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Storage news - 2003, April 8-14

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CNT Announces UltraNet Storage Director

LaCie Delivers FireWire® 800 Cards

VERITAS Leads the Charge in Storage Management Interoperability

Nishan Systems switches at Storage Network World

EMC, LEGATO, Nortel Networks Announce Business Continuity Solution

QLogic Introduces Highest Port Count Fibre Channel Edge Switch

Spectra Logic ships native iSCSI tape libraries

Ovation Becomes a Strategic Partner for Spinnaker Networks

HP Introduces Digital Asset Protection

Sun and Symantec Introduce Intrusion Detection Appliance

The 10 biggest storage companies in 2005

Micron Sells Synchronous SRAM Inventory to Cypress

Cyberkey Deals with "Bad Memory" Inherent with Flash-Based Storage Devices

Intel Has Shipped 2 Billion Flash Memory Units

Storage Visions 2004 Conference Invites Speakers & Sponsors

Arkeia Releases MySQL Plug-In for Intel Itanium 2 Platform

Vyant Technologies Receives $3 Million Additional Funding from Capitol Ventures

Western Digital's External 250GB FireWire®/USB 2.0 Disk Glows in the Dark

JNI Corp Deepens Strategic Reseller Relationship with Sun Microsystems

Elipsan Shows Managed IP-SAN

NTI Expands DVD-Maker Software Suite

BCC Software Partners with CENATEK to Offer Rocket Drive

Seagate Removable Storage Solutions Changes Company Name to Certance

EMC Unveils Centera Compliance Edition

Sun's New SAN Targets Shallower Pockets

Qualstar Introduces RLS-4470 Rackmount Tape Library; 18TB in 5U

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Megabyte found that SCSI was a safe and reliable way to connect between storage systems.

Nibble:- Why Good Fuel Consumption Doesn't Sell ATA Network Storage

ecently companies like EMC and Spinnaker Networks have joined the slow moving ATA disk network storage bandwaggon. This is the one in which which you can buy a SAN or NAS stuffed with low cost ATA connected disks, instead of faster and more expensive SCSI or fibre-channel models.

The sales pitch goes something like this. The basic low cost disk drives which you find in a new PC give adequate performance running at 7,200 RPM. Although you can buy disks which run more than twice as fast - the cost penalty is not worthwhile in many real-life applications.

If the accountant is the person in charge of buying storage in your organisation, then this argument put forward by EMC says it all. The ATA populated CLARiiON can slash "50% of the list price in large systems configurations". ...And a 50% reduction off an EMC price is not an inconsiderable sum.

This is not a new idea. Nexsan Technologies was the first company to put its head over the parapet a couple of years ago. The idea that anyone might knowingly want to buy a disk storage system which was not the absolutely fastest was novel at the time.

Surely, when you buy a new computer system you want it to be as fast as you can afford. This is a classic buyer argument. After all, you have to live with the system for many years, during which demand will increase and technology will pass you by. Not necessarily so - said Nexsan. There are lots of situations when the disk storage doesn't have to be so fast - such as archiving data onto disk, instead of tape for example. That was still a theoretical consideration to users a few years ago, because no one was doing this very much.

But the germ of this idea spread and took root. Last year some bigger manufacturers started doing pretty much the same thing. StorageTek called their product BladeStore. Network Appliance called theirs NearStore, while ASACA went one step further with its 48TB FireFly by using Serial ATA hard drives, which can be switched off to save power until the data is actually needed.

Despite all that, the ATA network storage market has been slow to take off, and I think that owes more to emotional factors than the drag from a sluggish economy.

When you buy a car, you know that most of the time it will be parked and doing zero miles per hour. When you're actually driving, the combination of traffic congestion and speed limits, means that you may only average 20 MPH in the town and maybe no better than 50 MPH on the open road. But most drivers still feel more attracted to a Ferrari than a Skoda.

I'm a cautious (read - slow) driver. And I'm very happy with my Renault Clio which my wife mockingly refers to as being powered by a rubber band. It is true, that recently I borrowed my wife's Audi A6, in which the engine alone cost more than my entire car, and found I could comfortably knock 20 minutes off the 2 hour journey time to see my sister, even while keeping to the speed limits and sticking with the winding cross country route which I prefer. That's because, with the Audi, I could overtake slow moving tractors or horse cars. That's something which the rubber band powered Clio can't safely do.

And maybe that kind of worry is a factor slowing down the new ATA network storage market.

