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Storage news -2005, September week 4

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MILPITAS, Calif.- September 30, 2005 - Adaptec, Inc. today announced it has renegotiated its relationship with IBM on the development and delivery of RAID controllers and connectivity products for IBM's eServer iSeries and pSeries systems. Under the terms of the new agreement, IBM will pay Adaptec to acquire a nonexclusive license to certain intellectual property and to acquire certain assets dedicated to the engineering and manufacturing of these RAID products. Adaptec will retain its intellectual property and, over the next six quarters, will receive an ongoing royalty revenue stream associated with the sales of these products. Retaining ownership of the intellectual property will allow Adaptec the flexibility to continue to utilize the iSeries and pSeries technology in its future RAID products.

"In analyzing Adaptec's various businesses, it became clear to us that delivering add-on products for IBM's eServer iSeries and pSeries systems would not be a long term profitable business opportunity for Adaptec," said S. "Sundi" Sundaresh, president of Adaptec. "Today's agreement is part of our ongoing effort to improve Adaptec's focus and execution on profitable business ventures."

As a result of this transaction, Adaptec will receive a $22 million payment from IBM and will record approximately a $26 million loss on the sale of assets and impairment of related goodwill in its second quarter of its Fiscal Year 2006. ...Adaptec profile

Campbell , California and Taipei , Taiwan - September 30, 2005 - Qsan Technology Inc. today announced that Silverback Systems' IP Storage Network Access Processor (iSNAP2110 ) will power the new Qsan P series IntelliRAID iSCSI RAID controller. The P series is an iSCSI based 8 or 16-channel SATAII RAID controller. The P series controller enables solutions costing as low as $2 per GB, roughly 1/5 the cost of traditional systems. Silverback Systems' iSNAP2110 enables the P series RAID controller to provide low cost, high performance networked storage over IP using the industry standard iSCSI protocol.

Qsan's P series IntelliRAID solution is targeted at small and medium business environments, for use in data storage systems, disk-to-disk-to-tape back-up systems, virtual tape libraries and near-line back-up systems. The iSCSI acceleration provided by the iSNAP2110 enables class leading iSCSI performance of the P series controller, and allows IT departments to drastically shorten the time required to perform back-ups.

Qsan's design team set strict requirements for its iSCSI acceleration engine, and selected Silverback Systems' iSNAP2110. Key factors included industry leading performance of more than 250,000 IOPS, as measured by Iometer, and full-duplex throughput of 440MB/s, as measured by TTCP. In addition, the iSNAP2110 consumes only two watts per channel for the dual-port, two-gigabit storage network acceleration processor, enabling smaller, more reliable, lower power and lower cost solutions. ...QSAN Technology profile, ...Silverback Systems profile, NAS, iSCSI

Seoul, Korea - September 29, 2005 - Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. today held a ground-breaking ceremony to kick-off the company's second round of investments in its Hwaseong semiconductor plant. This activity marks the next step in the company's seven-year investment plan for the site. Hwaseong's second phase will be located on 230-acres that is slated to house one R&D facility and eight fabrication lines by 2012, calling for an estimated capital expenditure of $33billion. When completed in 2012, Samsung's Giheung-Hwaseong complex will be the world's largest semiconductor fabrication facility. ...Samsung profile, RAM, chips

Munich/Germany and Taoyuan/Taiwan - September 29, 2005 - Infineon Technologies and Nanya Technology Corporation today announced that they have signed an agreement to expand their development cooperation on DRAMs. The agreement provides for the joint development of advanced 60nm production technologies for 300mm wafers. The cooperation is the extension of the existing co-development of the 90nm and 70nm production technologies and will help each partner expand its position in the DRAM market while sharing development costs. The first 300mm wafer memory products using the new 60nm process is expected to leave the production line in 2008. The new production technology may be used in both companies and also at their manufacturing joint venture Inotera Memories, situated in Taoyuan, Taiwan. ...Infineon Technologies profile, ...Nanya Technology profile

