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storage history - 2006, August week 2

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Dow Corning Acquires Aprilis..................................................................................
Midland Mich. and Maynard, Mass. - August 14, 2006 - Dow Corning Corp acquired the assets from the holographic data storage business of Aprilis, Inc.

Dow Corning, which previously owned shares in Aprilis, will continue the development and commercialization of holographic technology in a newly formed subsidiary, DCE Aprilis Inc., based in Maynard. DCE Aprilis will become part of Dow Corning's Business and Technology Incubator.

"Aprilis' holographic technology and media products have exciting potential in data storage and other optical component markets," said David Cornelius, executive director of Dow Corning's Business and Technology Incubator. ...Aprilis profile, ...Dow Corning, DVD, Blu-ray and Holographic drives

Editor's note:-
Aprilis, Inc. commenced operations in 1999 to commercialize proprietary holographic data storage technology. The fact that after 7 years they've merely advanced to "business incubator" status shows how risky some of the new storage technologies can be.

Solid Data Doubles Capacity of Rackmount SSDs

SANTA CLARA, Calif. - August 14, 2006 - Solid Data Systems, Inc. announced today that it has doubled the capacity of its family of solid-state disk systems.

Storage capacities for the current SD3000 now range from 4 to 48GB, while the SD3000X2 (SD3000 upgrade) carries 16 GB to 100GB in a 3U rack-mount enclosure. The SD2000 now offers data storage capacities of 2, 4, 8 and 16GB in a 1U.

"Based on customer demand for higher capacity within a chassis, we developed a technology that doubles the density of memory arrays," said Wade Tuma, CEO of Solid Data Systems, Inc. "We are pleased to be able to offer 100GB in a 3U appliance and to continue to enhance all our SSD product lines for our customers." ...Solid Data Systems profile

Editor's comments:-
Solid Data's new product provides the highest density of RAM based solid state disk storage currently available in a 1U rackmount form factor. But Texas Memory Systems' 3U RamSan-400 (which has been shipping for over 18 months) provides more storage 128G versus 100GB compared to Solid Data's 3U SD3000X2.

Also flash based SSDs offer much higher density than RAM systems because they don't need internal battery backup or hard disk backup. For example BiTMICRO offers upto 2T SSD capacity in its 2U rackmount E-Disk®SAN. To get a complete picture - you also have to check performance and price. See also:- RAM SSDs versus Flash SSDs - which is Best?

Nimbus Unveils Free iSCSI Target Software for Windows

San Francisco, CA - August 14, 2006 - Nimbus Data Systems today announced MySAN a free iSCSI target software driver for Microsoft Windows.

With MySAN, anyone can create an IP SAN in seconds using their existing server and storage hardware. MySAN works by turning any Windows partition (such as a hard drive, internal RAID array, external storage system, or even Fibre Channel storage) into an iSCSI target. This storage can then be assigned to any computer on an Ethernet network using iSCSI, giving users a vendor-neutral IP SAN instantly.

"MySAN is ground-breaking software that will shake up the storage industry," stated Brad O'Neill, Senior Analyst with the Taneja Group. "Much like the release of Microsoft's free iSCSI initiator catapulted iSCSI into the limelight, MySAN completes the picture with a free iSCSI target. Now anyone can deploy an end-to-end IP SAN using Windows in seconds and at no cost."

MySAN is free software without usage limitations of any kind. No CPU limits. No storage limits. No license expiration dates. Furthermore, all registered MySAN users receive 60 days of complementary Bronze technical support and access to the Nimbus Skyline support portal. ...Nimbus Data Systems profile

PQI Launches 2.5" SATA Flash SSD

Taipei, Taiwan - August 10, 2006 - PQI launched a range of 2.5" and 1.8" solid state disks.

The 2.5" Disk On Module is available with a SATA / IDE interface and has upto 64GB storage ...PQI profile, solid state disks

IBM Acquires FileNet

ARMONK, NY - August 10, 2006 - IBM today announced it has agreed acquire FileNet Corp in an all-cash transaction at a price of approximately $1.6 billion, or $35 per share.

The acquisition is expected to close in the fourth quarter of 2006. FileNet is a leading provider of business process and content management solutions. ...IBM profile, Acquired storage companies, Storage Software

Mainframe Library Emulates 1,024 Tape Drives

Burlington, MA - August 10, 2006 - Today, Bus-Tech, Inc. announced the availability of the Mainframe Data Library for IBM compatible mainframes.