The end to end performance of most systems is not driven by the average speed, but by peaks and bottlenecks.

Even if the new low cost ATA disk based network storage systems have been purchased for one application, the fact is organizations change, and there's the suspicion that the accountant will say - That's it! No more IT budget this year. Out of necessity you could end up redeploying it your main online storage. It may be faster than what you have in place today, and even if it does what is claimed when doing an incremental backup there will still be the niggling doubt that it will get you up that hill fast enough when you really put your foot down in an emergency.

It may take more than numerical arguments to lift this market off to the next level. That may only happen when there are enough pioneers out there who have the experience of using them and can share their experiences. Until that time users are no more likely to buy storage systems based on gigabytes per dollar, than they buy cars based on miles per gallon fuel efficiency. Emotion, not logic, sometimes gives the right answers.

See also:- Disk to disk backup, this way to the Petabyte SSD

Cenatek., based in Morgan Hill, Calif., develops and supplies cost-effective solid state disk (SSD) accelerator cards and software which provide enterprise class performance to directly attached Windows and Linux servers at prices significantly below networked SSD solutions.
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Venture capital
Editor:- the top news story in my view wasn't any of the announcements from VERITAS, EMC, HP and Sun. Nor the memory milestone - Intel having shipped 2 Billion flash memory units...

Instead - the real suprise for me was a comment refuting a claim for a "world's first" in the flash SSD market (April 10 below). Ofer Tsur Marketing Manager of the Solid State Disk Business Unit at M-Systems told me that - the problem of bad blocks management had been solved a decade earlier (in the early 1990s) both by M-Systems and other companies. M-Systems had been doing this for almost a decade with its patented TrueFFS (True flash Flike System).
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storage news below for the week April 8-14, 2003
CNT Announces UltraNet Storage Director

Editor:- April 14, 2003 - CNT today announced the UltraNet Storage Director - eXtended (USD - X), an enhanced multi-protocol switching platform that augments the industry leading USD product offering.

The USD-X provides corporations a reliable, robust and scalable storage networking solution that meets the demands of today's heterogeneous networking environments. The USD-X is a high-performance platform that supports all storage related data replication applications for both disk and tape, along with remote channel networking for a wide range of device types. The new platform supports the latest high-speed interfaces, including Gigabit Ethernet, Gigabit Fibre Channel and OC-12 (622 Mbps) ATM/SONET services, as well as FICON in the near future.

As a result of these enhancements, the USD - X can deliver significant performance improvements over existing solutions. It is capable of delivering twice the throughput and double the data compression. The new platform also supports prevalent legacy interfaces, including ESCON, Bus & Tag, Fast Ethernet, OC-3 ATM and others, providing a single platform capable of supporting any disk, tape and system connectivity requirement, both locally and over extended distances. The USD - X platform is available immediately. FICON support will be available on a later release.

LaCie Delivers FireWire® 800 Cards

Editor:- LaCie announced it will begin shipping a 3 port FireWire 800 PCI card which, will give you the ability to transfer your data up to 800 Mbits/sec.

LaCie's FireWire 800 PCI Card is perfect for those who want take advantage of the fast speed of FireWire 800, but still need the ability to connect legacy FireWire 400 devices. LaCie's FireWire 800 PCI Card only requires one PCI slot . It's available this month through LaCie's authorized resellers and mail order partners with a suggested retail price of $89. It is both Mac and PC compatible.

VERITAS Leads the Charge in Storage Management Interoperability

Editor:- April 14, 2003 - VERITAS Software today announced it is leading an effort to create a host-based volume management model for the Storage Management Interface Specification (SMI-S), the industry standards effort formerly known as Bluefin.

This specification is designed to reduce the complexity of managing multi-vendor storage networks by standardizing storage management interface technology. VERITAS Software is also providing SMI-S-enabled products for the CIM-SAN 2 interoperability demonstration at the Storage Networking World Spring 2003 conference in Phoenix.

VERITAS Software will help to define a volume manager for the SMI-S version 1.1 based on technology from its market-leading volume management and virtualization solution, VERITAS™ Volume Manager™. As a co-chair of the Volume Manager Technical Working Group under the auspices of the SNIA, VERITAS Software will work with other SNIA members to create a specification that will define the software management structure for host and operating system block-level virtualization.

