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SSD & Storage news - 2005, September week 3

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The Tale of Pigling E-Disk - a different kind of SSD endurance story

Editor:- September 21, 2005 - today at the Aviation Expo in Beijing, BiTMICRO told visitors some success stories that highlighted the durability of its solid state disks in some extreme situations.

The stories relate to the experiences of a BiTMICRO customer Spetsneftegaz, based in Russia, who uses BiTMICRO's E-Disk solid state flash disks to store information gathered during pipeline inspections. The inspection modules which whizz up and down pipelines are called pigs.

Highly stressed pig:- In one instance during an emergency situation with a pipeline, the instrumentation compartment in one of the pig units lost its air tightness. At that time, company engineers estimate the gas pressure inside the compartment at around 60 times normal atmospheric pressure. After recovering the pig, engineers discovered that the battery was completely squeezed and the power supply module and other components were completely crushed. Moreover, the pig's central computer failed to boot after the accident. However, company engineers were amazed to find out that the installed E-Disk solid state flash disk (a 2.5-inch ATA model with 17GB capacity) remained operational. The drive booted normally after it was connected to a desktop PC. Only two bad sectors were found and, upon performing the BiTMICRO Specific Erase Command, the entire volume was restored.

Crispy bacon:- In a separate incident, one of Spetsneftegaz's experimental pigs got stuck in the pipeline and was crashed into by another piston pig. The force of impact was so strong that all of the mechanical parts were broken despite the presence of shock absorbers. A 3.5-inch single board computer was dislodged from its mounting after all of its corners broke off. The installed E-Disk drive (a 2.5-inch ATA model with 9GB capacity) also tore off its fastenings, broke out of the surrounding aluminum frame and electronic assembly, slamming directly into the pig's explosion-proof external steel casing. To the engineers' surprise, the E-Disk drive survived the incident with just minor dents and scratches. All of the data stored in the drive are completely intact, and not a single bad sector was found.

"In both instances, the E-Disk drives that survived the accidents have been installed in another equipment and continue to remain in operation," says Dr. Sergey Yartsev, officer-in-charge of Data Storage Solutions of Spetsneftegaz. military storage, story:- The Tale of Pigling Bland

QNAP's New 4U Ultra 320 SCSI

Taipei, Taiwan - September 21, 2005 - QNAP Systems, Inc. has released the latest EvoStor RAID subsystem - a 4U standard 19" rackmount designed SCSI to SATA RAID subsystem.

The system can be equipped with 16 SATA hard disks to support mass storage capacity of up to 6.4TB. A combination of 64-bit Intel Xeon CPU and PCI-X 133 distributed bus architecture ensure high performance. ESR-1641CT connects to a host via Ultra 320 SCSI and delivers a data transfer rate up to 500MB/sec. ...QNAP Systems profile, RAID systems

Microsoft is 30

REDMOND, Wash - September 21, 2005 - Microsoft - built from the dream of a computer on every desk and in every home - commemorates 30 years at its annual Company Meeting on Friday, Sept. 23 at Safeco Field in Seattle.

Over 16,000 Redmond-based employees will attend to take time to reflect on a strong and memorable history and celebrate the company's future. ...Microsoft profile

Editor's comments:-
Microsoft's greatest achievement has been that "computer on every desktop" idea - which has been helped along the way by standardisation and hence lower software costs. Although Microsofties talk a lot about innovation - the effect of Microsoft's desktop monopoly has often been to slow down the rate of new technical advances. Until Microsoft understands a new concept or standard and decides to run with it - the rest of the IT industry just has to wait... But the democratisation of computing - where everyone who wants one can afford one - will be company's lasting legacy - long after individual products like Windows are forgotten.

ONStor/3PAR Introduce UtiliCat

LOS GATOS, CA and FREMONT, CA - September 20, 2005 - ONStor Inc. and 3PAR announced today the release of UtiliCat, a new unified storage offering that delivers enterprise-class consolidated SAN and NAS services.

