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iVivity Ships Wire Speed 10Gbps iSCSI HBA

New Name in RAM - Qimonda

SAS Switch Shows Fabric Promise

UK Event - Managing and Securing Data

WD Launches 6GB Matchbox USB Drive

4Gb SANbox Switches Now Available from Sun

Disaster Recovery and Data Protection Summit

Memory Market in 2006 will Reach $40 Billion

Ontrack Inaugurates Data Recovery Training Event

Disk Sanitizers are Hot

SSD Vendor Community Grows 28%

Maxtor is #1 Retail Hard Disk

StoneFly Introduces IP SAN-in-a-Box

ARIO Launches StorBlade

Hard Disk Sector Size May Change

Kashya Replicates Britain's Maps

Cypress Appoints New VP Worldwide Marketing

EzBackupIM Creates Bootable HDD Image

Iomega Surveys US Taxpayers re Backup

Cisco Names Spansion Supplier of the Year

Double-Take Software - New Name for NSI
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iVivity Ships Wire Speed 10Gbps iSCSI HBA
ATLANTA - March 31, 2006 - iVivity is announcing the availability of a full 10Gbps application programmable iSCSI, TCPIP and UDP Host Bus Adapter for server OEMs.

iVivity will be demonstrating this technology with a continuous data protection appliance, next week at Storage Networking World. The 10 Gbps full line rate throughput, very high IOPS and low power characteristics combined with the standards based programming power of iVivity's iDiSX 2000 HBA provides OEMs with an easily integrated, superior means of differentiating their iSCSI array and appliance systems - improving application performance and functionality without changing their system architectures.

"This is the first HBA I have seen that offers unprecedented programmability (due to its Linux kernel) and yet delivers wire speed 10Gbps for a variety of protocols" said Arun Taneja, Founder Taneja Group.

New Name in RAM - Qimonda

Munich, Germany - March 31, 2006 - Infineon Technologies AG announced today more details of its makeover strategy.

The splitting out of its memory business group into a new company, called Qimonda, will be effective on May 1st. Qimonda, headquartered in Munich, will have the legal form of a German Aktiengesellschaft (AG) and will be the world's 4th largest DRAM company. The new company will initially be a wholly owned subsidiary of Infineon but may be spun off in an IPO later. ...Infineon profile, renamed storage companies

Editor's comments:-
there are two root tensions behind the long running business soap opera which predate the 1999 spin off of Siemens Semiconductors as Infineon, and the next episode as Qimonda.

First - the DRAM business has historically followed a pattern of boom to bust business cycles - which makes it more like gambling than a sensible form of business investment. The stakes required to stay in the game at each new cast of the DRAM technology dice are huge.

Second - Germany is not a good location to site the headquarters of a high tech world class chip company. The local EU currency market is slow/no growing. Labor costs are high. The best thing would have been for all assets to be taken out of Germany altogether and moved to Asia or the US. Failure to do this in the past has had more to do with top management comfort levels and arcane legal restrictions than best business practice.

SAS Switch Shows Fabric Promise

MILPITAS, Calif. - March 30, 2006 - LSI Logic Corp today unveiled the first prototypes of an industry-leading SAS switch.

The switch features 9 x4 SAS ports, and by connecting multiple switches, users will be able to increase the size of the SAS fabric. With zoning support, the LSI SAS switch allows multiple storage domains to be configured. Using copper cables, the LSI SAS switch supports connection distances up to 8 meters, making it ideal for workgroup or rack-mounted server and storage environments requiring support for as many as 10 servers connected to one or more SAS storage arrays.

"With the demonstration of our new SAS switch, LSI is extending the capabilities of the SAS topology beyond a SCSI replacement in DAS environments to an actual fabric infrastructure," said Bruce Grieshaber, product manager, Storage Components Group, LSI Logic. "By providing an interconnect from multiple servers to one or more external storage systems, the LSI SAS switch will enable small-to-medium-sized businesses to take advantage of a cost-effective, scalable, high-performance, storage network and move beyond the limitations of DAS environments." ...LSI Logic profile

UK Event - Managing and Securing Data

Cambridge, UK - March 30, 2006 - Plasmon today announced that it will be sponsoring the symposium on Managing and Securing Data in the Modern Business which takes place April 4th and 6th in Heathrow and Manchester respectively.