Nishan Systems switches featured in Microsoft demonstration at Storage Network World

Editor:- April 14, 2003 - Nishan Systems today demonstrated its IPS 4300 IP storage switch together with Microsoft's Windows Server 2003 software, providing device discovery capabilities within IP storage environments using the Internet Storage Name Service (iSNS) protocol.

Showcased at Storage Network World Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona today, the iSNS demonstration supports Microsoft's iSCSI Software Initiator and iSNS client with Nishan's iSNS server developed by Nishan for its IP storage switch product line.

The multi-vendor demonstration highlights the ability of iSNS to automatically recognise and attach storage resources to iSCSI clients within a SAN. As storage devices are inserted into or removed from the storage network, the iSNS server within the Nishan switch updates the Microsoft iSNS client through a state change notification (SCN) message. This facilitates device discovery within IP-based storage networks and minimises the amount of manual administration required for adds, moves and changes within an IP SAN.

"We are pleased to be working with Nishan Systems on this demonstration of the benefits of iSCSI and iSNS, illustrating how our mutual customers can scale to enterprise-class IP storage networks," said Zane Adam, director of product management and marketing, Enterprise Storage Division, Microsoft Corp. "iSCSI is gaining momentum and we are working together with our industry partners to make enterprise storage operations more accessible to a broader spectrum of customers."

The iSNS protocol facilitates the discovery and authorised connectivity between servers and storage targets in an IP-based storage network. Any mix of iSCSI and Fibre Channel devices can be automatically registered with an iSNS server. The server in turn enables only authorised connections between designated hosts and storage arrays. An iSNS server may also facilitate security in an IP SAN by acting as a repository for encryption keys. The iSNS protocol is designed to support thousands of devices in an IP storage network for enterprise-class storage applications.

EMC, LEGATO, Nortel Networks Announce Business Continuity Solution

Editor:- April 14, 2003 - EMC, LEGATO Systems and Nortel Networks today announced a highly available enterprise business continuity solution that enables multiple data centers to act as one to help keep businesses running.

In the event of a disaster, transactions are automatically routed to an alternate site with no need for manual restore or restart procedures, greatly reducing time to recovery and lowering costs.

The pretested solution includes EMC Symmetrix® and CLARiiON® networked storage systems, EMC SRDF™ remote replication software, LEGATO Automated Availability Manager™ for EMC SRDF and Nortel Networks OPTera Metro 5200 Multiservice Platform. This business continuity solution provides application availability, backup and recovery, proactive management of planned downtime and optimization of resources and environments over geographically dispersed distances. Heterogeneous platform support includes Sun Solaris, HP-UX, Windows NT/2000, and IBM AIX.

QLogic Introduces Highest Port Count Fibre Channel Edge Switch

Editor:- April 14, 2003 - QLogic. today introduced the SANbox2-64, the industry's highest port count Fibre Channel Edge switch.

Designed to help SAN architects fill an important middle ground between bladed Director switches and fixed port Edge switches, the highly scalable, modular bladed architecture of the new 64-port switch combines the high port count of a Director with the low cost-per-port of an Edge switch. For SAN architects, the SANbox2-64 is a simple alternative to a mesh of smaller switches, and by delivering 99.999% fabric availability, a pair of SANbox2-64 switches can serve as a Core switch solution for business-critical storage applications. The modular blade approach of the SANbox2-64 also enables it to accept 4Gb and 10Gb Fibre Channel and iSCSI blades as they become available. The SANbox2-64 is now available through authorized QLogic distributors, starting at $25,999 MSRP.

Spectra Logic ships native iSCSI tape libraries

Editor:- April 14, 2003 - Companies looking to implement storage networking and consolidate backups in the most simple and cost effective way can now do so with Spectra Logic's native iSCSI tape libraries.

The recently ratified iSCSI standard enables storage networking over IP infrastructures, and Spectra Logic libraries with integrated iSCSI support ensure easy implementation and administration of backups in IP environments. Spectra Logic offers a comprehensive iSCSI tape backup product line spanning from its enterprise libraries to a networked, stand-alone tape drive. With the Spectra® 64K and 20K libraries shipping today, customers can back up data effectively over IP networks without the need for an external bridge device, affording greater reliability and reduced management cost. The departmental-sized Spectra 2K tape library and the networked, stand-alone tape drive, NAStape®, will also be shipping this quarter.

"iSCSI allows users to better match their storage network to application requirements in an affordable and simplified manner," said Bill Reed, Spectra Logic's senior vice president of sales and marketing. "Adding iSCSI to our existing NDMP and Fibre Channel library options offers Spectra Logic customers complete flexibility in storage networking, including the option to backup to a single library over both a LAN and SAN."