UtiliCat scales non-disruptively from 2.5 to 384 terabytes, and from one to eight NAS gateways in a single high-availability cluster with, and provides non-disruptive rebalancing of up to 400 virtual file systems. Multiple UtiliCat clusters can be supported with the same 3PAR storage array. SAN controllers scale from two to eight in a single cache-coherent and massively load-balanced cluster, with native SAN connectivity ranging from 4 to 128 Fibre Channel ports. A complete UtiliCat solution retails from about $175,000. ...ONStor profile, ...3PAR profile

HP, Dell, & Sun Choose LSI for Serial SCSI

MILPITAS, Calif. - September 20, 2005 - Design wins at four of the five largest server OEMs pushed LSI Logic's Serial Attached SCSI IC design win market share above 80%, the company announced today.

HP, Dell, Sun, and FSC have selected LSI Logic SAS products. Other OEMs including Japan market leader NEC, Chinese server maker Lenovo and Taiwan server maker ACER will also be using LSI Logic SAS products. Revenue from the SAS design wins is expected to exceed $450 million over the next three years. LSI Logic has also completed extensive interoperability testing with leading hard disk drive manufacturers including Seagate, Maxtor, Hitachi and Fujitsu.

IDC estimates the server market will grow from 6.9M units in 2004 to 9.5M units in 2008. ...LSI Logic profile, Serial Attached SCSI

AMCC Beefs Up SATA II Hardware RAID

SUNNYVALE, CALIF - September 20, 2005 - AMCC today introduced its next generation of hardware RAID controllers with support for the newly released Serial ATA 2.5 specification on a PCI-X platform.

The 3ware 9550SX is twice as fast as the company's previous generation 9500S. The 3ware 9550SX delivers RAID 5 writes at over 380MB/sec and RAID 5 reads at more than 800MB/sec. The 3ware 9550SX-4LP 4-port kit and the 3ware 9550SX-8LP 8-port kit, both in low profile form factors, are available today with MSRP's of $395 and $595 respectively. The 12- and 16-port kits will be available later this year. 3ware 9550SX kits are backed by a 3-year warranty and are compatible with Windows 2003/XP/2000, Red Hat Linux, SuSE Linux, and FreeBSD operating systems.

"Serial ATA is evolving from a desktop to a data center solution, and we are driving that evolution by offering technology that delivers the critical performance requirements of high density, high performance computing applications including D2D back up, video capture, post production and delivery, and security surveillance," said Barbara Murphy, Vice President of Storage at AMCC Storage Business Unit. "AMCC's new 9550SX SATA RAID controllers set the standard for performance in SATA storage applications." ...AMCC profile, RAID controllers, SATA Raids the Datacenter

SiliconSystems Secures Flash Pipeline

ALISO VIEJO, Calif., September 20, 2005 - SiliconSystems, Inc. today announced that they have agreed to work cooperatively with Samsung Semiconductor over the next several years to aggressively drive the growing use of solid-state technology among enterprise system OEMs.

Under this arrangement, Samsung will increase its supply of SLC NAND flash for use in SiliconSystems' SiliconDrive products to meet the increasing demand of enterprise system OEMs for SLC-based storage solutions.

The enterprise system OEM storage market is expected to approach $2.6 billion by 2008, according to Web-Feet Research, and is growing at an annual growth rate of 48%.

"The operating demands of applications within the enterprise system OEM market are driving strong growth of solid-state technology over rotating hard drives or traditional flash card products, and our SiliconDrive technology is uniquely tailored to meet the high performance, high reliability and multi-year product lifecycle requirements of these customers," said Michael Hajeck, CEO of SiliconSystems. "We are very pleased to have a strong relationship and the support of Samsung for their industry-leading SLC NAND technology as we strive to provide the most advanced solutions available to this specialized market." ...Samsung profile, ...SiliconSystems profile

Editor's comments:-
earlier this month Samsung commented on the near triple digit growth rates which have already made flash a $10 billion / year market. Dr. Chang-Gyu Hwang, president and CEO of Samsung Electronics' Semiconductor Business - compared the growing embrace of flash technology for data storage applications to that of the 1849 California Gold Rush.

If that growth continues - then companies will have to secure their supply chains or risk missing sales demands because of critical components being on allocation. Allocation is a concept in the semiconductor industry which younger readers may not have seen yet in their careers, but which has happened many times in past decades.

Tape Backup Fails Most Enterprise Customers

TORONTO, Canada - September 20, 2005 - Tape backup is failing most enterprise customers according to an online survey of IT executives, conducted over a 45-day period commissioned by Asigra.