The one-day free program covers:- scaling system architecture, managing system resources effectively, distributed and centralised information management, securing infrastructure and data at rest plus sessions on business continuity and disaster recovery. Each session will end with a chaired discussion among the expert panel, and an opportunity for delegates to pose their own questions. ...Plasmon profile, Storage Events

WD Launches 6GB Matchbox USB Drive

LAKE FOREST, Calif. - March 29, 2006 - Western Digital Corp. today introduced a new miniature storage drive.

The USB WD Passport Pocket Drives, about the size of a matchbox is one of the thinnest hard-drive based storage devices. It weighs 1.6 ounces, stores 6GB and costs $129. The USB connector is thin enough that two drives can be used at the same time in the tightly spaced USB ports found on notebook computers. WD Passport Pocket Drives are powered by the computer so a separate power supply is not needed. ...Western Digital profile

4Gb SANbox Switches Now Available from Sun

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. - March 29, 2006 - QLogic today announced that its enterprise class 4Gb SANbox 5600 Series Fibre Channel stackable switches are now available directly from Sun Microsystems and authorised Sun distributors.

The SANbox 5600 Series is the first and only 4Gb Fibre Channel stackable switch in the industry, offering customers seamless scalability and high performance in a pay-as-you grow solution.

"The QLogic SANbox 5600 Series gives our customers the ability to add 4Gb ports and additional switches in a highly cost effective manner as their business and storage needs grow," said James Whitemore, vice president and chief marketing officer, Data Management Group, Sun Microsystems. "The unique, dedicated 10Gb inter-switch links mean that SAN architects don't have to sacrifice any 4Gb ports for connecting switches to each other. The advantage of this design is that every single 4Gb port is available for storage connectivity and ports can be added without disrupting the storage network to power down or to relocate devices like competitive solutions." ...QLogic profile, ...Sun profile , SPARC Product Directory, Worldwide Sun VARS

Disaster Recovery and Data Protection Summit

TAMPA BAY, Fla. - March 28, 2006 - details of the Disaster Recovery and Data Protection Summit were announced today.

It will be held in Tampa, Florida from May 31 to June 1 timed to coincide with the start of the 2006 Hurricane Season. The two-day conference, hosted by three Florida-based companies, Toigo Partners International, the Data Management Institute, and TPI Technologies, will take place at the Tampa Airport Marriott, a location often used as a staging area for corporate and governmental relief efforts following a severe storm. Admission is free.

The Summit features a 'split agenda' with morning sessions featuring government emergency management agencies, weather service representatives and utility services, as well as survivors of last year's calamitous hurricane events, who will speak about the lessons learned from their responses to what was the most active Hurricane Season in the last 70 years. Afternoons each day will feature the Data Management Institute's training and certification program on Disaster Recovery and Data Protection. The course was developed by Toigo and partner, Oscar Ernst, and has been used to train over 1,000 planners worldwide. Storage Events, Storage Industry ORGs

Memory Market in 2006 will Reach $40 Billion

El Segundo, Calif. - March 28, 2006 - Although NAND flash memory sales will rise more slowly than expected in 2006, the DRAM market will show surprising strength, causing the combined segments to expand by nearly 13% for the year, iSuppli Corp. predicts.

DRAM and NAND, which represent the two largest segments of the semiconductor memory market, together are expected to achieve revenue of $40.2 billion in 2006, up 12.9% from 2005. Worldwide DRAM revenue is expected to rise to $26.4 billion in 2006, up 6.2% from $24.8 billion in 2005. As the year progresses, iSuppli will be closely watching several key application markets to ascertain their impact on the memory market. For NAND flash, these applications include handheld games, Personal Media Players and mobile PCs. For DRAM, key areas to watch will include video game consoles and mobile phones. ...iSuppli profile

Ontrack Inaugurates Data Recovery Training Event

Minneapolis, MN - March 28, 2006 - Ontrack Data Recovery is sponsoring the first ever data recovery symposium.

The symposium, which will be held on April 27 at the company's headquarters in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, is designed to help participants more effectively manage the data recovery process and make important decisions regarding data management. At the conclusion of the symposium, participants will receive a certificate of attendance to formally acknowledge their skills and experience as informed Data Management and Recovery Advisors. Tuition for the course is $299 with early-bird discounts of $199 available until April 5th. ...Ontrack profile, Data Recovery, Storage Events, Storage Training

Disk Sanitizers are Hot

Editor:- March 28, 2006 - reported today that the Disk Sanitizer market has become a hot topic with our readers.

Analysis of our web stats for this month shows that Disk Sanitizers will be the 3rd most popular subject viewed by our readers in March (up from 23rd in February 2006). When that kind of change happens - it predicts a fast growing market segment.

