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DIVArchive Stores and Manages Content for ITN News

LOUISVILLE, Colo - January 31, 2007 - it was announced today that UK news provider ITN is using Front Porch Digital's DIVArchive to provide content storage management.

One of the largest of its kind in Europe, ITN's system provides facilities to production staff, while additionally making content available via ITN Source, its fast-growing online clip sales platform. The Front Porch Digital system is capable of storing 100,000 hours of footage at IMX30 resolution.

"This is a significant development of the system we started to create back in 1998, when, although we were using video servers, it was still cheaper to store material on tape," said Keith Cass, director of technology, ITN. "Now, with all video servers supporting file transfer, and with the maturity and cost-effectiveness of digital archiving, we have been able to complete another stage of the vision we had at the outset: using best-of-breed components such as DIVArchive to greatly optimize our workflows and gain in operational efficiency." ...Front Porch Digital profile, UK VARs, Storage Services

SimpleTech Showcases Thinnest 2.5" 64G SSD

SAN DIEGO - January 31, 2007 - SimpleTech, Inc. announced it is now shipping 64GB solid state drives in the low profile version of the 2.5" hard disk drive form factor.

This uses SimpleTech's proprietary IC Tower stacking technology to achieve to achieve a height (22.5mm) which is nearly 3 times less than competitive 64G SSDs. SimpleTech is showcasing its 2.5" SSD products this week at the West 2007 Exhibition in San Diego. ...SimpleTech profile, Military Storage, Storage Events

Dynamic Network Factory Launches New Type of Hybrid Drive

HAYWARD, CA - January 30, 2007 - Dynamic Network Factory, Inc today introduced the Hyper Solid State disk drive technology, an energy-efficient new breed of disk storage that delivers up to 20 times the drive performance of conventional, 15,000 RPM enterprise-class SAS, SCSI and Fibre Channel disk drives.

Effective immediately, DNF will begin offering the new technology in 120GB configurations as an option across the full DNF product line, with 200GB models available soon.

"Traditional Solid State disk technologies are extremely expensive, at about $250 per GB, and are only available in 8, 16 and 32GB capacities," said Mo Tahmasebi, CEO of DNF. "DNF address these shortcomings with Hyper Solid State disks that offer 15 times the storage capacity at a similar price." ...Dynamic Network Factory profile

Editor's comments:-
my view is that hybrid drives are a waste of space for enterprise speedup applications - because users can get similar or better performance using pure SSDs - without risking low volume risky (and possibly soon to be extinct) products.

Seagate Demos DAVE

Palm Desert, Calif - January 30, 2007 - Seagate today formally announced the Digital Audio Video Experience (DAVE) at the DEMO 07 Conference.

The DAVE platform is an enabling technology that delivers 10-20GB of wireless storage in an accessory smaller than many common slim-line mobile phones. DAVE technology is designed to store, play and share digital files on mobile phones, PCs, and other wireless-enabled devices.

The push to monetize massive investments in high-speed wireless networks has accelerated new service offerings worldwide, including mobile TV, digital music, digital video, personal blogging and more. According to Frost & Sullivan, the number of mobile video download subscribers will jump to nearly 5 million in 2010 as compared to roughly 250,000 mobile video download subscribers in 2006. ...Seagate profile, Network Attached Storage, Storage Events

Asigra Signs Up More Online Backup Partners

Toronto, Canada - January 30, 2007 - Asigra today announced growing traction of its backup and archive platform.

In deploying the Asigra Televaulting solution, CoreVault, AllConnected, More Group, Diversified Disaster Recovery Services, HTC and Data Storage join HP Business Continuity Services, Bell Canada, AmeriVault, DS3 Datavaulting, VaultLogix, Terian, NetMass, NetStandard, and many other managed service providers in delivering award-winning data protection to small, medium and large enterprises.

Many other MSPs are moving toward Asigra adoption because of increased scalability, greater security and higher profitability with no channel conflicts.

According to Gartner, the managed storage service industry is expected to undergo rapid growth as corporations pursue simplified and centralized IT infrastructures that ensure business continuity and regulatory compliance. Increasingly complex storage systems and growing IT assets located in public and private data centers are expected to spur a growth for storage services through 2008, bringing the worldwide opportunity to nearly $30 billion. ...Asigra profile, online backup, Backup Software

Taneja Report Predicts VTL Market Revenue

HOPKINTON, Mass - January 29, 2007 - Taneja Group today unveiled a new report that quantifies the size and growth of Continuous Data Technologies, Wide Area Data Services, Virtual Tape Libraries and Capacity Optimized Storage markets.

