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MILPITAS, Calif. - October 21, 2005 - LSI Logic Corporation today announced that its next-generation PCI Express Serial Attached SCSI controllers are now sampling to key OEM customers. The 4-port LSISAS1064E and 8-port LSISAS1068E are the industry's first PCI Express to 3Gb/s SAS controllers. Both chips support 8 PCI Express lanes at 2.5Gb/s, for an aggregate bandwidth of up to 2GB/s (4GB/s full duplex). ...LSI Logic profile, Serial Attached SCSI

BURBANK, Calif. - October 20, 2005 - Warner Bros today announced it has joined the board of directors of the Blu-ray Disc Association and will release its films on the Blu-ray format. Warner Home Video will release titles on the Blu-ray format to support the launch of Blu-ray players in North America, Japan and Europe, giving consumers the ability to enjoy a wide range of new releases and selections from Warner Bros.' vast library and that of New Line and HBO on the Blu-ray format. Blu-ray Disc is a next generation optical disc format developed for high-definition video and high capacity software applications. A single layer Blu-ray Disc will hold up to 25GB of data and a dual layer Blu-ray Disc will hold up to 50GB. This greater storage capacity enables the Blu-ray Disc to store up to five times the amount of content than is possible with current DVDs. Blu-ray Disc Association, Industry trade associations

BROOMFIELD, Colo. - October 20, 2005 - McDATA Corporation today announced it has sold more than 20,000 Intrepid Directors worldwide, totaling more than 1.6 million ports since 1998. McDATA holds 44% market share in the director level switch space. ...McDATA profile, SAN switches

Editor:- October 20, 2005 - announces new, lower pricing for its banner advertising. The 4th quarter is typically the busiest time for reader activity and this year we've seen pageviews grow more than 70% year on year. The high growth in readership and pageviews is expected to ramp up even more as we go into 2006. We're now in our 11th year as a dotcom publisher and starting our 15th year as an enterprise server market publisher.

Industry analysts predict that the web advertising market will grow more than 10% in revenue for the next several years. So, if you're in marketing and the last time you looked at our ad rates was maybe 5 years ago - take another look.

And if you're a reader who likes our site because we don't make you wait 50 seconds to download ads you're not interested in - you might like to know that our policy has always been to decline orders for ads, which in our opinion, are not likely to be of interest to our busy readers, or which insult their intelligence. We also don't do pop-up ads or other annoying stuff like that. ...banner ad pricing, Market research, Storage publications

MELVILLE, N.Y. - October 19, 2005 - FalconStor Software, Inc. today announced the launch of PrimeVault, its state-of-the-art data protection facility. FalconStor's PrimeVault center provides all businesses with the ability to easily replicate their data to its secure site. PrimeVault's pricing plans accommodate the varying needs of large, medium, and small businesses. In today's business climate, organizations need to have a remote set of data on standby for disaster protection and for long-term archiving to comply with data retention regulations. PrimeVault provides customers with instant contingency planning. As part of the low monthly fee, each customer is equipped with either FalconStor DiskSafe or FileSafe software for their local machines to drive fast backup to an appliance pre-loaded with FalconStor iSCSI storage software (also provided as part of the service) at their site. Data is then remotely replicated by the iSCSI appliance to the PrimeVault location, without any impact to the business' production environment. ...FalconStor profile, iSCSI, Data Recovery, online backup,

San Ramon CA - October 19, 2005 - Pegasus Disk Technologies today announced that its Advanced Compliance Edition of InveStore - InveStoreACE is now being configured with many 3rd party data protection solutions applications used in Banking, Securities, Government. Compatible applications include:- Symantec's VERITAS Enterprise Vault Email and File System Archiving and NetBackup products.

ACE delivers a complete and protected tiered storage solution, providing the user application with secure management of archive and compliance information on magnetic disk, optical and tape.