Oslo, Norway - September 28, 2005 - Tandberg Data today announced the launch of the new Tandberg S24 tape library. The compact library offers from 9.6 TB to 19.2 TB (2:1 compressed) in a 4U form-factor, and delivers tape library functionality and enterprise-class performance at an MSRP from $8,900. The Tandberg S24 is available with 1 or 2 drives, using LTO2 or LTO3 Ultrium technology. The S24 is available with WORM support. The Tandberg S24 tape library supports mixed generation LTO drive technology and has an intuitive, user-friendly interface for system setup, control and monitoring. An integrated barcode reader as well as a choice of easy to implement iSCSI or native fibre channel connectivity is included. The built-in partitioning feature enables the Tandberg S24 to operate as two separate autoloaders for even greater value and convenience. The Tandberg S24 tape library comes with a 3 year 'Fast Exchange' warranty, guaranteeing that a replacement for a defective unit will be shipped the within 24 hours. ...Tandberg profile, Tape Libraries, Rackmount Storage

MILPITAS, Calif. - September 28, 2005 - LSI Logic Corporation announced today that it will port the MegaRAID line to Sun Microsystems' Solaris 10 Operating System for x64/x86. Once complete, LSI Logic and Sun customers will be able to cost-effectively manage, protect and share information, using MegaRAID systems and software with the Solaris 10 OS on X64/X86 processor-based systems. The dual channel Ultra320 SCSI PCI-X MegaRAID adapter already supports the Solaris 10 OS, on x64/x86 platforms. The MegaRAID family also includes 3Gb/s SATA II and SAS. ...LSI Logic profile, RAID controllers

West Sussex, UK - September 28, 2005 - European based Fibrenetix announces the launch of Fibrenetix USA, Inc. located in San Jose, California. The US expansion follows recent subsidiary launches in Germany and The Republic of Ireland - and adds to operations in Spain and France.

Announcing the opening of the US operation Fibrenetix CEO Jes Nagel said: "We have experienced strong sales in the States already this year including contracts with NASA, UCLA and Banner Health Inc - so this American venture is a natural progression for us. We predict that 50% of our turnover will come from the U.S marketplace in the next two years." Danish-born Nagel pioneered IDE technology and IDE RAID and is considered a visionary figure in the storage arena.

Alan Johnson who joins Fibrenetix as VP of Business Development will head the Silicon Valley operation. Johnson, a well-known figure in the storage industry, is a former director of the Fibre Channel Industry Association Europe. He is an expert with over 20 years experience in the sector at System Industries, Eurologic, Adaptec and Infortrend. ...Fibrenetix profile

PALO ALTO, Calif., - September 27, 2005 - Atempo, Inc. today announced a distribution partnership with Bell Microproducts, Inc. Bell Microproducts will offer its enterprise value added resellers Atempo's complete product portfolio including Atempo Time Navigator, Atempo Assentor Suite, and Atempo LiveBackup.

"One of the main benefits of Time Navigator is that it can scale from a few servers or a departmental workgroup to a multi-location enterprise network, and yet a user can rapidly restore a single file from any point in time, from any storage media" said Gary Gammon, senior vice president of Enterprise Sales & Marketing for Bell Microproducts. ...Atempo profile, ...Bell Microproducts profile

Bad Soden, Germany - September 27, 2005 - Exanet has entered into a formal distribution agreement with value-added reseller COMPAREX, significantly enhancing European customers' access to Exanet's solutions. The ExaStore software has achieved a record performance of 203,182 operations per second (OPS) result on the industry-standard SPEC SFS benchmark, with an overall response time of 1.08 milliseconds. For video applications, a typical system comprised of 6 ExaStore's nodes can deliver aggregate bandwidth of more than 1.2GB/sec and maintain multiple data streams. This high level of performance demonstrates ExaStore's ability to provide performance on par with complex and expensive SAN systems, in an affordable, non-complex NAS solution. ...Exanet profile, Sun Resellers in Germany

NEW YORK - September 27, 2005 - Microsoft Corp. today announced the immediate general availability of Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manager (DPM). Data Protection Manager promises to lower the total cost of ownership for backup and recovery while enabling entirely new customer scenarios around rapid and reliable recovery and near-continuous protection.

"Backup has been the bane of IT professionals for decades," said Bob Muglia, senior vice president of the Windows Server Division. "Disk-based data protection provides a revolution in providing continuous backup and fast recovery of data. Data Protection Manager will help usher in this new era of disk-based data protection."

The release of DPM is a step closer toward the realization of Microsoft's vision for Universal Distributed Storage, aimed at delivering distributed storage solutions built on industry standard hardware. Microsoft will work with industry partners to bring high-end functionality to a range of devices, PCs and servers at a low total cost of ownership. Microsoft's goal is for Windows to manage storage more cost-effectively than other platforms, centralized on a SAN or on a remote worker's desktop. DPM has an estimated retail price of $950 which includes one server license and the management licenses to protect three file servers....Microsoft profile, Disk to disk backup

Editor's comments:- I already took this long anticipated product into account when I included Microsoft in my May 2005 article - the 10 biggest storage companies in 2008?