75% of respondents indicated that their companies suffered unrecoverable loss of corporate data they thought was successfully backed up to tape due to unreadable, lost or stolen media. The survey sought to better understand how IT staffs safeguard mission-critical information throughout the enterprise, including remote offices, and how the backup and recovery process for the remote office/branch office - could be improved. Among the survey findings:
  • 63% said they encountered unreadable tapes when they tried to retrieve data with 76% of those cases reporting a direct impact to their business from loss of productivity to punishments for regulatory compliance infractions.
  • 61% said that they back up remote offices to ensure business continuity in the event of a disaster, while 17% indicated that there are no formal backup procedures in place at their remote offices.
  • 20% of respondents said their business has experienced data loss due to lost or stolen tape media.
  • Data recovery-focused features that respondents found valuable in ensuring a secure and smoother backup/recovery process included keeping the latest backup version locally on disk (93%) and encryption for data while 'in-flight' and 'at-rest' (85%).
"The results of this survey seem to indicate that there is still a severe problem with lost corporate data at remote sites resulting from issues regarding the reliability and security of traditional tape-based backup systems at remote sites," said W. Curtis Preston, vice president of Data Protection at GlassHouse Technologies. "Remote sites are much better served with a disk-based data protection system that can provide local fast recovery, while automatically replicating backups to a central site for disaster recovery." ...Asigra profile, Disk to disk backup

Editor's comments:-
I'm not surprised by the results. Nor should you be. So why do corporations still do tape backup? Well market research shows that over 70% are considering moving to disk to disk backup - but that will has its own problems too - which we'll write about in a later article. Let's put this into context. How many of you have been involved in a car crash - including small scrapes while parking? And did it stop you from ever sitting in a car again? Life's not perfect. Diversity in backup technologies is the only foolproof way to make sure that you can get your data back when you need it. But that costs more than most are willing to pay.

McDATA Simplifies FICON Migration

BROOMFIELD, Colo - September 20, 2005 - McDATA Corp today announced the general availability of its Intrepid FICON Converter (IFC), a cost-effective solution for attaching ESCON peripherals directly to FICON channels.

McDATA's IFC, powered by Optica Technologies' Prizm module, is the first product in the industry that performs native protocol conversion from FICON to ESCON, allowing customers to migrate mainframes to a switched FICON environment while protecting investments in legacy ESCON storage and peripheral devices.

"Previously, ESCON customers that wanted higher network scalability were faced with very large upfront financial investments for a FICON migration. By coupling its FICON services with an out-of-the-box solution, McDATA has eliminated the need for drastic 'rip and replace' conversions," said Greg Schulz, senior analyst, Evaluator Group. ...McDATA profile, Fibre channel switches

FalconStor's New Partnership in Australia

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - September 20, 2005 - FalconStor Software, Inc. and Volante, the leading Australian-owned ICT company, today announced an agreement to bring FalconStor's technology to the Australian market.

Under the agreement, Volante will integrate FalconStor's IPStor software and VirtualTape Library technology with infrastructure solutions and services from its existing vendor and professional services portfolio. Volante and FalconStor plan to deliver to customers a complete storage and data management selection of tools and functionality to address the increasing demands for continuous data protection, remote edge-to-core replication, backup acceleration and data recovery. ...Volante, ...FalconStor profile, Sun Resellers in Australia, Storage Resellers in Japan

Spectra Logic Ships IBM WORM Drives

BOULDER, Colo - September 20, 2005 - Spectra Logic today announced that its half-inch T-series libraries support IBM's TotalStorage LTO Ultrium Generation 3 WORM capable tape drives.

The Spectra T50, T120 and T950 libraries with IBM LTO3 drives accept WORM media, so customers can help address regulatory requirements, by using WORM cartridges in their existing Spectra Logic LTO library. WORM drives and media designed to provide unalterable storage for long term retention of data can typically be stored at a lower total cost of ownership than WORM disks.

