank of America - February 25, 2005 - reported that backup tapes containing financial information on more than 1,200,000 federal employees, including 60 U.S. senators, had been lost during transit. News reports have suggested that the backup tapes were being moved via commercial airline. ...Asigra profile, online backup, Tape backup

Solid State Disks Could Show the Way in Cars

Microsoft Mobile & Embedded Devcon, Las Vegas - May 10, 2005 - M Systems today announced the introduction of specialized embedded software drivers for its DiskOnChip H1 flash drive.

DiskOnChip H1 delivers high capacity, cost-effective, embedded storage for new memory consuming applications such as automotive audio and car navigation, high-end printers and portable devices with multimedia requirements for handheld gaming, GPS and MP3 playback.

"New doors are opening for embedded flash storage. Applications like automotive GPS maps require rugged but economical storage in the gigabyte range, but the sheer size of this data has forced auto makers to store their data in CD-ROMs, with all the limitations and reliability concerns inherent to mechanical systems," said Jim Handy, director of Non-Volatile Memory Services at Semico. "Embedded products like M Systems' DiskOnChip H1 should become increasingly accepted into such applications."

Unlike conventional storage solutions such as hard disk drives and mini-magnetic disk drives, solid-state DiskOnChip H1 provides portable electronic devices with the ruggedness needed to easily survive falls and other shocks. Software drivers supporting DiskOnChip H1 within Windows CE and Linux operating systems are scheduled for general availability in Q305. Drivers for VxWorks, INTEGRITY and QNX Neutrino real time operating systems are scheduled for general availability in Q4. ...M-Systems profile, Solid State Disks, Storage ICs, industrial SSDs

Sun Acquires Procom's NAS Technology

SANTA CLARA, CALIF. - May 9, 2005 - Sun Microsystems, Inc. today announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to purchase all intellectual property rights of Procom Technology, Inc. relating to Procom's NAS offerings in an all-cash transaction valued at approximately $50M.

Procom and Sun have had an existing software licensing agreement in place since April 2004. As a result of that agreement, Procom technology is already embedded and currently shipping within the Sun StorEdge 5000 Family of NAS Appliances. With this new agreement, Sun will own the intellectual property rights relating to this technology and gain additional engineering expertise, enabling it to build future NAS and next-generation file-based storage systems much faster and more cost-effectively.

"The entire storage marketplace is clearly moving toward industry-standard platforms and operating systems," said Jonathan Schwartz, president and chief operating officer, Sun Microsystems."As a provider of both, with our leading volume platforms and the Solaris operating system, Sun is uniquely positioned to leverage Procom's technology to drive down the cost of NAS appliances for customers, while aiming to drive margin opportunities for Sun." ...Procom profile, ...Sun profile, Acquired, dead & merged companies.

Editor's comments:- Sun's tally of storage company acquisitions runs like this:- Cobalt Networks, HighGround Systems, LSC, Pirus Networks, and now Procom. My article:- Market Report on Sun Compatible OEMs provides a history and current picture of Sun's IHV strategies.

XOsoft Guarantees Disaster Recovery Readiness

Waltham, MA, - May 9, 2005 - XOsoft today announced Assured Recovery, a breakthrough software product that performs a full test of data and application recoverability at the click of a mouse.

XOsoft's Assured Recovery virtually eliminates the cost associated with testing the accuracy of replicated data, estimated at anywhere between $30,000 and $1 million per test according to a recent survey by TheInfoPro. Organizations using Assured Recovery can conduct fully automated scheduled tests or ad hoc tests without disrupting the production system, leaving it vulnerable for an extended period, or performing an expensive resynchronization. As with all of XOsoft's products, the entire process is non-disruptive and completely transparent to the end-user.

Ken Male, Founder and CEO of TheInfoPro said "Companies find it too costly to perform regular tests of their disaster recovery solutions. Our study concluded that, despite wanting to test their systems frequently, almost half of the respondents only tested once per year because of the associated cost." ...XOsoft profile, Data Recovery, Storage Software, Backup Software

McDATA's Partners Endorse CNT Roadmap

BROOMFIELD, Colo. - May 9, 2005 - McDATA Corp today announced preliminary results for its first quarter fiscal 2005 in line with the forecasted range the Company provided on February 24. McDATA expects to report revenue for Q1 05 in a range of $98 to $99 million - essentially flat (or upto 2% growth) compared to Q1 04 revenue which was $97.2 million. McDATA also announced 3rd party support and votes of confidence from partners EMC, HDS and IBM for its post acquisition plans for CNT. ...CNT profile, ...McDATA profile, Acquired, dead & merged companies

LeWiz is the Fastest TCP/IP Offload HBA

SAN JOSE, Calif. - May 9, 2005 - LeWiz Communications and Synchromesh Computing, a leading benchmark and certification company, announced that the LeWiz TCP/IP Offload Engine HBA received the highest Performance Efficiency Index measured using standard benchmarks under high TCP/IP load or varying data sizes.

Compared against existing product offerings from Intel, Alacritech, Adaptec, and Broadcom, the LeWiz MAGIC2020 multi-port HBA consistently offloaded more of the host CPU and outperformed all other TCP/IP offload NICs or standard NICs studied across a wide range of tests.

When data sizes were varied from small (4KByte) to large (512KByte) sizes, the LeWiz's solution offers 2 to 3 times better in overall system performance efficiency. When TCP/IP loads were varied from low to higher normal (512 bi-directional) loads, the LeWiz solution offers about 3 times better in system performance efficiency than any other solution. Some competing products on the market cannot function reliably at the higher TCP/IP load. The LeWiz's Magic2020 HBA consistently performs reliably even under the most stressful conditions.

"Over 5 years of development and tuning really pay off for LeWiz. Today, LeWiz's hardware-based architecture proves that it is the best solution on the market from performance to reliability. Yet, we can do it at a fraction of the power consumption of any other solution" said Chinh Le, LeWiz's CEO. ...LeWiz profile, iSCSI

Matrix Semi Appoints Rep in Japan

SANTA CLARA, Calif. - May 9, 2005 - Matrix Semiconductor, Inc. today announced that it has appointed INNOTECH Corporation as its manufacturer's representative in Japan.

Starting immediately, INNOTECH will act as an official manufacturer's representative for the Matrix 3-D Memory product line in Japan, offering manufacturers and designers of consumer electronic devices local sales support through INNOTECH's experienced sales and technical teams.

"We chose INNOTECH because of their excellent knowledge of the Japanese market, and their close associations with leading consumer electronics manufacturers and system design houses," said Dan Steere, VP of sales & marketing at Matrix Semiconductor. "Their proven track record provides Matrix with another outstanding channel into a significant marketplace. This is an important step in our strategy to bring products and services even closer to our customers around the globe."

Matrix 3DM is a cost-effective, programmable, permanent, non-volatile memory used in publishing content for mobile devices. Currently shipping in volume, Matrix 3DM offers a removable memory publishing platform for portable consumer electronic device manufacturers, mobile network operators, application developers and content providers interested in offering mobile content to customers. ...Matrix Semiconductor profile, ...INNOTECH
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