Incidentally's readership has continued its own fast rate of growth. March readership is already 46% up on the previous year - and the month isn't even over yet.

Throughout 2005 - storage publications were reporting the security threats posed by the after market for hard disk drives. It now looks as though the subject of disk sanitization is now getting a high degree of user attention. estimates that the disk sanitizer market segment, which barely existed just a few years ago could grow to over $2 billion by 2008.

SSD Vendor Community Grows 28%

Editor:- March 28, 2006 - reported today that - the number of market active solid state disk manufacturers has grown 28% in the past year.

The number of SSD oems listed on (acknowledged by most vendors as the #1 publication covering the SSD market) was 36 in March 2006, compared to with 28 in March 2005, and 23 in March 2004.

Revenue growth in the SSD market is projected to be above 100% per annum over the next handful of years and although there is some disagreement about the eventual market size ($5 billion according to Web-Feet Research, more like $10 billion according to STORAGEsearch) there is no doubt that the market will change significantly as other oems recognize the size of the SSD market opportunity.

"Back in the days when the SSD market consisted of less than 10 companies my predictions that it would some day exceed 50 oems were viewed with mild amusement" said Zsolt Kerekes editor "That's a figure which will easily be exceeded in the next 12 months as it becomes easier for new market entrants to redeploy current flash SSD technologies into usable systems products." Squeak! - the Solid State Disks Buyers Guide

Maxtor is #1 Retail Hard Disk

MILPITAS, Calif. - March 27, 2006 - Maxtor Corp announced today that its OneTouch family of products remains the leading brand of external storage sold in the US, based on the latest data from The NPD Group.

Maxtor ranked as the #1 brand sold in the US with 27.4% of all direct-attached storage purchases from consumers and small businesses via the retail and online channels that The NPD Group's data monitored during 2005. The NPD Group data does not include any network-attached storage unit numbers. ...Maxtor profile, Market research

StoneFly Introduces IP SAN-in-a-Box

San Diego - March 27, 2006 - StoneFly, Inc. today introduced the iSC-1620 and iSC-2420 Integrated Storage Concentrator (iSC) product lines that deliver scalable, rapid-to-deploy "IP SAN-in-a-box" functionality.

Offering everything IT administrators need to build an advanced IP SAN, both systems are anchored by the StoneFusion Operating System, an IP-based block-level provisioning appliance that centralizes storage management, control and monitoring of logical storage volumes. Featuring robust, integrated business continuity, the iSC systems also include StoneFly Reflection for local and campus mirroring, and StoneFly Snapshot for fast, efficient data recovery. StoneFly also offers a wide range of software and hardware options, such as application-aware continuous data protection and disk-to-disk backup and recovery. Available now, pricing for StoneFly iSC-1620 starts at $13,500 for a 2TB configuration, and pricing for iSC-2420 starts at $39,000 for a 12TB configuration. ...StoneFly Networks profile

Editor's comments:- "IP SAN-in-a-box" is a good marketing phrase. The earliest occurrence in our storage news pages for the antecedent and competing "SAN-In-A-Box" - was October 2001 - from Winchester Systems

ARIO Launches StorBlade

SAN JOSE, CALIF. - March 27, 2006 - ARIO Data Networks today unveiled the first products in its new Capacity Storage Array family of SATA- and SAS-based network storage solutions.

With this family, ARIO introduces StorBlade, the "unique" concept of enabling disk storage to be easily managed and scaled with a single enclosure.

Capable of storing 26 TB, the Capacity Storage Array family leads the market for the highest capacity and density footprint for a single enclosure array. ARIO leverages expertise from its SANARIO RAID controllers and JBOD SATA/SAS connectivity products to offer its customers affordable, high capacity, high performance RAID-protected storage solutions. The CSA Family will begin shipping mid-year. ARIO Data Networks

Editor's comments:-
a simple search from our home page reveals that in October 2002 JMR Electronics launched a disk array product called "StorBlade". So it appears to me that many of the "unique" features described in the unexpurgated version of ARIO's press release - including the product name - have been done before.

Hard Disk Sector Size May Change

SUNNYVALE, Calif - March 23, 2006 - IDEMA today announced the results of an industry committee assembled to identify a new and longer sector standard for future magnetic hard disk drives.

This Committee recommended replacing the 30 year-standard of 512 bytes with sectors having ability to store 4,096 bytes. Dr. Ed Grochowski, executive director of IDEMA US, reported that adopting a 4K byte sector length facilitates further increases in data density for hard drives which will increase storage capacity for users while continuing to reduce cost per gigabyte.