"Spectra Logic customers have a unique opportunity to address industry regulations with their T-Series libraries and if desired, the library partitioning option," said Sharon Isaacson, senior product manager for Spectra Logic. "Customers can use LTO3 WORM in our T-series, and optionally use LTO3 without WORM as well, by partitioning the library with Shared Library Service (SLS). With SLS, a portion of the library can reuse media for backup and restore rotations with LTO3 media, while another partition is dedicated to permanent WORM archival data protection."

Now all Spectra Logic libraries support WORM. Spectra Logic has supported AIT WORM media in its 8mm line since 2003. The addition of WORM support in the T-series libraries completes the company's support for WORM across its product line. ...Spectra Logic profile, Tape Libraries, Optical Libraries

Verity Systems New Mechanical CD/DVD Picker

Aldershot , UK - September 20, 2005 - Verity Systems today launched a new mechanical disc picker for its range of CopyDisc duplicators.
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Designed to lift discs by the hub, the new picker ensures a firm, positive grip whilst avoiding any damage to the actual disc surface. The key benefit of the picker is that users can now print to the centre of full-face, inkjet printable discs. The new picker builds on Verity Systems reputation for creating fast, reliable robotics.

"Several months of development and extensive testing have resulted in a mechanical picker which we believe to be the fastest on the market" said Verity Systems Managing Director, David Tucker.
Verity Systems picks the hits
Fitted as standard on all CopyDisc units with inkjet printers, the mechanical picker is also compatible with duplicate only CopyDiscs. Some existing CopyDisc users may also swap to the new picker. ...Verity Systems profile, Storage News in Pictures, CD & DVD duplicators

Aarohi Presents at Datacenter Ventures Conf

San Jose, CA, - September 19, 2005 - Aarohi Communications, Inc. today announced that CEO Ameesh Divatia has been selected to present at this year's Datacenter Ventures Conference.

Divatia will deliver his presentation tomorrow (Tuesday) and will be among other CEOs of promising start-up storage and security companies. The conference, produced by Dow Jones VentureWire, will be held on September 20 and 21 at the Hotel Sofitel in Redwood City, California. Divatia will discuss the business needs of intelligent storage management and address customer concerns in managing complex heterogeneous storage environments.

"The biggest application challenge for OEM end-users is non-disruptive data movement. By providing a layer of intelligent storage, processing capabilities above the heterogeneous hardware keeps the complexity hidden," said Divatia. The presentation will also highlight the benefits of adding intelligence to storage infrastructures, which can be viewed across the entire domain of the SAN infrastructure ­ from servers, to storage networking fabrics, to storage arrays. ...Aarohi profile, VCs in Storage, Storage Events

HP Acquires AppIQ

BURLINGTON, MA - September 19, 2005 - AppIQ, Inc. today announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to be acquired by HP.

The merger will unite the privately held technology leader in SAN management and SRM software with one of the world's largest storage companies. The acquisition is expected to be completed in the fourth quarter of 2005, subject to regulatory approvals. Financial terms of the transaction are not being disclosed.

Key to AppIQ's emergence as one of the fastest-growing storage software companies is the company's strategic OEM and joint development relationships. HP offers AppIQ's family of storage area management software today as HP Storage Essentials, under the terms of an OEM agreement announced in March. Engenio, Hitachi Data Systems, SGI, and Sun Microsystems also offer AppIQ StorageAuthority Suite or a subset of AppIQ's flagship management family under strategic OEM agreements. HP has strong storage relationships with Hitachi, the OEM manufacturer of the HP StorageWorks XP series of disk arrays, and Sun, the OEM manufacturer, via its recent acquisition of StorageTek, of the HP StorageWorks Enterprise Modular Library. AppIQ, HP

Editor's comments:- some past storage acquisitions by HP include:- Compaq, Persist Technologies and StorageApps. The most acquisitive storage company, measured by volume of companies acquired, is EMC (12 storage companies acquired). And Sun Microsystems is up there with the leaders having acquired 6 storage companies.

SimpleTech Launches New Flash Cards

SANTA ANA, Calif. - September 19, 2005 - SimpleTech, Inc. today announced the availability of microSD and MMCmobile cards targeted at mobile handheld devices.