"Users that have an application or infrastructure to manage and save information have been offered many different solutions to deal with archive and compliance data." said Roy Slicker, Pegasus President. "Magnetic disk based systems are attractive for performance reasons and have big names (and price tags) behind them. On the other hand, removable archive media is attractive for cost and long-term reasons where data is not accessed often, if at all, but still needs to be stored. Until now, no one blended media types into a single secure system that can plug into existing applications and leverage the users investment and current infrastructure, and deliver encryption and other key capabilities in demand and not currently available as part of the application." ...Pegasus profile, Storage Security, Optical Libraries

ALISO VIEJO, Calif. - October 18, 2005 - QLogic Corp. today announced it is acquiring Troika Networks for $36.5 million in cash. Troika acceleration technology will be integrated into entry-level and mid-range QLogic virtualization platforms that host leading OEM and ISV software solutions. ...Troika Networks profile, ...QLogic profile

WOODLAND HILLS, Calif. - October 18, 2005 - Nexsan Technologies today introduced the next evolution of its SATABeast enterprise-class storage array which houses 21TB of SATA disk storage in just 4U of rack space. SATABeast employs Nexsan's AutoMAID energy saving technology that automatically and transparently places the array's disk drives in an idle, yet active, state to reduce power consumption and operational costs. AutoMAID delivers the cost-saving benefits of MAID (Massive Array of Idle Disks) without the limitation of slow access times and special host software. Nexsan's AutoMAID is granular to the individual drive level and enables users to determine access times and the level of energy savings desired. AutoMAID automatically monitors and performs regular integrity checks of all idle drives in the array. ...Nexsan profile, RAID systems

Editor's comments:- according to our news archive COPAN Systems was the first company to coin the phrase MAID, but there is no connection between them and Nexsan.

Re my headline - "Nexsan says - the AutoMAID is not for turning" (the disk spindle) is a reference back to a famous speech made by Margaret Thatcher in 1980. Confirming that she was not about to make a u-turn in policy - she said "You turn if you want to. The lady's not for turning!"

SIMI VALLEY - October 18, 2005 - NovaStor Corp has been named to the "Top 50 Vendors List" by Service Provider Weekly. The list was published in yesterday's issue recognizing outstanding software solutions that equip service providers to optimize operations and generate new revenues via differentiated services.

NovaStor's NovaNet-WEB platform provides the basis for offering online data backup services to SMBs and consumers linked to the Internet. Online data backup gives ISPs, systems integrators and other service providers a compelling value added service that generates recurring revenues and solidifies customer loyalty. Since NovaStor's debut in this space over 8 years ago, thousands of service providers have added NovaNet-WEB to their online service portfolios.

In developing the Top 50 lists, the editors of Service Provider Weekly evaluated submissions by vendors industry-wide. NovaStor CEO Peter Means says the publication's recognition of NovaStor and the uptake in NovaNet-WEB subscriptions attest to the growing importance of data backup.

"Recent events such as Hurricane Katrina, earthquakes, tsunamis, fires and floods underscore the need of small and medium sized companies to store critical files offsite and be able to recover data instantly and securely," says Means. "To be included with industry leaders... confirms that online data backup as a data protection service has arrived and is now becoming a mainstream revenue generator among service providers." ...NovaStor profile, ...Service Provider Weekly, online backup, Data Recovery

ALISO VIEJO, Calif. - October 18, 2005 - QLogic Corp. today announced that it has once again made Forbes' 200 Best Small Companies list. QLogic ranked #3 in the Profits subcategory, #6 in Market Value and #120 overall. This is the 7th straight year that QLogic has appeared on the list Members of the list have revenue between $5 million and $750 million. Net profit margins must be greater than 5%, and share prices above $5.

"If you're looking for a list of the hottest sensations of the moment--you've come to the wrong place. Our list of the 200 Best Small Companies doesn't do flashes in the pan," says Forbes. "It does, however, feature solid and consistent hitters that have performed well when measured over the last 12 months and the past five years, and are poised for another growth spurt."

"It is extremely gratifying to be recognized as one of Forbes' Best Small Companies for the seventh consecutive year," said H.K. Desai, the chairman, CEO and president, QLogic Corp. the article, ...QLogic profile, Fibre-channel adapters

Editor's comments:- I had a quick scan through the Forbes list and didn't spot any other storage companies. If I missed them, no doubt they'll let us all know soon.

CARLSBAD, Ca. - October 18, 2005 - Arkeia Corporation announced today the introduction of Arkeia Smart Backup. Arkeia Smart Backup is based on Arkeia's award-winning network backup technology and replaces the company's free backup software, Arkeia Light. The new software covers a wide spectrum of data protection strategies, fully supporting disk-to-disk backup environments as well as traditional disk-to-tape, including autoloaders. Features include:-
  • Network backup capability with client support for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, NetWare and xBSD to protect heterogeneous environments
  • Easy-to-use Java-based graphical user interface that insures a short learning curve
  • Includes virtual tape library feature for backup to disk
  • Simultaneous (parallel) backup of several machines to leverage Arkeia's multi-flow technology for reduced backup windows
  • Automatic bare metal Disaster Recovery to ensure rapid recovery and business continuity
  • Support of hot database and application backup plug-ins to ensure that running application data is protected
For existing customers, moving from Arkeia Light to Arkeia Smart Backup is easy. Also upgrading from Arkeia Server Backup to Arkeia Smart Backup is seamless and free. For new customers - Arkeia Smart Backup is free up to 50GB data volume and $99 for 100GB. Each additional 100GB (up to 1TB) is priced at only $99.