"Increasing areal density of newer magnetic hard disk drives requires a more robust error correction code, and this can be more efficiently applied to 4,096 byte sector lengths," explained Dr. Martin Hassner from Hitachi GST and IDEMA Committee member. ...IDEMA profile

Kashya Replicates Britain's Maps

SAN JOSE, Calif - March 23, 2006 - Ordnance Survey, the national mapping service of Great Britain, has placed an order with Kashya UK to provide continuous data replication to a remote off-site disaster recovery location.

Kashya's KBX5000 platform in conjunction with Cisco MDS Storage Service Modules will provide DR support for over 20T of data across Ordnance Surveys' Oracle database system. The Ordnance Survey database contains more than 400 million object images covering all of Great Britain.

"Four key criteria were identified in our search for the right DR solution" said Dave Lipsey, Infrastructure Manager at Ordnance Survey. "We needed 'point in time' roll-back recovery for our Oracle and ESRI databases; we had to maintain our central processing power, so no 'host agents' to slow down the central processing capabilities of our Sun Solaris servers; the solution had to be server and storage agnostic, so we could work with any type of SAN and it needed to enable replication of fibre channel storage over IP, without the need for expensive fibre channel to IP converters. A pretty tall order that eliminated many suppliers." ...Kashya profile, UK storage VARs, article:- Surviving the Solaris x86 Wars

Editor's comments:-
if you're planning a walking tour in the UK - Ordnance Survey can supply custom printed maps centered on your location. I did this recently and was surprised to see how much terrain remained to be explored in the woods and nature reserves around where I live.

Cypress Appoints New VP Worldwide Marketing

SAN JOSE, Calif. - March 23, 2006 - Cypress Semiconductor Corp. today announced the appointment of Babak Hedayati as senior vice president of worldwide marketing.

An 18-year veteran of the semiconductor industry, Hedayati comes to Cypress from Xilinx where he headed that company's Worldwide Product Solutions Marketing Organization and helped to establish it as a clear leader in the programmable logic business. Prior to joining Xilinx, Hedayati held positions at Altera, 3DO, Zycad, and National Semiconductor. Hedayati holds a bachelor's of science degree in electrical engineering from San Jose State University and has continued his education through the Stanford Executive Program. ...Cypress profile, storage chips, Storage People

EzBackupIM Creates Bootable HDD Image

Hollywood, FL - March 22, 2006 - Data Protection Solutions today announces the release of EzBackupIM Data Protection Software.

EzBackupIM gives companies and end-users alike the ability to create a one-to-one, bootable mirror image copy of their entire system and data on a new hard drive. This software solution (online price $19.99) now enables Windows users to perform image backup of their entire system and data, and migrate to a newer, higher capacity hard drive at a rate of 1 minute per GB. ...DPS profile

Iomega Surveys US Taxpayers re Backup

SAN DIEGO - March 22, 2006 - A new Harris Interactive survey of 2,477 US adult computer users, commissioned by Iomega Corp, has found that even at tax time, good backup habits are hard to come by.

In fact, two of the most popular reported 'backup' practices don't produce digital backup copies at all!

According to the survey's findings of those who have used a computer to prepare their taxes, the top five backup methods (not counting paper printouts and the primary computer hard drive, which are not digital backup methods) are as follows: 46% of U.S. adult computer users have at some time prepared income taxes using a computer. However, 57% of these users report using paper printouts as their only backup. Even more surprising was that 37% think that their computer hard drive is their backup location, leaving them completely unprotected from future hard drive failures, virus attacks, or accidental deletions.

"Consumers, as well as small businesses, have so many choices for backup today that there is really no excuse for losing digital tax files and other important data," said Jon Huberman Iomega's CEO. ...Iomega profile, ...Harris Interactive profile, Backup Software, Tape drives

Cisco Names Spansion Supplier of the Year

SUNNYVALE, Calif. - March 22, 2006 - Spansion Inc. today announced that it has received the 2005 Supplier of the Year award from Cisco Systems, Inc.

This prestigious award is one of 10 that was presented to valued Cisco suppliers at the company's 14th annual supplier appreciation awards program. ...Spansion profile, ...Cisco Systems profile

Double-Take Software - New Name for NSI

Southborough, MA - March 22, 2006 - NSI Software, Inc. today announced the company will now be doing business as Double-Take Software.

"The move to Double-Take Software makes sense because we have a vast customer-base who know and love Double-Take," said the company's CEO Dean Goodermote. ...Double-Take Software profile, renamed storage companies

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