According to IDC use of Flash memory cards in cellular handsets is expected to surpass usage in digital cameras in 2006. Many full-featured mobile phones with storage-intensive multimedia applications such as MP3 players, digital cameras, video, and gaming currently require microSD. microSD is available in capacities of 64MB, 128MB and 256MB with an MSRP of $17.99, $22.99 and $32.99 respectively. The MMCmobile is available in capacities of 128MB and 256MB with an MSRP of $21.99 and $34.99 respectively. ...SimpleTech profile

Agere Storage Chip Increases Disk Drive Capacity

ALLENTOWN, Pa. - September 19, 2005 - Agere Systems today announced a new highly integrated system-on-a-chip (SoC) tailored for miniature hard disk drives used in portable consumer electronics devices.

Agere's SC1200 SoC brings together multiple drive functions, perpendicular recording support, as well as CE-ATA and multimedia card host bus interface options – all in a single, integrated solution. As new small-form-factor drive designs incorporate perpendicular recording, Agere's chip offers a 0.5 dB performance advantage over competing SoCs, translating to nearly 10% more capacity. For 1.0-inch disk drives - the most popular miniature drive size on the market - Agere's SC1200 can enable more than 12GB of storage, a 3x improvement over today's flash memory.

"Clearly, consumer applications present the most exciting opportunity we have ever seen in the disk drive industry, and Agere's standard product SoC offers a wealth of features for increasing storage capacities and reducing battery drain in portable products," said Joe O'Hare, vice president of Agere's Storage division. "Miniature drives using our TrueStore CE chip can deliver gigabytes in the double digits, enabling portable devices to store feature-length movies, video games and other applications not economically possible using flash."

The market for small-form-factor disk drives is the fastest growing of all the disk drive form factors. Industry analyst firm IDC expects that 1.8-, 1.0- and 0.85-inch drive shipments will grow from 17 million units in 2004 to 149 million units in 2009 for a compound annual growth rate of 54% ...Agere Systems profile, Storage interface chips

TimeSpring Helps with SQL Server 2005 Migration

NEWPORT BEACH, CA - September 19, 2005 - TimeSpring Software Corp today announced the availability of a free version of their TimeData continuous data protection software that will allow SQL Server 2005 Customer Technology Preview users to test and migrate real-time production data from SQL Server 2000 without shutting down, slowing down or exporting data.

The software dramatically reduces the risk associated with migrating Microsoft SQL databases. It simplifies and shortens the migration process while allowing data migration to take place in a live-transaction environment.

TimeSpring's patented software works by automatically capturing all changes to SQL Server databases in real-time. The resulting data repository can be used independent of the original database to test, analyze, and report using real data. If users wish to refresh the data, they can do it very quick and painlessly at any time. Migration can even be temporarily reversed without losing data. Additionally, the live database and new SQL Server 2005 system can be continuously protected, making it possible to recover from loss, corruption or other issues within minutes.

TimeSpring's continuous data protection software represents a major improvement over traditional backup, replication, and snapshot systems. In a high-transaction environment, relying on a previous night's backup for data protection could result in the irretrievable loss of current, unprotected data. Without continuous data protection, IT teams also face interrupting normal transaction processing and business operations in order to manage test and migration – a challenge for today's global businesses.

"SQL shops are non-stop shops, so it's hard for them to make the move to SQL 2005," said Steve Duplessie, Founder and Senior Analyst at The Enterprise Strategy Group. "TimeSpring removes all the issues of downtime associated with testing and permanently migrating between SQL versions and adds a level of protection that has never existed for SQL shops in the past. SQL Server 2005 CTP users would be nuts not to take them up on this offer."

TimeSpring is making the free version of the TimeData software available to qualifying businesses. Qualifying organizations must be located in North America. They must be evaluating Microsoft's SQL Server 2005 CTP before the end of November 2005 ...TimeSpring profile

REO iSCSI Qualified on Backup Exec 10.0

SAN DIEGO - September 19, 2005 - After successfully completing testing, Overland Storage, Inc. has qualified the REO SERIES of disk- based backup and recovery appliances on VERITAS Backup Exec 10.0 Software for Windows servers, now from Symantec.