Commenting on Arkeia's innovative pricing, Eric Kappes, Manager, Information Systems at Mayfield Clinic in Cincinnati Ohio said - "Arkeia Smart Backup volume based pricing gets rid of headaches related to pricing based on the number or type of servers. There are no more hassles when I add new machines to the network, replace a server with an OS change, or consolidate and re-deploy servers. Best of all, I only pay for what I use. This pricing structure is a much more reasonable approach than that used by most software vendors." ...Arkeia profile, Storage Software

Sunnyvale, Ca & Englewood, Co - October 18, 2005 - Agámi Systems Inc. and the MOCA Division of Arrow Electronics, Inc. announced today that they have signed a distribution agreement. With this agreement, Arrow will be a premier distributor of Agámi Systems information servers to VARs and system integrators throughout the United States and Canada. Agámi also announced today a distribution agreement with Bell Microproducts. ...Agámi Systems profile

Editor's comments:- the most notable thing about Agámi Systems is not the speed of their storage (many others are faster), nor the price (many others are cheaper) but the company's pretensions to a lower case German style of naming with a not so cute affected acute accent over the second letter "a" - as in "agámi" - which is the style they say they would prefer editors like me to use. When marketers do that I'm tempted to just change it all to AGAMI . Give me a break - we're not in the cosmetics industry - or do they spray their NAS with perfume too? I know that many other oems do this tricky upper case/lower case stuff - but putting 2 eyeball strainers into one short 5 letter invented name aimed at the English speaking storage market is more like agony than agámi.

Editor:- October 18, 2005 - a new article is published today on STORAGEsearch, written by MaXXan Systems it's called - "Virtual Tape: Can You Afford to Ignore It?" Network connected disk to disk backup systems for the enterprise have come a long way since the first pioneering products started to appear in the pages of in the late 1990s. Some of the growing sophistication in the market can be seen by the way that the marketing terminology has morphed from the early D2d (let's kill tape backup) to the current VTL (Virtual Tape Library - let's just see if they notice that it's more reliable and works faster - and don't tell them that there isn't a tape in the box) type of approaches. But if you think that speed, reliability and cost are the only things you need to know about the "virtual" versus "real" tape library argument - take a look at this comprehensive article from MaXXan Systems which shows there are a lot more benefits than that. the article, ...MaXXan profile, Disk to disk backup

MILPITAS, CA - October 17, 2005 - Maxtor Corporation today announced its new Maxtor OneTouch III, Turbo Edition external storage solution that takes the complexities out of RAID and delivers a simple-to-use, easy-to-understand solution for the consumer mass market. With capacities up to 1TB the new product integrates Maxtor's award-winning automated backup and restore capabilities for Mac and PC users, allows users to easily configure the solution for either RAID 0 or RAID 1 and includes new software tools to synchronize data between two or more computers and to help repair PC systems after a damaging spyware or virus attack. The Maxtor OneTouch III, Turbo Edition comes in a 600GB or 1TB capacity and features a triple USB 2.0/FireWire 400/FireWire 800 interface for easy connection to a Mac or PC. Availability begins in December at major U.S. retailers, distributors and online stores, as well as at The MSRP for the 600GB is $549.95 and $899.95 for the 1TB. ...Maxtor profile, Backup software, Hard disk drives, USB storage, Firewire (IEEE 1394) Storage

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. - October 17, 2005 - TimeSpring Software Corp. announced the immediate availability of TimeData for Microsoft Exchange Server. Unlike other backup systems, TimeData continuously captures all Exchange data as it changes. There are no protection gaps, no scheduling requirements, no backup related system slowdowns and no backup windows for the administrator to manage. TimeData for Exchange's powerful search and recovery tools allow administrators to quickly find and restore a single email, email group or mailbox without resorting to time consuming and disruptive "brick-level" backup and restore procedures.