Ovation Becomes a Strategic Partner for Spinnaker Networks

Editor:- April 14, 2003 - the Data Storage Division (DSD) of Ovation Data Services. today announced they have become a strategic partner for Spinnaker Networks.

As a SpinPartner, Ovation will resell and integrate Spinnaker's next generation NAS products, as well as provide Assure Strategic first- and second-level maintenance and support. As a strategic partner, Ovation DSD is licensed to resell and integrate Spinnaker-branded products worldwide.

HP Introduces Digital Asset Protection

Editor:- April 14, 2003 - HP today announced the availability of its Digital Asset Protection Solution (DAPS), which protects corporate information saved on client computers by automatically replicating and encrypting user data onto servers using Novell iFolder software.

The solution combines Novell iFolder software with industry-standard HP ProLiant servers running Linux, Windows 2000 Server or Novell NetWare with HP StorageWorks storage devices to provide customers with the business continuity and price and performance advantages of industry-standard servers.

Once end-users save files as they normally do, Novell iFolder automatically replicates changes to a DAPS server in encrypted form, thereby ensuring total data security. Information contained within these files can be accessed and managed anywhere in the world from any Internet-connected desktop, notebook or handheld PC.

Sun and Symantec Introduce Intrusion Detection Appliance

Editor:- April 14, 2003 - Sun Microsystems. and Symantec. announced today the planned release of iForce Intrusion Detection Appliance an advanced intrusion detection appliance that addresses enterprise and service providers' increasing security needs.

The iForce IDS Appliance, Powered by Sun and Symantec extends the network's ability to detect intrusions in the enterprise that may cause service downtime and lost business opportunities. It profiles network traffic and identifies intrusions by implementing advanced protocol anomaly detection, traffic state profiling and statistical flow analysis.

The 10 biggest storage companies in 2005

Editor:- April 14, 2003 - a new article published today on - the 10 biggest storage companies in 2005 - predicts the biggest storage companies measured by revenue at the end of 2005.

Now in its 3rd year, this very popular feature also looks back to see how accurate were the forecasts made for 2003. With an established track record and hundreds of thousands of readers, you can't afford to miss this important reference if it's important for you to avoid investing your IT budget in dead storage companies. the article

...Later:- this long running series was replaced by - the top SSD companies

Micron Sells Synchronous SRAM Inventory to Cypress

Editor:- April 10, 2003 - Cypress Semiconductor and Micron Technology. announced today the execution of a sale and purchase agreement pursuant to which Micron will transfer its high-performance communications oriented synchronous SRAM product inventory to Cypress.

Micron recently decided to phase out production of synchronous SRAM products at its worldwide operations. To support customers through this transition, Micron is transferring its synchronous SRAM inventory to another quality supplier well positioned to service customers' SRAM product needs.

In announcing the transaction, Jan du Preez, Micron's Vice President of Networking and Communications stated, "We believe this agreement provides the best long-term solution for our customers. It gives our customers an uninterrupted supply of SRAM devices from a world-class supplier while allowing Micron to redirect resources and focus on our higher volume semiconductor products."

"Cypress is working closely with Micron to provide continuity of all customer support aspects," said Antonio R. Alvarez, Senior Vice President for Cypress's Memory Products Division. "We want to ensure that all of our customers' concerns are addressed in a proactive manner. This transaction is consistent with Cypress's strategy to serve the communications marketplace and complements our existing position in synchronous SRAMs. Being the number two SRAM supplier in the world, Cypress is well positioned to provide full support to Micron's customers, ensuring a smooth, uninterrupted transition between the two companies."

Cyberkey Deals with "Bad Memory" Inherent with Flash-Based Storage Devices

Editor:- April 10, 2003 - CyberKey today claimed it is the first company to develop technology designed to overcome the issues inherent with "bad memory" blocks found on Flash-based storage devices, such as USB drives.

With CyberKey's new patent-pending Dynamic Block Management technology, content and applications stored to a CyberKey avoid the issues common with Flash-based memory devices of corrupted storage blocks, maintaining data integrity and preventing altered data files.

