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SSD Market Milestones - 2010 3rd quarter

by Zsolt Kerekes, editor

see also:- SSD news, SSD futures and SSD history
storage history
storage history
July 2010 - 6 out of the top 10 SSD companies in Q2 2010 - already make or plan to make PCIe SSDs published the 13th quarterly edition of the Top 10 SSD OEMs - with new commentaries and analysis - and a 1st time appearance in the top 10 list by OCZ.

Kingston's SSD marketers launched a competition to learn how users might really benefit from using their SSDs.

SNIA announced the availability of its Solid State Storage Performance Test Specification (version 0.9) for public review. 2 years earlier published an article called - Can you trust flash SSD specs & benchmarks? - because it had been obvious to me for some time that many oems and magazines which did benchmark testing of SSDs didn't know about the "halo effect" which could make some SSDs look better than they really were.

A new set of the SSD Bookmarks - suggested by Michael Raam, CEO SandForce was published on

Memoright announced a new authorized distributor for their SSDs in the US - First Commercial Technologies based in Beverly Hills, CA. published a new article and directory on the subject of - SSD training and education.

Nimbus Data Systems- announced higher density in its 10 GbE rackmount SSD systems - 10TB (enterprise MLC) in 2U - implemented as 24 x 400GB hot-swappable SAS flash blades. The company also announced improved connectivity - upto 120Gbps - from its internal 12 port FlexConnect 'virtual switch' which makes all storage available to all ports without the need to create and assign volumes to specific ports. Pricing for a 10TB system with FlexConnect is just under $110k.

Infortrend announced it will use STEC's ZeusIOPS (SAS SSDs) in its ESVA F60 product line (FC RAID systems).

Foremay announced it is shipping 2TB 3.5" and 1TB 2.5" SATA flash SSDs in its EC188 M-series model V product range. R/W speeds are up to 200MB/s. ECC is 24-bit. The SSDs are bootable and support all major operating systems. published a new article - the cultivation and nurturing of "reliability" in a 2.5" SSD brand.

Nimble Storage announced the release of the Nimble CS-Series an iSCSI compatible SSD ASAP which has been optimized for backup and compression performance. The model CS240 has 18TB of primary storage and 216TB backup. At launch pricing was under $3/GB (usable) for primary storage and $0.25/GB for backup storage.

Dataram reported that its annual revenue for the year ended April 30 grew 70% to $44 million incurring a net loss of $1.6 million. Dataram's president and CEO - John H. Freeman said the company is increasing resources into evolving its XcelaSAN (ASAP) product line and plans to launch HA versions later in the year.
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August 2010 - NVELO auto tunes notebook storage pool revealed that SSD searches in August 2010 were 33% higher than a year ago.

Dr. Andrew Viterbi joined Link_A_Media Devices' board of directors.

Virident Systems announced the signing of a reseller agreement with Appro for Virident's tachIOn drive (PCIe SSD).

Fusion-io announced the availability of a new high density PCIe SSD - which supplies 1.28TB of MLC capacity on a single card.

STEC reported $61 million for the 2nd quarter ended June 30 - a decrease of 29% year on year but significantly up on the previous quarter. The company indicated that inventory issues at EMC (whose worse than expected SSD sales in 2009 had created a glut of STEC shelfware) had finally been resolved.

At the Flash Memory Summit later this month OCZ demonstrated a new 3.5" SSD with what it calls a High Speed Data Link interface - which is PCIe physically connected via a SAS connector.

Pliant Technology announced the appointment of Mark Delsman as VP of engineering. Prior to joining Pliant, Delsman was VP of software engineering for Dot Hill. published a new article - animal brands in the SSD market. Examples discussed in the article range from cute and cuddly animals through a menagerie of fast rugged and best friend rugged SSDs, a regional curio and some real monsters.

Hynix Semiconductor announced it has selected Anobit's SSD controller technology to operate with its own 20nm class NAND Flash chips for use in a new SSD design.

Samsung and Seagate announced they will jointly develop SSD controller technologies to operate with Samsung's 30nm-class MLC NAND. The jointly developed controller will be used in Seagate's enterprise-class SSDs.

SandForce announced what their technology can do for Slim SATA SSDs. One of the advantages of skinny flash SSDs is the SSD controller fits into a smaller physical space - because it doesn't need external RAM chips.

STEC announced details of 2 technologies the company is using to improve data integrity and reliability in its enterprise market MLC flash SSDs. These are called CellCare and S.A.F.E.

Micron Technology announced it is sampling the RealSSD P300 - a 200GB 2.5" SATA 3 SLC flash SSD with R/W IOPS of 44,000 and 16,000 respectively.

Viking Modular Solutions is sampling its Slim SATA SSD - which provides upto 120GB capacity and 260MB/s R/W speeds in less than half the size of a 2.5" SSD. published SSD Bookmarks - suggested by Jason Caulkins, Chief Technologist Dataram.