"Traditional tape-based approaches to email data protection are falling short. As a result, we've seen significant interest in CDP solutions like TimeData for Exchange" said Brad O'Neill, Senior Analyst with Taneja Group. ...TimeSpring profile, Backup Software

SAN CLEMENTE, Calif. - October 17, 2005 - Coraid, Inc. today launched a low cost Linux-based network attached file server. A single Coraid CLN/20 Linux NAS server can literally have thousands of disks connected via Ethernet, and exported with NFS. The CLN/20 is a 1U rack mount server prepackaged with the Coraid Linux NAS distro and available now with prices starting at $2,495. Easy to configure, it includes many application-specific "how-to" tutorials all in one place and ready to go for NFS file sharing. Coraid also offers a discounted bundle price of $6,195 for the CLN/20 plus a 15 Disk SATA+RAID EtherDrive Storage appliance (users add their own SATA disks). With today's street price of $375 for a 500GB SATA disk, that works out to 7.5TB of file storage for less than $1.58/GB

"Coraid is an open source proponent and we developed this new Linux distro to take advantage of the storage scalability that can be achieved with ATA-over-Ethernet (AoE) storage," stated Coraid CEO James Kemp, "We are offering the Coraid Linux NAS distro free for users to put on their own server platforms, or as a completely installed and integrated package in the CLN/20 Linux NAS Server appliance." ...Coraid profile, NAS

Orlando, Fl. - October 17, 2005 - Spectra Logic today announced encryption-enabled libraries at Gartner Symposium/ITxpo. Existing Spectra T120 and T950 library customers can upgrade their libraries with an encryption-enabled module, or blade, in seconds. Without encryption, data backups are vulnerable to unintended or malicious actions that put at risk confidential information and thousands or millions of identities, exposing organizations to serious legal liability. Spectra BlueScale Encryption works with all major platforms and operating systems, backup and database applications, and tape and mobile disk media. Basic encryption functionality will be available in the Spectra T950 and T120 libraries beginning in Q1 2006. Other encryption-enabled Spectra libraries will follow, along with solutions that provide FIPS 140 compliance. Pricing for encryption starts below $5,000. ...Spectra Logic profile, Optical Libraries, Tape Libraries, Storage Security, Storage Events

SAN JOSE, Calif. - October 17, 2005 - Hitachi Global Storage Technologies today announced that it has signed a distribution agreement with ASI Corp. The new agreement will enable Hitachi to further extend the distribution of its industry -leading hard disk drive product line to VARs and System Integrators in North America. ASI currently serves more than 18,000 US VARs. ...Hitachi profile, ...ASI profile, Hard disk drives,

SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif. - October 17, 2005 - Seagate announced today that its 1 inch ST1 Series hard drive has been integrated into the compact and portable HP Photosmart 475 Photo Printer. The HP Photosmart 475 Photo Printer, which began shipping in August, has PC-like power with the ability to store more than 1,000 images. It's also the first compact photo printer capable of printing 5 x 7-inch photos, in addition to 4 x 6-inch and panorama prints. ...Seagate profile

Fremont, Calif. - October 17, 2005 - SiliconStor, Inc. today announced availability of its third-generation active-active multiplexer device. The SiliconStor AAMUX technology enables single-ported SATA drives to connect like active, dual-ported drives for use in enterprise storage systems using SAS expanders supporting the SATA tunneling protocol (SAS-STP). SS1300 has been delivered to major OEMs in pre-production volumes for final qualification of new storage systems.

"The escalating demand for enterprise-class SATA hard drives for a broad range of storage applications is evident in the enterprise as well as SMB markets. Industry analysts are forecasting that by 2008 over two-thirds of all enterprise hard drives will ship with either SATA or SAS interfaces," said Joel Warford, vice president of marketing and business development for SiliconStor. "Our new SS1300 device is specifically tailored for the new generation of SAS-based storage systems that are designed to accommodate both SATA and SAS drives." ...SiliconStor profile, Serial Attached SCSI, Storage chips

London - October 17, 2005 - Cyber- Ark Software today announced that Belgacom NSI has selected Cyber-Ark's Network Vault to digitally secure and store all their critical passwords including administrative, root and application passwords. Bernard Philippe - Belgacom Server Product Manager said "Since we manage servers for our customers, the security to access the information is crucial. Cyber-Ark's product was the only product on the market that met all our security requirements... Thanks to Cyber-Ark we are now able to guarantee secure access to administrative passwords for system administrators, service desk personnel (etc). The audit trails are giving us valuable traces of who accessed which server." ...Cyber-Ark Software profile, Storage Security