MDL offers IBM customers lower tape processing costs by emulating legacy tape systems on higher performance, lower cost disk arrays. Mainframe Data Library provides multiple independently operating Connect Nodes to insure high-availability. Each Connect Node provides a minimum of 2 FICON or ESCON channel interfaces and emulates up to 256 mainframe tape drives. Attached to NFS-based NAS or compliant storage offerings, including EMC's Centera, the MDL stores mainframe tape volumes directly on disk. A minimum MDL configuration provides 4 FICON or ESCON channels and replaces 512 tape drives. A full MDL configuration offers up to 1,024 tape drives. ...Bus-Tech profile, Disk to disk backup

SAS Breaks into Top 10 Storage Searches

Editor:- August 10, 2006 - STORAGEsearch reports that readership in July grew by 10% and pageviews by 21% compared to the year ago period.

For the first time since adding a dedicated SAS page in 2001 - Serial Attached SCSI made it into the top 10 subjects viewed by readers. For more information and full rankings see Market research

Sun Launches New Disk Arrays

SANTA CLARA, CALIF - August 10, 2006 - Sun Microsystems, Inc. today introduced two new disk arrays. These are the first new products to be released under the combined Sun StorageTek roadmap following Sun's acquisition of StorageTek 12 months ago.

The StorageTek 6140 houses upto 112 hard disk drives and pricing starts at $25,000. It's designed for both direct attached and SAN storage. The system features a fully redundant architecture with drive intermixing (FC or SATA-2 disk drives), 8x 4Gbps FC ports, 4GB cache, application-oriented management and switched drive connectivity.

The StorageTek 6540 array (from $85,000) has a maximum capacity of 224 disk drives. ...Sun profile, article:- Sun SPARC history, article:- SAN History - the First Decade

M-Systems x4 Technology Wins Award

Flash Memory Summit, San Jose, Calif. - August 10, 2006 - M-Systems today announced that its x4 NAND flash technology was recognized as the "Most Innovative Flash Memory Technology" of 2006 by a panel of industry experts at the Flash Memory Summit.

"The x4 NAND flash technology from M-Systems is truly a groundbreaking flash memory solution that exemplifies the most innovative technology at this inaugural Flash Memory Summit ." explained Jay Kramer head of the judging panel.

M-Systems x4 technology was developed in collaboration with Tel Aviv University's School of Electrical Engineering and exclusively licensed to M-Systems, for use in flash memory products, by Ramot, the university's technology transfer company. ...M-Systems profile, Record Breaking Storage

Editor's note:-
earlier this week M-Systems reported 72% increase in revenue compared to the year ago quarter.

Overland Reports 11% Decline in Revenue

SAN DIEGO - August 10, 2006 - Overland Storage, Inc. today reported fourth quarter and full-year results.

For the 12 months ended June 30, 2006, the company reported net revenue declined 11% to $209.0 million compared with the prior fiscal year. The net loss for the year was $18.3 million. ...Overland profile, Tape Libraries

Editor's comments:- the only reason I mentioned Overland's results here is because a casual reader of these pages might get the misleading impression that every storage company is growing at a double digit rate - because we do more reporting on fast growing companies and segments than on declining ones.

Later this month I'll publish an article about who's eating whom in the storage market. It will contain more animal references (dog eat dog etc) - and show which storage technologies are nibbling at application roosts previously ruled by others.

LeCroy Extends USB Protocols

Chestnut Ridge, NY .- August 9, 2006 - LeCroy Corp introduces USB 2.3 Software that improves support for the Picture Transfer Protocol and now supports PictBridge and Media Transfer Protocol technologies.

The software is designed for use with LeCroy's entire line of USB protocol analyzers, and is available to existing customers as a software update.

PictBridge is a technology that allows images stored on a memory card in a digital camera to be printed from any printer without the need for a computer. PTP was developed to enable the transfer of digital images from cameras to other digital media devices. MTP is an extension to PTP, which was developed by Microsoft to allow digital media content to be shared between different media devices. ...LeCroy profile, USB storage, Storage Testers & Analyzers

WEDC Offers 2GB DDR2 DIMM for Low-Height Apps

Phoenix, AZ - August 9, 2006 - White Electronic Designs Corp announces the release of its 2GB DDR2 SDRAM Registered, with PLL, VLP providing a board height of .72 inches.