The report concludes these data protection segments will grow at 45% CAGR and become a $3.6 billion market by 2010. This research constitutes first-of-a-kind analysis into the magnitude and scope of these emerging markets - most of which have never been quantified or sufficiently covered by traditional analyst firms before. Some conclusions from the report:-
  • Capacity Optimized Storage solutions will become the number one absorber of tape-based solutions
  • Virtual Tape Library market will continue to experience rapid growth through 2010 and grow to become over $1B market by 2010
  • The product mix will shift dramatically between Capacity Optimized and Non-Capacity Optimized VTL Solutions between 2006 to 2010
  • Continuous Data Technologies will erode market share from traditional copy creation technologies, like replication and snapshots, and will grow at a double digit CAGR through 2010.
The report entitled "The Next Generation Data Protection Forecast 2006-2010" is available today. For more information, please contact or call +1 650-323-6512. ...Taneja Group profile

IBM Acquires Softek

ARMONK, NY - January 29, 2007 - IBM today announced a definitive agreement to acquire Softek.

Financial terms were not disclosed. The acquisition is subject to regulatory approvals and other customary closing conditions. Upon completion of the agreement, Softek will become part of the Storage and Data Services business unit in IBM Global Technology Services. ...Softek profile, ...IBM profile, Solaris Migration

Editor's note:- that brings the number of acquired storage companies to 401. Softek lasted less than 3 years as an independent software vendor - having been a management buyout from Fujitsu in April 2004.

Promark to Distribute QStar's Archiving Products

Mary Esther, FL - January 29, 2007 -QStar Technologies, Inc. today announced a distribution agreement with Promark Technology.

Promark will offer the entire QStar Software line, including Master, HSM, Data Director, Network Migrator, MultiStor, and Simulated Disk and Tape Jukebox. All products are available for Windows, UNIX and Linux operating systems. In addition Promark will also have access to SntryStr, the QStar archiving appliance. ...QStar profile

First "Ready for IBM DB2" SSD

HOUSTON, TEXAS - January 29, 2007 - Texas Memory Systems, Inc. today announced that its RamSan-400 has obtained the IBM "Ready for IBM DB2" designation.

The RamSan-400 solid state disk successfully passed a series of IBM specified tests that authenticated its compatibility with IBM's DB2 data server software.

"Texas Memory Systems is committed to increasing performance and easily integrating into IBM enterprise IT environments," said Woody Hutsell, Executive VP at Texas Memory Systems. "In 2004, we were proud to offer the first solid state disk to be designated IBM TotalStorage Proven and today we are proud to be validated as the first solid state disk to be 'Ready for IBM DB2'." ...Texas Memory Systems profile

Western Digital Reports 28% Revenue Growth

LAKE FOREST, Calif - January 25, 2007 - Western Digital Corp today reported revenue of $1.4 billion on shipments of approximately 24.5 million units, and net income of $128 million , for its second fiscal quarter ended Dec. 29, 2006.

These results represented strong year-over-year performance, including 28% growth in revenue, 35% unit growth and 23% growth in net income. 42% of Q2 revenue was derived from newer market sources, while 58% came from hard drives configured into desktop PCs. This compares with a mix in the year-ago quarter of 26% newer markets versus 74% desktop PC revenue. The company's newer market revenue includes hard drives for notebook PCs, consumer electronics, enterprise applications, and WD branded products/retail sales. ...Western Digital profile

Survey Says Fibre Channel SANs are Underutilized

SAN MATEO, Calif - January 24, 2007 - SANRAD Inc. announced findings from new research conducted by Simon Management Group that highlight average SAN utilization among Fibre Channel users at only 75%.

The study reveals the prohibitive cost of Fibre Channel as a key reason many users are unable to justify connecting the remaining 25% of storage to their servers. The report confirms the interest in iSCSI for solving the problem of SAN under-utilization and validates SANRAD's solid position in addressing this opportunity.

Simon Management Group surveyed network and storage managers at enterprises with annual revenues of $500M and above, to assess the value proposition of using iSCSI with existing Fibre Channel SANs. SANRAD claims its architecture gives customers a cost-savings of more than 90% over standard FC connectivity because it utilizes iSCSI and standard Ethernet networks to connect servers to FC SANs. ...SANRAD profile, ...Simon Management Group, Market research

IDC Report Casts Doubt on Hybrid Hard Disk Market

FRAMINGHAM, Mass - January 23, 2007 - IDC has published a new report called - "Outlook for Adoption of Hybrid-HDD or NAND in PCs"

It says that so far, neither the hybrid hard disk drives nor embedded NAND flash technology convincingly realizes the potential of caching in Vista PC and therefore, neither can be considered the clear winner. Also the emergence of NAND flash-based solid state disks could disrupt the brewing NAND caching technology battle. ...IDC profile

ExaGrid Reports Fast Growing Sales

Westborough, Mass - January 23, 2007 - ExaGrid Systems, Inc. today announced record sales for the fourth quarter ending December 31, 2006.