SAN DIEGO - October 13, 2005 - On Monday Overland Storage, Inc. received an unsolicited letter from ADIC indicating that ADIC, a competitor of Overland, was prepared to offer to acquire all of the outstanding stock of Overland for $7.90 per share. A copy of the letter was filed with the SEC on Schedule 13D/A by ADIC on October 11, 2005. ADIC reported in this SEC filing that it owns 9.28% of Overland's common stock. After evaluating the expression of interest, a Special Committee of Overland's Board of Directors, together with its Board and financial advisor, Needham & Company, LLC, determined that pursuing an offer on the suggested terms would not be in the best interest of Overland's shareholders. Overland remains committed to executing its strategy to create long-term shareholder value. ...Overland Storage profile , ...ADIC profile, Tape Libraries, storage mergers and acquisitions

San Jose, California - October 13, 2005 - Peripheral Concepts and Coughlin Associates will publish a new report later this month called - "NAS and NAS Virtualization – A User's Perspective" - (price $2,650). A population of over 2,000 IT sites totaling 679 petabytes of disk storage and 4,690 NAS systems was surveyed and questioned on their storage configuration and management practices. For over 130 sites, this survey provides statistics on practices for NAS and NAS virtualization, ranks issues and needs, and analyzes trends and acquisition intents.

NAS growth has outpaced most predictions. Sites with over 5 NAS systems represent over 30% of the population with NAS. Managing this high number of discrete file systems dealing with additions, changes and migrations has proven to be an impossible task.

By creating a single logical view across multiple NAS systems, NAS virtualization (or aggregation) addresses the scaling, performance, and management problems that plague NAS scalability today. 20% of the sites with more than one TB of disk capacity use some kind of virtualization today and an additional 24% plan to acquire one in the coming year. The primary objective of this study is to determine the acceptance of the various virtualization techniques, as well as the user requirements and complaints. Performance is ranked highest in the selection criteria of a NAS product by large sites, while scalability is at the top of the features required from a virtualization product. ...Peripheral Concepts profile, ...Coughlin Associates profile, Market research, NAS

SUNNYVALE, Calif. - October 12, 2005 - Silicon Image, Inc. today announced the appointment of William (Bill) George, 62, to the company's board of directors. George has more than 30 years experience in the semiconductor industry, including senior executive roles at ON Semiconductor Corp., Motorola Inc. and Sematech. George brings a valuable set of skills for advising Silicon Image as the company grows rapidly, including global operations experience, expertise in managing large and complex semiconductor organizations, a background in overseeing research and development, and high-profile positions in managing industry alliances.

George currently serves as Senior Vice President, Operations at ON Semiconductor, where he oversees technology development, manufacturing, quality and reliability, and order fulfillment operations. He has led the operations team of ON since the company was formed in 1999 in a leveraged buyout of the Motorola Semiconductor Components Group. He also currently serves on the board of Ramtron.

Between 1968 and 1999, George served Motorola in R&D, manufacturing and business management positions. In 1991, he was assigned to Sematech in Austin, Texas where he served three years as the consortium's Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. He later was named Corporate Vice President and Director of Manufacturing of the Motorola Semiconductor Products Sector, with responsibility for directing investment and operational strategy for Motorola's worldwide semiconductor manufacturing operations. George has a Ph.D. in Materials Science from Purdue University. ...Silicon Image profile, Storage chips, Storage People

Editor's comments:- 24 hours later - Silicon Image announced some departures:- John LeMoncheck, 40, vice president of consumer electronics & PC/display businesses, and Robert Bagheri, 49, executive vice president of operations.

Mountain View, Calif. - October 12, 2005 - Kazeon today announced the general availability of its Information Server IS1200. The IS1200 delivers data classification, storage search and automated file management services in a simple-to-manage, integrated information management appliance. Kazeon's breakthrough technology leverages advanced indexing, search and storage management technologies to provide enterprises with unified visibility and consistent control of their distributed files. Leading financial services, energy and technology companies are deploying the IS1200 to address information management needs in areas such as storage search, compliance auditing, data privacy and ILM.