CyberKeys are USB storage devices commonly categorized as USB drives that can be connected to personal computers or other electronics devices with a USB port. Such CyberKeys are roughly the size of an adult's "pinky" finger, range in storage capacities from 16MB to 1GB of solid state flash memory, and are designed to provide users with simple and secure application functionality and data portability, making the CyberKey the world's most secure USB storage device

"Dynamic Block Management makes it possible for a CyberKey to automatically detect and 'map around' bad or marginal data storage blocks in its flash memory," said Jim Plant, president and chief executive officer of CyberKey. "With this technology in place, data is only written into a CyberKey's data storage blocks which are known to be good. As a result, the level of data integrity for the device is not compromised."

Although flash memory is generally known for its reliability, there can be areas of flash memory that will not function properly, even factory-fresh chips have known bad blocks.

Editor's comments:-
CyberKey's "first" claim is without merit. Lots of flash storage manufacturers deal with this problem in their own unique ways. For example Ofer Tsur Marketing Manager of the Solid State Disk Business Unit at M-Systems commented "This problem of bad blocks was solved a decade ago both by M-Systems and other companies. M-Systems have been doing this for almost a decade with its patented TrueFFS (True flash Flike System)."

Later we found that this wasn't the only false claim made by the company. In 2009 - CyberKey was closed down by US courts due to fraud.

Intel Has Shipped 2 Billion Flash Memory Units

Editor:- April 10, 2003 - Intel today unveiled flash memory products for cell phones with up to five ultra-thin memory chips stacked for greater memory capacity, lower power consumption and optimal space savings.

The features of the Intel® Ultra-Thin Stacked Chip-Scale Packaging (CSP), featuring 1.8 Volt Intel StrataFlash® Wireless Memory, are designed to ease manufacturers' provision of such features as camera capabilities, games and email in relatively thin cell phones.

Intel also announced that it has shipped its 2 billionth flash memory unit, a milestone underscoring the increasing role that flash memory plays in the cellular and wireless market segments. The announcements were made in a keynote address at the Intel Developer Forum in Tokyo by Darin Billerbeck, vice president of Intel's Flash Products Group. It took Intel 12 years to ship its first billion discrete flash units and only three more years to ship the next billion discrete flash units. ...Intel profile

Storage Visions 2004 Conference Invites Speakers & Sponsors

Editor:- April 10, 2003 - A Storage and Content Industry Advisory Board has been formed for the 2004 Storage Visions Conference.

It is Chaired by Mr. Tom Coughlin of Coughlin Associates and Mr. Gary Schultz of Multimedia Research Group, and consisting of representatives from the content storage provider and user communities has been established to help steer the session topics, keynote speakers, demonstration laboratory, sponsorships and theme of the 2004 conference. Members of the advisory committee are Lowell Moulton of Sony, Rob Pait of Seagate, Stephen DiFranco of Maxtor, Ken Morse of PowerTV (part of Scientific Atlanta), Peter Fasciano of Avid Technology, Mark Gray of Kasenna, and Rob Koenen of the MPEG-4 Industry Forum.

The Storage Visions 2004 Conference will be held in Las Vegas January 6-7, 2004 to address critical technology and market issues for the implementation of a completely digital entertainment industry. Issues for the 2004 conference include requirements for creating, storing, transmitting and distributing multimedia content.

Over 70 companies were involved in the sessions, exhibits and keynote addresses during the 2003 conference with a 40% increase in attendance compared to the 2002 conference.

The 2004 conference is now soliciting speakers, exhibitors and sponsors. Companies that are interested in participating in the 2004 conference should check out the conference speaker, exhibitor and sponsor brochure that is available on the conference web site. Interested parties can also call Tom Coughlin at 408-978-8184 or Gary Schultz at 408-524-9767 to participate. Bound copies of the 2003 conference presentations are still available for sale.

Editor:- is a media sponsor for this event again.

Arkeia Releases MySQL Plug-In for Intel Itanium 2 Platform

Editor:- April 10, 2003 - Arkeia has introduced a new plug-in to complement the recently released MySQL database for the 64-bit Intel® Itanium® 2 processor running the Linux operating system.

The plug-in works with Arkeia's new v5.1 software for backup/recovery of heterogeneous networks. Administrators using the Arkeia MySQL plug-in can develop a backup strategy that protects information without interruption. Using the convenient Arkeia GUI, the plug-in performs either incremental or full MySQL backup while data is online and accessible. Backup can be defined to the table level.

"Using Arkeia in tandem with MySQL adds an extra level of database security," said Arkeia CTO Arnaud Spicht. "Our plug-in provides a reliable solution for sys-admins working in environment with high-performance MySQL database applications."