The REO SERIES joins Overland's previously qualified NEO SERIES, of tape automation solutions to create an iSCSI disk-to-tape solution qualified on Backup Exec Software. The built-in virtual tape library functionality allows the REO to be configured as any combination of virtual tape libraries, virtual tape drives and/or disk volumes, providing maximum flexibility. As a result, Backup Exec is able to take full advantage of the REO, speeding up the recovery of files and volumes or even entire servers using Backup Exec's Intelligent Disaster Recovery Option. ...Overland Storage profile, iSCSI

Ciprico Awarded Patent for Media Server

MINNEAPOLIS - September 16, 2005 -Ciprico Inc. today announced that the US Patent and Trademark Office has granted the company approval of a US Patent titled "Media Server with Single Chip Storage Controller."

This patent derives from Ciprico's proprietary Media Vault RAID controller technology acquired as part of the Huge Systems acquisition.

James Hansen, Ciprico Chairman and CEO, said: "Through a unique, highly integrated single chip design the patent provides the beginning of a patent portfolio that we continue to invest in, to protect the development of high performance, very low latency, and high-reliability media servers and storage systems, particularly for remote streaming media playout devices that will exist at remote sites such as cable head-ends, airports, theatres, etc. Analysts believe that Video on Demand will grow from 29,000 TB to over 61,612 TB by 2007. As we develop products for these emerging markets this patent and future portfolio additions will allow us to set new standards for cost, performance, and reliability." ...Ciprico profile

White Box Makers Get SAS Motherboards

Milpitas, Calif. - September 15, 2005 - Adaptec, Inc. and Supermicro Computer, Inc. have joined forces to deliver the industry's first Serial Attached SCSI-enabled motherboards for the white box server market.

The availability of these Supermicro motherboards, along with the recent availability of SAS and SATA drives from vendors like Fujitsu, Maxtor, Seagate, and Western Digital, marks an opportunity for white box server vendors to be among the first-to-market with next generation Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) storage solutions.

Supermicro's X6DHP-3G2, X6DHR-3G2 and X6DH3-G2 motherboards leverage the high performance Adaptec SAS ASIC as well as the market leading, industry-proven Adaptec HostRAID and storage management software. Based on internal testing, the Adaptec AIC-9410 8-Port ASIC delivers the highest Serial Attached SCSI streaming performance in the industry.

"The evolution from parallel SCSI technology to Serial Attached SCSI technology is a major one for the IT industry," said Charles Liang, president and CEO at Supermicro. "Now there's a big opportunity to gain a competitive edge against branded vendors by delivering high performance, more reliable and flexible storage solutions to meet a variety of price/performance needs. SAS technology allows a single platform to be used for both primary and secondary storage requirements. Mix-and-match SAS and SATA drives allow vendors to meet both the highest performance and reliability requirements for transaction-oriented applications as well as price conscious enterprise needs."

Supermicro is currently in the process of launching a complete line of SAS-optimized solutions including servers, serverboards, chassis and storage mobile-racks. ...Adaptec profile

QLogic Ships 500,000th Blade Server HBA Port

ALISO VIEJO, Calif. - September 15, 2005 - QLogic Corp. today announced the company shipped its 500,000th blade server HBA port.

This milestone, along with the recently announced achievement of shipping 20,000 blade server switches, underscores the explosive growth of blade servers and the pervasive deployment of QLogic SANs embedded in blade servers.

"Two years ago blade servers were deployed primarily in non-storage-intensive applications such as web caching," said Roger Klein, vice president of marketing for QLogic Computer Systems Group. "Since then, embedded SANs have played a key role in the proliferation of blade servers in hundreds of storage-intensive application environments." ...QLogic profile, Fibre-channel adapters

SP4 for Windows 2000 will Need Defrag

BURBANK, Calif - September 15, 2005 - Diskeeper Corp is alerting users that Microsoft's re-release of Service Pack 4 for Windows 2000 can impact system performance.

A newly released study by Joe Kinsella, reveals that patches can create hundreds, or even thousands of file fragments. According to one of Kinsella's test cases, when installing Service Pack 2 on Windows XP 197 files became fragmented, creating a total of 1,656 stray file fragments. Installing today's release of Service Pack 4 for Windows 2000 will likely cause similar levels of disk fragmentation. Windows 2000 systems will need to be defragmented after installing Service Pack 4 to avoid performance degradation. A solution is to employ an automatic defragmentation solution such as Diskeeper which runs in the background handling fragmentation as it occurs, keeping systems running at peak performance. ...Diskeeper profile

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