In a related development, Kazeon today announced an OEM agreement with Network Appliance. Under the terms of the agreement, Kazeon and NetApp will integrate the intelligent data classification and search capabilities of Kazeon's Information Server with Network Appliance's complete range of storage systems. Additionally, Network Appliance will resell Kazeon's Information Server as part of a jointly marketed solution. ...Kazeon Systems profile

LAKE FOREST, Calif. - October 11, 2005 - Western Digital Corp. today announced that it was ranked by major information technology distributors in North America as one of the vendors most important to their businesses in a recent survey conducted by VARBusiness magazine. WD was the only hard drive company amongst the top five vendors, which included Microsoft, Intel, HP and IBM. North America's 33 largest IT distributors, based on revenue, were asked to name their top vendor lines, as well as their fastest growing vendors. WD was ranked in the top five by both measures. The survey was part of VARBusiness' recent editorial feature titled "Special Report: The State of Distribution".

"Storage is central to many value-added resellers' businesses, and distributors know the hallmarks of great vendors: high quality, responsive service and consistent availability of products," said Robert C. DeMarzo, vice president/publisher, VARBusiness magazine. ...Western Digital profile, Hard disk drives, Storage Resellers USA

LOS GATOS, Calif. - October 11, 2005 - In a recently concluded enterprise NAS survey commissioned by ONStor Inc. IT professionals indicated that "managing growing capacity requirements" was the #1 challenge in administering a storage environment within their companies. 82% of the 135 IT administrator respondents in the survey conducted by Coughlin Associates said they were concerned with managing growing capacity requirements, while 62% agreed that managing multiple file and storage servers was of concern. A comprehensive report on the study will be released by Coughlin Associates in Q4 of 2005. ...ONStor profile, NAS, Market research

Rockville, MD - October 11, 2005 - FileTek, Inc announced today it is a subcontractor in a $308 million contract by NARA (the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration) recently awarded to a team led by Lockheed Martin to develop and deploy a multipetabyte Electronic Records Archives (ERA) system. Allen Weinstein, Archivist of the United States, announced the award in September following a year long design competition that incorporated FileTek's StorHouse. product.

The archive ultimately will store and protect all electronic records produced by the federal government, thus creating an accessible and persistent cultural record of our nation's digital history.

FileTek's primary role in this six-year project is to provide the archival storage expertise that will enable the reliability, longevity, scalability, recoverability, protection, and integrity of the NARA archive.

For more than 20 years, FileTek has provided data storage and management services to corporations and government agencies worldwide. Currently, StorHouse is a key component of the ongoing digital preservation initiative at The National Archives of the UK, the oldest archive in the English-speaking world.

StorHouse is a comprehensive data storage and access management system specifically designed to administer massive amounts of structured and unstructured historical data, fixed content, and their associated backups.

Sherman Schorzman, FileTek's Vice President of Solutions Technology and Systems Engineering, commented, "FileTek is honored to be a member of Lockheed Martin's ERA team. Helping to create a multi-petabyte archive that preserves and protects our nation's digital history is a significant responsibility that we accept and approach with added readiness, determination, resolve, and commitment. Our proven approach to data management and archival storage expertise will contribute added value to the ERA initiative. We look forward to working with NARA and the Lockheed Martin team to bring this critical project to fruition." ...FileTek profile, Backup Software

Editor's comments:- my brother in law works as an internal database reality consultant in a telco which has tens of millions of customers and records. One comment I frequently hear is how well known commercial databases and servers often break or grind to a halt under the shear load of data and transaction volume. The kind of system that FileTek will protect is awesome - and I guess the point is that if they can do it for that huge amount of data - then mere mortals with weighty archive projects need not fear that they are walking into the realms of the unknown.

BROOMFIELD, Colo. - October 11, 2005 - McDATA Corporation today announced the appointment of Michael Frendo as senior vice president of engineering with responsibility for hardware and software product development. Frendo joins McDATA from Cisco Systems where he was most recently vice president of the systems and soft-switch engineering organization.

Frendo has held several executive and management positions at both Cisco Systems and Nortel Networks, including vice president of Cisco's Technology Center and senior manager of product development for Nortel's Magellan Passport platform. During his 10-year tenure at Cisco, Frendo earned a strong reputation with Cisco executives and customers alike for his ability to effectively solve problems and manage product lifecycle. ...McDATA profile, SAN switches, Storage People

Wembley, UK - October 11, 2005 - ENlight UK will be showcasing its ESR Storage Rackmount Chassis Series Servers at Storage Expo this week at Olympia, London, Stand Number 490. Each unit has hot-swappable cooling fans and multiple sensors at "hot" points. Each ESR Server Enclosure includes power supply-to-drive isolation, allowing control over voltage and current fluctuations, also providing server motherboard-based SAS architecture. The high availability version of the ESR-316 enclosure enables users to expand the server enclosures by taking advantage of internal SAS expanders that allow simplified dual/redundant storage architectures. ...Enlight profile, Enclosures, Serial Attached SCSI, Storage Events