"Linux on Intel Itanium 2 architecture can support virtually an unlimited amount of data and make the most of MySQL's inherent speed," said Bertrand Matthelie, Director of Alliances at MySQL AB. "Protecting valuable data with additional backup software can be important for many enterprise applications, and Arkeia professional backup solutions offer protection coverage for a broad range of MySQL platforms."

Arkeia's MySQL plug-in is easy to install and configure: databases and table backup/restore are selected via the convenient Arkeia GUI navigator. The plug-in is compatible with versions of MySQL starting from 3.21 to 3.23, and versions 4.0.x. It functions with all table formats. Arkeia MySQL plug-in is available for the following operating systems: Linux (IA32, IA64, PowerPC, SPARC), Windows, AIX, Solaris, UnixWare, Irix, Tru64, Mac OS X, FreeBSD, NetBSD and OpenBSD.

Vyant Technologies Receives $3 Million Additional Funding

Editor:- April 10, 2003 - Vyant Technologies has received $3 million in additional funding from Capitol Ventures, a Washington D.C.-based venture firm.

"We will use the funds from this inside round for marketing, expansion of our sales program and further development of our product," said Paul Parent, Vyant CEO. "We expect to reach our breakeven point later this year with the support of this funding. By the end of this month, we will have more than a dozen major installations completed, a major step in our growth cycle."

Vyant Technologies launched RealTime, its rapid data-recovery software for enterprises, yesterday. A new approach to data protection, RealTime can recover and verify a terabyte of data in less than 20 minutes.

Western Digital's External 250GB FireWire®/USB 2.0 Disk Glows in the Dark

Editor:- April 9, 2003 - Western Digital. today expanded its external hard drive product line with the addition of the FireWire®/USB 2.0 Combo Special Edition 250GB external hard drives.
These are the largest capacity 7,200 RPM external hard drives available on the market. Western Digital's innovative clear case design with modern LED illumination allows users to see the components within.

"The market for external hard drives is growing as the demand for high-capacity, portable storage increases," said John Monroe, a vice president at Gartner. "Consumer games, movies and other kinds of rich media will continue to eat up more and more enormous chunks of disk space, making easily accessible, adjunct storage a common need."
news image Western Digital
Manufacturer's suggested retail pricing is $449. Complete retail kit includes FireWire/USB 2.0 Combo Special Edition external hard drive in clear, light-up case; 6 ft. 6-pin to 6-pin FireWire cable; 6 ft USB 2.0-certified cable; AC adapter with power cord; and Quick Install Guide.

JNI Corp Deepens Strategic Reseller Relationship with Sun Microsystems

Editor:- April 9, 2003 - JNI today announced an expansion of its reseller agreement with Sun Microsystems.

Sun has selected JNI's FibreStar single and dual-port PCI-X-to-Fibre Channel HBAs for integration with Sun StorEdge SAN Foundation software. This software provides a common interface between the Solaris Operating System and the HBA. In addition to providing a common set of HBA configuration tools, it provides dynamic integrated multipathing through Sun StorEdge Traffic Manager software. Sun StorEdge SAN Foundation software represents a key milestone in Sun's commitment to open SAN architecture.

This expanded reseller agreement will enable Sun to install JNI FibreStar HBAs at the factory and resell JNI HBAs through authorized Sun channels worldwide. Sun Services provides support for Sun's entire SAN infrastructure, including the JNI HBAs. JNI HBAs are the first non-Sun adapters endorsed by Sun for their open SAN Architecture.

"Sun chose to integrate JNI HBAs into our Sun StorEdge SAN Foundation software because of JNI's proven experience in the Solaris market," said Kathleen Holmgren, vice president, Network Storage Marketing Group, Sun Microsystems. "Our SAN Foundation software is critical to Sun's SAN management strategy and JNI is an integral part of our plan."

Elipsan Shows Managed IP-SAN

Editor:- April 9, 2003 - Elipsan today announced that it will debut its managed IP-SAN solution next week at the Storage Networking World conference.

It will be demonstrating configuration and management of an IP-SAN comprising Windows servers and Elipsan's iSCSI storage appliances from a web-based management console. Elipsan's solution comes with a rich feature set that includes storage virtualization, snapshot, RAID and remote mirroring. It builds on the company's iCS2100 storage enclosure released last year, when the company was the IP-SAN division of Eurologic Systems. Elipsan was spun out of Eurologic Systems last month, prior to the acquisition of Eurologic by Adaptec.

