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Capacitor hold up times in 2.5" military SSDs
is remanence in persistent memory a new security risk?
where are we heading with memory intensive systems?
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new edition of the Top SSD Companies
Editor:- November 24, 2016 - NxGn achieved its highest ever ranking in the new Q3 2016 edition of the Top SSD Companies published today.

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I noticed that whenever I repeated the power off and power back on again cycling (into what we'd now call a "cold boot" condition) most of the contents of the RAM looked similar to what they had been before, instead of scrambled which is what I expected.
does persistent memory pose new new security risks?

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Reliability is an important factor in many applications which use SSDs. But can you trust an SSD brand just because it claims to be reliable in its ads?
the cultivation of "reliability" in a 2.5" SSD brand

Who's got all the answers to help understand how all the changes in the SSD market are coming together?

The answer is - no one and everyone and you too.

Compared to earlier phases in the SSD market more is changing.
the SSD Bookmarks - series overview

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do custom SSDs have to cost more?
custom SSDs Few questions in the SSD market have simple answers.

Do custom SSDs cost have to cost more?

See my new blog - some thoughts about SSD customization.

past Novembers in SSD market history
November 2000 Solid Data Systems discussed the advantages of SAN SSD accelerators in the article - Solid State File-Caching for Performance and Scalability.
November 2001 Texas Memory Systems announced the industry's first NAS SSD for enterprise acceleration.
November 2002 TI produced a 64Mb ferroelectric RAM chip using Ramtron's patented FRAM technology.
November 2005 Micron and Intel announced an agreement to up a new jointly owned company IM Flash Technologies.

Texas Memory Systems demonstrated its first native InfiniBand rackmount SSD accelerator.
November 2006 SanDisk acquired M-Systems which had been a pioneer in the use of MLC in SSDs.
November 2009 Google opened its doors to developers who wanted to work with a new operating system Chrome OS which was designed at the outset around solid state storage and which specifically excluded the paradigm of hard drives.
November 2011 SSRC published a paper which examined the possible future advantages of using arrays of storage class memory nodes as a cost effective archiving solution compared to hard drives and tape.
November 2012 First mention of Diablo on with news of a $28 million funding round.
November 2013 InnoDisk announced it would demonstrate its FlexiArray based rackmount SSD at the SuperComputing 2013 conference.
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Flash Memory
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SSD myths - write endurance
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SSD news - November 2016

Mobiveil's Universal NOR Controller Allows SoC Designers to Leverage Adesto's EcoXiP Flash Memory

SSD SoCs controllers
SSD controllers
Editor:- November 30, 2016 - Mobiveil today announced it is working with Adesto Technologies to enhance the memory in low capacity intelligent IoT systems.

Incorporating Mobiveil's U-NFC controller to control the new Adesto EcoXiP flash will provide SoC designers an eXecute-in-Place solution that more than doubles the performance of alternative approaches using standalone NOR-Flash memory.

Young-Jin Jeon joins BeSang advisory board

image shows mouse at the one armed bandit - click to see VC funds in storage
VCs in SSDs
Editor:- November 28, 2016 - BeSang today announced that Young-Jin Jeon, a reknowned VC in the semiconductor sector, has joined BeSang Inc. as a member of its advisory board.

Among other things Young-Jin Jeon has invested in 40 start-up companies and helped 16 companies go to IPO.

"As an investor in BeSang, I strongly believe in growth potential of BeSang and its $120B TAM. BeSang has disruptive technology and could provide unsurpassed value to the semiconductor and data storage sectors..." said Young-Jin Jeon.

Inside SK Hynix's 3D NAND

Editor:- November 28, 2016 - a new blog - Inside SK Hynix's 3D NAND - on EE Times compares the memory density Gb/mm2 per tile of various leading 3D NAND die which are now available in the market.

Among other things the author - Jeongdong Choe, Senior Technical Fellow - TechInsights (a patent services company) - says "All of the 3D NAND players have their own unique cell structure, including FG-based and CTF-based cells. Which one would be better for 128 or higher stacked 3D NAND from the process integration and reliability viewpoint may be revealed in a couple of years."

Violin discloses plan to retain CFO until end of January

Editor:- November 25, 2016 - An SEC Form 8-K filing by Violin Memory discloses that on November 19, 2016, the Board of Directors of Violin Memory, Inc. approved the award of a bonus payment of $150,000.00 to Cory J. Sindelar, Violin's CFO.

In consideration for the Bonus, Mr. Sindelar agreed to remain employed by Violin and to continue to perform services for and provide good faith assistance to Violin in connection with ongoing matters through an earned date which will be no later than January 31, 2017.

Editor's comments:- due no doubt to rubbernecking Violin moved up one position to#3 in the Q3 2016 edition of the Top SSD Companies.

Microsemi - an M&A blog on Seeking Alpha

Editor:- November 23, 2016 - A new article about Microsemi - Once Overlooked, Microsemi is Now The Belle Of The Ball - published on Seeking Alpha - discusses the state of the company from a speculative mergers and acquisitions perspective.

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Silicon Motion has SD 5.1 flash controller for Android market

Editor:- November 21, 2016 - Silicon Motion today announced the "world's first merchant SD 5.1 controller solution."