MILPITAS, Calif. - October 10, 2005 - Maxtor Corporation is introducing the 3Gb/s SATA interface on its MaXLine III (enterprise ATA applications) and DiamondMax 10 (desktop) hard drives. The 7,200 RPM drives will begin shipping this quarter and include capacity points up to 300GB, up to a 16MB buffer and a comprehensive set of SATA II features including native command queuing, staggered spin up, hot-plug capability and asynchronous signal recovery. ...Maxtor profile

MILPITAS, Calif. - October 10, 2005 - Adaptec, Inc. today announced a new family of enterprise RAID controllers for its SATA product line, the (4 port) 2420SA and the (8 port) 2820SA. These are the industry's first SATA II RAID on Chip (ROC) solutions, delivering maximum performance and cost-effectiveness compared to products that rely on a separate processor and I/O controller. These new SATA II controllers also raise-the-bar in data protection with an optional software upgrade that includes industry-first support for array snapshots to simplify enterprise backup of block data and advanced RAID capabilities such as Dual Drive Failure Protection (RAID 6 on Adaptec 2820SA only) to protect against the simultaneous failure of up to two drives. The Adaptec Serial ATA II RAID 2820SA will begin shipping through distribution partners to resellers in November and the Adaptec 2420SA will begin shipping in December. ...Adaptec profile, RAID controllers

City of Industry, Calif. - October 10, 2005 - Xtore and Advanced Industrial Computer, Inc. (AIC) today announced the completion of their merger. Xtore, a sister company of AIC dedicated in providing high quality storage appliances and subsystems, merged with AIC as part of a restructuring effort. The transaction was finalized on September 30, 2005. By bringing in Xtore under the same AIC management team, all the engineering and marketing resources can be better utilized, and customers can also take advantage of the "one-stop-shopping" concept. This new AIC-Xtore team will be focused exclusively on OEM/ODM storage solutions dedicated at our solution provider partners worldwide. ...Xtore profile

Editor's comments:- we have heard from another source that as part of this reorganisations, Xtore's operations in the US have been shut down.

SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif. - October 10, 2005 - Seagate Technology today announced the availability of its Barracuda 7200.9 family of internal hard drives to the worldwide distribution channel. Targeted at low-cost and SATA servers, mainstream and high-performance PCs, PC gaming systems and media PCs, the new Barracuda 7200.9 family combines half-terabyte capacity with fast 3Gbit/second Serial ATA throughput and leading-edge storage technologies such as Native Command Queuing to deliver high levels of performance and reliability. To simplify integration, Barracuda 7200.9 automatically configures the drive to either new 3Gbit/second or legacy 1.5Gbit/second SATA systems. ...Seagate profile

Burnham, UK - October 10, 2005 - Quest Software is to launch Storage Suite for Exchange this week at Storage Expo. Quest Storage Suite for Exchange is a full email management solution providing business-critical reporting of usage trends and statistics, as well as the sophisticated archiving and recovery capabilities demanded by today's compliant organisations.

In addition, version 4.5 of LiteSpeed for SQL Server will be previewed at the event. LiteSpeed from Quest Software is a revolutionary backup and recovery solution for Microsoft SQL Server, recovering thousands of dollars in storage costs. Through integrated compression and encryption, backup sizes are typically reduced by up to 90%, backup times are at least twice as fast and recovery times are up to three times faster. ...Quest Software profile, Storage Software

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Coraid Launches Open Source Low Cost NAS

Spectra Logic Packs Encryption into Tape Libraries

ASI to Distribute Hitachi Disk Drives in US

Seagate's 1" Drive Used in HP Photosmart Printer

SiliconStor Qualifies 3rd Generation SATA Mux

Belgacom Turns to Cyber-Ark for Vaulting

Overland Rejects Takeover Offer from ADIC

NAS Virtualization Report Surveyed 2,000 IT sites

Silicon Image Announces Arrivals and Departures

NetApp to Resell Kazeon's Storage Search Appliance

Survey Says - US Distributors Love Western Digital

Enterprise NAS & Storage Virtualization Survey

FileTek will Protect US Government's Data

McDATA Nets VP of Engineering from Cisco

ENlight Shows Storage Chassis at Storage Expo

Maxtor Introduces 3Gb/S SATA II Hard Drives

Adaptec Launches New SATA RAID Controllers

Xtore and AIC Complete Merger

Seagate's New Barracuda Drives in the Channel

Quest Software Launch Storage Suite for Exchange

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Flash Memory
Flash Memory on
Megabyte was checking out his new
flash cards.