"Customers are demanding simpler, integrated and cost-effective management and Elipsan is determined to deliver on those demands," said Hans O'Sullivan, CEO of Elipsan. "This demonstration marks a key turning point in the IP-SAN market by showing how management of storage, virtualization, security and access control in IP-SAN configurations can be brought together to make IP-SANs very simple and effective. A single management tool can be used display, monitor and re-provision storage as required, something that other vendor has achieved".

Elipsan will also be showing its new range of iSCSI storage sub-systems on booth #PP13 in the main hall. The managed SAN demonstration is being held in Microsoft Partner Pavilion. ,

NTI Expands DVD-Maker Software Suite

Editor:- April 9, 2003 - NTI announced today that it has added a host of new features to its DVD-Maker 6 software suite to deliver everything PC users need to burn, play, protect and share DVDs and CDs.

By enhancing the software with its unique Dynamic Drive Support (DDS) and Live Update technologies, NTI offers compelling reasons to choose DVD-Maker over other CD and DVD burning software suites.

DDS eliminates compatibility issues by confirming software support for any CD or DVD burner device- regardless of the manufacturer, the age of the device or its write speed. Live Update automatically optimizes the disc-burning software to complement the user's drive. DVD-Maker will be featured at NTI's FOSE Booth H443 in Washington, D.C. April 8-10.

NTI's DDS and Live Update technologies give businesses, government agencies and OEMs the flexibility to move from one generation of CD or DVD burner to the next and to add new drives without having to phase-in a new software version or replicate new software CDs. These technologies combine with DVD-Maker 6 to provide users with a single, easy-to-use solution for storing data files, organizing digital photos, enhancing music collections, and creating DVD videos as well as Video CDs and Super Video CDs. Backup/recovery utilities and RealNetworks RealOne Player are also included in the software suite.

NTI DVD-Maker, Gold Edition, is available for immediate licensing to OEMs, system integrators and resellers. NTI also offers DVD-Maker, Platinum Edition, an upgradeable version, through its web site for $29.99.

BCC Software Partners with CENATEK to Offer Rocket Drive

Rochester, NY - April 9, 2003 - BCC Software announces a partnership with CENATEK.

The partnership allows BCC Software to offer CENATEK's Rocket Drive SSD accelerator, as a premium option to its flagship product, Mail Manager 2010, a Windows-based mail management software program. Rocket Drive is particularly effective when used in conjunction with voluminous databases like DPV (Delivery Point Validation), which enhances standard ZIP+4® encoding by verifying that an address actually exists as a deliverable mail destination. BCC is currently offering a RocketDrive/DPV bundled promotion, in which users can purchase both options at a discounted rate.

CENATEK's Rocket Drive offers Mail Manager users a cost-effective option to significantly increase their rate of mailing production. Rocket Drive utilizes RAM memory, acting as an additional solid state hard drive for the computer, and allowing the user to process more information without slowing it down. Rocket Drive can be installed in a PCI slot on a desktop or server in less than five minutes.

David Ridgway, President of Mailers Computer Services, Inc., and a longtime customer of both CENATEK and BCC, has experienced great benefits from combining Rocket Drive with Mail Manager 2010. "The Rocket Drive enhancement allows me to process millions of address records per hour - the more records I process, the more money I make," says Ridgway. "I've been able to increase throughput by 200%."

Seagate Removable Storage Solutions Changes Company Name to Certance

Editor:- April 8, 2003 - Seagate Removable Storage Solutions today announced that it has changed its name to Certance.

Certance is a market leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of storage products and solutions to the worldwide data protection market, with more than 12 million tape drives installed.

"The name Certance delivers on the two key attributes required in a storage solutions partner, certainty and permanence," said Howard Matthews, newly-named as President & CEO of Certance. "As a worldwide market leader in tape backup products and data protection solutions, we wanted a name that would not only capture our heritage but reflect our commitment to leadership vision for the future. Certance is a combination of those two attributes."

Certance is owned by New SAC, a private corporation created by an investment group led by Silver Lake Partners and Texas Pacific Group in connection with the acquisition of the operating assets of Seagate Technology, Inc in November 2000. Concurrent with the company name change, Donald L. Waite, President of SRSS and Executive Vice President, Chief Administrative Officer of Seagate Technology, was named Chairman of the Board of Certance. Howard L. Matthews becomes President & CEO of Certance from his previous title of Vice President & General Manager for SRSS.

