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the Top SSD Companies

32nd quarterly edition - based on search metrics in Q1 2015

by Zsolt Kerekes, editor - - June 23, 2015

The Top SSD Companies is always one of the most popular articles here on the mouse site.

The usefulness and past successes of this market tracker - which has now completed 8 years of publication - has been documented in past editions of this article - so I won't repeat any of those points here.

I explained in a recent popular article about enterprise flash consolidation the reasons I expect to see the number of SSD companies eventually shrink significantly. But in that same article I also said - that in the coming year or so the opposite will happen.

This final phase of fattening the SSD vendor count (battle of the bulge) will occur because many of the products needed to enable the transition to a more user-friendly and competitive consolidated market will come from new companies and entirely new product types which only exist today in embryonic forms.

So for that reason - this top SSD companies series - which has tracked the aggregate online research behavior of millions of SSD readers on - will continue to yield up useful alert signals from the crowd intelligence which has been at the forefront of the SSD market during the past 17 years.

I've been later than usual getting this list to you. And so to avoid any futher delays I'm just publishing it as a list without any detailed narrative. You can see more info about each company in the usual ways. Here's the list you've been waiting for.

the Top 25 SSD Companies - 2015 Q1

based on SSD search volume in the first quarter 2015

1 - Diablo Technologies - same as before

This was the 3rd consecutive quarter at #1 for Diablo. Interest in Diablo continued to be at an intensely high level - being almost as much as the sum of the #2 and #3 companies combined and about 9x the level of the #20 ranked company. (These relative ratios of reader interest have been similar for other #1 ranked companies in many past editions of this list.)

see also:- memory channel SSDs

2 - SanDisk - same as before

see also:- PCIe SSDs, SSD software, SAS SSDs

3 - HGST - same as before

see also:- SAS SSDs, cloud SSDs, acquisitions

4 - OCZ - up 1 place

see also:- PCIe SSDs, 2.5" NVMe SSDs, auto-caching software

5 - Cisco - up 9 places

rackmount SSDs

6 - Seagate - up 2 places

see also:- SSD controllers, PCIe SSDs, SAS SSDs

7 - IBM - down 3 places

see also:- fastest SSDs, rackmount SSDs

8 - Virtium - up 3 places

see also:- industrial SSDs, M.2 embedded SSDs

9 - Violin Memory - up 2 places

see also:- rackmount SSDs, segmentational problems in the enterprise flash market

10 - Tegile Systems - down 1 place

see also:- new pricing models for flash arrays, hybrid arrays

11 - Microsemi - up 5 places

see also:- military SSDs, capacitor-less holdup in SSDs

12 - A3CUBE - down 1 place

see also:- PCIe fabrics

13 - Micron - down 7 places

see also:- flash and other nvm,

14 - Pure Storage - up 4 places

see also:- VCs, IPOs and SSDs,

15 - Kaminario - up 5 places

see also:- consolidation trends in enterprise flash

16 - (tied place) - Samsung - up 3 places

see also:- consumer SSDs, NVMe SSDs

16 - (tied place) - PLX Technology / Avago - down 2 places

see also:- storage glue chips

18 - PLDA - up 3 places

see also:- SSD controllers

19 - Cactus Technologies - 1st appearance in this series

see also:- mSATA SSDs, industrial SSDs

20 - Intel - up 1 place

21 - Foremay - down 4 places

see also:- SSD security

22 - EMC - up 3 places

see also:- unreal AFA startup comparisons with EMC

23 - Nimbus Data Systems - reappearance in this list

see also:- rackmount SSDs, market research

24 - InnoDisk - down 14 places

see also:- industrial SSDs, adaptive ECC

25 - Marvell - reappearance in this list

see also:- SSD controllers

And which companies were just outside the list in Q1 2015?

They all come with their own stories - about about themselves and what their ranking tells us about emerging changes in the SSD market.

So - here for you to think about - are the next 10 companies (listed in ranking order):- Digesting the implications from the above will keep you busy.

That's it from me for now. I'm sorry for being so late with this edition of this list.

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Hey - that means SSD-world is like a map of the US before Lewis and Clark.

If you're a VC should this make you anxious or happy?

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XtremIO will be the fastest product we've ever done that hits a billion dollars a year."
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Over 20 companies have already announced products for this market among which are Memory1, 3DXPoint etc

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