Fourth quarter sales for the company were up 36% compared to Q3'06, and up 428% compared to the same quarter in 2005. Full-year sales for 2006 were up 337% over the same period in 2005. ExaGrid's compound quarter-over-quarter average growth rate, Q4'05 to Q4'06, was 51%. ...ExaGrid Systems profile

Editor's comments:- our annual feature the Fastest Growing Storage Companies already shows preliminary listings for 2006.

SanDisk will Double Flash Chip Storage Capacity in Q2

MILPITAS, CALIFORNIA - January 23, 2007 - SanDisk Corp - today announced that it expects to see the launch of the next generation of NAND flash memory this quarter as it begins the transition from 70nm to 56nm multi-level cell flash memory chips at its 300mm wafer fab located at Toshiba's Yokkaichi Operations in Japan.

In Q2-07, the company expects to introduce 56nm 16Gb NAND, which doubles the memory density per chip when compared to 70nm technology. ...SanDisk profile, ...Toshiba profile, Flash Storage

QLogic and Alacritech Offer Multi Platform TCPAcceleration

ALISO VIEJO, Calif - January 23, 2007 QLogic Corp and Alacritech, Inc. today announced a joint partnership related to 10 Gigabit TCP Offload Engine technology.

QLogic is licensing Alacritech TCP offload patents to deliver HBAs with 10 Gigabit TOE for all operating systems including Linux and Microsoft Windows. Customers with multiple high performance operating environments can now look to QLogic host bus adapters for a common 10 Gigabit TOE infrastructure in order to simplify management, and save time and money.

"To support all of their I/O intensive applications, customers are looking to see Alacritech SLIC Technology made available across many operating environments," said Larry Boucher, president and CEO, Alacritech. "With a pervasive Fibre Channel HBA market presence based on support for popular operating systems, QLogic is in a unique position to partner with Alacritech and bring Alacritech SLIC Technology to a broader market."

"Linux is a high performance computing platform and 10 Gigabit offload will be essential to server performance in the future," said Brian Garrett, senior analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group. "Making Alacritech SLIC Technology® broadly available to the Linux community through the QLogic and Alacritech partnership is an important milestone." ...Alacritech profile, ...QLogic profile, iSCSI

Study Reveals Download Habits of US Consumers

SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif - January 22, 2007 - a study of US consumers conducted for Seagate Technology reported that 81% are more likely to download and store digital content today than they were just a year ago.

An overwhelming 96% of U.S. adults own and use at least one desktop or laptop computer in their home. Households with a child under the age of 18 are significantly more likely than users without a child to download/store music (45% vs. 28%), games (26% vs. 17%), and movies/videos (23% vs. 13%) nowadays as compared to a year ago. The personalization of content has made consumers much more comfortable with digital media and technologies, and they are downloading and storing digital stuff with a vengeance. This in turn has been driving an almost insatiable demand for more and more gigabytes to safely store and manage all this content. ...Seagate profile, online backup and storage, Market research, article:- Sex, Spies and Hard Drives

SBE Merges with Mobile Phone Maker

SAN RAMON, Calif - January 22, 2007 - SBE, Inc. and Neonode, Inc. announced today the execution of a definitive merger agreement.

Neonode is a Swedish based developer and manufacturer of multimedia mobile handsets. ...SBE profile, ...Neonode, Acquired storage companies

Editor's comments:- 3 years ago SBE, which in the 1990s had been a maker of high speed WAN adapter cards for Sun's SPARC servers, pinned its hopes on the emerging iSCSI market and as part of that plan acquired PyX Technologies in 2005. That bet didn't pay off because the iSCSI market was years slower in developing than most analysts had originally predicted - but this merger / acquisition takes SBE back to its telecoms roots.
DIVArchive Stores and Manages Content for ITN News

SimpleTech Showcases Thinnest 2.5" 64G SSD

Dynamic Network Factory Launches New Hybrid Drive

Seagate Demos DAVE

Asigra Signs Up More Online Backup Partners

Taneja Report Predicts VTL Market Revenue

IBM Acquires Softek

Promark to Distribute QStar's Archiving Products

First "Ready for IBM DB2" SSD

Western Digital Reports 28% Revenue Growth

Survey Says Fibre Channel SANs are Underutilized

IDC Report Casts Doubt on Hybrid Hard Disk Market

ExaGrid Reports Fast Growing Sales

SanDisk will Double Flash Chip Storage Capacity in Q2

QLogic and Alacritech Offer Multi Platform TCPAcceleration

Study Reveals Download Habits of US Consumers

SBE Merges with Mobile Phone Maker
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