SAN DIEGO - September 27, 2005 - Overland Storage, Inc. today celebrates 25 years of protecting critical data. Founded in September 1980, Overland has established itself as an industry leader and innovator with a full range of award-winning solutions including the NEO SERIES of tape libraries and the REO SERIES of disk-based backup and recovery appliances.

"From our modest beginnings developing nine-track tape technologies to our current position as a leader in disk-based backup and recovery and tape automation, Overland has remained dedicated to one thing - delivering solutions that ensure that customer data is automatically safe, readily available and always there," said Christopher Calisi, president and CEO, Overland Storage. "As proud as we are of our history, we're even more excited about the innovations to come. We look forward to becoming the first company to effectively offer three tiers of storage designed to work together, affordably, to protect critical data for midrange companies."

With more than 20,000 customers to its credit, Overland provides solutions to the world's most successful organizations, including the American Medical Association, the BBC, Carnegie Mellon University, Continental Airlines, The Golf Channel, National Instruments, Oxford University, Rand McNally, Sage Telecom, Shamrock Foods and Vanderbilt University. Many of these companies have been loyal customers for years, including Dresser Rand, which has been using Overland products for nearly a decade. ...Overland Storage profile, Tape Libraries, storage history

SANTA CLARA, Calif. - September 26, 2005 - Infortrend today unveiled the EonStor S12F-R1420 the market's first 4Gb Fibre Channel connected RAID subsystem to internally employ Serial Attached SCSI technology. This provides improved reliability, scalability, and availability compared with Ultra320 SCSI and SATA. The ES S12F achieves system throughput greater than 1000MB per second and offers full-featured redundant controller architecture. Built around Infortrend's proprietary ASIC266 dual PCI-X architecture, the subsystem features dual-redundant RAID controllers for the highest levels of redundancy and performance, dual 4Gb Fibre Channels per controller, dedicated point-to-point drive channels, DDR266 cache memory, two dual-fan cooling modules, redundant power supplies, and an optional hot-swappable battery backup unit. ...Infortrend profile, RAID systems, Serial Attached SCSI

Framingham, MA. - September 26, 2005 - A Gartner survey of the world's leading data storage management companies ranks GlassHouse Technologies in the top three in the market along with multinational giants IBM and EMC, it was announced today. This was the second year in a row that GlassHouse has ranked in the top three with the two other companies, both of which are hundreds of times its size.

Gartner's report surveyed small and large storage professional service providers, asking each to name the second-best company in the market - assuming they would all consider themselves #1. The providers singled out GlassHouse for its "focus on storage consulting and independence," according to the report. GlassHouse was the only company named in the survey that does not sell storage products, focusing instead on offering completely product-neutral services.

"Top honors went to IBM (50%) followed by EMC (33%)," Gartner Dataquest Analyst Adam W. Couture wrote in the "Market Trends, Storage Professional Services, North America, 2005" report. "Surprisingly, GlassHouse Technologies came in third place with 17% of service executives naming them 'next best.' Although this is by no means a scientific survey, it illustrates how service executives regard their competition." ...GlassHouse profile, ...Gartner profile, Storage Services

Chicago - September 26, 2005 - Pointsec today announced the general availability of its endpoint encryption solution for Linux-based operating systems. Pointsec for Linux includes out-of-the box support for standard Linux kernels, ensuring that all or selected parts of a hard drive's data can be encrypted in real time and can only be accessed by an authenticated user. Available now, Pointsec for Linux offers plug-and-play support for Linux kernel versions 2.6.x and newer. ...Pointsec profile, Storage Security, Linux Portals