The new JEDEC-standard DIMM is for low-height blade servers and features data transfer rates of PC2-4300 and PC2-3200, utilizing 533 and 400 Mb/s DDR2 SDRAM components, offers multiple internal device banks for concurrent operation and supports duplicate output strobe. It's priced at $445 in volumes of 1,000 pieces. ...White Electronic Designs profile, RAM

ATA over Ethernet Driver for Mac OS X

SAN CLEMENTE, CA.- August 9, 2006 - Coraid, Inc. today announced that 2ºFrost Software has released an ATA over Ethernet driver for Mac OS X.

The 2ºFrost AoE Driver for Mac OS X is available for both Intel and PowerPC systems as a Universal Binary priced at $159 for the Client edition and $319 for the Server edition.

"Mac users now have a new option for networked storage that allows them to scale their storage for well below $1 per Gigabyte," said Jim Kemp, CEO of Coraid.

EtherDrive Storage products use the AoE storage protocol, a simple alternative to iSCSI or Fibre Channel. AoE enables disks to be shared on the network. EtherDrive Storage can scale one disk at a time to multi-PetaBytes. ...Coraid profile, ...2ºFrost Software

Infineon Demos 6Gbps Capable SATA Disk Chip

San Jose, Calif. - August 9, 2006 - Infineon Technologies AG today announced it has demonstrated data rates exceeding 2.6Gbs for a hard disk drive read channel IC core, which is almost 30% faster than the previous-generation 90nm devices.

The core is the 3rd generation of read channels developed in cooperation with Hitachi. It is being integrated into a system-on-chip device that will be the first to support both the 4.25 Gbs Fibre Channel and the upcoming 6Gbs SAS and SATA standards. The SoC is expected to be in full production by early 2007. ...Infineon profile, storage chips

Apple Chooses GizMac's 25U Racking

San Francisco, CA - August 9, 2006 - GizMac Accessories LLC is previewing their 25U XRackPro2 server rack with Apple's new Xserve line this week at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference.

GizMac's 25U noise reduction server rack was chosen by Apple to house, display and silence the new Xserve product line that is being shown at WWDC. Several clusters of the newest Apple Xserve servers were unveiled to the developer community through the use of the XRackPro 25U server rack from GizMac. By reducing audio noise levels the 25U XRackPro2 rackmount enclosure allows Xserve servers and RAID systems to be placed in areas such as audio editing; television, cable and radio broadcasting. Pricing for the 25U server rack mount cabinet is $2,199 US retail. ...GizMac profile, Storage Events, Storage Boxes, Rackmount Storage

Analysts Confirm 25x Storage Reduction

FRAMINGHAM, Mass. - August 8, 2006 - Diligent Technologies Corp today announced the results of recent lab evaluations on its ProtecTIER de-duplication product.

The test reports say that ProtecTIER is the only enterprise scale de-duplication solution on the market today, concurrently offering 25:1 data de-duplication, over 220MB/S per second throughput and up to 1 Petabyte capacity. They were conducted by two leading storage industry experts Curtis Preston of GlassHouse Technologies and Brian Garrett of Enterprise Strategy Group.

"These reports echo the results that ProtecTIER customers are currently achieving in their data centers" said Doron Kempel, Chairman and CEO of Diligent Technologies. "ProtecTIER is now deployed in dozens of the world's largest data centers, enabling customers to store hundreds of terabytes of information on a few terabytes of disk: electronically vaulting such information to remote DR sites while benefiting from reduced bandwidth requirements - and all along introducing no disruption to such customers' processes and practices." ...Diligent Technologies profile

Editor's comments:- data redundancy (in different sites) is a necessary part of any long term data survivability strategy. But unplanned duplication in the same site just wastes resources. In the long term data compression technology will become recognized as an important factor in increasing enterprise storage reliability.

Seagate Reports 18% Revenue Growth

SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif. - August 8, 2006 - Seagate Technology today reported financial results for its fiscal fourth quarter and full year 2006, which includes contributions related to the acquisition of Maxtor from May 19 through June 30.

