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Editor's comments:- This page used to contain a list of companies which had been mentioned in our news pages as having removable storage drives.

As hard drives got intrinsically more rugged (in recent storage history) more oems marketed removable drives. So the list got too long to be usable - and the list didn't differentiate between removable HDD, SSD etc.

So instead I suggest you use the site search box below or click here - which prepopulates the site search with the word removable - which you can refine with your own terms.
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the Dangers of Removable Storage Media
In the early James Bond films of the 1960s, viewers were introduced to an array of implausible (at the time) portable high tech spy gadgets. Nowadays we know from our own everyday experience that something the size of a cigarette lighter can actually be a video camera with its own wireless internet access.

The proliferation of miniature high capacity storage devices creates a serious problem for commercial and national security.

This article - written by Pointsec - provides an up to date picture of the intrinsic dangers posed by removable storage technologies. the article
removable disk news
CWCDS offers 5TB version of SANbric SSD JBOD

Editor:- June 19, 2012 - today Curtiss-Wright Controls Defense Solutions announced a new version of its FC compatible SSDs the SANbric which supports just under 5TB and weighs about 5 lbs and is designed for deployment in high speed rugged data streaming apps such as on-board wide body aircraft, and helicopter platforms.

a new way to kill flash SSD data

Editor:- March 15, 2011 - Pangaea Media has recently entered the SSD backup market with a removable 2.5" SSD which integrates backup, encryption and a completely new (to me) patented fast purge technology.

Seagate paper suggests HDD market is unassailable by SSDs

Editor:- January 24, 2011 - Seagate has published a point of view document (pdf) which is designed to show that the position of the hard disk market is unassailable in the notebook market - no matter what happens in the next few years with SSDs.

I discuss the flaws in this on the home page of

USB3 faster than eSATA 2 for SMB disk backup

Editor:- November 8, 2010 - Idealstor announced today the release of a new rugged USB 3 removable HDD based backup product called the Bantam.

At time of launch capacity options are 320GB ($199), 500GB, 750GB and 1TB. Bantam cartridges are made from a rugged aluminum design and come with shock proofing which the company says will survive more than a 3 foot drop to a tile over concrete floor. They ship with with Idealstor's Windows compatible iBac Lite software - which includes dedupe options.

Editor's comments:- I asked marketing manager Ben Ginster about performance - and where the name of the product came from.

Re performance:- he said - "Speed depends on lots of factors and anyone that gives you a "real world" speed is blowing smoke. I've seen speeds up to 2.5GB/minute on some backups and less than 1GB on others. When we originally were testing the unit we were planning on having eSATA and USB3 on this drive but we found that USB3 speeds were faster than eSATA so we decided to just go with USB3. We have controllers for (customers with) systems that don't have USB3."

Re the Bantam (which for me having kept chickens - I had latched onto as a opportunity to add yet another inmate to my storage animal metaphors zoo / article) - I was wrong. Ben Ginster told me " We came up with name after the Bantam Weight in boxing/wrestling. Small but powerful. If you pull up Wikipedia the Bantam weight in boxing was named after a small chicken called the Bantam so I guess you could say we're named after an animal – indirectly of course."

WD's new 3 TB USB 3 HDD

Editor:- October 5, 2010 - Western Digital today introduced the -My Book Essential (approx $250) - an external 3TB USB 3 (consumer) hard drive, with up to 150MB/s throughput.

Recovering Data from Drowned / Flooded Hard Drives

Editor:- September 3, 2010 - the names may change but the damage which can be done by seasonal hurricanes like Earl remains a hovering background menace for those in the affected regions.

The things that can happen to mess up your life are bad enough - but what about the clean up afterwards?

Knowing how to handle a soggy hard drive can make the difference between a successful data recovery and data loss. You can unwittingly make things worse.

The guidelines in the classic article - Recovering Data from Drowned / Flooded Hard Drives by Simon Steggles, Director of Disklabs are just as relevant today as when they were published.

(Best to read it now while your computer is still working so you understand what to do if this ever happens to you or someone you know.)

LaCie launches rugged USB flash stick

Editor:- July 13, 2010 - LaCie today launched a rugged USB flash drive - the XtremKey - with upto 64GB capacity inside a 2mm metal pipe casing.

Sealed with wear-resistant screw threads and a rubber O-ring, it is watertight up to 100meters. The LaCie XtremKey is also resistant to 5-meter drops, fierce heat and bitter cold. Non operating temperature is claimed to be (+200°C / -50°). R/W speeds are upto 40MB/s and 30MB/s respectively. the flash key abuse video

Editor's comments:- The XtremKey is not an SSD. If you're not sure about the critical difference between a flash drive and a flash SSD - it's wear leveling.

For rugged HDD and SSD drives see military storage. If you liked the LaCie video - check out ioSafe's video linked in our SSD video page - which inspired it

a reader asked me a good question about SSD encryption

Editor:- June 29, 2010 - a reader asked me a good question... Does flash SSD encryption hurt performance and reliability?

Yes, and No. But not necessarily in that order. And it depends on the SSD. the article

will free terabyte disks extend the life of the hard disk market?

Editor:- June 9, 2010 - Could terabyte hard drives be given away free? - is the subject of a new blog published this week on

In it I suggest that the biggest future market for high capacity consumer HDDs isn't backup and that a new market model may be a better business. the article

Themis launches 1U rugged RAID box for its military servers

Editor:- May 4, 2010 - Themis Computer has launched the RES-XStore - a 1U (17" deep) storage system for mission-critical applications in harsh environments.

The RES-XStore includes 4 hot pluggable canisters, each containing 3x 2.5" drives. The RES-XStore communicates with the host server, via an add-in HBA and PCIe x8. The RES-XStore includes a RAID controller that supports RAID levels from 0 to 60. Each canister is hot pluggable. As with all products in the Rugged Enterprise Servers family - the new storage enclosure is designed to operate in the most challenging environments.

"Themis is re-defining 'rugged computing solutions' to mean rugged servers and rugged storage from the same vendor. Our rugged server and storage systems provide enhanced RAS, as well as industry leading SWAP", stated William Kehret, president of Themis Computer.

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