"Android Smartphone shipments accounted for more than 85% of the worldwide market share, and 70% to 80% of these phones have microSD slots," said Nelson Duann, Senior VP of Product Marketing at Silicon Motion, "With the SM2703 controller (2000 / 650 random R/W IOPS on a single TLC die) now supporting SD 5.1, our partners can rapidly bring to market a new generation of SD cards to enable a much better user experience and extend the usability of the Android smartphones."

See also:- SSD controllers, storage market research

WDC shows prototype RapidIO DRAM controller

Editor:- November 17, 2016 - Western Digital today said in a blog it will show a prototype memory controller aimed at big data which uses RapidIO as the interconnect at SC16.

"This new approach to incorporating SCM into the memory hierarchy can potentially provide the flexibility to deploy ultra-low latency, coherent SCM across high-performance computing and hyperscale environments, without disrupting compatibility with the existing infrastructure, scaling up to petabytes of data generated by applications and analytics in the age of "Big Data". the article

Editor's comments:- The first mention of RapidIO here on was in March 2005 . More recently in May 2014 - I drew attention to a blog - Do You Really Know RapidIO? - by Eric Esteve , founder of IPnest who said - "Maybe it's time for the server/storage industry to give a second chance for the RapidIO protocol."

a winter's tale of SSD market influences - new blog on

Editor:- November 15, 2016 - Recently I spoke to AccelStor's President - Charles Tsai. We talked about many changing influences in the SSD market. I thought you might be interested to see some of the things we spoke about in a new blog on because it will give you an idea of how many strategic changes in the SSD market can now influence every business decision about what new products to create - even when those changing factors seem at first to be only loosely connected like the flash controller, industrial SSD, SCM, software and enterprise rackmount SSD markets. But all those factors entwined the flow of this SSD conversation which really started 2 years before. the article

Netlist quarterly revenue up 60% yoy

Editor:- November 14, 2016 - Netlist today announced revenue for the quarter ended October 1, 2016 was $2.6 million, up 60% from the year ago period.

hybrid DIMMs
hybrid DIMMs
C.K. Hong, CEO of Netlist said - "In August we introduced our HybriDIMM™ storage class memory solution and remain on track to bring this innovative product to market next year. In September we filed a complaint in the U.S. International Trade Commission against SK hynix for infringement of 6 of our patents covering billions of dollars of their high performance memory. In addition, we achieved year over year product revenue growth from a new base of OEM and data center customers. We believe that our actions in the quarter have set the stage for growth and diversification as we enter 2017."

Editor's comments:- Netlist was one of the two fastest climbing companies in the Top SSD Companies Q3 2016.

Military storage
military SSDs
V&G shows mil SSDs at German trade show

Editor:- November 4, 2016 - V&G today announced it will showcase its military SSDs this week at Electronica in Munich, Germany.

Editor's comments:- Other SSD exhibitors at the show include:- Kingston, Silicon Power and Swissbit.

Elastifile gets patent for flash-aware adaptive cloud scale data management

SSD cloud image
SSD cloud
Editor:- November 3, 2016 - Elastifile today announced it has been granted a US patent (No. 9,465,558) for a method of flash-native, collaborative data storage when running on multiple interconnected nodes.

Elastifile's technology (which is integrated in software solutions) is aimed at the hybrid cloud market.

The patented technology enables efficient, distributed storage across full-mesh clustered architectures in which all nodes interact with one another across multiple sites and clouds, in complex or constantly varying network conditions, and/or at a scale that may encompass thousands of diverse configurations.

"One of the greatest challenges for private and hybrid cloud data services has been ensuring consistent performance for distributed data writing, especially due to noisy and mixed environments," said Ezra Hoch, chief architect at Elastifile. "Our patented approach adaptively and efficiently manages how and where data is written, mitigating the constantly changing conditions—at cloud scale."
What happened before?
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seeking the inner SSD

Seagate Nytro PCIe SSD
PCIe SSDs for a wide range of deployments
Nytro flash accelerator cards
from Seagate

AccelStor NeoSapphire  all-flash array
1U enterprise flash arrays
InfiniBand or 10GbE iSCSI or 16G FC
NeoSapphire series - from AccelStor

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industrial mSATA SSD
industrial grade mSATA SSDs
>2 million write cycles per logical block.
from Cactus Technologies

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All the marketing noise coming from the DIMM wars market (flash as RAM and Optane etc) obscures some important underlying strategic and philosophical questions about the future of SSD.
where are we heading with memory intensive systems?

Targa Series 4 - 2.5 inch SCSI flash disk
2.5" removable military SSDs
for airborne apps - GbE / SATA / USB
from Targa Systems

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I think it's not too strong to say that the enterprise PCIe SSD market (as we once knew it) has exploded and fragmented into many different directions.
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the news archive
December 2015 NSF funds NxGn Data project to progress in-situ SSD processing
January 2016 Quarch says many SSDs fail their first hot plug tests.
February 2016 It's not worth paying more for SLC reliability in PCIe SSDs says Google
April 2016 Samsung began mass producing the industry's first 10nm class 8Gb DDR4 DRAM chips.
May 2016 efficiently coded memory architecture unveiled in new systems by Symbolic IO

Encrip announces tri-state coded DRAM IP which can be used with any standard process
June 2016 Pure Storage said its AFA revenue in Q1 2016 was more than the leading HDD array brand
August 2016 Nimbus re-emerged from stealth with a 1PB / U high availability flash storage array (4PB raw in 4U).
September 2016 Everspin files for IPO to expand MRAM

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