NVELO launched Dataplex - a software product aimed at PC oems - which provides SSD ASAP functionality inside a notebook. Dataplex will begin shipping from select Tier 1 PC OEMs in 2011. NVELO is in discussions with leading HDD and SSD vendors to enable aftermarket sales and bundling options for Dataplex, and has begun development of an enterprise version of Dataplex for server systems.

Objective Analysis predicted that in 2015 nearly 40 million SSDs will ship accounting for over $7 billion in revenues.

Micross Components indicated that a future version of its microSSD (the world's smallest PATA SSD - which has a footprint of 14 x 24 x 1.3mm and weighs only 0.8 grams) may be offered with extended operation upto 105 degrees C.

Foremay's CTO, Jack Winters presented a paper - Secure Erase Options for SSDs (pdf) - at the recent Flash Memory Summit. The paper describes the need for SSD data purge and the 3 techniques which the company supports in its Avalanche Secure Erase Suite.

WhipTail Technologies announced a new name for its NAS SSDs - Datacenter XLR8r instead of Racerunner - and also unveiled HA options which involve dual failover systems.

SMART Modular Technologies entered the SAS SSD market with the announcement that it is sampling the XceedIOPS SAS SSD - a 400GB eMLC SSD with 26,000 / 20,000 R/W IOPS and 250/230 MB/s sustained throughput.

OCZ announced plans to wind down its commodity DRAM business and focus more resources on SSDs.

Microsemi now offers a 16GB SLC NAND version of its PBGA SSDs - which are designed specifically for use in the rugged and demanding environments of defense and aerospace applications. The surface-mountable PATA SSD has an integrated 32-bit RISC flash controller which manages wear leveling, error correction and power interruption protection.

RunCore released a video which shows innovative consumer SSD security features - which oems will introduce into products soon. These include RFID tag enabling of hidden disk partitions (for use with external SSDs) and remote kill / fast purge of an SSD via SMS text message - if your SSD has been stolen.
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Fast Purge flash SSDs when "Rugged SSDs" won't do
The need for fast and secure data erase - in which vital parts of a flash SSD or its data are destroyed in seconds - has always been a requirement in military projects.
Fast Purge flash SSDs directory & articles Although many industrial SSD vendors offer products with extended "rugged" operating environment capabilities - and even notebooks SSDs come with encryption - it's the availability of fast data purge which differentiates "truly secure" SSDs which can be deployed in sensitive applications.
September 2010 - SSDs cheaper than HDDs in entry level DVRs

STEC announced it is sampling a new 3.5" dual port SAS compatible RAM SSD - the ZeusRAM SSD - with upto 8GB capacity and under 23 microseconds average latency and internal flash backup.

WhipTail Tech's CTO, James Candelaria shared his SSD Bookmarks with readers of

SanDisk announced that NDS (a tv set top box designer with with over 30 million DVR units deployed) has successfully has designed SanDisk SSDs into a new range of lower cost set-top DVRs. The new solution allows for the deployment of energy-efficient STBs with decreased power consumption, small form factors and virtually silent operation. announced it is a media sponsor for the 10th annual Storage Visions conference taking place January 4 - 5, 2011 at the Riviera Hotel, Las Vegas, NV. The event theme is - New Dimensions Drive Digital Storage.

Pliant Technology announced it is sampling MLC versions of its 2.5" SAS SSD family with upto 400GB capacity and >10K sustained IOPS.

STEC announced it is sampling a new range of fast enterprise optimized 1.8" and 2.5" SATA SSDs - called the MACH16 which is available in SLC and MLC versions for commercial and industrial temperature operation. The SLC models have upto 200GB capacity, R/W speeds of 240Mbytes/sec and 190Mbytes/sec respectively, average latency of 50 microseconds and 30,000 / 10,000 sustained R/W IOPS. comments and analysis

Violin Memory announced availability of the Violin 3140 - a 3U MLC SSD with 40TB capacity priced at under $16 per GB and $3 per IOPS.

SandForce announced it has closed $25 million in Series D funding. - Michael Raam, president and CEO of SandForce said - "This new funding will help us bring our next-generation products to market, expand our customer and partner support infrastructure, and accelerate our core technology development that will extend our market leadership." See also:- Michael Raam's SSD Bookmarks, SSD Controllers / IP, VCs in storage

Forward Insights reported the market for enterprise SSDs along with PC SSDs experienced rapid growth in the 2nd quarter of 2010. In contrast, they say netbook SSDs fell and the growth of SSDs in the channel slowed compared to Q1/10.See also:- SSDs - market analysts

Intel's SSD Bookmarks on were updated with new links to help prospective enterprise SSD users.

Super Talent launched a range of 1.8" and 2.5" PATA SSDs for industrial temperature operation - and with secure erase.

Foremay announced it is shipping SATA 3 versions of its EC188 M-series flash SSDs (2.5" and 3.5" SSDs) - with R/W speeds upto 450MB/s and 350MB/s respectively.
Bad block management in flash SSDs

Editor:- November 29, 2010 - published a new article - principles of bad block management in flash SSDs.

It's a non technical introduction to the thinking behind one of the many vital functions inside a flash SSD controller.
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