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Viking's SATA Cube3 DOM MIL certified

Editor:- March 3, 2010 - Viking Modular Solutions today announced that its SATA Cube3 128GB DOM (launched in March 2009) has successfully completed tests pursuant to the MIL-STD-810F specification.

WD offers faster SLC and affordable MLC for disparate 2.5" SSD markets

Editor:- March 3, 2010 - WD Solid State Storage is shipping a new range of 2.5" 128GB SATA SLC SSDs - for high reliability 24/7 embedded markets - called the WD SiliconDrive N1x.

R/W speeds are upto 240MB/s and 140MB/s respectively. Write endurance is quoted as 701GB/Day - compatible with 5 year limited warranty. And data integrity (non-recoverable error rate) is better than 1 in 1015 bits read.

"The WD SiliconDrive N1x SSDs are the newest addition to our SiliconDrive product family, which has shipped several million units since the 1st products were introduced. SiliconDrive SSDs have consistently met critical OEM application requirements for high reliability, high performance and long product deployment cycles," said Michael Hajeck, senior VP and general manager of WD's solid state storage business unit.

The WD SiliconDrive N1x SSDs feature patented and patent-pending WD technologies combined with NCQ and Windows 7 TRIM command support for high data integrity, long product life and sustained performance levels throughout the drive's service life without the need for an external refresh utility, media over-provisioning or forced idle times used by many SSDs available today.

Editor's comments:- today WD also announced its entry into the SSD notebook market. WD's SiliconEdge Blue 2.5" MLC SSDs offer capacity upto 256GB (MSRP $999), R/W speeds of 250MB/s and 170MB/s.

To avoid confusion from the branding point of view - it looks like WD has retained the 5 year market proven "SiliconDrive" brand for its enterprise products while introducing "SiliconEdge" as its consumer / MLC brand. To protect its reputation WD says the new notebook design has passed over 250,000 hours of testing to prevent the kind of flaky SSD problems which have occurred in the past when competing oems shipped incompletely verified products.

PCIe SSD adoption accelerates Fusion-io's revenue

Editor:- March 2, 2010 - Fusion-io disclosed today it has experienced more than 80% quarter-over-quarter sales growth and more than 300% sales growth year-over-year.

This emerged in an announcement that Silicon Valley veteran Dennis Wolf has joined the company as senior VP and CFO to help it manage its rapid growth as it continues to expand into new markets around the globe. Wolf has led several public and private companies as CFO, COO and CEO. He brings more than 30 years of leadership experience in high-growth technology companies, with work in finance and other disciplines. Most recently, he served as executive VP and CFO at MySQL where he was integral in MySQL's growth strategy and its ultimate sale to Sun Microsystems in a transaction valued at $1 billion.

"In the 20 years I've been working in this industry, I've never seen a company grow this fast and I believe we are well poised to triple our growth in 2010," said Jim Dawson, senior VP of worldwide sales for Fusion-io. "As a young company experiencing such incredible, rapid expansion, Dennis' financial expertise and broad understanding of the marketplace will be essential to our continued ability to meet customer demand."

Editor's comments:- the last time I wrote an article about a bunch of storage companies with triple digit annual revenue growth was in 2004 - and the top 2 out of those 4 were in the SSD market too. Although Fusion-io is a privately held company and doesn't disclose financial details - it's sometimes easy to tell which companies everyone seems to be talking about.

Super Talent's Cryptic USB3 SSD

Editor:- March 2, 2010 - Super Talent Technology today announced imminent availability of a new encrypted USB 3 flash SSD - with upto 256GB capacity.

When I asked for more technical details I was told the datasheet isn't ready yet. The USB 3.0 SuperCrypt is a true SSD (with wear-leveling). Internally the module (95 x 34 x 15.4 mm) is a SATA SSD with a USB bridge chip.

FalconStor tunes Violin's SSD

Editor:- March 2, 2010 - FalconStor today announced technical and VAR channel support for Violin Memory's 2U rackmount FC flash SSD - the Violin 1010 .

Although the headline specs of this very fast flash SSD are substantially the same as when it was launched in November 2008 the 2 important things which have changed are:-
  • the price point - $32,000 for the 500GB (lite capacity) version, and
  • the availability of SSD ASAP-like features implemented by FalconStor's SafeCache and HotZone software.

STMicroelectronics samples dual port RFID EEPROM

Editor:- March 2, 2010 - STMicroelectronics is sampling a pioneering new family of dual technology access EEPROMs - which add a standard RFID interface to the conventional serial interface.
RFID dual port EEPROM - news image from StorageSearch.com - click for more info
No power is required to operate the M24LR64 (64k bit capacity) in RF mode. The chip gathers both the energy and the data from the RF system.

"This highly innovative ability to program or read a memory wirelessly, as well as electrically, will provide tremendous added-value to our customers, enabling highly flexible supply-chain management and also stimulating new types of products with powerful features and capabilities," said Benoit Rodrigues, General Manager, Memories Division, STMicroelectronics.

STEC samples slim SSDs with deep roots

Editor:- March 2, 2010 -STEC has started sampling a new family of SlimSATA and SATA-CF 32GB/64GB flash SSDs for use in embedded markets.

Performance is 15,000 / 6,000 R/W IOPS and R/W transfer rates are up to 135MB/s and 130MB/s respectively.

Editor's comments:- in a way this is STEC going back to its roots. In the server market - where it is better publicly known - STEC is dependent on the success of partners like EMC whose secret ingredient in the SSD cola experience is bottling the water.

STEC is also vulnerable to being substituted out for other 2.5" SSDs (or sideswiped by PCIe SSDs) at any time.

But STEC knows how to market to designers in embedded markets. These are currently much smaller than the other segments in the classic SSD market penetration model. Nevertheless it's a way of boosting revenue.

And here's something else to think about... which links together the oldest segments in the flash SSD market with the newest one for SSD backup - which is still at the birth stage.

The important feature in these new products is the ratio of sleep mode power to operating mode power - which is 10 to 1. That's not too far off the ideal ratio (100 to 1) it needs to reach in the next 5 years to support the concept of putting petabytes of SSD archive storage into 2U racks. More about that later... In the meantime experience gained in the unsexy (but reliability obsessed) embedded SSD modules market can be viewed as a long term investment in what will be the biggest market for SSD shipments long after the current SSD market bubble.

Front Porch Digital Bucks Broadcast Equipment Trends

Editor:- March 1, 2010 - Front Porch Digital today announced that the company's 2009 sales bookings were the best in its 11-year history, representing a gain of more than 30% over 2008.

Front Porch Digital's success is more striking, according to Mike Knaisch, the company's president and CEO, because a recent industry research study indicates some 97% of broadcast vendors experienced declining sales in 2009.

hyperI/O captures TRIM metrics

Editor:- March 1, 2010 - hyperI/O announced that its hIOmon software supports the collection of Microsoft "TRIM" related SSD metrics - which can be captured during normal, everyday application use and without any OS, file system, file, or application changes required.

RunCore's new Express Card SSD / USB 3.0 adapter

Editor:- March 1, 2010 - Among the many SSDs which RunCore will show at CeBIT 2010 this week is an Express Card flash SSD designed for notebooks.
... RunCore's  Express Card SSD / USB 3.0 adapter
As well as providing upto 64GB capacity (R/W speeds 120MB/s and 90MB/s) - the Express 34 module also provides 2x USB 3.0 ports with connectors for linking the notebook to external devices. See also:- events.

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