BOULDER, CO - September 26, 2005 - Attesting to the durability and survivability of its VXA "Disaster-Tested" tape backup and restore products Exabyte today published examples of customer data survival stories.
  • Exabyte customer Raiffeisenlandesbank Kdrnten, a bank in Austria, suffered a catastrophic flood following extremely heavy rains. After high levels of water inundated its data center and rendered its server hard drives useless, an urgent restore was required. Even though their VXA tape drives and tapes had also been submerged in water, the stored data was completely readable. Following a restore procedure, the bank was able to resume operation without any loss of data - all within just a few of hours.
  • Even if companies take extra precautions to fend off the forces of Mother Nature, human error can be a major cause for concern, as Jackson Ball of BTU Source recently discovered. "I picked up our server on Friday night, took it home, did a full DR backup set and proceeded to delete the SCSI array and data to recreate a necessary partition," stated Ball. "Then disaster struck. My son dropped a glass of soft drink, and soaked the VXA tapes and DR disks. I dried off what I could and popped in the tapes - and successfully restored every file from the tapes. There was plenty of sweating bullets, fervent prayer and gnashing of teeth. It went flawlessly. The server was back online Monday morning. It went so well that I purchased another Exabyte VXA tape drive for another facility."
  • One of the most feared events is an unexpected power surge that abruptly ends the life of computers and peripherals. Ansin Technology Group recently fell victim to a dangerous surge brought on by a powerful lighting storm. "We had a bad thunderstorm, and a hard drive with critical data was zapped by lightning," stated Leonard Ansin of Ansin Technology Group, Inc. "We have surge protectors, UPSs and more. However, the storm knocked out the hard drive on our main server. Thankfully, our VXA Packet Drive had survived the storm and had completed its backup procedure. We replaced the hard drive, restored the data and were quickly back up and running. The data on the drive was critical to our business. VXA saved the day."
  • Inegioren, a leading European testing lab, performed a battery of tests on Exabyte products that went way beyond what other tape manufacturers would consider attempting. Inegioren first dropped a VXA tape into a scalding coffee pot, and then moved it directly from the coffee pot into boiling water. From the boiling water it was put straight into a bag of tap water, which was then placed in the freezer. The very next day it was defrosted, rinsed and dried out. Remarkably, the scientists at Inegioren were successful in restoring one hundred percent of the tape's data.
"Exabyte has been 'disaster-testing' VXA products since they were first introduced," said Kerry Brock, Vice President of Marketing, Exabyte. "Our on-going disaster-testing programs are in place to ensure our products deliver the most reliable restore in tape - and our new 'disaster-tested' insignia means that IT managers can have peace of mind that their data is going to restore when they need it most". ...Exabyte profile, Tape backup

San Jose, CA - September 26, 2005 - The Storage Visions Conference, the only conference focusing on digital storage and the entertainment content value chain, announces that nominations for the annual Storage Visions Awards are now open. The awards will be presented during the Storage Visions Conference reception on January 6, 2006 in Las Vegas. The nominations brochure and entry form can be found on the Storage Visions website.

This years judging committee will include distinguished members of the technical press as well as respected digital storage and applications professionals. The award categories for 2006 are Mobile Consumer Electronics, Consumer Storage, Integrated Home Entertainment, Production/Post-Production Class Systems, and Production Post-Production Class Media. In addition there will be three Visionary Company awards for Consumer Electronics, Media and Entertainment, and Services and Support.

New Storage Visions Corporate Sponsors are GS Magic and STMicroelectronics (Silver) as well as InPhase Technologies (Bronze). Other corporate sponsors are Maxtor and Seagate (Platinum); Denali Software, M-Systems, Samsung (Gold); Agere Systems, Atmel, and Toshiba (Silver); and Silicon Image (Bronze). Fujitsu is exhibiting at the 2006 Storage Visions Conference.

Park Associates has become a media and organization sponsor. Other media and organization sponsors include Blu-ray Disc Association; The Santa Clara Valley IEEE Consumer Electronics Society; The Diffusion Group; InfoStor; Westworld Publishing, publisher of Computer Technology Review; Reverse Logistics Trade Shows;; Mass Storage News; Jobstor; SCSI Trade Association; Storage Week; Fibre Channel Industry Association;; and the Interactive Television Alliance. 2006 Storage Visions Conference, ...entry form (pdf), Storage Events

Editor's comments:- open awards like this are a good way for companies to get publicity and recognition for their innovative products. This is the 4th year that STORAGEsearch has been a media sponsor of Storage Visions.

Taipei, Taiwan - September 23, 2005 - TwinMOS introduces a new Ultra-X CompactFlash Card with a capacity of 4GB and a speed of 140x. The dual channel design transfers data upto 21Mbps for reading and 16.2Mbps for writing. TwinMOS is already in mass production with the 4GB model, and the 8GB model will be released soon. ...TwinMOS Technologies profile

Santa Clara, Ca - September 23, 2005 - Mellanox Technologies Ltd announced Zero-Copy (ZCopy) Sockets Direct Protocol (SDP) running over InfiniBand fabrics can generate double the data throughput between clustered server nodes, while reducing the overall CPU utilization by up to a factor of ten when compared to other solutions. Mellanox InfiniBand fabric products are the only low-latency, high-performance 20Gb/s interconnect solutions that offload transport processing in hardware. The wide range of mainstream sockets-based applications that run over a InfiniBand connected server clusters using ZCopy SDP obtain industry-leading performance due to optimal CPU utilization, maximum interconnect throughput, and minimal latency.