For the fiscal year ended June 30, 2006, Seagate reported revenue of $9.2 billion - of which $279 million was from Maxtor based products and GAAP net income of $840 million. ...Seagate profile, Hard disk drives

Editor's comments:-
excluding the Maxtor numbers, Seagate has reported 18% revenue growth for the whole year. If we include the Maxtor contribution then growth is 22%.

Attune Quantifies Benefits of Virtualization Test Drives

Santa Clara, Calif. - August 8, 2006 - Attune Systems, Inc. today announced details of a new professional service offering designed specifically for Attune's channel partners.

The program allows resellers to provide customers a discovery, analysis, management and optimization service for their existing, heterogeneous storage resources. The service implementation is non-disruptive and does not require agents or any software to be installed on clients or servers. The reseller simply connects the appliance to the client's network for the duration of the project.

Typical results from IMT partners' previous engagements across different industries (financial, high technology, healthcare and utility/energy) include:-
  • 35 - 50% of stranded storage capacity can be reclaimed for future needs
  • 40 - 60% TCO reduction (cost per GB) by migrating SAN and DAS-based data to lower-cost storage platforms
  • 35-50% of (aged more than 6 months) files can be archived to lower-cost storage
  • 10-15% of files can be purged immediately due to inappropriate contents or violating company security policy
"Most enterprises do not have a detailed understanding of exactly how their unstructured data and file storage resources are performing and being utilized over time," said Thien Doan, president and CEO of IMT Partners in Boston, Mass. "The Attune Symphony service offering lets us provide comprehensive discovery, analysis, management and optimization guidance for our customers' heterogeneous storage environments. ...Attune Systems profile, Storage Software, SAN software

Brocade will acquire McDATA

Editor:- August 8, 2006 - Brocade announced it will acquire McDATA in an all stock transaction worth approximately $713 million.
how much flash needed to replace all enterprise HDDs?
meet Ken and the enterprise SSD software event horizon
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When the SPAM Filter Becomes the SPAM Source
Editor: - August 10, 2006 - I got back from a week's vacation this week to find that my email was clogged up with over 9,000 junk emails which had passed through my various filters - and needed manual deletion using webmail - before downloading.

On closer inspection, however, I found that nearly all the 9,000 junk emails were apparently from a small number of spam filters which had reacted to some junk email fraudulently faking one of our popular domain names. This domain faking happens all the time with banks - and even google has been faked - so we are in good company.

That simplified the deletion task - because most of the junk was removed by blacklisting the spam filters or filtering by subject.

Cyber criminals who waste time and resources doing stuff like this deserve long periods in jail - as they suck billions of dollars of resources out of the legitimate economy. For example most PCs would run at least twice as fast if they didn't have to run malware. And most internet services would speed up if they didn't have to carry the high volumes of spam.

But these minor email irritations paled into insignificance compared to the news this morning of the foiled terrorist attacks aimed at the UK's airports.

One consequence is that travelers can no longer take mobile phones or pcs with them in hand luggage.

If this security measure sticks (and is not just a temporary precaution) then many marketers will get less sleep - because they won't be able to do work while in the air.

My wife who flies many times each week as part of her marketing training business - had luckily decided to take a night flight out of London's Heathrow yesterday - rather than an early one this morning (which would have been cancelled). Now incoming flights from many European companies have been grounded. But hopefully the situation will return to normal within a few days.

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As reported on this page - "SAS" became one of into Top 10 Storage Searches in July 2006.

What subjects are popular now?

try looking at these links:-

popular SSD articles

and also

the Top SSD Companies

And on the subject of SAS (which in those days was about hard drives and JBODs) take a look at the SAS SSDs page here on which includes a market timeline and list of key vendors.

Most of the storage products which were launched in 2006 probably became obsolete and EOL within a few years.

How do you handle such issues if you're a designer of long lived military or medical systems?
BOM control and SSDs

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The tape library market transitioned to the disk to disk / VTL market and then later to the cloud.

But unlike those earlier days the role for backup changed because new data could be created at an alarming rate which meant that it was not always safe to assume that working storage capacity was considerably smaller than all the data which had come before.

Added to that we saw another tendency coming in the market to doing more in memory computing.

That led to DIMM wars and new memory fabric based computing architectures which would change the way that people would think about storage.

Even when it became clear that all storage would one day become solid state - the question of how many levels of latency were needed and where the best places to do processing where - remained hotly debated by vendors with different vested interests.

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