"While the Company name is new, business continues as it has with a dedication to providing backup, restore and archive solutions to the worldwide data storage market. We will continue our existing relationship with Seagate as an affiliate. Certance values remain centered on operational excellence, innovation and customer partnership with a focus on our customers' business success in an ever-changing market environment," says Matthews.

Certance provides a full array of tape backup products and data recovery solutions including LTO Ultrium, DDS/DAT and Travan technologies.

EMC Unveils Centera Compliance Edition

Editor:- April 8, 2003 - EMC today introduced EMC Centera Compliance Edition™, a specialized content addressed storage (CAS) system specifically designed to meet and exceed today's strictest records retention regulations.

EMC Centera CAS is the first storage solution designed from the ground up to solve the challenges associated with managing and storing fixed content, or unchanging data, such as document images, email, X-rays and medical records. Since its introduction, Centera has become EMC's fastest growing product line, earning multiple awards and industry-wide recognition as the first online archival storage medium capable of guaranteeing content authenticity and scaling to hundreds of terabytes without requiring additional management overhead.

New features of Centera Compliance Edition include retention enforcement, which enables compliance officers to set hardened retention periods on electronic records, and satisfies regulations such as SEC Rule17a-4; enhanced disposition, or "shredding," which ensures that deleted data cannot be recovered using disk scanning tools, and complies with regulations such as Department of Defense Directive 5015.2; and application access security, which permits Systems Operators to establish access security and authorized activities at the application or server level, and ensures the privacy of sensitive records for regulations such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

EMC Centera list price begins at $64,000 for Centera hardware and $84,000 for Centera software, representing $148,000 for a 4-terabyte protected (8 terabytes raw capacity) total system configuration.

Sun's New SAN Targets Shallower Pockets

Editor:- April 8, 2003 - Sun Microsystems. today announced a new family of midrange storage products which the company claims offer the industry's highest-value bundle of integrated data services and SAN management software at prices up to 45% less than EMC's CLARiiON CX400.

Offering the best price performance in its class, the first two members in the Sun StorEdge 6000 family are the Sun StorEdge 6120 array and the Sun StorEdge 6320 system. The Sun StorEdge 6120 array, provides a highly available solution capable of scaling from 252 GB to more than 12 TB. The Sun StorEdge 6320 system provides advanced flexibility and scalability for customers demanding high-performance midrange storage capable of expanding from 500 GB to 45 TB.

"The new Sun StorEdge 6000 family fills a significant need for customers seeking innovative ways to maximize their network computing resources. The Sun StorEdge 6320 system alone provides more than 25% better performance at nearly 20% less cost compared to HP's EVA offering," stated Mark Canepa, executive vice president of Sun Network Storage. "With today's announcement Sun is also delivering on the promise of virtualization and provisioning while other vendors deliver nothing but hype in these areas. The N1 Data Platform is in customer environments and is providing the open storage management, virtualization and provisioning capabilities we have promised to deliver."

Qualstar Introduces RLS-4470 Rackmount Tape Library; 18TB in 5U

Editor:- April 8, 2003 -Qualstar today announced its new RLS-4470 rack mounted automated tape library, which enables companies to store more than 18 terabytes of corporate-critical information in a minimum of space.

Introduced at FOSE, where Qualstar is exhibiting (booth No. 513), the RLS-4470 confirms Qualstar's position as the market leader in shipment of AIT-equipped tape libraries. The RLS-4470 holds up to 70 Sony AIT-3 cartridges in a compact 5U form factor, for a total storage capacity of more than 18TB (compressed). Operating as many as four AIT drives simultaneously yields a very high data transfer rate of up to 449 gigabytes per hour, or one terabyte in little more than two hours, enabling firms to rapidly backup and restore vital data.

"Companies tell us they need more storage capacity, but don't have unlimited space to house larger and larger libraries," said Bob Covey, Qualstar's vice president of marketing. "The RLS family of automated tape libraries is designed to address these issues and gives firms real, tangible value for their money. The RLS-4470 gives users a wider range of options than ever before, across the full gamut of tape's capabilities, from rapid backup and restore to off-site archiving. With data storage requirements continuing to grow, our rack mounted libraries are designed to meet current and emerging needs."

The RLS-4470 is available exclusively through Qualstar's channel of authorized resellers, with a suggested list price beginning at $23,000.

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