Benchmarks show that a 20Gb/s server-to-server InfiniBand link supports over 1,360MB/s of data throughput utilizing ZCopy SDP - more than double the performance of older sockets-based implementations limited by CPU processing bottlenecks. ZCopy SDP open-source drivers will be widely available in 4Q2005.

"With 20Gb/s InfiniBand server nodes in the market today and 40Gb/s capabilities around the corner, an efficient communication protocol that scales with fabric speeds, rather than CPU horsepower, is vital to improve clustered computing performance and efficiency," said Dror Goldenberg, Senior Member of Mellanox Technologies' Architecture Team. "ZCopy SDP enables mainstream sockets-based applications to efficiently utilize zero buffer copy and transport offload capabilities of the InfiniBand fabric for generations to come. ...Mellanox Technologies profile, InfiniBand

Editor:- September 22, 2005 - an interesting article on discusses the problems of DVD piracy in Russia. The article says that these illegal factories produce over 250 million disks / year and cost US businesses nearly $2 billion annually in lost revenue. the article

Editor's comments:- unfortunately the Russian people have learned from their long history of oppression under the Tsars and then communism, that the state and its legislation have mostly acted against the peoples' best interests. One way to survive was to ignore or subvert the organs of the state. It may take another couple of generations before this culture changes.

Simi Valley Ca. - September 22, 2005 - NovaStor Corp. has announced a plan to offer unlimited free offsite storage to any small business that is situated in the proposed path of Hurricane Rita for a period 30 days. No obligations to purchase future services or any commitments to long term service agreements are necessary. To take advantage of this special offer click here and put "Hurricane Rita Free Offer" in the comments section when you are signing up for the service. Due to the anticipated demand, qualified companies should begin the process immediately to ensure there is the appropriate amount of time to complete a full backup. To make the best of limited time, users should focus on critical files first (Accounting, Customer databases, Human Resources, contracts and other important documents). Our experienced support team will be available to answer any questions regarding the service setup at or (805) 579-6700. Once a successful backup is complete, your information will be available at any time and can be restored from anywhere with any computer with Internet access. ...NovaStor profile, online backup, Data Recovery

Editor's comments:- NovaStor's backup client software (for Windows 98, NT, Me, 2000, XP and 2003) is about 13M bytes. If you're on a dialup service - that itself can take an hour to download.

Another option for out of the door backup of your email and data with an XP system is to run the inbuilt migration wizard which Microsoft provides on XP systems to help you move data, email and settings to a new PC. The wizard is amazingly small and fits onto a floppy drive and can be used to extract and copy a recovery file onto an external CD-RW drive, Hard disk, Flash or iPod (but you have to enable the iPod to act as a storage device in iTunes first). The Microsoft software is slow - and can take about an hour to run - but provides better data recovery than many commercial backup software packages. And unlike them it's free. Its slowness - means you wouldn't want to use it every day. But for most of you - it's already sitting on your hard drive.

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. - September 22, 2005 - Backup, replication, data migration and storage consolidation chores decrease WAN performance and slow I/O traffic to a crawl but, according to NetEx, there is a cure for the headache of moving massive amounts of data in a short window: Storage application aggregation takes advantage of the massive increase in WAN throughput provided by data transport optimizers. Commonly known as Performance Enhancing Proxies (PEP), data transport solutions such as HyperIP allow storage applications to operate between WAN-linked data centers as if they are on a native/local network, and minimize disruptive network variations such as packet loss, jitter and latency that can slash WAN performance.

"Telecommunications professionals have known for years that IP accelerators make fast work of moving data over great distances, such as the sound of the human voice, but storage administrators have been slower to come to the party," said David J. Reiland, NetEx Chief Technical Officer. "The same technology that allows you to speak long-distance to a loved one in real time can allow you to replicate a 60-terabyte database cross-country in a matter of hours." ...NetEx profile, article:- Hardware Upgrades to Make Your Sun SPARC Server Go Faster

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