ICS is the technology leader in the design
and manufacture of high-speed Hard Drive
Duplication equipment, Software Cloning
Solutions and Diagnostic Systems.
article:-  Flash Memory vs. Hard Disk Drives - Which Will Win? - by Semico Research
Flash Memory vs. Hard Disk Drives - Which Will Win? - article by Semico Research

There's a confusing picture in many consumer products like phones, cameras and music players in which one day it seems that the storage function is done by flash and next day another company announces they're doing the same thing with miniature hard disks.

Is there any sense to this seemingly random choice?

This article uses pricing trends, technology trends and unique market analysis insights to show that users and oems may be able to reliably predict which storage devices will be most cost effective depending where you are on the future history curve. the article, Hard disk drives, Flash Memory, Market research, Solid state disks
What is Data Recovery? - article by  Disklabs
What is Data Recovery? - article by Disklabs

The first time you try any new technology service it can be a bit daunting. Who do you choose? What if it goes wrong? The pressure really turns up when you are in the situation of having lost your data due to a backup failure, hardware fault, operator error or physical disaster. That's usually the first time you look at the data recovery market. and it's when you're in a high state of anxiety and can't take the risk of anything else going wrong. This article is a simple guide to how the data recovery industry works and how it can help you in this frightening situation. the article,...Disklabs profile, Data Recovery, backup software, Hard disk drives
read article by Plasmon
Bare Media Exposed - Looking at the Contenders for Optical Media Archiving - article by Plasmon

Optical archiving has become a legally mandated storage technology in many markets. There are a lot of new optical media technologies and packaging formats to choose from. But which ones will stand the test of time in terms of data reliability and cost of ownership? Plasmon, founded in 1987, has nearly 2 decades of experience as a systems and media supplier in the optical archiving industry. This article looks at the critical factors for the new products now available and those emerging so you can assess which will work best for you. ... read the article, ...Plasmon profile, Optical Libraries
StorageTek ILM article

Email Archiving and Information Lifecycle Management - article by StorageTek

Email archiving is becoming a major cost and management issue for many enterprises. This article describes the thinking behind StorageTek's Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) scheme. You might find this conceptual framework useful - even if you use backup hardware and software from other vendors.

"Each year, across the global community, between one and two exabytes of unique data is being created. As well dealing with email management, companies need to start taking a strategic, holistic view of data storage and look at the issue in terms of an Information Lifecycle Management process. At the heart of ILM is an understanding of the value information holds at each stage of its life and from that, the importance of a co-ordinated approach to managing the storage and archiving of all forms of digital data." the article,...StorageTek profile, 40 more articles about Backup Software

Predicting the Next 7 Years in Storage?
Commemorating the 7th anniversary of in 2005, this article recaps the 3 most significant changes which have taken place in the storage market in the past 7 years. Megabyte writes about the future of storage
We've reported on every widget and fidget in storage technology and every nibble and wriggle in the storage market from every company. But 3 trends stand out clearly.

That was the easy part.

As you know STORAGEsearch regularly predicts storage market winners and losers in specific segments varying from 3 to 10 years in advance. The success of those past predictions and their popularity gave us the confidence to predict the 3 biggest changes in the next 7 years. This should help you make your strategic plans and avoid future shock. the article
SiliconDrives from SiliconSystems
2.5" SiliconDrives
from SiliconSystems
article by
War of the Disks: Hard Disk Drives vs. Flash Solid State Disks - article by BiTMICRO

BiTMICRO is the #1 best recognised brand of SSDs (source SSD Survey) and they have published a lot of articles to help customers understand the benefits of their products. When I first saw the submission for this article I was pleased to see that it quoted extracts from and linked to several other articles that I myself had written or edited - so that gave me a warm glow.

After years of analyzing this market SSD vendors and analysts are starting to see some clear patterns emerging. Although opinions still differ on some subjects, and vendors are prone to pitch their own solutions as best, this article is a useful synthesis of current industry thinking by one of the leading flash SSD module manufacturers. the article, ...BiTMICRO Networks profile, Solid State Disks, Hard disk drives
WipeMASSter Disk Sanitizers erazes 9 disks to Dod standards at hardware speed
WipeMASSter Hard Disk Sanitizers
from Intelligent Computer Solutions
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Squeak! - the 10 biggest storage companies in 2008?

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